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Ryan Reynolds Says His Daughter Will Make Him Pay If He Reveals Her Name

Ryan Reynolds Says His Daughter Will Make Him Pay If He Reveals Her Name

Ryan Reynolds has just explained why he hasn’t revealed the name of his baby girl with Blake Lively!

“There’s zero secret about it. That little girl will grow up to be a teenager who will find out that I blurted her name out on national television and probably make me pay for it. She will exact her revenge in searing, psychic pain!” the 38-year-old actor shared to Associated Press.

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He added about privacy, “When you put yourself in the public eye you have to accept certain aspects of it. I think to some degree if you don’t court it you don’t have to deal with it so much.”

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  • Maria

    Dumbest thing ever….. Why would she ever make him pay for respectfully using her name instead of baby?

  • fgfgf

    Does he realize that no one really cares about his baby’s name?

  • carrie

    There is no need to reveal her name to talk about her

  • karenkns

    this makes no sense

  • Maria

    I don’t disagree, but I highly doubt she will “make him pay” for using her name. THAT is what is stupid to me.

  • duddy

    Ryan listen NO ONE CARES about you and your boring wife let alone what you have named your daughter. STOP milking her existence for your personal attention. God how many months is he going to keep talking about it.

  • duddy

    He’s thirsty for attention. So what better way to talk about a daughter no one is interested in.

  • duddy

    He’s trying to allude that they have given her a shit name. Lets hope she doesn’t inherit her mother and fathers long chins.

  • sky

    Since when did this box office bomb star become so paranoid.

  • duddy

    Since all his moves flopped LOL

  • Mrs.K

    Latest gossip is Ryan is behaving like a diva bitch on the set of his new movie and fighting with the director. Also his wife Blake recently threw a party but had to promise people publicity and freebies before they were willing to attend her party. Not very popular these two and nobody really gives a hoot what their daughter’s name is.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    they are d list stars at best so using their baby as bait for attention shouldn’t shock you real stars don’t have to resort to that as for what they named their daughter it’s none of the public’s business


    Are these celebs demented? If you dont like the name why the hell giving YOUR OWN DAUGHTER! an ugly name? Crazyyyyyy!!!!

  • Gabs

    Still has to legally register the kid somewhere & those records are accessible (sometimes have to pay for access etc but births, deaths & marriage registry is usually available in some form or another). I always think think it draws more attention if you’re purposefully going out of your way to talk about how you don’t want to talk about X, Y or Z. Fine, I support celebs not putting their kids in limelight & giving them privacy but don’t then go around talking about them even if not using names etc. Just say sorry, not talking about my kid. Done.

  • roarly

    Why can’t he and his wife be like any normal actors and just release their daughter’s name via a small statement: that they had a daughter and this is her name and she and the mother are healthy. And that’s it and done. Unlike what he is doing now just constantly talking about his daughter, whilst promoting his movies and endlessly whining about privacy about his personal whilst talking about his personal life very vocally. Also, talking about your personal life and how its sacred and yet ironically you’re married to someone like Blake Lively! -_-

  • Barb

    I thought they named her James, or was that someone else.

  • skp

    Obviously someone cares…he keeps getting asked about the baby’s name. No need to be so nasty.

  • roarly

    They blatantly called the baby ‘James’ hence why both ryan nor blake are not correcting the media’s mistake unlike ryan did with everyone thinking the baby’s name was ‘Violet’. Also the fact that ryan saying that he wont release his daughter’s name, that shows that probably ryan or blake read up every entertainment forums to read public view’s on naming their daughter’s ‘James’ and now they won’t publicly release their daughter’s name because its a stupid name to call your daughter.

  • roarly

    ‘how many months is he going to keep talking about it?’ –

    Well how many movies does he have out his month or this year :v >_<

    Has anyone realised that every movie he released this year, he keeps talking about his daughter or his personal life – its like dude talk about the movie your promoting or actors you have worked with in these movies such as Helen Mirren or Daniel Bruel. Jheeez Dude

  • Ignii

    Her name is James. A boy’s name. But actually who cares?

  • me

    Wow it’s just a first name, no one is asking for the kid’s social security number….

