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Mumford & Sons Slam Jay Z's Tidal Music Service

Mumford & Sons Slam Jay Z's Tidal Music Service

Don’t expect to see the music from Mumford & Sons on Jay Z‘s Tidal service anytime soon!

“We wouldn’t have joined it anyway, even if they had asked. We don’t want to be tribal…I think smaller bands should get paid more for it. Bigger bands have other ways of making money, so I don’t think you can complain,” frontman Marcus Mumford told The Daily Beast. “When they say it’s artist-owned, it’s owned by those rich, wealthy artists…I don’t want to align myself with Spotify, Beats, Tidal, or whatever. We want people to listen to our music in their most comfortable way, and if they’re not up for paying for it, I don’t really care.”

Wilson Marshall, banjoist in the band, likened the supporters of Tidal (which include Madonna, Rihanna, and Beyonce, among numerous others), to “new school f*cking plutocrats.”

“We don’t want to be part of some Tidal ‘streaming revolution’ nor do we want to be Taylor Swift and be anti-it,” Winston added. “I don’t understand her argument, either… This is how people are going to listen to music now — streaming. So diversify as a band. It doesn’t mean selling your songs to adverts. We look at our albums as stand-alone pieces of art, and also as adverts for our live shows.”

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  • dalovelee

    finally someone with common sense.

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  • B&G

    Exactly, It’s nice to see Mumford & Sons put the MUSIC and ART before the “money”. It’s sad that so many of these artists who’ve gone from rags to riches, making it all about the business and “empire” now. Whatever happened to your integrity? Most of your fans, especially those who are students/in a younger generation, and the majority of your fans, cannot afford $20 a month for your ironically entitled, “Tidal for All” service. It’s sad that it has come to thi$.

  • Sofia

    AMEN!!! This guys are smart. They don’t go after the money, they just love what they do. Taylor and Jay need to stop being so greedy and learn something…

  • Jay

    I like the spirit of this. I like that they want to make art for the sake of it, not for money. But this does make me question their intelligence, because they are in the industry. So they see that producers, sound engineers, writers, and the artist are being taken advantage of. They are successful, they are comfortable, but the majority aren’t. Tidal is not the way to go, but there needs to be a change. It needs to be fairer, so that artist can be artists full time.

  • jack

    “new school f*cking plutocrats.” = gold. just pure gold!

  • Shenanigans

    everyone gets paid plenty when the songs air on the radio, tv etc etc… selling albums is only a very small part of the revenues.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    There is so many people in the world who can’t be full time what they want to be. The majority of people in the world.

  • Guest

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  • annabelle

    Thank you guys for making the most sense yet. These artists moan about not getting paid for streaming then charge 50 dollars for a tshirt at the shows, 150 for floor seats, 20 bucks for a poster, and 12 dollars for an album. GOOD BYE. Between endorsements, celebrity events, there are many ways to make money, and all these services do is make you more popular. Taylor is the most greedy person in the industry. PERIOD. Jay Z thinks hes building something great, but the interface is nothing but a spotify ripoff. Mumford and Sons have made the most sense yet regarding this, props to them for being honest!!

  • GreenCat

    I still don’t get the point streaming sites at all anyway, never used Spotify or the like. If I want to listen to music I put it on my ipod either by downloading it or buying a cd & burning it to my computer, not going to hang around streaming, hoping my internet doesn’t buffer.

  • shenanyginz

    I agree. Everyone saw all those celebs together and thought omg this is monumental. And then we realized exactly what it was and thought “Wait you want me to put even MORE money in your pockets?”

  • Michele V

    Not even a fan of their music, but they speak so much sense it makes me want to buy their music.

  • Franck

    smart men!

  • Daniel Brown

    Mumford and Sons are rubbish. Their music is average and it does nothing for the evolution of music. This is why artists like Jay Z and Kanye need to be headlining events like Glastonbury

  • Alexandra

    I have to say I really get the fact that in general artists and especially songwriters don’t get a lot of money from each individual song BUT what I do not get at all is WHY ALL THOSE ARTISTS (on tidal) THINK IS OKAY TO GET MORE MONEY FROM YOUR FANS INSTEAD OF USING ALL OF THEIR CELEBRITY STATUS AND FAME TO GET IT FROM THE RECORD LABELS. Because I really think if all of major artists joined together and idk made some kind of strike against the labels THAT would be something “monumental” instead of basically getting even richer out of the people who actually bothered to fuckn buy their songs when it’s really easy to turn to piracy!!!

    So in conclusion THANK YOU mumford & sons for saying it like it is and holding your own.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    Thats what I’ve been saying!!! I wish more bands/musicians would come right out and say it

  • Jay

    Commercial songs, what about the indie artist, the jazz, the hard rock. People don’t buy music anymore, that was the main source of income, people would hear your song and then go buy it. Now ppl hear your song and stream it for free, Pandora paid Aloe Blacc $90 per million streams. Streaming is a great way for people to find your music, but why is it such a bad thing for them to get paid fairly. Have you seen the stats. I’m gonna use Pharrell as an example. He is a huge artist, and Happy was a massive song. ‘Happy made $2,700 in publisher and songwriter royalties from 43 million Pandora streams in the first quarter of 2014′. Thats crazy. But he is Pharrell he is at the top of his field, he like mumford and sons don’t need the money. But the average songwriter does, they have bills.
    I don’t get the debate, no-one claims these services are fair, but we still hate the thought of people who are being underpaid getting a pay rise.

  • kellyf

    Oh man, I’m so glad they called Taylor swift out for being such an elitist about Spotify.

  • plez

    Finally a band that remembers what is was like when they first started out and just wanted people to hear their music.
    Not money hungry acts like Jayz and Taylor Swift

  • Jay

    Yes and that is shitty, If you had the power to change that would you??

  • Nea

    Thank you to the true artist out there!

  • Croid

    I hear sum drums beatin in da jungle. it sho bees gettin tribal all up in dis bi tch ……

  • W2407

    These rich musicians are just trying to get richer and it’s disgusting. If they really cared about their “art” they would want as many people to listen to it, no matter if they paid to listen to it or not. Some people don’t have the means to subscribe to music services, they live paycheck to paycheck and have bills to pay and kids to feed. It’s like those artists are telling them because they can’t afford their subscription service, they aren’t good enough to listen to their music.

  • Natalie Cavani

    GREED!!!!! These rich artists need more and more money to keep living life completey beyond any rich persons dreams…. Make 5 million they want to spend 10 million!!!! GREED!!! I or anyone I know will never subscribe to this shit service