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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Post-Credits Scene - All the Details!

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Post-Credits Scene - All the Details!

Remember how Joss Whedon said there would be no post-credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well that is sort of a lie.

While there wasn’t a scene at the very end of the credits, there was one in the middle of the credits — so make sure you stay to catch it.

In the scene, Thanos — a Mad Titan that originated in the comic books — put on his Infinity Gauntlet and said “Fine, I’ll do it myself,” before the screen cut to black.

With two Infinity War movies coming up, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Thanos in the upcoming years.

In case you don’t remember, this isn’t the first time Thanos was featured in a post-credits scene, he was also in a scene at the end of the first Avengers movie.

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  • DavidY

    And he was in Guardians of the Galaxy too. He’s Gamora and Nebula’s adoptive father. And he’s the one Drax is after at the end of GotG.

  • Gretchen

    He said there wouldn’t be a post credits scene but there would be one after the first credits so…..he didn’t technically lie either

  • Papaya Queen

    He didn’t lie at all. He specifially mentioned that there wasn’t going to be an END-Credit Scene. The Marvel Movies, especially the Avenger Ones, are known to have two Credit-Scenes. And Thanos was in the Guardians of the Galaxy.
    I’m not one to bash People on their Job, but if you are going to report on movies, please get your facts straight first.

  • billwenham

    Yes, but he wasn’t in the post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy. The author never stated he wasn’t in the film.

  • Melissa

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  • DEADP00L

    I cant wait to see Adam Warlock in all his red and black glory.

  • ryan cordova

    No but the author did state that Whedon wasn’t being entirely honest when he said there wouldn’t be a post-credits scene.

    Thing is, he was being honest, there wasn’t a post-credits scene, there was a mid-credits scene.

    But hey, I’m not the author of this, I’m not the one being paid to write who should know that there’s a difference between “mid-” and “post-”. It’s almost like they’re different words for a reason or something.

  • billwenham

    Yet you tried to call him out with the same confusion over that exact phrase when it came to Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • marvin3O

    he didn’t lie!! he always said there woundn’t be a post-credit scene, but there would be one mid-credit scene, he was always upfront about that, so why are you now twisting the truth?

  • ryan cordova

    I think you’re mistaking me with someone ride there brosef.

  • JonKelly

    I think the end credit scene in Ultron is again promoting GOTG sequel. But in Avengers Assemble, Thanos does return to earth which can be used as a plot to cross over Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in one film.

  • Fred Davis

    I think you are taking things a tad too literally. This is not a technical manual. If you want to get all pedantic the author said “sort of a lie”. “Sort of”. As in, “not exactly”.

    But hey, you’re not the author of this, you’re not the one being paid to write so I guess you can just make arguments to suit your invalid critique out of thin air with little repercussion.

  • Fred Davis

    “Sort of a lie”. It was a very slight embellishment which had little to do with the focus of the article. Post credits does mean “after the credits” but most folks took it to mean nothing after the film’s ending.

  • Fred Davis

    The author didn’t say he technically lied. He said it was “sort of” a lie. I also don’t think the author was calling Whedon a liar so much as embellishing the article a little to make it less dry to read.

    Imagine such a thing!

  • ryan cordova

    How is it even “sort of a lie” when what he said was word for word true?

    Whedon said no post-credits scene and there wasn’t one, there WAS a mid-credits scene which he also said would exist.

    Where’s the “sir of a lie” again?

    Oh and P.S., I am getting paid to write just not this drivel here.

    I’m sorry you love a writer who doesn’t understand the meaning of the terms he’s brandying about,, but he’s quite awful.

  • ryan cordova

    The words used were “that’s technically a lie, ” if you’re going to stalk everyone calling the author out on his bad writing you might want to make sure you’ve actually read the article.

  • Jason

    Why mention that Thanos “originated in the comic books?” As opposed to the true story of any of the rest of the characters?

  • Jason

    Everything, including GotG2, builds toward Infinity War.