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Johnny Depp's Dogs Could Be Killed If They Aren't Sent Back to the US

Johnny Depp's Dogs Could Be Killed If They Aren't Sent Back to the US

Johnny Depp‘s dogs, Boo and Pistol, could face a death sentence if they aren’t taken back to the United States from Australia.

Australia’s agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce issued a statement telling the 51-year-old actor his dogs need to “bugger off” ASAP or face consequences.

“I personally as a minister don’t have Mr. Depp‘s phone number, nor does he have mine,” he told the BBC. “But my department is informed they are organizing for the dogs to be sent back to the United States. I’d say that is the wisest move.”

“If we start letting movie stars even though they’ve been the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ twice to come into our nation, then why don’t we just break the laws for everybody. It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States,” he continued. “The dogs have been ordered into quarantine and the owners have been advised the dogs must be exported within 72 hours.”

The dogs were discovered in the country by a grooming website. Dogs are required to be quarantined a minimum of 10 days after arriving in the country to prevent spread of possible disease. Mr. Joyce said if the dogs are not taken out of the country, they will be put down.

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  • Chasseur1814

    I am glad to see that Australia has its share of obtuse government employees whose sole raison d’etre is to follow supercilious rules to the letter. For a long time I thought American had a monopoly in that area.

    Let’s look at this situation from a common sense approach. Yes, Mr. Depp did break the law, let him pay a fine. Since his dogs are in the country already ten days (which I might suspect since they need grooming), and ten days is the period of the required quarantine, and there has been no widespread epidemic of dog disease in the outback, I think we can all assume the dogs are disease free. So the solution to having a disease free dog in the country as proposed by a nimrod in the Australian government is to destroy the disease free dogs. Does anyone really believe that would happen? Moreover, how do you think killing puppies would affect Australia’s travel and tourism industry?

    This issue reminds of a situation I found myself in years ago arranging for 100+ military families moving to Hawaii. I met with the Head of the quarantine station to obtain information on the rules governing the quarantine of family pets. He was very professional, and when I left the meeting I asked him how many dogs that have been quarantined at the
    facility had diseases or rabies. He told me that in the thirty years he had been at the facility they never, ever had a dog with rabies come through! At that point, I realized that the purpose of the facility was not to protect Hawaii from rabies, but to protect the jobs of Hawaii state government bureaucrats and the local dog breeding industry.

  • Guest

    Good to know that Australia doesn’t have any other problems, so their authorities can spend their time threatening two tiny dogs by television
    I thought my government was bad…Australia’s are RIDICULOUS

  • CB

    I think people who don’t have a sound or even an inkling of knowledge when it comes to Australia and our laws shouldn’t comment, because it shows just how misinformed you are. Take away the silly sensationalised headlines “Australia threatens to kill innocent Puppies,” we have very strict quarantine laws down here and for very good reasons.

    Johnny could and should have just applied for the special visa for his animals, the officers would have gone over the application and then said yes or no. If it’s yes then there’s a quarantine period of around 10 days maybe a little longer or shorter depending on what the qualified vets recommend.

    JD is absolutely to blame in this situation 100%. He’s a visitor to our country and because he’s a celebrity thought he was above our laws and decided to sneak his pets into our country illegally. Take responsibility for your own stupid actions and make the arrangements to have your dogs safely flown back to the U.S. Problem solved.

  • Papaya Queen

    It’s great that they have strict quarantine rules, but to kill two dogs if they aren’t obeyed, seems extremely exaggerated. How about making him just pay a huge fine or if it’s really such a huge problem, just revoke his visa and refuse any future applications! It’s not the dog’s fault, why would they have to pay with their lifes for it?

  • Валерий Пионкин

    Do you love dogs, but you must remember that the Australian bitches and dogs, too, are entitled to protection against rabies.
    Johnny, do you want to take away the trident of Poseidon?
    Zeus will not be limited only killing dogs.
    You have to buy my amulet. Price – $ 1
    Well, or exchange.
    It is the amulet of author. Made in 2010 by the best artists.
    Only the author Valery can give him the power to protect.
    If you are a miser, the setbacks will continue.
    Fan of Pirates and admirer of your talent, Valery.

  • Ted Barbaras

    Exactly make him pay the quarantine fee for 10-days.

  • PigPuff

    While I wish that the agriculture minister didn’t use the term “Bugger off” as it further perpetuates the Australian bogan stereotype, I believe what he’s done is right. Why shouldn’t Johnny Depp go through the standard Quarantine procedure and follow the same channels as everyone else? These rules have been put in place for a reason, and anyone in our country should really be respecting the rules. If the roles were reversed and an Australian celebrity was breaking a similar rule in America, I honestly don’t think anyone would have any pity on them.

  • jane

    Hawaii and Australia (among other countries) have these rules to protect their environments, which often have fauna that the USA and other places do not need to protect. Australia and Hawaii are home to some of the most beautiful plants, trees, beaches, species, etc. and keeping out various diseases is a way to protect their environment, not their employees. the introduction of just one bug, for example, can completely destroy plants in the national volcanic park. there have been many cases in Hawaii – on the big island – where entire plants species are dying out because people bring in fruits, nuts, etc, and think it’s ok to sneak stuff in. stuff that carries bacteria, bugs, etc. Depp was sneaking in the dogs and should just be forced to leave.

  • 3nickim

    the dogs are back home. Turn the page.

  • Fiana

    Johnny was wrong, it is clear that wrong. But the short memory of people do not remember the benefits he brought to this country with this film and the people he favored and even helped in the campaign to save endangered animals ..
    When they say it should be treated like any citizen, then it should be treated like any citizen, but it did not.
    Every citizen would have received the notification at home in reserved, that would have to take appropriate action in due time and point. No citizen receives the summons and euthanasia announcement by the minister of agriculture on national television and the victim of all this exposure. He was more disrespected than them.