Ex Machina's Alicia Vikander: If All Goes Well, I'll Have 3 Films In Contention for Oscars 2016

Ex Machina's Alicia Vikander: If All Goes Well, I'll Have 3 Films In Contention for Oscars 2016

Alicia Vikander models like a pro on the cover of W magazine’s April 2015 issue.

Here’s what the 26-year-old Ex Machina actress had to share with the mag:

On screen testing for Snow White (which eventually went to Kristen Stewart): “I was on the phone crying at a Starbucks, people thought I was having a breakup with my boyfriend! I said, ‘No”it’s good news! I’m going to have a career!”

On next year’s Oscars: “Next year, the Oscars will be interesting. If all goes well, I’m going to have three films in contention.”

On her growing stardom: “I’ve had many years of working a lot without being in the public eye. And that’s been good. But by this time next year, I think things are going to change. I expect to be busy. I’m ready to be a bit more known.”

For more from Alicia, visit WMagazine.com.

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Credit: Willy Vanderperre/W magazine
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  • selma

    I’m just waiting for the hate to start here. First, yep she is dating Michael Fassbender still as it says in the article via the link.

    Two very straightforward girl, knows what she wants and trust the material she has worked with and the people; wait for hate. Thing is, all the actors, especially someone like Alicia who has been “unknown” for so long, they want to be known, to be seen in the cinema with great work that can reach the Oscars, it doesn’t have to be their performance, just the work. If it gets seen, they can get recognized by casting directors.

    Alicia is a humble, polite but determined girl. She will get a lot of hate for being straight-forward and for dating one of the most “beautiful men on the planet”, allegedly.

    I hope the films are great so she gets seen more. Go Alicia!

  • laly

    “Next year, the Oscars will be interesting. If all goes well, I’m going to have three films in contention.” Is she serious? But then again last year Pattinson was sure that some flop of his was gonna be nominated so..

  • Guest

    She’s a good actor, I’ll give you that. Was the Oscar’s comment something she decided on with her marketing and the films’ marketing departments? Well timed, sightly controversial comments drive coverage these days… I’ll bet it was highly deliberate.

  • laly

    So out of the 5 or 6 six film nominated 3 will be hers?

  • carrie

    I dislike her tone in this interview

  • selma

    It doesn’t have to be that they are up for Best Picture. In contention for maybe Best Visual Effects as in Ex Machina. That’s still an Oscar nominated film.
    Jesus, people need to chill.

  • selma

    I believe it was. Swedish people are NOT afraid of “bad publicity”.

  • selma

    Yep. I personally would NEVER say it so myself. Jinx, hello!
    But there have been a lot of those types of comments before, not just as straight-forward as this one.

  • Stephanie

    blah blah blah i wanna be famous

  • selma

    blah blah blah i want to reach the oscars so i can maybe get some recognition and be in more awesome films

  • Michele V

    What makes you think that? David Michod and David Cronenberg hardly make Oscar-bait.

  • selma

    Trusting that the material and the crew are so good that it reaches the Oscars.

  • Scarlett

    It’s one of those interviews you read and you just think, “ooh shhh, you’re not helping yourself here.” She’s actually very talented. You can say she’s straight forward and out spoken etc etc, and that’s all good, but most people, take, what a minute or two to read the edits and end up rolling their eyes. The girl has a lot to learn.

  • Michele V

    She doesn’t necessarily mean Best Picture. She’s referring to The Danish Girl (which will be her best bet what with it being directed by Tom Hooper and starring Eddie Redmayne), The Light Between Oceans, Tulip Fever and Testament of Youth.

  • selma

    As always, people do not read the whole interview and do read the edits and yep. She clearly does not have ANY media training. And it will not help her, as I said, haters are piling up. She does have the extreme talent to back that very, stupid comment. Although, yep, outspoken and staight-forward, can be good. EVERYONE is thinking this, in the industry, they don’t say it like that. But the “public” will not like this. But I’ve met her. She won’t care.

  • Shenanigans

    i doubt thats what shes referring to when she takks abt being nominated for oscars. i see that youre her supporter, but you replying to every.single.persons.comment isnt helping her cause. go away. thats the best u can do for her. she doesnt need u. her talent will speak for itself.

