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George Clooney & Wife Amal Are Renovating Their English Mansion

George Clooney & Wife Amal Are Renovating Their English Mansion

George Clooney and his wife Amal hold hands while exiting a private residence after dinner on Friday (March 27) in New York City.

The 53-year-old actor was seen carrying a book called “American Century” on his way out of the private home.

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It was recently reported that George and Amal are in the middle of a renovation project for their countryside mansion in England.

“The need is because Amal has a high-profile client base involved in extremely controversial cases, so living in that house, which is quite exposed on the island, you would need to be careful,” a close source shared to Us Weekly.

Another source added, “They’ve moved out while it is being renovated. They want to restore it to its former glory.”

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  • politicallyincorrect

    Clooney hasn’t been in England since the wedding. He has NO intention of living there. That’s her pre-nup palace.

  • politicallyincorrect

    Every single thing this couple does is staged. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Each staged event has some sort of promotion or narrative change to it. The ones here are glaringly obvious. Her outfit…she got trashed last week for her bell bottoms and fur crop top in the comments sections of all the entertainment sites as she’s looking for a Vogue cover. So here she is…dressed much more conservatively as one might expect the greatest human rights attorney of all time to dress. Then there’s his desperation in trying to re-establish his public persona. See that book he’s holding? The one he’s clutching so desperately, making sure the cover is looking towards the camera for we can see it? It’s about American exceptionalism in the 20th century.

    Forget any deep analysis of the content of this book versus Clooney’s global elite viewpoint and look at this for the superficiality it is here in context with the purpose of this relationship as has been laid out on
    the Red Nation Rising blog. Mr. “Everyman” needs for us to desperately believe that he is an AMERICAN FIRST! NOT a global elitist (especially to make Disney’s back money for “Tomorrowland”). Bullshit, George. His politics, his wife and her politics…they support Iran, Palestine, think we should take the time to understand terrorists (again…see her family and what she supports), mock our Constitution, preach “fair share” (for their pet projects) while not practicing it (otherwise all his money would be in the Sudan), support wide open boarders/destruction of national sovereignty…anyone who continues to believe they care about the “little
    guy”…especially in America…is delusional.

  • politicallyincorrect

    Those pics are on a Morraccon hairdressers instagram account dated March 21. Last Saturday. She’s supposedly been back in England.

  • guest

    Does he ever spend big bucks on palatial property in the United States, or is he like Pitt and Jolie, who make their money in the United States and spend it elsewhere? They are all disgusting, and that’s putting it nicely.

  • lurkerette

    ALAMUDDIN IS NOT HIS WIFE. CLOONEY IS NOT MARRIED. Will you please stop posting that b.s.? The entire thing was and is FAKE. There is no marriage certificate.

  • lurkerette

    NO PRE-NUP BECAUSE THERE WAS NO NUP. There was a contract, but no marriage whatsoever. The contract has to do with Alamuddin’s being a C.I.A. asset. Stupid fugly ho demanded a fake wedding as part of her payment.

  • lurkerette

    “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.” John Harington

    Some of us call it what it is.

  • ColinM

    Leopard Greca Tile Slip
    Classic Vanitas Car Shoe

  • George

    You right, baby. Loool

  • George

    How George puts up with the charade? Porca miseria.

  • Vogue

    “Amal Alamuddin is brutally ugly… Photoshop, heavy duty camouflage make up, hair extensions & lashes, Saudi oil glossed on rat hair, but still an ugly tranny.
    Iin reality, she’s even more repulsive. Long arms, short legs, vile body to throw up, massive claw feet & hands, hunchback, low or no waist, and the face is vulgar, jawline, assschin, humped big nose (she had 2 surgeries, last May in Beirut), droopy, bug eyes.”

    Ziad Takieddine needs to contribute bigger donations to Anna Wintour (via Baria Alamuddin & PR network…of course) to pitch this sham marriage & transvestite Amal Alamuddin pollution on the public’s conscience.

    Talk about destruction of Brand George Clooney.
    Or self-destruction…

  • Phat Johnson

    Look at the deluded, pigeon-footed, hump nosed, ugly Amal Alamuddin here in this photo. She is condescendingly pulling his jacket coat-tail so that she makes the world think celebrity George Clooney is her manservant chaperone….Paid by Arms dealer Money-Laundering Ziad Takieddine her uncle..he who is supplying the Saudi war in Middle East..and all other Islamist causes in the region.

  • lurkerette

    I love how George is holding the book so he doesn’t have to touch the fugly ho.

  • Guest

    Stealth marketing. Him.

  • Just Concerned

    One more discovery..have a look at Amal Alamuddin’s deep neck line in the pics above..her chest looks very weird..not at all feminine.

  • ColinMM

    Because I want dressed George
    in perfect stealth mode with his wife – you understand. -e. - Tu comprends. -

  • Anonima

    No, je ne comprends pas…only stealth Medusa mode… il gattopardo chiave greco, no….Instead, wife he choosing is for loser … A sartorial man of eloquence, refinement & sophistication would be embarrassed of such…
    Blinded man…but his choosing.

  • lurkerette


  • Guest

    She doesn’t even have to say it out aloud: “Look what I caught. Look what I caught. Look what I caught.”

  • Elizabeth Aaronstein

    Hollywood morons should stay in America with the rest of the riff raff. England has a long history of tradition and we don’t need Clooney and his high priced crumpet mucking up the neighbourhood.