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Kanye West Says Racism is a 'Silly Concept'

Kanye West Says Racism is a 'Silly Concept'

Kanye West flashes a smile for photographers as he arrives at LAX Airport on Friday afternoon (March 13) in Los Angeles.

Recently, the 37-year-old rapper discussed racism and white people singing along to “N—-s in Paris” at his concerts.

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“It’s like a silly concept that people try to touch on…to separate, to alienate, to pinpoint anything,” Kanye said in an interview with Clique TV about racism. “It’s stupid.”

He also went on to discuss hearing white people use the N-Word.

“It does hurt when we hear that because we’re still in a generation that remembers when racism was a big thing that held people back,” Kanye said.

Watch his entire interview below!

Kanye West: “Racism is a dated concept”
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  • Jay

    If I was feeling generous I would say I think he means nothing is stopping a person of colour from achieving anymore. The physical barriers aren’t there anymore, but in some people’s minds people of colour are less capable and that is what is silly and outdated. Racism is silly.

    But then again, you never know with Kanye.

    Honestly I would just like it if people stopped putting celebrities on a pedestal. They speak for themselves and no-one else.

  • j k

    Kanye West is a Silly Concept

  • cat

    I think he’s referring more to this specific interviewer’s question about white people singing to the song. He’s saying it’s a baited question more so than racism doesn’t exist anymore.


    Not a big deal when you are filthy rich I suppose

  • naoplie

    Yeah if you hate hearing the word so much, stop using it in your songs! I am tired of blacks getting a pass for saying nasty things like the N-word. See how he said he gets upset if he heard a white person say it? Doenst matter who uses that vile word. Its still a racist and terrible word to use.
    I am sick of people like Kanye, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Snoop Dog and many other blacks who use it in their music, but have no idea they are helping to keep racism alive and are basically saying its okay to say that word.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Smartest thing I heard this clown say, he gets a few points for that but the n word thing was a silly remark. It is profoundly used in hip hop and when you have a music genre influencing white kids in the suburbs, you expect them not to use it when it’s in every damn song? Get real..if you think it’s a bad word, why the f*ck do you use it then? Why do you get a pass for saying some of those most vile things?

  • 55vineyard

    Sounds like he is trolling for a reaction which I will not give him since I have no opinion.

  • b324

    So racism is a silly outdated concept, but white people using it is part of racism, but he never knew what racism was until Kim helped educate him about it because Kim learned about it from her dad, but Kim never understood racism until she gave birth to North.

    How those two aren’t constantly sick, I don’t know because I’m ready to throw up from this runaround.

  • b324

    Yeah, I’m sorry but black people using or saying the n-word is not what is keeping/helping to keep racism alive and well. Ignorance and hatred against people because of their skin color is what is the problem. The n-word could die a horrible death and never be resurrected and racism would still be prevalent.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Dummy we black we can say it. You white, so u cant say it. Why do u even care about using the word, it aint your word, its ours. I personally dont care if whites say it. But I wouldnt advise u to say it, because it may offend other blacks.

  • napolie

    Yes they are helping to keep racism alive when they use it in their songs, and white kids who listen to their music think its okay to say the N-word, so they go ahead and say it in real life!
    What happens to white or other races who say that vile word? End of their career and crediblity! See what happened to Kramer from Seinfeld?

  • napolie

    Your are an idiot. I don’t say that vile word anyways because its a disgusting and racist word!. You think its okay for you blacks to use it? Why? The meaning of the word is degrading!
    “its our word” Umm, its a racist word created by whites to put your kind down! Idiot!. You aren’t very educated it seems. No wonder. Listening to people like Kanye West or Jay-Z probably kills your brain cells. I don’t listen to their music and will never ever in my life probably. But for them to get a pass on a racist word while others who use it have their careers and credibility destroyed is unfair.
    PS. I would highly recommend enrolling in a local community college since you don’t seem very intelligent or can write properly anyways.

