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Nina Dobrev Shares Sweet Photos With Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder From Last Days of Filming 'Vampire Diaries'

Nina Dobrev Shares Sweet Photos With Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder From Last Days of Filming 'Vampire Diaries'

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley get together for a photo opp during their last day of filming The Vampire Diaries together!

The 26-year-old actress shared pics with other co-stars too, including Candice Accola, Kat Graham, Ian Somerhalder, and Matt Davis.

“From 2009 Season One…To 2015 Season Six life is such a crazy beautiful insane journey,” Candice captioned a sweet photo of the three girls.

Meanwhile, Michael Trevino, who is also leaving the show, has been posting photos as well.

“Behind The Scenes – shooting a Damon&Elena scene w Smolderhalder aka @IanSomerhalder #TVDFamily,” Nina wrote on her WhoSay account. Check out her pic with Ian below!

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  • Barry

    “I don’t want to leaaaaaave !!!
    But I really don’t want to end like Sarah Michelle Gellar.”

  • Lisa

    Ian S? Where? The guy still hasn’t said anything about her departure on his twitter page on anywhere else. We all know why she’s leaving. His engagement and his endless love proclamation about his h new girl must have made her uncomfortable. Hard to work with a co-worker after break-up. Much harder if he’s currently engaged to one of your friends

  • Guest

    UM…Nina still has 2 more days of filming, but her scenes with Candice, Kat and Paul Wesley are finished.

  • Guest

    Nina has made it very clear that her time on TVD was only for 6 years, which was her original contract, and she was ready to move on to new projects and adventures. Her departure has NOTHING to do with Ian Somerhalder, whom she broke up with 2 years ago. Stop inventing drama where there isn’t any.

  • Guest

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  • Ty

    She wants to bright lights of Hollywood and unfortunately, staying on a show that is slowiy sinking and working 9 mos out of the year does not afford the time for her to do anything else..of real quality. her last few movies were duds. I think she and Ian made peace a long time back. Life goes on and so many of these people rotate boy/girl friends like a new pair of shoes each season. Her scenes with Ian are one of the last ones..don’t read too much into it.

  • Dennis

    Waiting for Somerhalder to find a way to make this situation about himself somehow, won’t be long now

  • Lisa

    Bull Bull Bull. Which TV Contract is signed for 6 years? Unless its a major success like Friends or The Sopranos, TV shows like this are decided on a yearly basis if it’s up for renewal or cancelled…2 yrs tops. No actress is signed for 6 years unless you are as big as the cast of Friends. Ian and her still remained friends after they broke up. He was always praising her even after their break-up wishing her Happy Birthday and saying how she’s still means the world to him. It’s funny that after he started dating this new girl, he hasn’t said one word about Nina..which is fine but nothing on her big announcement that she is leaving the show and all the pics Nina just sent, not one of him…Sorry, it’s just suspicious.

  • Guest

    When Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec first started TVD it was well known the three main leads were under contract for 6 years. If you have been a TVD fan from the beginning, you would know that to be true.
    Nina, herself, made it clear she is leaving TVD to pursue other projects and adventures. Nina did not want to be defined by one role and she has been playing the part of Elena Gilbert for 6 years. I would guess Ian has not publicly said anything about Nina leaving because of the crazy lunatics that would make a big deal out of it even though Nina broke up with Ian two years ago and stated she did NOT want to be defined by a relationship. Ian is now engaged to Nikki Reed and that is who his heart belongs to. Nina is Ian’s co-worker and she has decided to pursue other projects. Stop trying to make Nina Dobrev a victim. She is a very strong willed young woman that knows when it is time to make a career move. Also, keep in mind Nina and Ian are still filming their final scenes through Wednesday, April 15th.

  • Iris

    What is really pissing me off are the people who try so hard to make Ian look bad and nina look like a victim. Get over it already people, they broke up, it was an equal decision,coming from both parts. Just cause Ian was Ninas boyfriend once that means that he isn’t allowed to start a new relationship and be happy? Do you even understand how ridiculous this looks like? They have both moved on, Nina is a kind of a girl who doesn’t need a man to be happy, she does pretty good by her own, she is a strong, independent woman, and if you are following her you would know that even the day after it was announced that she and ian had broken up she went partying and hang out with friends, having good time, and i’m not saying this in a bad way. I’m trying to tell you that she is no near being the victim here, she is enjoying her life to the fullest, had even some flings and GOOD FOR HER. Ian is getting so much shit for finding love and for being happy with his girlfriend, that’s not fair at all. And as for those who say that he fell in love too soon and that he and nikki have become inseparable , let me inform you that Ian and Nikki Reed were friends for years and based on that it’s not that hard to think how they fell in love, it’s not that fast and of course they have become inseparable because they are in love and if they feel the need to express it why we should tell them otherwise? And as for those who say that Nikki and Nina were friends, they were NEVER friends, they maybe went out a couple of times because they worked in a project together, but that’s all, they were never friends, so stop with this shit already. And now to finish what i want to say. Nina didn’t left because of Ian and Nikki or because Nikki went to set , Nikki went to set only once and even that one time she was super nice to Nina and so was Nina to her. Nina left the show because it is the ending of her character, the writers had decided on this ending of her character since season 2. That’s when they wrote the ending of the series, ninas contract was for 6 seasons. So stop the stupid rumors. It’s not everything black and white.

