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Bruce Jenner's Interview - Full Recap of All Major Stories

Bruce Jenner's Interview - Full Recap of All Major Stories

Now that the evening has ended following Bruce Jenner‘s historic interview about transitioning to a woman, let’s recap all of the major stories from the night.

The interview began with the 65-year-old former Olympian declaring that he is now a woman.

Bruce, who said that we should use the familiar pronouns “him” or “he” when talking about this interview, opened up about the first time he wore a dress and also about his sexuality.

Bruce continued by talking about his former marriages and specifically his relationship with ex-wife Kris Jenner, who lashed out at a certain media outlet over a tweet about the special.

When discussing his children, Bruce said that he was terrified to talk to them about his transition and revealed their reactions. His older children even spoke on the special and gave beautiful remarks about their acceptance of their father.

After the special aired, all of the Kardashian-Jenner family members showed their support for Bruce by tweeting some inspiring and touching messages.

Celebrities who were watching the special also reached out with tons of kind messages. Unfortunately, one former family member did not have nice things to say.

Moving forward, we can look forward at getting to follow Bruce‘s ongoing journey in a new E! series. Overall, it was an inspiring and insightful night. Hopefully with Bruce‘s courage, more doors will open for the transgender community and the world can become a more accepting place.

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  • HH

    Okay, he is a woman yet wants other women….so he is not gay??? Don’t think so, and if you are becoming a woman, you cannot be called Dad either in my book. This human has got to be the most confused person in the world. If you change into a woman and still go after women, then you would become a lesbian and therefore…gay. If he still is pursuing women then he is still male and therefor he should remain a he…not become a she. Beginning to think this is just a new branch of the attention whores that are this family. Thank God Robert K has passed away because he would be ashamed and disgusted by all this.

  • sky

    I have nothing against gay people but all this press hs turned this into a freak show.

  • person

    disgusting freaky person

  • Bumble

    Good for you Bruce, now go and take a very long vocation.

  • Bumble

    There is no need for this type of behavior, if you don’t like Bruce then why search their thread and post BS, SHAME on you person poster.

  • jane

    he looked utterly confused himself during the whole interview and kept saying “ok” “ok”. he’s stir crazy, just like the rest of the family. no wonder the kids are so mentally off. this is their example.

  • Dorothyfromoz

    He’s not a woman yet, if you watched the show he states he has not had the surgery done yet, he is simply in transition. Therefore to “him” he is not gay, yet. Once he completes the process then if he still prefers woman, then he can be called gay. You gotta feel some compassion for the guy. From what I gathered from the interview he has had these feelings since he was a child, its because of society and his family putting pressures on him that he continued the lie. To bad he didn’t get counselling when he was younger but back then it was not accepted as much as it is now. Though its still not totally accepted which is evident by people who call trans genders “freaks”. Seriously?? Are we really that caveman like?? Unless your a psych PhD how can you truly understand the complexities of the human mind?

  • h8sstupidity

    Jenner was once known as the Worlds Greatest Athlete. Regardless of what he does, nothing can ever take that away from him. A Olympic Gold Medal winner in the decathlon. As long as he’s not committing a crime against women , children or humanity – he can do what he wants with his life personal life.

  • Philipp

    You shouldn’t call yourself ‘person’ and write something so hateful about another human being.

  • Philipp

    This has nothing to do with gay people. Transgender is a whole other thing entirely.

  • person

    I am sorry- I am no perfect person myself. But this whole Bruce Jenner thing is all over every media site- I happen to like JJ and come here to relax and forget about my own issues. I then have to see his face and hear about how much of a “hero” he is and I just don’t agree. I don see how it is heroic to decide he is a woman and have lots of surgeries to look weird and then go on TV and talk about it.

  • just me

    I’m glad that he finally feels confident enough to publicly talk about what he is going through. Good for you Bruce. Do what makes you happy.

  • AB

    To hell with all these judgemental idiots. Bruce is incredibly courageous. He has every right to be exactly who he is without labels! Im very happy for him that he is FINALLY putting his happiness first, and allowing himself to be who he really is. Good for you Bruce! You’re doing the right thing. In every way. You’re a real inspiration for every transgender person. Proud of you!

  • AB

    SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU. Intolerance is a horrible character trait.