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Jaime King Cried for Hours When Pregnant Kim Kardashian Was Bashed at the Met Gala 2013

Jaime King Cried for Hours When Pregnant Kim Kardashian Was Bashed at the Met Gala 2013

Jaime King is all smiles making her way back to her car holding a large bouquet of flowers on Wednesday evening (March 25) in West Hollywood.

The 35-year-old pregnant actress was accompanied by her husband Kyle Newman as they headed home after attending a special Vogue dinner at A.O.C. Wine Bar and Restaurant.

Jaime recently opened up about her thoughts on cyberbullying, specifically when it comes to pregnant women, which was triggered by Kim Kardashian‘s appearance at the 2013 Met Gala.

“She was with Kanye, but she wasn’t fully accepted by the fashion industry. Riccardo Tisci was very brave in dressing her. Anna Wintour had invited her to the Met ball, which is a big deal and a big step up for her. But when she was pregnant [there], I remember going back in my hotel room and crying for like five hours because I kept seeing all these things come up online, all of these horrible pictures and GIFs,” Jaimie told Elle. “I couldn’t stop crying because here was this beautiful glowing pregnant woman who is probably so excited to be attending the Met ball for the first time with the man that she loved, and she had this beautiful dress made for her that was very daring and very gorgeous, and she has a beautiful growing child inside of her, and yet everybody bashed her and called her a whale or said she looked like a couch or drapes.”

“It was so stunning to me that people thought that that was okay – not only okay but they condoned it. They would retweet it, they would talk about it, they would put it on the Internet, they would call her a whale on the cover of a magazine,” Jaime continued. “They would not even think about the way it would affect her mental health and the child’s health. It emotionally tapped into a place for me because I was newly pregnant [with my first child]. What kind of world are we living in now where this is okay, where our bodies are being essentially sold to the highest bidder regarding their comments and that we are just put up on a cross to be persecuted?”

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  • Nightwish

    omg jaime king is incredibly shallow and seriously lacking in depth of intellect. I would have more respect for what she says if her defense for KK was coming from a noble, humanitarian perspective, but KK is a pornstar and attention hore and as such, its virtually impossible to defend KK from such perspectives, so yeah thats all jaime had to work with and now i consider jaime king lame. Give me a break, Jaime! Kim CHOOSES to be in the industry and its ruthless. She can get out if it bothers her so much! lmfao boohoo

  • CLX

    I would ask Jamie what kind of world we are in when women like Kim get famous for selling their bodies to the highest bidder, and women like Jamie are too simple to understand the deal that was brokered. Kim chooses to sell herself on a daily basis and chose to continue to do that while pregnant. I think Jamie was upset because it is deeply disturbing to watch a woman like Kim sell herself, and sell her pregnancy.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    Jaime is a simpleton at best if she felt bad for Kim who is a whore by profession and looked like an over stuffed couch on that red carpet granted Jaime was pregnant at the same time so the emotions were to be expected

  • Guest

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  • Michele V

    She’s incredibly naive if she thinks that she didn’t enjoy all the attention.

  • whatsup

    Kim Kardashian was anything but a beautiful glowing pregnant woman. She is a misshaped person who is hard to look at. She also has a gross public persona.


    Khardashians, another african terrorist disaster America does not want. Time for obamboes fellow terrorist agent friends and family to get out of America permanently and dead and never, ever return..

  • UltimatePhillippe (Spain)

    So true.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    The dress was hideous though!!! This child doesn’t realize this is what the Kardashians do, they have their lives filmed for money. They enjoy every moment of it, the more responses and retweets the more money for them. They ripped the woman who wore the ballerina outfit and the chick who wore the swan. No one is safe with a hideous outfit.

  • wikimètis

    Cry me a river, then jump in bitck

  • Lee

    back on the heroin I see…….

  • Lillian

    + she never dressed like she was pregnant and embracing it. She dressed like she wasn’t and squeezed herself in outfits and shoes.. Did she do it because she just hated her body (she herself said that!) or because she got more attention and had a chance to complain afterwards for more attention about the horrible comments about her pregnancy (although they just were about her strange style not her body).. or both? Just sad. Fake. Shallow.

  • Asha

    Let’s be clear, When Kim was pregnant and people were calling her big and fat, it wasn’t because she was actually fat. People were calling her fat because she was 9 months pregnant trying to stuff her big pregnant body into clothes meant for a clearly smaller person. That dress she wore to the Met Gala was ugly as f***. She did look like a couch and deserved to be ridiculed for wearing something that ugly on the red carpet.

  • Sofia

    Kourtney once said to Kim something that I would like to say to Jaime. Jaime, “THERE ARE KIDS DYING!!!” and you are worried that someone like Kim K was “not accepted in the fashion industry”?? WTF, but what can you expect from someone who hangs out with teenagers…

  • Heidi

    Maybe you should take your racist ass and get the hell out of America. There’s no place for people like you here.

    And ps. don’t like your own comment… It’s pathetic

  • goshdarling

    Dear Jaime, save your tears for something more of substance. Just because a dress was made by some dude who has some recognition in the fashion industry doesn’t automatically make it a great dress. I thought the ‘designer’ was making fun of Kim by dressing her in that. Didn’t think much of Jaime before, wish she didn’t reveal that, makes me think less of her. Kim cyber-bullied? LOL the KKK’s main goal is publicity and all the attention amounts to their foundation of wealth. I would feel so ashamed to admit I cried over the KKK’s. Jaime, you’ve been duped, just like their fans.

  • FormerLamark

    And I could cry for hours because of stupid idiots who can cry because of the porn star fame wh#re Kardashians. Apparently, pregnancy hormones have gone to her brain.

  • Lacey

    Jamie King is an irrelevant D-lister that is only famous , because she hangs out with Taylor Swift and her clan. Btw what is 35 year old hag hanging out with 20 year olds? Instead of defending other pieces of trash like the Kardashians, and calling out people for bullying she should look at her own life and her heroine addiction problems and what a loser she really is.

  • nardy

    Is she on the kardashian payroll too

  • Ammy

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  • Delores Pauldo

    Agree with these comments about her loving all this attention for what. But at least been out n bout wirh or without her husband. And with her first child she on intergram. So why Rachel bilson haven’t been out too. Don’t tell its about her baby or Hayden. Her baby is 5months old. Before you start beating down jaime king. Rachel last year milk hrr pregnant for all is was worth.. jaime just be out n bout doing nothing as alway but talk. At least she is talking if it don’t mean nothing.

  • Casey Kelley

    Only a pregnant woman would cry for 5 hours over another pregnant woman being bullied. Its about how she dressed. Very unflattering.

  • Casey Kelley

    Thats what i thought. How ridiculous to cry over something like that. Yet again, pregnant women cry over little things.

  • Malida

    lol i hope she’s joking. No one was laughing at her because she was pregnant. it was because her dress looked like a couch drape. simple as that. cry baby celebrities.

  • Sprite

    Always get the facts first. Then Panic.

  • go giants

    The kardashian family is a disgrace starting with Kris Jenner who has more mileage on her than a used car. How anyone could have any respect for a women who pimps there daughter out for money is behind me.