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David Letterman on 'Late Show' Replacement: Would Have Been a 'Good Opportunity' for Black or Female Host

David Letterman on 'Late Show' Replacement: Would Have Been a 'Good Opportunity' for Black or Female Host

David Letterman gave a very candid interview to the New York Times about his The Late Show with David Letterman replacement.

“I thought, Well, maybe this will be a good opportunity to put a black person on, and it would be a good opportunity to put a woman. There are certainly a lot of very funny women that have television shows everywhere. So that would have made sense to me as well,” the 68-year-old talk show host said.

David also added that CBS did not consult with him about a possible replacement. “When we sign off, we’re out of business with CBS. I always thought Jon Stewart would have been a good choice. And then Stephen,” David added.

David will be stepping down on May 20 after hosting the show for twenty-two years.

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  • god_likes_missionary_position

    saving face post-whore comment. good job dave, here’s your walker, GTFO.

  • FormerLamark

    So women are as “inferior” as the former black slaves were. Both are on the same level. Nice. The two inferior “species”. If feminists will swallow such remarks I don’t know what they won’t.

  • dalovelee

    where did he imply that. In fact it’s apparent the studios think less of black comediennes and women. If he has any power or influence why not encourage the network to look outside their white male list of stand by go to.

  • god_likes_missionary_position

    dave only hires women that will swallow. he has to swallow a blue pill smoothie first, though.

  • Paul Mall

    Dur, I was thinking, I’m a white guy who made it big, so maybe they could slam the door on the next person who looks like me, denying him an opportunity based on sex and race. Because dur, that seems good.
    GFY grandpa.

  • Julia Oceania

    You poor victim! All those closed doors you encounter because of your gender and your ethnicity! You poor lil thing! Life must be so hard for you.

  • Julia Oceania

    The internet is so full of entitled angry white nerds that hate women and black people… and some of them found this article to comment on.

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    What? Learn to string a few sentences together and then comment. Are you suffering from a brain injury or are you just inferior?

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Everybody wants to be politically correct nowadays. Let’s give opportunity to people because they’re black. Lol. Give opportunities to those that DISERVE IT and have worked hard for it. This crap is getting annoying now.

  • Baseliner

    way to be politically correct dave. if i could have any super power, i would want to be able to read minds. I’m sure that all of these “tolerant” people in the media are actually the most bigoted

  • anonm8

    Doesn’t mention any black or female comedian that could get the job, but mentions 2 white men. Its pretty obvious that he doesn’t mean shit of what he says.

  • Bwest

    Wanda Sykes would be an excellent choice! It’s a black woman, good actress and comedian with the potential to be a talk show host, has sentiment, has personality and has respect for others!

  • Bwest

    Not only CBS, but other companies and Hollywood is still sexist, misogynist and have prejudice against Blacks, and we are in the 21 century!.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Don’t be hypocrite…you sound like you think you’re pretty damn entitled to label white “nerds” as hateful lmfao….the irony….

  • Phil the Donahue

    So true. I posted on Facebook that we should take away white man’s rights so they can see how it feels and all these white guys freaked the f out, as if I had the power to do that. They are insecure, that’s the problem. I wouldn’t say nerds because intelligence makes someone more aware of our society’s jacked-up-ness. I would say weirdos, they come in both macho and game playing form. BTW, I’m a white male fully aware of how there are too many white dudes running and ruining the show. (by show I mean the world)

  • Phil the Donahue

    Hopefully they can also spell deserve.

  • Tyrell

    Thank You! Why should someone get an opportunity because of special preference like being black or a woman? I am sick of ppl acting like blacks, women and other special folks are all underprivileged or something. There are privileged and wealthy folks in every race and gender. Kanye West who often moans about this topic was was a very privileged boy while growing up. He went to rich kids school and his parents were college professors. President Obama kids are sure as hell privileged. They have way more opportunity then most whites kids in America. What BS that all colored, women and other people should get jobs or opportunities based ONLY on the fact because they are black, woman, etc. What ever happened to looking at peoples skills or their worth ethic?

  • Tyrell

    You sound just as racist and ignorant as those racists and misgynists who attack other races and women actually. People should get jobs and gigs based on hard work and skills and good work ethic. Not because of skin color or gender. What Dave is saying is that people who are balck or a woman should get this gig because of the fact tha they are black or woman. What about giving someone a job based on their hard work and skills? Thats what matters more. Why everyone is catering to Politcial Correctness is beyond me.

  • Tyrell

    Hey of you worked hard for something and have the necessary skills to get hired, then you deserve the opportunities you get. Giving someone an opportunity soley because they are black or a woman is stupid. Geez why is everyone such a PC tool nowadays.

  • Tyrell

    Extactly. Ignore hypocrites with double standards like this idiot.

  • Legendary Trolly

    He is not trying to be politically correct. He is saying that he wants something different and unpredictable. A female host would be leftfield, and a black host would as well. He also mentioned the names of people who were not black as well.

  • FormerLamark

    What is your problem? Are you feminist or male chauvenist? Because I am for equality, and I hate when idiots mention female human beings as inferiors as former black slaves in any way, who need the same “oppurtunity” like former inferior slaves to prove to the world.

    If you are not able to understand it then it is already your problem, solve it and leave me alone, moron!

  • FormerLamark

    I hate when idiots mention female human
    beings as inferiors as former black slaves in any way, who need the same
    “oppurtunity” like former inferior slaves to prove to the world.

    I am so sorry if you are not able to notice it. Only the mention of it in this context is humilitating!!! As if females and blacks do not belong to the human race but male ones only…

  • Julia Oceania

    And here we go again, another angry white entitled nerd arguing that by his very whiteness and maleness he is entitled to be hired over others. We all know what it was like before employers had to give everyone an equal shot.

  • Julia Oceania

    Oh the irony, I am a white nerd myself. I am of the female stripe, I am well acquainted with white nerdy men.

  • dd95

    Why do these men talk racist.. Talent does NT seek with colour or gender. I cannot at all agree to treating or categorising some as underprivileged. Every body is privileged before god and law. .Equal opportunity and equal treatment, an end to addressing based on colour gender; Its time we learn this. 😣

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