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Robert Pattinson Is Beaming With FKA Twigs By His Side

Robert Pattinson Is Beaming With FKA Twigs By His Side

Robert Pattinson wraps his arm around fiancee FKA twigs while grabbing a bite to eat on Monday (May 11) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 28-year-old English actor and the 27-year-old entertainer were seen hitting the gym together.

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Last week, Robert and FKA were spotted showing some support for a benefit for people, who suffered from the Nepal earthquake.

In case you didn’t know, FKA just grabbed four nominations at the 2015 Libera Awards, which will take place in June.

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  • amil ionniare

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy. He’s always smiling around her. He really loves her a lot. Good for them.

  • Karina

    He looks gorgeous, sexy an happy, but I only care about him.

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Aww. Gorgeous Couple. Happiness suits them!

  • dalovelee

    They are absolutely perfect together. I love their sexy off beat style.

  • Fernando

    This girl is horrible

  • Mark Jekabson

    Happyness looks like fka twigs and Robert Pattinson.

  • Me1

    Gorgeous Rob! Love seeing him so happy

  • Guest

    On the inside and out. She has already told him who he cant have at the wedding, life will go on like that,once the ring is on the finger,it will be Mr & Mrs FAX twigs.

  • TammyPSuzuki

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  • Zeenie Baby

    Rob is so cute

  • Zeenie Baby

    Looks like he does,happy for him

  • Kingston

    Why don’t you two bitter Kristen Stewart fans go make a comment on your gurl’s page? He hasn’t even seen her in two years now, you act like he dumped you instead of her.

    Move on, you make yourselves look like fools with these stupid comments.

  • Zeenie Baby

    yeah you live under their bed so you would know

  • Kingston

    Gossip Cop has already debunked that, along with every other lying piece of gossip about her. Rob loves her, she’s done nothing but show him respect and love in public, and they couldn’t be happier.

    Get a life and stop hating on a woman who has done nothing wrong. He’s not going back to KStew, move on.

  • Zeenie Baby

    he has never looked better or happier.Love seeing him happy too

  • Zeenie Baby

    they are so pressed and unable to leave Rob boards alone even after 2 years

  • Kingston

    Twigs and Rob were the cutest couple at the Met Gala, they made every best dressed list, from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar and GQ.

    Literally EVERYONE loved them except for the petty, jealous KStew fans. They are such miserable people. It’s too bad they don’t support Kristen’s choice of partner. If Alicia were only a man, they could latch onto him and finally move on. They need a new hobby, since hating on Rob and Twigs is accomplishing nothing.

  • siennagold

    He seems to be really happy with her. I’ve never seen him smile as much in photos as when he’s with her. So good for them!

  • tia maria

    no offence but the only people who come across as being bitter are both you and Zeenie Baby who always manage the mention his ex when nobody else does on posts about him and FKA Twigs so its you that needs to move on.

    That aside,happy Rob is enjoying his life although I do wish one of his films would get released as it will be exactly a year since his last film was released in the UK by the time Life comes out in September.

  • guest

    Don’t worry about his films, worry about the way you are commenting on a good man.

  • guest

    Again, worry about the way you are commenting. Rob is a good guy be happy for him, not bitter.

  • Zeenie Baby

    i agree

  • Isobel

    I think Kingston is covering his jealously with his angry tirades because he’s hot for Robert himself. Kingston Robert is taken! You need to move on.

  • mapuii

    he does loook happy


    That’s not Los Angeles, obviously. A britshit site with britshit lies.

  • Fernando

    I hate Kristen Stewart… Just because I think this girl is uglt, I have to be Kristen’s fan?

  • Lydia Callwood

    What did Kristen do to all of you that haters her so bad you write all kind of dirty things about her all of you people are standing up and defending twigs and burning Kristen you all don,t like the things people are saying about twigs because nobody knows her but it,s okay to do it to Kristen because you all knows her youall saying that rob,s happier with twigs than when .he was with Kristen all this is my opionon and I don,t want anyone to tell me what to say all of you people are the one that did it between the paps,media,tabloids and all the haters out their destroy Kristen and rob just because they didn’t,t put their private life out their for you all to I agree with them not to put it out their again my opionon that’s not his private he have with twigs it,s public I listen to all his resent interview and the old ones to where he said with
    His own mouth that he will not sell his private or talk about it in pubic and that’s what he,s doing now forget it

  • Guest

    How would know,and why should I be happy for him?And don’t tell me how to comment,he showed his true colors a long time ago.And they are yellow.

  • Kingston

    You’re FOS. Rob hasn’t said one word about Twigs, ever. So nothing has changed, he’s not selling is private life.

    He’s simply living his life, not hiding in a hotel room, afraid to go out to dinner or to a concert. Which is a much healthier way to live.

