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George Clooney Gets Support From Amal At 'Tomorrowland' Premiere

George Clooney Gets Support From Amal At 'Tomorrowland' Premiere

George Clooney brings his classically handsome looks to the premiere of his new movie Tomorrowland at AMC Downtown Disney on Saturday evening (May 9) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 54-year-old actor was joined by his wife Amal as they made their way down the red carpet together.

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Also walking the carpet was George‘s co-star Tim McGraw, who was joined by his country singer wife Faith Hill.

FYI: Amal is wearing Elizabeth and James sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of George and Amal Clooney being a cute couple at the Tomorrowland premiere…

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  • politicallyincorrect

    George clooney- anti 1A (blamed a YouTube video for Benghazi, lamenting 1A for all, while innocent guy sat in jail), laments religious freedom for “gay rights” in America as ISIS, which has invaded Texas, throws gays off rooftops. Anti 2A as is….

    Tim McGraw-avid Obama supporter holding a Sandy Hook “fundraiser” in July for groups who actively supper gun control, not “education”

    Hugh Laurie–Brit Labour supporter who, like Clooney believes in redistributing everyone ELSE’S “wealth”

    And Disney….now employing bigoted and hate ranting gay activist Dan Savage while pushing the gay agenda to young kids via their programming.

    Nope. Keep all that anti American crap away from my capitalist made dollars .

  • Style 2

    Are you work for Kerry …

  • Nathan Klein

    POOR GEORGE! Forced to pose with a beastly ugly Arab eunuch Amal Alamuddin so his corrupt scum PR handlers profit by selling LIES TO THE PUBLIC.
    Contractually living a lie & even FORCED TO KISS THE DEFORMED UGLY AMAL’s hand…like so many others before her.

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  • En Vogue

    The ugly PRAWN Amal Alamuddin. Delusional hump-nosed, ghoul eyed grotesque hunchback who poor George despises…but has to pretend she’s his wife so the PR network can make profit in media outlets for brand Clooney.
    And promoting another film is tied into the sham….

  • Just Concerned

    George is looking so old…miserable and sad. He should have invited his own niece and nephew for the premier, the picture would have looked much more genuine. This picture looks completely staged and fake..not a good start for ‘Tomorrowland’.

  • En Vogue


    District-9 Prawn Amal Alamuddin.

  • Style 2

    Hélio ,
    Ça fait un bail …
    Au sujet de la crevette elle vit d’amour et d’eau fraiche

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Nice dress.

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  • En Vogue

    salut… plus d’un mois …
    la crevette vit de l’amour de qui? quand on court à l’adrénaline , c’est facile de vivre sur l’eau, mais si on en existe sur la mélancolie…

  • Jasmine

    Keep trying, stylistas but you can’t turn a lady boy with a man’s body into a feminine woman. Kim Kardashian is ultra feminine & exotic at least.
    A cross front top & flouncy skirt does not create femininity illusion when there’s no waist, no ass, short legs, etc, …as for face, Photoshop can only obscure so much.
    Hideous mega fail. PR losers. Amal Alamuddin is very ugly.

  • Style 2

    Sans indiscrétion vous êtes Ou
    A la poursuite de George …

  • En Vogue

    très très loin de vous …
    Que’est ce que vous voulez dire “á la poursuite de G”? Moi?

  • Style 2

    Si oui vous …
    George est votre obsession ..
    Amalgame est avocat …donc toute est claire
    Les avocats sont …je déteste tout
    Leur jeu est très malsain
    Personne pût pas echape

  • En Vogue

    Non, mon cher , vous n’êtes pas du tout mon obsession. Je vous le jure.
    Vous etes en train de perdre votre esprit…vous devenez fou a cause de cette farce qu’est ta vie privée.
    Et la moche arabe Amal a détruit l’ image GC.
    A propos, les avocats dans ma famille ont réussi et sont respectables et bien connu…pas faux…
    George –> homme stupide manipulé par ses patrons .

    Je te connais chaque fois…

  • Style 2

    Ok ,mais pourquoi si négatif vers Maître Amaldin
    Elle est très bien pour George il est si ringard

  • brenda

    You two would do better to stick with the English language.

  • En Vogue

    la vie n’est pas “ringard”… Sauf si on est un lâche, fou ou misérable.
    on ne vit pas comme ça! La crevette moche n’est pas du tout très bien pour son image . et vous le savez! il a détruit le bonheur .
    George n’est pas sincère .

