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Azealia Banks Covers 'Playboy,' Says She Hates 'Fat White Americans' & Tons More

Azealia Banks Covers 'Playboy,' Says She Hates 'Fat White Americans' & Tons More

Azealia Banks covers her topless body with two cats in her brand new photo shoot for Playboy.

Here’s what the 23-year-old rapper had to share with the mag:

On not liking the USA: “I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms. Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma”that’s really America.”

On why people don’t like her Twitter rants: “It’s always about race. Lorde can run her mouth and talk sh*t about all these other bitches, but y’all aren’t saying she’s angry. If I have something to say, I get pushed into the corner..y’all mother**kers still owe me reparations! That’s why it’s still about race. Really, the generational effects of Jim Crow and poverty linger on. As long as I have my money, I’m getting the f**k out of here and I’m gonna leave y’all to your own devices.”

On being unapologetic: “Yeah, I am loud and boisterous. And I am black, and I am a pain in your ass. But I’m not really talking to you, and that’s what makes those people mad. You’re not invited to this conversation. This is not about you. When you rip a people from their land, from their customs, from their culture”there’s still a piece of me that knows I’m not supposed to be speaking English, I’m not supposed to be worshipping Jesus Christ. All this sh*t is unnatural to me. People will be like, ‘Oh, you’re ignorant because you don’t speak proper English.’ No. This is not mine. I don’t even want this sh*t, so I’m going to do whatever the f**k I want with this language. I’m going to call you a f*g or a cracker or a bitch.”

On not feeling the need to explain herself: “I get annoyed with the fact that I’m even asked to explain myself. Why do I have to explain this to y’all? My little white fans will be like, ‘Why do you want reparations for work you didn’t do?’ Well, you got handed down your grandfather’s estate and you got to keep your grandmother’s diamonds and pearls and sh*t. I get upset when people are like, ‘Why don’t you just make music?’ What would happen if I couldn’t sing? Then I’d just be another black bitch to y’all. It’s really f**king annoying. Black people need reparations for building this country, and we deserve way more f**king credit and respect.”

On her childhood: “We had journals in second grade. I went to PS 166, on 88th Street and Columbus Avenue, and we had a teacher I could not stand. The black kids got in trouble all the time. We were loud or whatever, but whenever she told a white kid to quiet down and they did, she’d be like, whatever. But if she told a black kid to quiet down and one of them sucked their teeth, she’d put them in the corner. I wrote in the journal one day, ‘I cannot stand this white bitch teacher. F**k this white bitch.’ She found my journal and called my mother, who was embarrassed, because my mother used to say stuff like that”‘White people are of the devil. Stay away from them.’ That teacher was scared of me after that.”

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Credit: Playboy/Ellen von Unwerth
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  • lauren

    she sounds awful.

  • rihanna

    teenage girls that work at kmart lmaooooooooooooooooooo

  • Heidi

    “I hate everything about this country” Fucking deport this racist, ignorant piece of trash! It blows my mind that people like her (completely unaware of the world around her) have the platform to spread such ignorance and hate. What makes her think she has the right to say whatever she wants and than be “unapologetic”. ALL MATURE ADULTS should be apologetic because it shows humility and empathy! She honestly disgusts me

  • VanityInsecurity

    It’s Ok for this racist b*tch to go around saying whatever word vomit that comes out of her mouth against her country & white people & its ok there is no one boycotting her. The hypocrisy is unreal.

  • onehunnit

    If you don’t like this country then leave! No one is holding a gun to your head. She spews hate whenever she can i’m done with this hoe. Someone that has this much hatred in their heart has no room for love. And the fact that media such as Playboy are rewarding her ignorance by putting her on the cover disgusts me.

  • bbm

    she’s insane!

  • LaCroix

    Nothing this racist says surprises me.. she’s all about division & hatred with her … this is someone that spews hate speech unfortunately it is not illegal in the country she hates so much .. if she was in …the middle east she would have been stoned to death.

