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Zayn Malik Calls Out Louis Tomlinson in Shocking Tweet!

Zayn Malik Calls Out Louis Tomlinson in Shocking Tweet!

You won’t believe what Zayn Malik just tweeted at his former One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson

Zayn, 22, wrote to Louis, 23, on Twitter just moments ago: “@Louis_Tomlinson remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine ?”

Zayn left the band several weeks ago, and it came as a huge shock to his fans around the world. In the meantime, the remaining guys of 1D have been working hard on a new album sans Zayn.

This all seems to have started over a photo Zayn ‘s producer Naughty Boy posted, featuring a filter on the pic. “Remember when you were 12 and you used to think those Mac filters for your pictures were cool haha ! Some people still do HA!,” Louis wrote.

Read the entire exchange inside, which includes an exchange between Louis and Naughty Boy…

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  • TUTU

    in 10 years no one will remember them

  • Philipp

    Unprofessional moves on all three sides. Like children fighting during recess. Time to grow up and learn how to behave in the public eye.

  • Jen

    goodness gracious

  • Victim

    Louis is so gay

  • Jenny from the flop

    And their music never was iconic or memorable like spice girls

  • Samanta

    Zayn is turning up to be such a disappointment. He used to call those boys brothers and family. Now he’s defending someone who does nothing other than bash people and be stupid.

  • Samanta

    since when it is a bad thing?

  • ✌️

    Him and louis were the closest in the group, doing everything together, never leaving eachother sight even till the day zayn decided to leave. Its sad to think how quickly someone could change and because of someone else. Zayns so far up naughty boys ass he cant even see straight anymore. I truly care for him but this is so disappointing. He will regret this one day.

  • ✌️

    I totally agree.

  • Victim

    I didnt say it was bad

  • Samanta

    okay then :)

  • Lisashi

    And to think these were the two boys that got tattoos for eachother, a screw that meant them holding eachother up. These were the two guys that told eachother everything, did everything together. Trusted eachother to the fullest. They were always there for eachother through the good and bad, even when Zayn made the desicion to leave. And now Zayn turned on him, his brother, and for what? For someone that will never be half the friend louis was. What the hell happened to you Zayn.

  • Felicitys

    The fact that louis didnt say a word about zayn yet zayn still attacked louis to defend naughty boy is really upsetting because louis always had zayn’s back, always. Its really sad to see one of the greatest friendship break like that ( or just simply a fight) especially due to someone else.

  • Daniel Brown

    This is why I love twitter: because you can find three equally minimally talented jerks going at it over absolutely nothing and the general public will lap it up like tramps who haven’t eaten for days. Pathetic

  • Samanta

    True. The fact that Louis didn’t say a word about Zayn, just makes me respect a lot.

  • ola akande

    make that 5 years

  • ama

    Well pass the popcorn…

  • TrinaTruner

    Well he said Naughty is riding on the back of someone- I wonder who he was talking about. It couldn’t be zayn.
    Louis is not talented. He’s just a whiny lil bi+ch who is mad at naughty because zayn is his friend. He’s acting like the bratty fans.

  • Mads_22

    I get Zayn being annoyed with everyone telling him who he should or shouldn’t be friends with. But damn, he didn’t have to go at Louis like that.

  • Nicola

    He does instigates a ton on Twitter and has a habit of copping an attitude that resembles more of a petulant child than a 23 year old man. Zayn just called it like he saw it but of course he catches all of the flack because fans of the band will always hate him for leaving.

  • mouth

    Well, their ages are showing.

  • vn_102

    Oh wow that revealed that three of them were still stuck in teenage years mentality, not twenty something dude, guess dealing with tween kids fans daily were detrimental for their mental developments.
    Zayn was like teen girl with bff, completely forgot his former friend and talking sh!t to defend the new so called friend, hope karma will work out for him when his new career flopped so bad.
    Louis needs to stop being bitter and man up like the rest of 1D crews.

  • Rajey

    One Direction acting like their fans do on a daily basis, well done to them. Naughty Boy has more talent in one finger than the accumulative of those kids. There’s a reason Zayn left, he grew up.

  • vn_102

    Lol, if that Naughty dude is that talented, how come we never heard of his “talents” before Zayn fiasco?
    Three of them are stuck in tween years with them acting like teen girls, lashed out on something petty in twitter like their world were so revolved around it.
    Thought touring and seeing many parts of the world will help Zayn and Louis to grow up more, but guess being stoned out of their mind most of the time only indulge their childish side even more.

  • Ellieee

    Hahaha and when did louis say that? After naughty boy made fun of his voice..then his carrier and weeks and weeks of making fun of his fans, cursing at them and waving zayn in their faces as if he was his victory piece. Naughty boys only a fucking prick who only wants to stir drama. And louis simply didnt want to bite his tounge any longer. They were both in the wrong since they both should have kept it to themselves, but dont open your mouth until you have the facts. The problem lies mostly in zayns actions though, I love him but theres no need to protect him. What he did was wrong.

  • Ellieee

    No one hated zayn for leaving though? Where the hell do you get your facts? The majority stood by him and respected his desicion. But that stopped when he found it so easy to turn his back on his friend for someone new. Thats disgusting. When it comes to louis and naughty boy they were both doing wrong. Naughty boy has been trying for ages to piss people off and cause drama. But louis chould have ignored him. But he says it himeself, he cant keep quiet.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    He’s got money on his mind.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    The only important thing here is that Louis leaves spaces before punctuations marks.

  • Nicola

    Have you seen the general consensus on social media since he left? Fans may have accepted his initial departure from the band but the claws came out when they realized he wanted to pursue a solo career. Either way, they better get used to it. Zayn won’t be the last member to part ways with the band.

  • Samanta

    If I remember correctly, fans were there for Zayn when he left. He was the one who left with saying a thing..not even a thank you for all the support after all these years.
    And still the fans kept supporting him, respecting his decision and even curious to see what was coming next from him.
    So no, the fans did not hate him when he left. They were there for him. But he wasn’t there for them even for a second when his new ‘friend’ keep insulting those who he calls ‘his’ fans and that he claims he loves a lot. He really has an interesting way of showing that.
    Not to mention, how fast he forgot that he used to call these 4 boys his family. He’s such a disappointment.



  • Exposed

    his was about Naughty Boy insulting 1D fans. He’s crowing about Zayn not being in 1D anymore, while fans are still upset. He’s also made clear he thinks 1D was beneath Zayn and now NB is going save him from the boyband label. It wasn’t about Zayn until Zayn took Naughty Boy’s side when NB personally insulted Louis. Louis, who’s been entertaining Zayn at concerts for the last year and a half so Zayn looks a little bit interested in being on stage. Louis, who went with Zayn on breaks from the tour because Zayn needed to get away. Zayn couldn’t hack it and left the band. Zayn should have stayed quiet

  • Duante Amorculo

    how cute, grown men arguing like puzzies