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Sean Penn Admits He & Charlize Theron Watch 'The Bachelor'

Sean Penn Admits He & Charlize Theron Watch 'The Bachelor'

Sean Penn holds hands with Charlize Theron as they fly through the red carpet at the premiere of his new film The Gunman held at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Thursday night (March 12) in Los Angeles.

The couple was joined at the event by Sean‘s son Hopper, as well as actress Edy Ganem.

That same day, Sean stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live where he admitted that he and Charlize watch The Bachelor together!

“We argue about whether or not we should fast [forward],” Sean said. “I don’t really want to hear the conversations. I wanna know the decisions. Is he going to decide on this one or this one and I want to see someone cry. And then see someone get ecstatic, and then see them cry.”

He added that he likes new Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe over Britt Nilsson!

Sean Penn Admits He & Charlize Theron Watch ‘The Bachelor’

FYI: Charlize is wearing a Gucci dress and Cartier jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Sean Penn and Charlize Theron at the premiere…

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sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 01
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 02
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 03
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 04
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 05
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 06
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 07
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 08
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 09
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 10
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 11
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 12
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 13
sean penn charlize theron gunman premiere 14

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Meredith

    Not surprised that neither Javier Bardem nor Idris Elba showed up for this ridiculous movie premiere. Trashy movie, trashy Dlisters at the premiere. And Penn watches The Bachelor? didn’t he said the he hates TV? what a hypocrite.

  • Barry

    He forgot to precise : “we are, of course, really stone… and don’t worry, the babysitter takes care of the kid in another area of our mansion.”

  • xyz

    Hypocrisy is his 2nd nature. Id be glad if he and his side piece of Theron would move to a black country, coz they appear to love blacks so much, after all its politically correct, rite?

  • Meredith

    “Who gave that b*tch her green card?”

  • saphiry

    Charlize never fails to look amazing.

  • Rima

    Omg Charlize is stunningly beautiful from head to toe!!! The most beautiful actress in the world !! Such a powerful talented actors!


    He was married to Madonna and dated JHo

  • LOL

    If you do not know do not be smug in shut up! Idris Elba is the United Kingdom premiere interview and Javier Barden appeared two months later to Cannes Film Festival, also known as Sean Penn in the supervision and participation.

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    STFU! You act they did something to you personally. You’re worse than the Brangeloonies.

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    You need some lithium or penis or both. You’re angry that he watches he watches tv? For someone who hates Sean Penn you certainly keep track of everything he does. So crazy.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Iris was at the first premiere. Javier is in his next film, not the gun a.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Disgusting comment.

  • christianmonk

    Not disgusting, this is exactly why I came to view Sean – he is doing a black thing – I just noticed him in the audience of a Harry Belafonte speech about Social Justice with Danny Glover. So yes, this white boy has my BLACK vote because ANYONE who donates their time (Matt Damon, Reese Whtierspoon among others) to black people wherever (Haiti, Africa) is a BROTHER as far as I am concerned. This brother now has my black card. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. He is not saint but are YOU? Are you perfect? Was Iron Mike perfect? But they are both doing better things NOW. Oprah recently interviewed Jay Williams the former NBA baller who wanted to do his own thing by riding a motorcycle against his Chicago Bulls contract where he almost died in an accident but ruined his career. He now realizes that he was more than a player, more than his accident and that has allowed him to grow from his mistake and become better then he would have been as a partying, drunken, selfish player. It is ultimately the JOURNEY that makes us grow. When we realize how our flat tires made our journey more difficult, then we finally stop to put air in them and continue on our way. I am proud of his support for the Haitian relief, much better than drinking himself to death ot taking pills. We all struggle, but it is how we handle our struggles that determines our contribution to this life and planet. Sean, you are well loved and forgiven and black people could sure do a whole lot of hating for what whites have done to us, our First Nations People, our Latino brothers/sisters and oriental/eastern friends. Only five countries on the planet were never colonized by Europe.
    Let that sink in for a while. Can you name those countries? See how far a belief system can control a people? Keep up the good work Sean. They can hate your movies (like I never watch Angelina Jolie’s) but as long as the profits from these movies help black people everywhere (thanks Brangelina) I am with you all of the way.

    Sean, you will always be honored and accepted in my home. YOu are trying your best and thanks for the memories. You have made up with Madonna like I did with my ex wife who I also abused (psychologically – we were both under the influence at that time), and we can all learn from it. Amen

  • Ugonna Wosu

    All I got is you’re a black person defending the above persons racist comments against blacks. I suppose you misread everything he said and used all your energy lecturing me for nothing. Have a seat, and read properly this time.

  • christianmonk

    Whites are racist as illustrated by their systems of power. This doesn’t mean I cannot compliment them on their contributions to black life (Sean). I condemn no one and lecture no one and my response wasn’t really against your comment. I didn’t see his comment as being racist either – aka Angelina Jolie in Africa during childbirth. I found the comment more (dark) humorous. I wasn’t defending anyone and my references were more related towards Sean and not you. Sometimes we think more is there that what is real. I didn’t misread anything he or you said, I believed his comment was not disgusting, rather dead on because Charlize is from South Africa so relocation to a black country is more realistic than your belief that his comment was disgusting. Peace.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Are you ok? I’m not talking about Sean Penn you idiot! The poster above made a racist comment. Reading comprehension is fundamental.

  • christianmonk

    I guess blogging gives people the authority, audacity and courage to malign a person’s character and IQ level, however, I can easily understand why it is best to communicate with people who are on the same level of consciousness and age group. Name calling is usually reserved for children or mentally challenged adults. If I pressed your button so hard, so early that you have to resort to using terms such as “idiot” then why are you continuing this dialogue with someone so mentally incapacitated? This immediately invalidates your logic. I will not go toe-to-toe with you on this one. You are definitely not in my league or generation so have a great time bashing someone else as you stand on your sanctimonious perch overlooking the bodies of people you have condemned.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    Quit playing victim. You were given plenty of patience, and all you wanted to do was keep wagging your sanctimonious finger at me, you didn’t want to understand and re-read the thread, cause you were too cocky to admit you may have misunderstood something. You came at me, do yes, blogging gives YOU the courage and audacity to come at me, and then whimper when I tell you off. Go away.

  • christianmonk

    Such vitriol, hostility and self righteousness uncharacteristic for a so-called vegetarian or vegan. And coming from a black women. Let me set you straight – I AM A VICTOR, not a victim. Do I look like a victim to you? Stop spending so much time hiding behind a keyboard posting and get to a gym to release some of that anger girl. I am doing better than you ever could in this life and very happy for it. This “idiot”, by your own reference, is a very fulfilled vegan who is a peacemaker not looking to cast negative aspersions over the web. Everything you post is public girl, and you put work in blogging everywhere. So I respectfully decline “coming at you” as you erroneously misconstrued, because it is not my nature to debate with people discussing NOTHING of any significance. Now if you want to debate global poverty solutions, global warming, peak oil, diminishing resources, the enslavement and colonization of Africa, genetically modified foods, hydro-fracking, ancient history – they we can have intelligent dialogue where I learn and can appreciate another’s perspective. This verbal volley benefits no one and waste my time and yours unless you do this professionally as illustrated by your posts. So I say farewell because I was born many years before the internet where these types of conversations would never happen. Look at my name sister. It means something about my character.

    So if this is the best dialogue your generation is capable of, then no wonder why solutions to global issues have not been deployed. We could be discussing REAL issues instead of what or who you think I really am or my so called “victimization” complex. I am nobody’s victim or fool and am moving on to a higher level of consciousness because I am empowered by these verbal volleys. So I pray for your health and wellness. Peace