  • carrie

    Is she as bigot,racist,idiot as KKK ?OR does she think the provocation will help her to be famous?

  • VanityInsecurity

    exactly that! She hates America but it’s American ideals that allow her to say what she feels. Hypocrite!

  • Melissa B

    Leave bitch.

  • Lee


  • sydney jane

    Wow, how is it you an even post that here, Jared? What if someone said they hate fat black Americans? You want to talk about hate speech, well, there’s a good example. And, I’m a black woman, too.

  • Dylan2

    So now we know where her repugnant attitude came from. Her mother. I hope she keeps on talking. Keep on talking yourself out of a career. It’s really sad that people like Jared are giving her a platform by posting her racist rants on his site. By doing so he is validating her and her opinions.

  • Ifigeneia

    Azalea Rants ..Here we go again *eyeroll*

  • gradybridges

    Way to try and get a career by bashing a potential fan base. And if you think the only racists are in middle America you are dead wrong.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Oh dear…this is about to get messy *sips tea*

  • fromanotherplanet

    I didn’t have to scroll too far for the first dumb race-hypocrisy comment. Congratulations, you just at FAIL. So you really want to compare a D-list rapper saying she hates fat white Americans in the bible belt to university students of a national fraternity at a public research university singing a lynch chant??? Really????? Oh dear…

  • Маргарита Бабовникова

    Interesting. Very interesting.

  • Teni Eliza

    Shame on you JJ for posting this stuff as if this is an appropriate conversation. The ignorance and hatred in this country does not stop at certain racists. This child is no different from nazi’s, KKK members, people that hate asians or hispanics, ect. Just because she’s black does not mean she gets a pass. These are deplorable words. As someone who is mixed of many races and have friends of many others, white people are not the only ones who should be shamed by their ignorant words. The hypocrisy is getting out of hand. Shame, shame on you for giving her another avenue to speak. And shame on Playboy for giving this child a cover and interview based of past outbursts she’s had and then printing her newest one.

  • Маргарита Бабовникова

    Do you fat?

  • Teni Eliza

    She’s proof racists live outside of middle America.

  • Teni Eliza

    It’s blowing my mind how much attention and fans she still gets.

  • FormerLamark

    Oh yes, you are not accidentally racist at all….
    It’ s interesting very much! If black people say every second minute that “those white people” or “white people do this or that” and “hate fat white people” and something like this, it does not count as racist. Why? But if white people say “black people”, immediately all the world jump on them saying “racist nazi who hates blacks”. Why???? Why only white people can be “”"”racist”"”????? And why only calling black people “black” counts “”"racist”"”? What about the other many races in the world??? If I hate arabs and jews, then what am I? And if I like mexican people but hate asian? Or vice versa? And so on…

  • Joshima M

    I’m a FOB immigrant so I really try to stay away from the “send them back where they came from” comments, but this is the one time that if she hates America so bad and refuses to conform to this country’s culture, send her back to where she came from.

  • Joshima M

    Racism in general should be categorized as domestic terrorism.whether it’s white against black or black against white or the racist is a d list rapper or an a list academic, they need to face charges. France got their hate speech laws right.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    I am embarrassed for her. She will look back and see how obtuse she sounds. How unbelievably moronic. Not all black people come from africa? Not, all of us were brought here, we were already here and traveled the country on our own devices. Some of us were free. If you talk about history, talk about all of the history not just the oppression.

  • Raspitou

    It’s easy for people to decry her statements because they’re quite brazen and unapologetic. She’s being controversial…partly for publicity, and partly because she must enjoy shocking people…but if you think about it, she’s right in several key ways.

