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Kim Kardashian Goes Totally Naked for Desert Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian Goes Totally Naked for Desert Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian strips off her clothes and poses totally naked with just some paint covering her body in this new photo shoot revealed on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The 34-year-old reality star said that she did the photo shoot to get new photos to help revamp her website.

To make sure she wasn’t followed to set by paparazzi, Kim had to sit on the floor of her assistant’s car while leaving her home.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to Kim‘s website to see the finished photos!

Just Jared on Facebook
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 01
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 02
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 03
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 04
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 05
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 06
kim kardashian goes totally naked for desert photo shoot 07

Photos: E!
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  • myhairhurts

    so what? we’ve seen her naked before. what can’t they go away?

  • Mara

    As Tyra would say… no-neck monster!

  • SmileMore

    beached whale

  • Jay

    She’s running out of ways to pose naked…
    I think right now Kim Kardashian is simply Mrs Kanye West.
    Alone she holds no interest.

  • annklein

    she is completely and utterly disgusting. Isn’t she tired of being a porn whale?

  • Pawesl

    And unphotoshopped. I’m surprised she let them show her like this. The ones that end up on her website will look completely different.

  • Danae

    Next on Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Climbing up Kim’s vajayjay.

  • bbm

    everything is ridiculous, but the 3rd pic…. LOOOOOOOOOL fat asss

  • Scarlett


  • Rave

    Soooo what’s new my dear Kim?? I think you need to hit the Gym!

  • Martha Bartha

    I’d like to shoot my white stuff all over her!

  • UltimatePhillippe (Spain)

    She is frustrated because no one takes it seriously.
    Yes, Kim, keep it up, and you will get the respect of the people.


  • Exposed

    Oh please, 35 and her face and body is all plastic surgery airbrushed and photo shopped to the max. She always looks like a fool. Her book is a major flop right off the bat like the Vogue issue was. The joke show nobody watches is so far down in the ratings sewer E! won’t even post them. Sears dumped their clothing line and still can’t get rid of their crap. They are tanking all over and they know it. She wonders why she is so laughed at mocked and not liked at all.

  • Exposed

    I’m not sure ‘insecure’ is a word you use to describe someone who released a ‘tape’ to the world and shoves her selfies in your face 24/7. For a woman with insecurities I find it strange that she is often posing naked or half naked. That’s possibly the last thing a genuinely insecure person would do. So Is this talentless nobody not capable of doing anything else be taking her clothes off. Has she no self respect or respect for her child??

  • Exposed

    I don’t normally wish this on anyone, but I really hope for her downfall. Really. I’m sick of her. …and yes, nobody forced me to click and comment, but she is forced upon us by the media she pays. She is literally shoved in all of our faces
    Her selfies book is a major flop right off the bat. Why pay for something when everyone has seen this a million times over for free. They aren’t. Her face is all plastic surgery, botox frozen, fillers and nips and tucks that you can easily see all the botox injection sites and the nip and tuck scars when she doesn’t have 4 pounds of professional make-up on and airbrushed to the max. Oversized breast implants and butt implants. She’s all plastic fake and phony. Nothing natural about her whatsoever.

  • Exposed

    Kim is not shy about her body, she’s had a sex tape and posed completely naked a million times now that we all know her privates nearly as well as she does, but I do think she is insecure in the sense that she craves attention and admiration to feel good about herself. She is obsessed with perfecting her appearance and it is clearly the number one priority in her life. She’s done a pretty bad job of trying to pretend it isn’t. This whole episode was just set up to try and take the heat off these girls getting so much surgery.

  • Exposed

    LIKE: Come on Kim, your sisters are being booed at a basketball match, your show’s rating have plummeted to nearly zero, you clothing store has closed, you selfie book is a complete flop – face it, no matter how many time you strike a near naked pose, your family is on their way out

  • Martha Bartha

    I still wanna cover her with my white stuff.

  • person

    Kylie and Kendall’s role model

  • ola akande

    its just redundant now. its not edgy anymore. its just played out. find something else to do… wearing ur damn clothes

  • A_Z

    Real b*tch and stupid too..

