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Kanye West Receives Honorary Doctorate - Listen to His Acceptance Speech at SAIC!

Kanye West Receives Honorary Doctorate - Listen to His Acceptance Speech at SAIC!

Kanye West flashes a big smile while receiving an honorary doctorate at School Of Art Institute Of Chicago on Monday (May 11) in Chicago, Ill.

“When I was giving a lecture at Oxford, I brought up this school because when I went out on that mission to create other spaces – apparel, film, performance – it would’ve been easier if I could have said I had a degree at the Art Institute of Chicago,” the 37-year-old rapper shared during his speech. Listen to his speech below!

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In case you didn’t know, Kanye had dropped out of the School of Art Institute of Chicago at the age of 20 to pursue music.

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  • Nani

    Nice! Kanye have a degree! oh wait.. he didnt study for it.. James Franco may be a weirdo for a lot of people but at least he’s one of the few actors, singers, whatever who actually went to college and STUDY like all of us for the degree.

  • VanityInsecurity

    omg worse speech ever.

  • RayonLight

    I find insulting to those students who actually did attend school, studied, paid, and busted their behinds to earn their degrees. What is the point of this?

  • myhairhurts

    nope, not going to listen to this idiot get an honorary degree he doesn’t deserve. they might as well give me an honorary degree too.

  • first and last post

    so he gets an honorary degree because he advertised for them and “solicited” for his degree even though he “chose” not to finish…geeze, some idiot at the Art Institute of Chicago fell for it…why does anyone listen to KW’s dribble…he is a fake, a loudmouth, an opportunist and his music is not that great. Even Oxford is enabling his antics. It is a reflection of what this country is becoming.

  • dianalicious

    I can already hear is ego inflating a little more…

  • Danae

    Honorary degree? Lecture at Oxford? Seriously??
    There are people who study, pay, work hard and overcome lots of difficulties to have a succesful academic career. And yet here we are, giving out honorary degrees to mediocre artists with as*hole personality and attitude.

  • mouth

    The only thing he qualifies for as a degree is Psyche, specializing in Narcissism. Seriously, when are the Duke Brothers going to stop this ridiculous bet and give each other a dollar?

  • mouth

    James Franco is awesome truly intelligent, successful and humble. He was on General Hospital a few years ago just because he liked the role. Unpretentious.

  • lindes

    And same with Natalie Portman. Both her and James at least earned their degrees through hard work and got good grades and had to pay for it too like the rest of us. Kanye is not a college graduate but he will brag about being one now. He is truly disgusting. Why does he deserve a free university degree? For having achieved what? This makes me mad. I had to pay for mine and earned the good grades for it. Why does he get a free university degree for behaving like a jackass and an imbecile? The tax payers probably paid for his undeserved degree. This really pisses me off.

  • Jenny from the flop


  • MC

    People are stupid nowadays.

  • Welly

    Who the hell cares. This dick head is all over the place like his’s bitch wife. Who has the kid? The f nanny. He never smiles know he reaslly smiling. Don’t waste your time listening to him. He doesn’t know what the f his’s saying

  • Peeker Boo

    “I am a pop artist. So my medium is public opinion.”


    And it all went downhill from there. Poor guy tries very hard to sound deep & intelligent but he fails miserably.

    I have a feeling SAIC was very sorry they chose this bozo to give a speech after they heard the drivel that came out of his mouth.

  • toastie postie

    Where do I sign up to get one too?

  • toastie postie

    An Honorary Doctorate? Dear. Lord, the world is coming to an end. Mass Hysteria. Like the Ghostbusters said…

  • areils

    This says more about Chicago University then it does about Kanye West. So they have no problem giving this jackass a college degree but the rest of us have to work hard, get good grades and pay an obscene amount of money for it? Disgraceful. Whats next, Kim will get a free college degree from Harvard Business School or something? This country is going down more and more and its sad.

  • Nani

    I love Franco, he’s great in everything he does, but not everybody understand his point of view, and that’s why he is so underrated

  • Ana

    Wait, so if I act like a self absorbed idiot and marry a glorified porn star, I too can receive my Doctorate degree? I honestly don’t understand why colleges get moronic celebrities who have no college degree to speak at graduations when they have no idea how much hard work, time and money go into procuring one. What a slap in the face to the graduating students at The Art Institute of Chicago.

  • Sensitive Dude

    Except this is a design school… and he’s been a highly respected & successful designer for more than a decade.

    lol are you embarrassed yet?

  • Sensitive Dude

    Professors in the most respected universities on earth honor and love this man, but you’re spitting out your microwaved trailerpark dinner in disapproval.


  • Danae

    Your response just makes me sure that university degree, whether you are Kanye West or not, is worth nothing in today’s world. I wouldn’t trust anyone who is sane enough to have a degree and support Kanye.

  • Sensitive Dude

    Clearly the smartest and most successful people on earth are all mentally challenged because you’re upset with your own failed life. Yikes.

  • Danae

    Alright, despite having obtained a degree already I want to educate myself more and actually learn about these “smartest and most succesful people on earth” who keep Kanye in high regard.
    Lead the way, master, although I have a feeling that I should not feed the troll.

  • Ana

    No, I’m not. Kanye West’s “respectability” doesn’t compensate for the fact that he’s an arrogant prick-and any sort of credibility he had was immediately overshadowed when he started shooting his mouth off and associating with trash-He won’t be remembered for his Grammys or contributions in music or fashion-just the media circus and lack of tact he continues to display. Also, what does it matter if it’s a design school? It’s still a college. Students still spend a ton of money and invest a lot of time and hard work.

  • Sensitive Dude

    Yes, I’m trolling by pointing out that the most successful educators, businessmen and artists in the world all disagree with you, but yet again they’re all wrong because you have a community college diploma. Recent example written by complete the imbecile-multimillionaire-engineer/physicist

  • Sensitive Dude

    hahahaha it’s hilarious how the biggest nobodies in the world are obsessed with putting on a persona that everyone accepts instead of actually being honest. I guess instead of being the biggest piece of shit asshole on earth to get his vision accomplished, Steve Jobs should have been a ‘nice guy’ and lived in a section 8 apartment while working for minimum wage like you.

    What does it matter if it’s a design school? Are you an idiot? Those students are paying to learn to do what he has successfully done at the highest possible level of their field. Even an idiot like you should be able to grasp why someone who has studied and worked at the most respected design houses in the world would get a honorary diploma in that field.

  • Danae

    No, darling, you are trolling because since you’ve run out of proper arguments, you had to resort to insult me as a person. Did I say anything about myself? No. Did I say anything wrong about you specifically? Na-ah. Yet you managed to insult me in a very personal way in every single post in this conversation. All for the sake of defending some random celebrity who has no idea that you exist.

    Powerful people are just patting each other’s backs and applauding themselves for things they have not done. I think that placing Kim Kardashian West, a woman who sold her whole life to the media, next to people such as Mellody Hobson or Satya Nadella, says a lot about this list.