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Zayn Malik: I Was 'Defending Myself' Against Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik: I Was 'Defending Myself' Against Louis Tomlinson

Zayn Malik took to Twitter to clear up some questions surrounding his Twitter battle with Louis Tomlinson.

The 22-year-old former One Direction member says he was just defending himself.

In case you missed it, Zayn called out Louis after he made comments about a photo of him and producer Naughty Boy.

“Don’t know why I’m being attacked for defending myself, people got it twisted! I love my fans ?! Every single one of you x,” he tweeted.

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  • towanda nuwanda

    he’s right. louis is just jealous

  • Bunny Beliectioner♥

    of what? his soundcloud track lol no

  • towanda nuwanda

    zayn leaved them. the other boys don’t mind it. but i think louis is angry to zayn. it’s not louis’ business . why is he alwayss comment about Naughty Boy and Zayn? Louis started argument

  • ✌️

    Defending himself??? From what? Louis didnt even say a word about him. The only thing zayn did was protect naughty boy over someone he once called his family

  • Bumble

    Thats loyalty for you now same 1D fans are going after their EX 1D Idol LOL

  • Samanta

    He has nothing to be jealous about. As far as I know Louis has achieved way more things than Zayn.

  • vn_102

    IKR, what an ungrateful twats.
    He picked new friend with questionable past over old friend that been through a lot with him.

  • Victim

    Dont worry Zayn. One day the group will be completely broken

  • Samanta

    So what? Maybe they won’t be together forever but they certainly won’t spit in the plate they used to eat. Or they won’t turn up against each other. Neither will they defend people who attack and insult the ones that used to be their fans.
    They will be busy having their own career and many projects.

  • devvv

    He’s probably jealous of the fact that Zayn actually has talent. Louis’ vocals are weak and he knows it. It may have just been on soundcloud, but Zayn can carry an entire song by himself. Louis barely gets an entire verse bc he has a very average voice with no range.

  • Tammi Laura

    may be true but jealousy isn’t what sparked this. Louis was protecting the 1D fans. He made a simple filter joke and didn’t say a word or anything negative towards Zayn. It was Louis vs. NB. But then Zayn came in and attacked Louis.
    Zayn is an ass hat
    Notice the differences in the tweets:
    Zayn: “my fans”
    Louis “our fans”
    Louis should have ignored it all instead of being childish, but I lost all respect for Zayn, and Lou has gained mine.

  • Tammi Laura

    1D fans were loyal: supporting 1D by supporting Louis. Zayn left=he is no longer part of 1D.

  • Exposed

    Wow…fame really does change you. they used to be happy go lucky boys and now they’re publicly attacking each other. Shame

  • devvv

    Louis wasn’t protecting fans at all. He’s always been the one to run his mouth. Every “feud” that 1D has ever been in, Louis’ been a part of. He always feels the need to prove himself because people have pointed out that he is the least talented and least attractive, in addition to questioning his sexuality. He wasn’t protecting anyone when fans and media were calling Zayn a terrorist, as well as making other Islamophobic comments. Louis wasn’t protecting anyone when he called fans out for not supporting him when he got caught smoking weed. Louis was and always has looked out for himself. Zayn put him in his place for once and fans sided with Louis because they’ve been looking for reasons to hate Zayn since he left. I had no respect for Louis to lose. I however, gained respect for Zayn. He’s always been quiet through racism, cheating allegations and Louis’ obnoxious attitude. He stood up for himself for once.

  • Samanta

    I’m not denying that the kid has talent but if he stays around people like NB, he’ll just go nowhere.
    Time will show that the band will be great even without Zayn. As they did amazingly well in the concerts when Zayn left, even without rehearsals as a four piece.
    I respect you opinion about Louis’ vocals being weak. But I don’t agree with you. I think his vocals are essential in the band. And I should add that he has been a big part of writing almost all of the songs from the last two albums. So he has way more talent than Zayn.
    (Not to mention that he now has also a recording label.)
    So definitely no reason at all for Louis to be jealous of Zayn and even less of NB.

  • Samanta

    Fans were loyal to the one who has always been there for them. Always defending them.

  • Zazu23

    Exactly. These little kids don’t understand that Louis doesn’t give a rats a** about them, just their money which is why he is always thanking them and sucking up to them. They buy into it feeling like he knows them on a personal level. He really is manipulative but i guess he has to be because his voice is atrocious. To be honest before Zayn left i only knew who Harry was because of the Taylor Swift thing and who Zayn was cz he can sing ad is very good looking. Suddenly when Zayn leaves, people who are not directioners know who he is because he has been throwing shade at Zayn from the concerts in South Africa. Some friend he is. Zayn even looks happier in recent photos than he has for the past year. He must have been put in an awkward place because his close friend kept getting attacked by his supposed friend and his horde of 10 year old followers. Good on Zayn.

  • devvv

    Thank you for having some common sense. lol People don’t realize that just because you like someone, you don’t have to excuse or rationalize their actions. He wants the money to keep coming so he tweets out “Love you guys” once a week and they all eat it up.