  • b324

    Didn’t I just read a post about Kim being okay with Kylie’s lip injections and how she’s (Kim) is just SOOOOOO insecure with her weight she doesn’t leave home without Spanx?

    I’m sorry but if you are really that insecure about your weight, you wouldn’t go posing nude everywhere.

    She’s such a liar. I’m so sick of this stupid family.

  • Autumn

    Can we please STOP reading about this idiotic, fame seeking, trashy family! Their father and husband was a gifted lawyer well before the publicized trash of the OJ trial and he is literally spinning in his grave watching what has become of his children and widow. Do these women have no pride, no self-respect – oh that’s right it is all about the money, Birkin Bags, Bentleys, how many lame, overrated & untalented rappers & over-the-hill athletes you can been seen with and allegedly sleep with – surrounding yourself with material things and stupid people! I have never seen a gene pool so shallow – when will people stop being enthralled with this family – I wish for a Kardashian free day, week, month, year! These people are irrelevant – they offer nothing to make the world a better place! Who cares about what they wear or don’t wear; where they go to the gym; what they drink; who they screw; whether their lips, breasts, butts, cheeks, hair is real! This is my first ever and my last ever Kardashian post! I pray that they don’t breed anymore of these genetic mutations.

  • mouth

    Why can’t I be famous for being a FAT@SS? I am at least as good looking. Where is my money?

  • mouth

    You mean that paint? Already been done! >;)~

  • Welly

    What the hell is wrong with thi family. Naked photo shoot half naked clothes. Why not wear any clothes just go naked everywhere. She going to teach her daughter this. Sick of this whole family.

  • Welly

    Her whole websit is butt naked of her. Don’t waste your time going on her website.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    She looks like a dirty chalk board…. Somebody erase this bitch!!!!

  • louflo

    Wow, I do not understand how she manages to not fall backwards due to that huge rear end. Wow that looks horrible and it looks painful. Why would anyone think that such an over inflated rear end is attractive , that thing is so disgusting. Her backside is just as disgusting as her front Side.
    This kartrashian wh* re is again posing naked. PLEase kim , nobody cares anymore. You have exposed every part of your disgusting fake body. you have shown the world what soooo many black men have seen and penetrated. I guess next up is you filming your internal organs. Yuck, horrible classless fat ass , go away already.

  • mandyz

    kim has never made any of her nudity pics “edgy”. she’s been redundant since day uno.

  • mandyz

    she wants ppl to think her curves are attractive, she won’t stop pushing it either when she will never ever look like a high fashion model doing nudity or simulated nudity with a renowned photographer. she MADE herself look like a hog with the ass implants, out of shape torso and oversized tits, i will never feel sorry for her. shes only gonna look worse as time goes by, not better. hell will freeze over when she admits she did the brazilian butt lift and takes out all the fat out of her diaper ass.

  • mandyz

    i can’t wait till KardBlock gets released :D

  • HH

    Awesome, I am SO happy to see that Kim is exercising and using a core ball to get into better sha….opps, my bad, that is her ASS!

  • HH

    “To make sure she wasn’t followed to set by paparazzi, Kim had to sit on the floor of her assistant’s car while leaving her home.”

    Ya, like anyone gave enough of a sh*t and wanted to “follow” her. That whole family needs to learn that NOBODY GIVES A F**K!

  • mumu

    was it an ape, a donkey, or a fugly hoooooooooooooe?

  • Bella Novela

    good god.. not even playboy playsluts get naked as much as this woman ..
    her husband must be really proud that his wife and mother of his child is always naked for other men’s pleasure
    this whole family never heard of morals and self respect

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Sunscreen is very important

  • xyz

    Too many comments for one nothing

  • Martha Bartha

    No, Semen!

  • Patricia Williams


  • Susan Bellwood

    C’mon Kim, give it up already, we’ve seen it before and it’s nothing special. Find another outlet for your conceit.

  • Poonam Sinha

    Kim can do anything to be in the news … i want you to see all the controversial photos of her that you won’t get on internet

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