  • Legendary Trolly

    The word isnt vile stoopidazz lol. Its an empty slang term that we say. Its not racist it never was racist. Do ur homework. It came from the word “neegro” which means black in latin culture. It has never been offensive, racist. Slaves used to use the word to talk to each other the same way we do today. You calling me an idiot, your not even smart enough to use wikipedea lol I dont care if white people use it. But I also dont think they should go and say it to avoid problems with other blacks. Read a book dummy. U seemed awfully confident, for an uneducated moron.

  • naploe

    Ha! so the N-word is not racist? Well, just look what happens when non-blacks use it and get in trouble for it. See how dumb you sound?
    I happen to a university student enrolled in a doctorate program. In other words, I am currently doing a PhD. Something you will never achieve in your life it seems. Moron. I doubt you could ever hope to dream of going to a university. Maybe stop listening to idiots like Kanye or Jay-Z, pick up a book, and be enriched by knowledge and other wordy endeavors! You are telling me to read a book, when you can’t even write properly? Oh boy. I doubt you have ever picked up a book in your life. Just a brainless, dumb kid who wastes their life anwway listen to dumb rappers and entertainers who are racists and uneducated themselves! Have a nice day you uneducated moron!

  • naploe

    Thats what I am trying to tell the moron above me. The N-word is vile and derogatory. That idiot above me just contraindicated themselves. They claimed its not a bad word, but then said whites and other races shouldn’t be allowed to use it because it looks bad on them. God, are these the fans of people like Kanye West and Jay-Z? Uneducated idiots? Glad I am not a fan of these hypocritical and vulgar stars.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Ha! Right back atcha dummy lol. The word was never racist. The reason some blacks get annoyed because they may not want other races using it. I dont sound dumb at all, because unlike your retardedazz, I actually know what Im talking about, before trying to talk about it. I dont care if you go to a university, if you have a phd, or hiv you was wrong and now u feel stoopid af lol I dont listen to Kanye, or Jay. I think for myself. I personally dont enjoy reading books. I actually like reality tv and am fine with it!;) You typed all this trash because you mad that you was wrong lol. Your being scammed by the colleges, I dont even have a ged. Im a manager at a store and I stay caked up. Rims on my car, no kids, Im making major paper IDGAF about you going to college. It aint make u smarter, because u left that stoopidazzz comment earlier go away dummy lol

  • nadipole

    SO you have never read a book in your life and enjoy watching stupid reality tv shows? And you are calling me stupid? Moron and retard big time.
    Yes, I wish I with my expensive education and my PhD status wish I was like you. You can’t even write properly and just showed your lack of total education and even intelligence towards me. You sound illiterate and stupid. For gods sake you live in US no? Learn to speak and write properly! Pick up a book, stop watching stupid tv shows and get an education!
    Going to university is not a ‘scam’. You only say that probably because you didn’t have the grades to go to school. Don’t be jealous and upset now. Its your job to work hard for the things you want.
    Its not my fault you are some loser working in a store with zero intelligence or education options. I don’t believe you make a ton of money. Maybe enough to get by, but not a lot lol.
    PS, are you Kanye West yourself trying to talk down on me? It looks like it. If so, you are still a racist and uneducated moron.

  • Legendary Trolly

    IDGAF about none of that. You talked about something you knew nothing about now ya looking dumbaf lol U got a phd but cant even use wiki lol I dont care about how I write and type. At least I aint a stoopidazzz and I probably wont be picking up a book anytime soon. I dont have to. School aint for everyone look at you. You went to school yet dumb as a rock lol I enjoy blue collar work. I have done construction work, steel work, but now I enjoy stocking retail products. I LOVE it. I love unloading trucks, sweating, and I make allot of money. I like working hard and like I said pryor, Im getting major paper!! You typed all of this crap because you were upset about being wrong lol. Awww is the little baby upset? Deal with it dummy!!