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Tidal Addresses Backlash Over 'Music's 1%'

Tidal Addresses Backlash Over 'Music's 1%'

Tidal‘s chief investment officer and chief industry liaison Vania Schlogel is responding to criticism after the company’s star-studded live-stream debut earlier in the week.

Some fans have reportedly been upset that the announcement looked like a meeting of “music’s 1%,” where music’s superstars were just looking to make themselves richer by putting their music on the streaming site, which costs a certain amount of money per month.

“I would almost say it’s the reverse of that. Ok, these are established artists who care enough about the sustainability of the industry, stepping out on a limb and doing this. Of course there are going to be people who are cynical. But look, at the end of the day, if any established artist goes out and gets an endorsement deal — no one’s gonna criticize them for that because that’s how they make money. But if an established artist goes out and steps outside of the box and says, “I’m trying something different,” that invites criticism. There is some bravery for what these artists are trying to do. Its not to fill their own pockets, it’s to create a sustainable industry,” Vania told Billboard.

“By virtue of that definition, because that is our thesis, if we’re not treating music like a loss leader, then that’s good for indie artists, emerging artists, songwriters, producers. Music is a whole industry and it takes money. The reality is it takes money to create music. It doesn’t just happen for free. We want to make sure music continues to be made, that songwriters are able to actually write songs rather than having to say, “I do a 9-to-5 in New York, and don’t have time to write songs. That doesn’t make it a sustainable industry,” Vania added.

“I think everybody felt really great about the fact that we’ve launched Tidal, and now there’s so much more to do — we can do anything. Like ‘Hey, can we do this, can we do that going forward?’ Then we just stopped and realized we can do anything,” Vania continued. “What we’re promising to people is, ‘This is gonna continue to evolve,’ and we really mean that. We’re a young company, we just took control of it not that long ago, so if anyone is skeptical at all about, ‘Hey you don’t have that feature or that activity in it,’ just bear with us, hold, wait, be patient and invest that time because the artists, me, everyone want to deliver something that’s going to be incredible and continue to evolve.”

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  • Sandy McFarlane

    Every single word in this is utter bullshit.
    “Its not to fill their own pockets, it’s to create a sustainable industry,” i mean PLEASE. the music industry has been around forever and will continue to, why are these money-hungry celebrities acting like this is the best thing thats ever been invented?
    These people are already multi millionaires and a lot of their fans can’t afford 240$ a year just to LISTEN (not even download!!!!) to their shit.
    No matter how they word it, this #tidal thing is a huge rip-off and major disrespect towards their fans.

  • mandyz

    thank you. short yet to the point of the truth that these Illuminati puppets are in denial about. they’re so fuckin thirsty when they have the whole world at the palm of their hands at their disposal with the millions they have but they just want to squeeze more money out of their fanbases. disgusting.

  • dornach2000

    Sandy. Tomorrow I’d like you to report for work but your company will not be paying you for it. However, please work hard and do your best because you love doing it and because well, they’ve paid you enough in the past for your back catalog of work. Hope you saved enough to be able to support yourself and your family.

    Hint. Your argument is utter bullshit. Every industry is a ‘for profit” industry, and when the output is viewed as something that should be given for free, the first thing that happens is the erosion of that industry.

    Spotify is 9,99 / mo and has been around. Tidal is also 9.99 / mo with more money going to the artists. So why the total hate directed at Tidal?

    The monthly cost of Tidal is less than the cost of a single album, or equivalant to about 6 song purchases per month on iTunes. Lots of people have to money to purchase these products but they would rather steal them for free.

  • Shenanigans

    ‘they would rather steal them for free’’re right. and this isn’t going to make a difference. think about it, $10 to listen vs. free to download and keep. its a no brainer, really.

    Album sales are a very minor part of an artists income. Its the tours and endorsements that get them the real money. Secondly, the writers and everyone else make plenty of money when the song becomes a hit and gets a lot of radio time.

  • alphamail

    Spotify knockoff. Taylor Swift can suck it. :)

  • dornach2000

    The problem is only Established artists actually make money from touring and endorsements. New artists need to make some money too or there will be fewer new artists and the industry will suffer.

    The model is intended for the future of the industry and its still dirt cheap when you think how much music you are getting access to. The argument that folks can download it for free is a fallacy created by the napster generation. My generation always paid for music, singles and albums. People want to lambast these artists over 9.99 per month as greedy when it provides access for thousands of songs Legally. Really?

  • Filipe Carvalho

    wrong. new artists wants us to hear their music no matter what. they give it away for free. the most important thing for new artists is not the money, but the amount of people listening to their shit. please get to know better this scenario before trying to justify. and if this project is for new artists, why they were not being represented by no one on this event?

    all i see is people who own their souls to jay-z (like rihanna+her umbrella and crazy in love/madness beyoncé) doing what he tells them to do.

  • Filipe Carvalho