  • me

    What is that supposed to mean? Blake is an awesome person and she definitely doesn’t seek out attention in the press. She steps out on occasion but that is all.

  • me

    If they’re D list then what does that make you? Z? Negative Z?

  • roarly


    Are you for real?! Blake is the biggest media paparazzi loving hustler – through out her pregnancy there has been tons of paparazzi pictures of her and most of these images were paparazzi approved!

    Lol! at she ‘doesnt seek out attention in the press’ haha

  • dalovelee

    I don’t blame him and his wife..why are you pedophiles so obsessed with knowing his child’s name. Yeah for adults to be focused so much on celebrities babies when you are not their family member is disturbing.

  • DeeDee00

    Celebrities always name their children male names Wyatt, Maxwell, Drew, Dylan, Lincoln. Let’s not forgot Glenn Close & Evan Wood.

  • DeeDee00

    I don’t get the obsession either, it’s sacred to them. He doesn’t want to release it in the media, nothing wrong with it.

  • cayla

    she is! She ‘s the one that started the rumor about her and Ben affleck but it was really her and Ryan that were having an affair

  • also…

    1. It’s not like they will be able to keep it a secret forever.
    2. What’s the big deal about the baby’s name? What’s gonna happen if the world knows?
    Keeping it a secret keeps the attention on them ( and I think his wife likes that ). JMO

  • Benny Ehud

    He is a clown. His movies suck, so he has to create some buzz some kind of way.

  • Jane

    Her name is James.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    I like Ryan. He is hilarious and handsome. A kids’ name is no ones business.

    Ryan is my little, sci-fi Generalissimo.

  • Dee

    I dont mind famous people who are *used* to having their privacy and not wanting to reveal details about their life. But Ryan and Blake???? PLEASE AS IF. Who is Ryan and Blake anyway????? No offense Ryan, but literally nobody cares. Sit DOWN. And heres the deal if you want people to watch your movie? Guess what? The only thing you have is to talk about this baby. Make a choice dude.

  • Dee

    thats never been confirmed. so technically…. the baby’s name could be anything.

  • Duke

    First – It ain’t that serious
    Second – “Sit Down” “As If” ???
    Lol Someone’s a Lainey follower.

  • Ariana Thomas

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  • 23555belles

    there a whole lot of other ways to gather attention other than NOT using the baby.

  • 23555belles

    so because they choose not to reveal the name of their child to you some how it make them abnormal. I think this is a couple who have decided to live their lives under their own terms… unlike the (normal) ones who talk & talk about every little detail of their lives and make you think this is normal and what they ALL should be doing. how strange

  • 23555belles

    yet he continues to work and she does too.

  • 23555belles

    he has said he tell people he comes across, and he is just not willing to make a public announcement. Can you imagine how they must be feeling knowing that some people seem actually angry at them for not talking. Not only that it seems a bit scary that they have been called stupid, weird & selfish for not talking to the public about their personal life.

  • 23555belles

    I wish I had a nickel for everyone who said “who cares” while clamoring & looking for any article that will reveal a name. Wow are we a nosey group of people or what?

  • 23555belles

    so they polled the audience and have second thoughts because of public disapproval really? If the baby’s name is James she will be like her mother named after her grandfather

  • 23555belles

    and the minute the names were out.. blue ivy , north west.. here comes the ugly nasty remarks all over the place. this would give any parent pause because when she grows up this will be out there how people trashed her mom & dad over her name.

  • 23555belles

    he said that figuratively…. not factual

  • 23555belles

    face it …..we are all just ” freaking” nosey and that is making so many folks just plain angry… people are acting as though he is hiding the key to oxygen for the planet. this is their life and their baby and they need to have the right to determine what happens in her life how & when they will introduce her to the public. they should not be make to feel like they have to come clean they have done nothing wrong.. they have been called everything but a child of God because they have chosen their own parenting style to fit their lifestyle.

  • also…

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for them? What’s the big deal? It seems more like they wanna keep the attention they get for not telling.

  • Missy

    Famous parents or not, this little girl is none of our business. Nobody cares about the name? Well, why even make a comment here?