  • Style 2

    On sais George est un home del Arte ,
    Seul lui sais qu’est que il veut nous montre …
    Avec Lui ,il laisse rien ne pas au hasard …
    Tout ca est tres cinoche ,ca intrique …
    Mais il faut pas que il se trombe …
    il faut pas oublier que c’est avec ……Maître Amaldin

  • Amarena

    Deluded, aren’t you? Can’t communicate like a real man. In French (which one of your intel gnomes does the colloquialisms? Code Carla 97)
    No one is obsessed with you, crusty old feeble madman. Just a closetted bisexual sick puny, lift-wearing shortass complex-stricken moron. Embarrassed about your own sister that you wouldn’t even help her on a boat in Venice. Disturbed scum.
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    Disturbed scum.

  • Cheryl

    Arranged Marriage. How much did her family have to pay ?
    Poor George made a bad deal.

  • What’sReal

    French conversation above translated.
    Are they using “Amalgam” for “Amal?”

    Hello, been a long time … “The Shrimp” lives off of love and fresh water.
    Read a month … “The Shrimp” lives off of love. . . of whom?
    Are you indiscreetly In pursuit of George?

    Very, very far from that idea …
    Say what you want to say “á continuing GC?” Me?

    If so, you … George is your obsession ..
    Amalgam is a lawyer … so all is clear,
    Lawyers are … “I hate everything.”
    Their game is very unhealthy.
    Nobody could escape.

    No, my dear you are not my obsession. I swear.
    You are losing your mind …If you get mad because of this farce; that is your private business.
    And the ugly amalgam has destroyed the image of GC. Je you know, every time, … everywhere, all nicknames. …Ok, but why so negative towards Master Amaldin?
    It is fine for George; it’s so corny.

    Life is not “cheesy” … unless one is loose, mad or miserable.
    We do not live like that. The ugly “shrimp” is not at all good for his image. and you know it! He destroyed his happiness. George is not sincere.

    We know George is a home del Arte,
    You know he only shows us what he wants … With Him, he does not leave anything to chance.
    All that is very cinoche (like a movie) intrigue ca …
    But we must not bang as he …
    we must not forget that it is with …… Master Amaldin

  • En Vogue

    l’image qui intrigue est uniquement à ton avis .. visuellement grotesque, déformée comme une parodie Salvador Daliesque … choc publicité . Tu pensais la même chose sur la lutteur ogre Kyborg..”drôle.”

    Commedia dell’Arte n’est pas la vie.. Toujours, tu crois qu’il est ironique, comme un moyen d’ échapper…Que il se soit etre très cinoche … une farce.. Par hazard? Menteur ! Je me souviens t’as dit que la moche travesti Amal était une «compensation ». T’as perdu perspective il y a longtemps. Beaucoup d’Années d’être contrôlés . Ta résistance à ceux qui délèguent? … Non, le scénario avec travesti moche Amal n’est pas du tout intriguant… Il est sans équilibre .
    Ensuite, regardes que t’as fait de MM … et plus … Il aurait pu être un chef-d’œuvre. On me dit qu’il avait besoin de modification.

    Tant pis pour toi.

  • Style 2

    Sorry where are your problème
    George si m’y freind .george send me capsules Nespresso only that
    Oui ça intrique parce que avec les femmes il est diferand quand il est seul …il play any Time
    Oui ça intrique. Who is George ..

  • En Vogue

    Toi, c’est toi, fou. Mais tu as peur de Lola ou l’autre gnome de surveillance!
    C’est comme elles changent tes couches … elles ne te laissent pas respirer …

  • What’sReal

    Translation of French conversation, the 1st step in clear communication.

    Yes it entangled with women because it is different when alone play it … any time.
    Yes it entangles. Who is George.

    You, it’s you, crazy. But you’re afraid of Lola or another gnome monitoring!
    It’s like they change your diapers … they do not let you breathe …

    The image plot is only in your opinion .. visually grotesque, deformed as a parody … Salvador Daliesque shock advertising. You thought the same about the wrestler ogre Kyborg .. “funny.”

    Commedia dell’Arte is not life .. Still, you think it is ironic, as a way to escape … that it is very cinoche to be a joke … .. By chance? Liar! I remember you said that Amal was ugly transvestite –”compensation”. You lost perspective long ago. Many years to be controlled. Your resistance to those who delegate? … No, the scenario with ugly transvestite Amal is not intriguing at all … There is no balance.
    Then look did you do MM … more … It could have been a masterpiece. I am told that he needed to change.

    Too bad for you.