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FKA Twigs Goes Completely Naked in Bathtub - See the Pic!

FKA Twigs Goes Completely Naked in Bathtub - See the Pic!

FKA Twigs shows off her naked body while enjoying a relaxing bath in a brand new pic posted on Instagram!

“always have a bath before bed 🌸,” the 27-year-old singer’s stylist Karen Clarkson captioned the pic.

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Karen also shared another pic of the duo and wrote, “crib for tonight.” Check out the pic below!

If you didn’t know, FKA is about to start up her tour again on May 17 in New York at the Brookyln Hangar. We can’t wait to see her performing again!

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Photos: Instagram
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  • Astrid Plusnick

    Well, her fiancé must love it that she is so open and also lets people know in other IG posts, that her privates are pierced…..

  • LiiL

    “always have a bath before bed ” good to know. like every normal people.

  • tia maria

    so much for her saying that she was a shy person

  • Shivani Yadav

    I find her kinda weird!

  • lee lee

    Remember when young celebs used to wear clothes?

  • Lolo_1

    picture in a bathtub = desperate for attention

  • TeamBella76

    Not good !

  • Lilly

    This is funny because she’s marrying a man with no social media and hates twitter and wants his private life out of tabs , hmm? ok guess we know whose boss here lol

  • Heidi

    Only one reason to post this intimate pic on social media instead of sending to your man and thats relevancy and free PR which proved she’s a fameho and screw her fiancée who likes to stay away from tabs , it’s funny really.

  • suk bin

    elle a du trop regarder “eyes wide shut” la pauvre fille …

  • niagirl

    Awwww, somebody wants to be Rihanna.

  • Broadzilla

    She always has a dumb expression on her face.

  • piste_five


  • nethead

    UglyMonkeyTard fameHO!!!

  • Kingston

    Funny, all I see are arms and legs. People show more than this on any beach. What’s the fake outrage about? Because she recommends you take a bath before going to bed?

    Y’all are a bunch of hypocrites. There’s nothing outlandish about this pic at ll, it’s totally tame. You can’t see a thing, except she has beautiful feet, especially for a dancer.

    Rob is never gonna date you and he’s never gonna go back to the cheater who’s with Alicia now. So stop making yourselves look like fools online.

  • Kingston

    FLAGGING your racists a z z.

  • Kingston

    That’s a lie. There was nothing about that on her IG because it’s not true. The flower with the ring through it was about her getting the ring from Rob.

    The caption was “boys be like” PUT A RING ON IT. On her finger. The flower represented her. The ring represented her engagement ring.

  • loop

    oh look another fame-whore.

  • loop

    Girl get out, I don’t think people really care about the twilight dude
    only attention hoes post this stuff on Instagram. don’t twist it. celebs and nobodies get flack doing it cause only shows their desperate ass.

  • loop

    nah just another attention-hoe playing up her weirdness

  • loop

    right, only thirsty Bches need to publicised it tho

  • loop

    omg lol you f-ING CRAY

  • Kingston

    What do you see besides legs and arms? How is this seeking attention? She’s not showing anything.

  • loop

    it suggests the same, dumb dumb

  • loop

    fameHO yes, but get the f out with that racist bull

  • Kingston

    Suggesting is not the same as doing, dumb dumb.

    Why don’t you go take care of your 3 kids and stop being a judgemental azz hole.

  • loop

    da f, I have no kids thnx baby jesus lol
    She’s a thirsty desperate fame-whore sis don’t twist it
    this is no editorial like the lovely zoe, this is in a private setting, it’s on INSTAGRAM insinuating the same thing as all the attention seekers on insta.
    you go and tend your kids or your man who must have you sexually repressed that u gotta be up this girl a-hole.

  • Dee

    Um. You *do* realize that picture was about a clit piercing right? You can analyze it all you want. But shes a very sexual person. And that specific type of ring is usually for your genitals or nipples,

  • Tommy D.

    She looks like Drake with a weave there.

  • Brutally honest

    And this is relevant why?
    And she is relevant why?

    Wannabe with no talent.

