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Taylor Swift's Cat Scratches Her $40 Million Insured Legs

Taylor Swift's Cat Scratches Her $40 Million Insured Legs

Taylor Swift has quite the sense of humor!

The 25-year-old musician took to social media to poke fun at the rumors that she insured her legs for a whopping $40 million.

“GREAT WORK MEREDITH I WAS JUST TRYING TO LOVE YOU AND NOW YOU OWE ME 40 MILLION DOLLARS,” Tay captioned a photo of a huge scratch on her leg from her cat.

Earlier this week, a source told the Daily News that “her $200 million career would be in big trouble” if something happened to her long stems.

“She thought her legs were possibly worth a million,” the source added. “But $40 million shocked her. She’s even a little embarrassed about it.”

Whether the story is true or not, Taylor knows how to handle rumors in stride!

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  • kiley

    celebrities insuring their body parts is beyond ridiculous to me…

  • عبدالحكيم السلمي

    41 000000 $ :) !

  • Fettabob

    miss swift could do the same on my back for free!

  • shoes4life

    That cat would be banished with a scratch like that. She need to get some claw covers on it, if she going to keep the claws sharp.


    Even her own cats which she has to feed hate her

  • lotfi00

    now that shee has her own twitter she will be famous little mereith

  • Conte435

    She fcking funny, her Instagram probably one best out there cause she has a sence of humor and it isn’t just bunch of posed ( photoshopped) pictures of her ( hello Beyonce)

    “Your own me 40 million dollars ” to her cat , taking a dig all the stupid rumours people believe .

  • Sim

    I like Taylor’s too, can a girl who 5’9 be called adorable , cause she is adorable, so are her cats.
    Cutest one is her cat sleeping on her and she posted the picture ” I woke up like thissss, the cats face made me laugh .

  • FerCat

    Scratched her with what? A knife?



  • Ana

    As of late, she seems really money hungry. Leg insurance, the exclusivity of her music,ensuring only she profits off her public image, trying to trademark common phrases-it’s ridiculous. News flash, it’s just money. You were born rich and you’ll most likely die rich.

  • LAChris08

    It started with Tina turner, The thing is, if there is a big reason that body part is part of their success, like Tina Turner’s legs, and if there is a big chance that if that part got damaged, it would effect success in the future, it becomes an asset. You insure assets. Cause if the asset goes away, you will likely not be working anymore. Do I think Swift insured her legs? i dunno, its not like they are a big part of her act.

  • FerCat

    John Cleese did warn her that it wasn’t a proper cat.

  • LAChris08

    She is a business person. Its the nature of business to want to make money. I don’t expect any less. its basic economics, you assume that a business is going to make rational decisions based on brand.

    RE the trademarks, here is an article that explains her reasoning. It makes a lot of sense.

    Re her insuring her legs. That hasn’t been proven yet. But its been done. She is hardly the first person to do it.

  • Carol C

    Her legs are toothpicks, and easily damaged. When I think how all that money was gone to insure those toothpicks, and how much good it could have done to so many good causes…~sigh~.

  • Carol C

    Tina I get more than Swift.

  • j k

    Singers should insure their voice not limbs. Goes to tell they’re not really singers but performers.


    What are you talking me about? I dont know who that man is

  • LAChris08

    Umm, they ARE performers. If they were just singers they wouldn’t have stage shows. A pop music concert is a production, they get up there and perform, and part of that performance is singing and dancing. the other part is looking good. Otherwise they would get up wearing whatever, sing and then leave. but when you go see a concert, you are paying for the performance. Its a business, like any other

  • LAChris08

    Im a little busy, but just a search about this and there is no actual proof she did. There is even statements on various gossip sites that says that her team and management all said that the rumor is false. Considering it was first reported by National Enquirer, sounds like a made up thing.

  • Ana

    Oh I don’t doubt she’s a business person. It just seems that she’s trying to profit off of ridiculous little things-trademarking such common base phrases-which in all honesty were in use before she was even born. Threatening to sue people who use these phrases on places like Etsy, etc.-I highly doubt someone printing “I can show you incredible things” on a tee shirt is making a killing like she is on her concert/web merch. I’m well aware insurance has existed in the entertainment industry (Tina Turner, Julie Newmar, etc.) It just seems off that someone who professes to be such a “musician” and “artist” would insure something as unnecessary as her legs.(If she even did).

  • LAChris08

    I don’t think she insured her legs. I think that’s the whole joke about her cat. As for the rest, if she wanted to make music to just make music, she wouldn’t have signed with a label. She would be on YouTube, giving her music away. It’s her career. She’s gonna make money. And if she’s trade-marking stuff, then its going to be on merchandise. Esty is all about merchandise. Makes since her legal team is targeting it. Musicians make more money on merchandise and concerts than anything else. They certainly do not make much on album sales. So yes, she’s there to make money. And that’s the whole thing. Like or not. I know I got pissed when metallica “sold” out, but it is their livelihood, I’m not gonna tell them how to do it.

  • TeamBella76

    She seems really stuck up and her wanting everyone to treat her like a princess is annoying ! She’s great to her fans but it’s disappointing.

  • j k

    Yeah what about their voices though

  • LAChris08

    They do that too. Bruce Springsteen did. And I think others have to

  • FerCat


  • Sprite

    Someone shout Taylor’s felines a cat pole scratcher, a cat’s meow

  • J Stone

    Is there anything she will not squeeze every last drop of PR from she possibily can? Her poor PR staff must be forced to work 24/7 coming up with crap.


    no problem…