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Beyonce Has a Destiny's Child Reunion for 'Say Yes'! (Video)

Beyonce Has a Destiny's Child Reunion for 'Say Yes'! (Video)

Beyonce has a reunion with her former Destiny’s Child groupmates while performing at the 2015 Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Saturday night (March 28) in Las Vegas.

The 33-year-old singer joined Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to perform their song “Say Yes” together again as a group.

This is the first time that the ladies have performed on the same stage in a little over two years. The last time was at the Super Bowl!

Make sure to tune in for the awards show on Easter Sunday at 6/5c on TV One.

Beyonce Has a Destiny’s Child Reunion for ‘Say Yes’!
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  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Beyonce had no business on a Gospel platform. Period. Just last month, she came out as an atheist. She said in a video that she was a “humanist”. That’s a code word for atheist.

    This vile woman has also admitted to allowing demons to take over her body. IT showed up at the Superbowl, and it was not pretty.

    Also, her fan base is a reflection of HER.

    I’m calling her, and the Stellar Awards out. Stellar, get some integrity!

  • DontGetMad

    Who are you to judge?

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    It’s not judging. Do you pay attention? Or would you rather pretend that Beyonce never addressed this? Beyonce said she allows Satan AKA Sasha, to take over and posses her. She said this, and gave IT a name. IT ” Sasha” or many other entities, showed up at the Superbowl. That was NOT Beyonce, and Beyonce said she remembered NOTHING from her Superbowl performance. Beyonce was CLEARY being used on stage. Her eyes looked wild, and her face was pretty scary looking…. This is what happens when you sell your soul for money and awards. Just last month, Beyonce described herself as a humanist. That means God is d e a d to her. This is what she said, Don’t attack me….

    I’ll go a bit further. All of this negativity extends to her fanbase as well.

    Most entertainers keep this kind of info to themselves. But I’m glad Beyonce is telling the truth. Whether people want to lie to themselves or not. She’s a hypocrite. A humanist, AKA atheist would not be caught d e a d at a Gospel show. Peace.

  • Ijeoma ‘mis’ Cherié Opara

    Stop typing…Log off…and lay off the pills man you sound beyond delusional.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    She said it, yet, I’m delusional? Ok.

  • devvv

    You’re a special kind of crazy if you believe a word of what you typed. Beyonce is and has always been a Christian. She’s spoken on her faith on several occasions (many of which are on video, unlike her admitting to a “demon taking over her body.”)

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Clean out your ears. She said it. It’s on video. Right on YouTube. Released In 2015. By HER. I caught it. Others caught it. Comments were left on the video, because she admitted to being an atheist. So now, I’m crazy for relaying information that you don’t like?

    You can’t be a Christian and a Humanist AKA Athiest at the same time. That’s why I referred to her as a hypocrite and opportunist.

    I won’t respond to anymore replies.

  • Omar Malik

    I’m glad someone else is not completely brain dead. Just ignore those sheep that say Beyonce and these other huge stars are devout Christians, as at least we know the truth. God Bless You and your family x

  • Omar Malik

    Pretty sure Beyonce’s sheep are the only delusional one in the comment section. God bless you anyway x

  • Hannah

    I must know …. Did you watch the video? Like, the whole thing?

  • damien mills

    You sound like one those “Christians ” she never did an interview saying that . She has been in church since youth and she always goes to church when home in Houston or other places . She is a child of God , as we
    All are and you new fake Christians aren’t children of God actin how you act which a damn fool
    You ignorant piece of shitn

  • damien mills

    You should just die like now you’re waste of a person . You are what’s what wrong with today’s society . This woman is no atheist and even if she was thats Her business , but she is not so for you be in comments with this foolishness and we are all suppose to love one another under God yet you seem like the devil

  • destiny’s child lover

    I love this performance not only did Beyonce catch the holy ghost she was back on stage with her sisters I will and always love destiny’s child.

  • aboynamedhenry

    …but this was Michelle’s song, off of her album. Why not attribute it to her first and not Bey? “Beyonce’ has a DC Reunion” is a bit much. Give the credit where credit is due. This was an awards show where Michelle was nominated for multiple awards and she gathered the girls to perform.

    Regardless, I love some DC3. Happy to see them together to give some praise.

  • onehunnit

    they are together so many times it doesn’t feel like a reunion anymore remember

  • Jenny from the flop

    How cute beyonce found her old wig from 2004

  • DontGetMad

    Just let it go, you are still judging her! You referred to her as Satan aka Sasha, thats just sad! How can you call somebody Satan and you don’t even know them? Be realistic, you are only going off what you have heard. You can’t say what you are doing is right because you are defining Beyonce’s religion based on what YOU THINK and how YOU FEEL which is WRONG. You maybe thought her eyes were wild, or whatever you said but maybe she was just into her performance to give a good show, also there were lights involved so that will give a different appearance to anybody eyes dont you think? I just dont understand how people can sit back and try to make someone out to what they want them to be when you dont know there life. Just keeping it real! You are promoting negativity! Right is right and fair is fair!