    It’s funny that you can’t take the truth about Kristen. She cheated with Rupert, she destroyed her own relationship. If she wasn’t so immature, and could have remained faithful to Rob, he wouldn’t have been single when he met Twigs.

    So you have KS to blame for Rob being engaged to Twigs. But she’s happy with Alicia, so where is the problem? It all worked out the way it should. Just be happy and quit making dumb accusations. You’re not going to chagne anything in anyone’s life.

  • Kingston

    Wow, you can count. Then you should know that Rob will have 2 films premiering this year and he has already filmed The Childhood of a Leader.

    Brimstone starts filming on June 15th, and from there he goes to the Paramount Studios film, The Lost City of Z. And early next year The Trap starts filming.

    So that’s 2 premieres, 3 films to make this year, and already one lined up for next year.

    And it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. He’s working with respected directors on the kinds of films that interest him. He’s not living his life for you, in any way. He’s got the career he wants and the woman he wants.

    Usually “fans” are happy if their favorite actor is happy. Maybe you need to rethink your concepts.

  • Kingston

    No, and you sound like a sick Kristen Stewart fans. Her fans are the ones who try to live vicariously through her and are jealous of Twigs.

    I adore Twigs and couldn’t be happier that she makes Rob happy.

    You’re the one who needs to move on. He’s never going back to the tramp who cheated on him, and as long as her fans continue to lie about him and Twigs, someone will be around to remind you of why he was single in the first place. Don’t like it? Then don’t comment about them. Simple.

  • Kingston

    So happy Rob found a beautiful, talented woman who appreciates him. She upped his cool factor by about a thousand points.
    Maxim magazine just said today that

    “Twigs might be the sexiest performer in the world.”

    And this from Scott Heins:
    .@FKAtwigs’s #congregata is astonishing. A multiform display of primal human desire. This is the sort of thing I live in NYC for.

    Normal people love her. Rob loves her. The only ones pressed are bitter Kristen Stewart fans. You’re not fooling anyone.

  • Isobel

    No you are jealous of Twigs and are living your life vicariously through her. I’m not into talentless wannabes. Off you pop and go cuddle your life size cut out of Robert. And I’m quite well thanks.

  • tia maria

    I am well aware what films he has done and what ones are in pre-production but right now Life is the only one that has been given a release day by its UK distributor. Of course he is not living his life for anyone but himself, would be slightly worrying if he was.

    Can you not read, I said I was happy that rob is enjoying his life.

  • Kingston

    lol, no, I’m not jealous of anyone. I like Twigs, I’m happy that she’s with Rob.

    You’re the one who’s jealous and miserable. You can’t stand to see Rob happy with anyone but The Cheater. Too bad for you he’ll never be seen with her again.

    He upgraded and he knows it.

  • Kingston

    QotD also has a release date, in Sept., same as Life.

    There’s no point in worrying about any of Rob’s films. They will all be released when the distributor chooses a date for their particular country.

    He’s making good choices and building the kind of career he wants.

  • Isobel

    Methinks he doth protesteth too much. Its wonderful that you are so happy for your boy. It makes a huge difference to his life, truly. They are a perfect pair, and they deserve each other. Yep two talentless wannabes who are not looking for fame and all the while knowing that they have your approval. You never know you may still be in there with a chance, maybe when she is performing next or whatever it is she is doing when crawling and gasping on stage, make your move Rob will be there doing his own spastic type dance

  • Kingston

    Me knows you reek of bitterness. Rob dumped the cheater, he didn’t dump you. Get over it.

    Let me spell this out for you, since you persist on being dim. I can’t wait to see them married and have kids.

    If for no other reason than to see you choke on your own bile at the sight.

  • Isobel

    Although I think that Kristen did a stupid thing, she was a foolish young girI and damaged her relationship. I think she is better of without him. He has proven himself to be a weak, immature man who couldn’t get past himself or the negative press she copped and still does, to forgive her. If his love for her was that strong he would have been able to forgive her. I am not bitter, I believe twigbert are perfect for each other. They both use people to get what they want and neither of them have any real talent. So yep let them get married, breed and live a wounderful life together. And maybe you will get an invite.

  • Kingston

    lol, Rob was the one who got tired of babysitting the immature brat who proved she couldn’t be trusted. He was always too good for her and he finally got tired of being lied to.

    WTF do you get off making these stupid claims that don’t hold water?

    He did forgive her, he made BD2 promo easy for her, he tried to help her rehab the career she trashed, and I suspect she was cheating with Alicia when he finally threw in the towel.

    You are bitter. You can’t stand that he found a really sexy, creative talented woman who doesn’t need to compete with him. And KS has a lover named Alicia. You can’t accept that she goes both ways and you’ll never get your happily ever after.

  • Isobel

    He found a really sexy, creative and talented woman, you say! Well who is it I thought he was “engaged” to Twigs????