  • Maria Gracia Figueroa

    wow you are really humble girl…(roll eyes)

  • Guest

    Yeah, but you remember her now, right? I think this is all deliberate. Like she said, she’s been working a long time and flying under the radar. She wants to be noticed, esp by casting agents and directors. And she doesn’t mind risking a bit of disapproval from the general public for that.

  • Guest

    I think The Danish Girl and Ex Machina will do well, critically speaking. Ex Machina might be an indie cinema release though. I’m guessing. The light Between Oceans will be a major release – the book has done very well and it’s starring Fassdong. The Man from UNCLE is a big time release to be too.

  • Malida

    Lets all hope she’s joking. I’ve never even heard of her before.

  • cass

    I have no idea who this girl is, but as a fellow actor something that ticked me off was: man, we live for work, we jump from audition to audition, work odd hours at crappy jobs to make it, try to get even more in the room, go around meeting people, making connections and maybe get a couple callbacks and some roles in Supernatural being the nerdy gal with 2 lines at the vet’s office. And the thing is, we fucking love it. So this girl is talking about how she’s been working LOTS the last few years which is fuxking awesome, believe me. A working actor is the dream, frequent gigs? being able to live off that? Brilliant. We give two shits if we die in everything we play or if you recognize us at Starbucks. We’ve got money and we’re doing what we love and it’s motherfuxking fun. But she’s complaining? too much work and no play?? No one’s taking her picture?? No one’s sneaking into her home to steal photographs from when she was 5?? No free xhit? Well, let me tell you something mate. You need to set your priorities straight because “fame” “attention” “awards” should never EVER be your goals w this carreer or in life. This is how I judge people and especially actors/artists. First thing they do in film school is sit you down, look you in the eye “if fame is what you’re looking for, what you’re aiming for, your #1 goal: get out. Go to a fame school”

  • Other Side

    “I’ve had many years of working a lot without being in the public eye” There are plenty of actors way older than her that have been working just a hard and not gotten any public recognition. She really does want to be known by people, not just in Sweden. She surely would have gotten some attention from dating both ASkars and Fassbender but she wants more of it.

  • Katherine

    That’s arrogance. Girl shut up

  • Angelica

    Are you her agent? She’s 26 and knows what had said. She seems interested in fame and not on her work. Actors more older are not famous. She seems desperate for an Oscar nom and this isn’t good

  • Roselyn

    Don’t be mad because she has ambition. You said it yourself: actors put their blood, sweat, and tears into hopefully building their careers. It’s not going to happen overnight but building towards a future you can be proud of is an amazing thing.

  • Dara

    I think she knows exactly what she wants to say, what she wants to do and who she wants to date. She is smart, right?

    Besides, everybody knows the pr method: get a famous boyfriend and voila! be welcome to the world.

    Wouldn’t we be talking about her if there wasn’t this buzz around her private life? I guess not. And she knows it, her pr agent knows it, we know it.

    So Alicia I think we deserve 5% of your next salary. Don’t you think it is fair? We’re helping your career to go up. Think about that, darling. We are not fools.

    bye folks! :D ;) :)

  • mandyz

    Not even JLaw has talked in that particular tone and you would kinda expect it with her but this girl, who is she? She has no idea what the double edged sword of fame is but it seems like she wants it bad now. All I can say is Goodluck to her cause she will need it when shit hits the fan when she least expects it. I just looked up her birthday and yep I know a couple of October 3rd people, yep she’s pretentious alright.

  • https://twitter.com/thedreadofpenny Penny Dreadful

    Wow, she’s kind of full of herself. Maybe bangin’ Michael Fassbender has gone to her head.

  • Missy

    Always liked her, but she sounds a bit… arrogant.

  • BabyGroot

    Except..Pattinson never said that his movies will be Oscar nominated. Nice try, though!

  • girl93

    Sooo arrogant.

  • Guest2

    She’s not humble OR polite. I assure you. Very rude person.

  • Guest2

    Exactly. She won’t care – which shows how insensitive and arrogant she is.

  • Laura y

    I hate her so much