    The USA cemented its global dominance because it had a free pool of millions of slave workers for hundreds of years. That kind of economic advantage is unfathomable. You know how China completely obliterated American manufacturing because they pay their people very little? Now…imagine paying nothing! That’s one of the major historical sources of wealth in this country…the fact that so many of the people who are wealthy today, in 2015, built their wealth on the backs of human misery, injustice, and horrific cruelty beyond any of our imaginations. Think of the scale of it – millions upon millions of people. Families torn apart. Human beings raped, shot, lynched, worked to the bone for no pay because they were property. I’m not black, and it pisses ME off.

    And here’s the thing…you can draw a direct line from what happened then to the way society is structured today. Why do you think black people are generally poor? Because they’re lazy? Because it’s in their DNA to be ‘inferior’ somehow? I mean, sure, there are a number of black success stories – entrepreneurs, movie stars, Oprah, athletes, etc – but by and large the statistics are clear: black people are in the lower socioeconomic echelons of society. How do you get out of a cycle of poverty? Put yourself in those shoes. Poverty doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s correlated to many other things – family dysfunction, lack of education, easy prey to drugs and gangs, malnutrition, lack of marketable job skills, resorting to crime, etc. I’m not advocating determinism…I know that people can transcend such conditions, but for the majority, it’s almost impossible. You’re trapped.

    I’m privileged because my parents taught me several languages, gave me books from the time I was a toddler, helped pay for my college, allowed me to travel the world, etc. Sure, I’ve since worked hard and accomplished things for myself…but if I had been born in a different family, in a different place, there’s no way I could have done it on my own.

    The entire structure of American society today is a reflection of slavery, period. So in that sense, slavery is alive and well because its repercussions are starkly felt, plain as day. It isn’t about ‘white guilt’, it’s a fact. So what to do? I don’t know. The concept of reparations is a thorny one in practical terms.

    As for what she’s saying about middle America….I get it to a degree. We Americans tend to be very insular minded, and culturally get swept up in the fairy tales we were taught at school. We’re hypocritical, but get shocked when people tell us the truth. This is a great country with a stunning political heritage, scientific innovation, and amazing historical and cultural contributions to the world. But there’s no denying that the country has been built on the backs of widespread horror and inhumanity….and not just with regards to slavery, but many other forms of imperialism. Just look at the way native Americans live today – in a hellish microcosm with sky-high diabetes, cancer, rape, etc. 50% unemployment. How do you think that happened?

    The US is not a moral country. Nor is it immoral. It simply acts amorally as a function of a cost-benefit analysis of what is most beneficial at any given time. Do you think the US provides billions in foreign aid because it is a noble nation? Of course not. It’s because that foreign aid allows the US to maintain its hegemony. As time goes on and the wealth gap increases, all US policy – internal and domestic – is primarily influenced by money and our wealthier citizens….while everyone is too busy going to the movies and the mall and buying stuff. Too busy consuming and enjoying shiny distractions to care about what’s going on around them. We have never made things like education and health care – some of the true drivers of the middle class – a priority in this country….we just pay lipservice to the middle class when it comes to cutting taxes for the wealthiest, etc.

    In some ways, she’s dead on.

  • damian gonzales

    poor deranged, this woman needs to see a psychologist.

  • Jess

    Yes, yes, yes! Agree with you 100% The only intelligent reply in this post.

  • Lgg

    That’s because the definition of racism is a majority (white people) hating on the minority.

    When minorities talk shit like this about white people, it is prejudice, not racism. Google the definitions to better help you understand the difference.

    so basically white people- since they are the majority atm (although sooner or later they will be the minority in this country)– can be racist, while black people and minorities alike can be prejudice, not racist.

    Racism = majority hating on the minority.

    Prejudice = minorities hating on white people (considered the majority [atm...]

    Learn about it and hopefully it’ll make sense to you ✌️

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    So because you scholastically put it in terms deemed “worthy” for publication. Her words are made to make sense. Reparations? 40 acres and a mule? Get the fuck over it. It’s 2015. The world is what it is. We are here, we live, we die. She thinks that because her education of the black struggle which some is true makes her comments valid, no they don’t. She has the power to change people’s minds, yet she is just trying to create a fanbase. She has no degree, she has no scholastic references that make her anger true. I am not a black person living in America. I am a human being. Race is present because that’s biology. Chemistry is not racism. People are racist. Fuck, it’s that black and white. Get the fuck over yourselves people. There are more important things to worry about. Like this universe is dying. Because of people like this succubus. “I am a spiritual being, living a human experience.” – Deepak Chopra

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Your an idiot!!!