  • leyl

    i dont think anyone even thought this show would last that long so there wouldnt be a contract going for 6 years

  • leyl

    I dont think breaking up after years of a relationship is easy especially if you are famous.. and if you have to work with that ex its much worse. so and nikki even stated herself that “she and Nina used to be so close and Nikki has told lots of people that she would love to get back to that place with her.”
    its not a shame that she leaves because of him but why make that fact down. nikki saw her chance took it.. bad for nina and now she is making the only step possibly for her – getting away from an unhealthy relationship. nobody is to blame.

  • Guest

    “Yes”… there was a 6 year contract for the 3 main leads. That was per Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec during the 1st and 2nd seasons of TVD. New contracts were negotiated for Season 7. After honoring her 6 year contract, Nina decided it was time to move on to new projects. Nina did not want to be identified by one role.

  • Irene

    All actors signed for a 6 years contract, they’ve said that a few times. If the show goes on they would have to make negotiations to see who continues, money… But originally it was a 6 years contract for everybody (lead actors).

  • Guest

    It appears you have been reading too many tabloid articles. Perhaps it would be best to pay attention to how happy Nina has been since her break-up with Ian. She did not want to be defined by a relationship. Nina has stated in her Instagram post to her fans that she wants new projects and wants the opportunity to travel. Nina stated, that as an actress, she did not want to be identified by one role. After six years, it was her decision to make a new career move. Nina has purchased a house in LA. She is NOT a victim, which a lot of her fans appear to be labeling her as being. Ian and Nina dated for 2 years and then she broke up with him two years ago. People need to accept that fact. Ian being engaged to Nikki Reed has no bearing on Nina’s decision to make a career move. Actually, Nina’s fans should be happy for her and look forward to her bright future.

  • Mike1288

    I think Nina has a shot. She wasn’t a main character in any of the films so I don’t think those hurt her. But she needs to do indies and dramas and try to go into action out of the gate. The cw isn’t known for great actors.

  • Mike1288

    Lol awwww I loved Buffy but you are right. She did not do very good anything after Buffy was over.

  • Melissa Kelly

    Oh, I know because people just can’t be professional in the world of acting, huh? Lol, why are people so funny about their relationship? They were only together for 2-3 years and they’ve been broken up for what, 1 1/2 – 2 years? She’s the one that broke up with him!!! He wanted to get married, settle down and have kids and she wants to have a career. She’s 10 years younger than Ian so she’s entitled to do what she wants with her life. I hardly think that she’s leaving because of he and Niki. People move on and it’s also called being a mature woman.

  • Donna Long

    I love how the Nina nerds blame Ian for Nina breaking up with him.. Duh, you people are idiots and you keep calling Nina a liar you also keep making the last six years of Nina’s life meaningless…anything happens to Ian’s and Nina’s friendship, or TVD They and us real fans have you losers to thank for it! MORONS!

  • Sam

    People who actually think that Nina is leaving because of ian or because ian got engaged are hilarious. Seriously have you seen nina and ian hang out or even come close to one another apart from the show? No you don’t, cause that’s how much crap they give for each other lol. Come on it is obvious that they don’t give a crap about each others love lives. They both have clearly moved on,it’s been 2 years and they both had their romances and hang out with other people,they were over each other long ago, and they barely speak to each other when they’re not working, so honestly it’s hard to believe it could be awkward for them to do the love scenes because when two people have lost interest on each other and doesn’t care about each other in that way, when they are indifferent towards each other, there is nothing to be awkward about, it’s pretty much like been there, done that. You know what i call awkward? If there would be any bonnie and damon erotic scene, now that would be awkward, cause those two are like brother and sister in real life, ian calls kat not by her name but calls her ‘sister’. They are very good friends so adding any romantic scenes between them it would be awkward for the both of them. But nina and ian? NO. There is nothing awkward between them.

  • Danica Mac

    I just hope Nina will not be like Miley! :)

  • Guest

    Didnt leyl just stated that nobody is to blame and its not a shame that after a break up its stupid to see your ex all the time? Seriously read the comments before heroically coming to nikki and ians help. I dont know whats the prob with her answer *sigh*

  • GlenCoco

    Um hello. The Grudge. 😜

  • TeamBella76

    I agree they put the C list actors on the CW and it’s going to be hard for Nina to transition out of that !