  • gina

    i dont get it how Rob can be okay with such behaviour

  • gina

    very unclassy

  • Gone Guest

    That is the goofiest piece of sh*t ever! Rob never confirmed he was engaged to her. She’s behind all the sh*t that comes out of her camp whether she gets TPain to do it or her assistant. Who gets their assistant to take nude pictures of her in a tub of dirty water and put them all over the internet? Then, she has someone else take pics of her & her assistant on the bed saying their having a blast. Does that mean she’s gay? You call Kristen gay for having coffee with a friend.This is all about HER wanting attention for her gig in NYC. She doesn’t give a hang about anyone but herself. I’m waiting for the pic of Twigs and Imogene to surface. #1 Rob embarrassment – faux engagement #2 nude photo in tub. #3??

  • Gone Guest

    OMG! if Kristen did this you’d be all over this like flies on sh*t. Who cares what she’s showing. If she showed more it wouldn’t be on twitter or the internet. No dignified woman would embarrass their fiancée if you believe that what he is, I don’t, and put a nude picture of themselves online. He’s suppose to be a respected actor. Do you see his fellow actors wives or girlfriends doing this sh*t? It’s low class and embarrassing. Shy person my a*s. Opportunist.

  • Gone Guest

    Except she’s not because the man never even confirmed he was engaged to her. No amount of money he invested in her career is worth ruining his own. I don’t get it? Why would he invest in a person who studied dance, became a stripper, turned her strip act into sado masochism , talks sweetly so you can’t understand the words she’s saying which are crude and nasty, and want this person in the mainstream? Something must be wrong on his end as well. It’s so low class compared to what he’s trying to do in his movies. He’s a great actor. Doesn’t make sense at all.

  • Crystal Layne

    Seriously! I wish she would stop this… Kristen isn’t interested in Robert anymore so stop trying to look cute in whatever it is you are trying to do… Almost like a competition she is playing.. smh

  • Kingston

    lol, all you see are arms and legs, there’s nothing wrong with her tub photo, or them sitting on a bed. Neither one of them is gay, they both have boyfriends. And it’s not her assistant, it’s her stylist.

    Kristen is bisexual because she’s been living with her lover for over a year. They have matching tatts of their initials, they spend every holiday together, take romantic island vacations and have sex just like any other pair of lovers.

    Imogen isn’t gay, either, she also has a boyfriend. You’re pathetically barking up the wrong tree. Everything you say about Twigs is actually true about KS. Laughing at you.

  • Kingston

    And you do realize that they’re engaged and she’s wearing his ring now, don’t you?

    You’re too dumb to get the illusion. She isn’t about stating the obvious.

  • Kingston

    Rob hasn’t been interested in KS for two years now.

    She has a girlfriend, Alicia, who she had before Rob left her. Funny that she wore Alicia’s clothes the first time she went out after Rob dumped her cheating azz.

    Things that make you go hmmm.

  • Dee

    alright. keep telling yourself that sweetheart.

  • Kingston

    Just stop lying. She’s not an investment, she’s his fiance. She was never a stripper, she didn’t meet the requirements. You had to be tall and blonde.

    She doesn’t want to be mainstream, you’re so busy making up lies, you never pay attention to her interviews.

    She’s not low class, you are. There’s nothing wrong with either of them, and she speaks beautifully. She’s so far above trash like you, it isn’t even funny.

  • Kingston

    We saw Kristen simulate sex with Rupert Sanders on the side of a road like a common hooker. And she got naked with two men at the same time and Sam Riley put her boob in his mouth in On The Road.

    And she said she enjoyed it. so don’t try to trash Twigs for showing ARMS AND LEGS AND NOTHING ELSE.

    We’ve all seen Kristen’s boobs and azz in several films. Talk about low class. She’s a user and Rob took out the trash two years ago. GET OVER IT.

  • Kingston

    You are such a loser. I hope Rob and Twigs lay in bed and laugh about narrow minded old crones like you.

    I’m sure Kristen and Alicia do.

  • Ghost Writer

    Go dream about them. I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with people she doesn’t even know. I’m not answering you’re delusional rants.