  • Me

    Deport her where? She was born here.

  • sfirx

    So when a minority rants and raves about race we should create a new law prohibiting speech

  • Me

    Who cares? She can hate who she wants, just like you can hate her if you want

  • Me

    She’s hateful because she lives in a country (rather, world) where she constantly gets put down for being black and a woman. I would be too

  • Raspitou

    Well, it’s easy for you to boldly state, “get over it” and thus wipe away centuries of human history and the entire socioeconomic and racial structure of the US as we know it. But sorry, that’s not how reality works. To disregard race entirely and tell people to ‘get over yourselves’. You’re ignoring historical context completely, and pretending that nothing sociological exists.

    To say that you are a spiritual being, and thus being black doesn’t matter is a lovely New Age sentiment, but if you are black, then yes, race affects you in the US today….in a deep, multi-faceted way.

    You mentioned that your ancestors weren’t slaves…well, congratulations, that puts you in the .0001% minority of black people in the US today.

    At this late stage, I’m not sure reparations are a good idea anymore. It’s not practical. How would you even begin to wrap your head around something like that? But I do believe that systems have to be in place to foster education, growth, and opportunities for everyone — perhaps especially minorities.

    Again, I make valid points and you come back with, “Get over it. It is what it is.” Yeah, very deep. ‘It is what it is’ means nothing.

  • Me

    Use the proper you’re if you’re going to call people idiots. Idiot

  • Me

    Don’t waste your time on these ignorant people, they’ll never understand.

  • Angieleigh Eads

    An unclaimed island in the middle of the ocean?

  • Jay

    Sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, make it stop.
    Oh my gosh, she’s soooo annoying and I’m black.
    Also this bitch is racist, and sadly proud of it. She doesn’t want unison, she enjoys the divide.

  • Me

    Yawn, white people are the majority and hold all the power. Her making fun of them won’t set white people back or cause any harm, so calm down.

  • Richard Donaldson

    One of those white trash farm boys still remembers a bumper sticker from the 80′s:

  • JEN


  • Christopher I. Gomes

    Ok. You’re an idiot!

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    It affects you. If you allow it to affect you. “This life will be over soon.”

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    You’re not even black. How can you speak on the injustices of a people you have no relation to, or understanding of their plight. I am really glad, you can write an essay stating the oppression of a people. But black people aren’t the only one’s who have been oppressed and enslaved. What about those? I don’t stand in judgement. I just don’t get how anyone goes through life with this whole black oppression, injustice everyday. Like, don’t you have stuff to do? Aren’t you enjoying your life? “Do any human beings ever realize life, while living it…. every, every minute.” – Thornton Wilder

  • Roz

    Stop coat-tailing on other people’s comments you stupid b*itch. You’re picture is of paris hilton, but i’m willing to bet you are some ugly, fat, unemployed black woman who has a stick up her ass about how unfair your life is.

  • Raspitou

    Your reply doesn’t make any sense to me, so I don’t know how to even begin replying in turn. There’s no logical flow to any of it. The non sequiturs about whether I have stuff to do, how I have to be black to write about the plight of black people (?), and how they aren’t the only ones who have been oppressed (what does that have to do with anything?)….it’s all a mishmash of immaterial vomit from your brain.

    I don’t even know what your main argument is! You need a sparring partner who is at your level. Like a Cro-Magnon or something.

  • JESS

    Some people have more class than others, and this bitch is straight garbage. Her stupidity makes me laugh, why don’t you go ahead and piss on any fans you do have some more. Before this playboy issue I had never heard of her.