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Raven-Symone Receives Huge Backlash After Saying Harriet Tubman Shouldn't Be on the $20 Bill

Raven-Symone Receives Huge Backlash After Saying Harriet Tubman Shouldn't Be on the $20 Bill

Raven-Symone is receiving a ton of backlash after saying she doesn’t think historical icon Harriet Tubman should be on the $20 bill.

“No offense to everyone that’s going to be mad at me for saying this, I don’t like that idea. I think we need to move a little bit forward. Let me just preface that I understand the history, I get it Trust me, I was taught, I was in that culture. … I would’ve chosen Rosa Parks. I would have chosen someone that is closer to the progression that we’re doing now. I know you have to understand history so you don’t repeat it, but that doesn’t happen in our world, because we still repeat history of hating other cultures over and over again. I would choose a different woman, no offense,” the 29-year-old entertainer said on The View.

The idea of Harriet Tubman being on the twenty dollar bill came out of an informal poll asking what female should be on the currency.

Raven-Symone Receives Backlash After Saying Harriet Tubman Shouldn’t Be on the $20

Click inside to read some of the Twitter backlash against Raven-Symone’s thoughts…

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  • Sandy McFarlane

    this girl is a MESS. that statement didn’t even make sense

  • Ted Rollins

    A fat, sloppy, fugly mess to be exact!

  • VanityInsecurity

    wtf? if we are going to compare history & accomplishments.. Harriett Tubman did way more than Rosa Parks.. go read a book Raven.


    She was more intelligent as Olivia. FYI, Rosa was not the first black woman to refuse to give up her seat. I know because I live in Montgomery, AL. What, you feel Ms. Tubman was not attractive enough to be on the $20 bill?

  • Markus

    She’s entitled to her opinion, whether the black leaders like it or not

  • Mental Floss

    Raven, sit down! She’s trying to stay relevant.

  • Mike1288

    Why is it that when someone does not agree with the left they get called names just like people on here. You are just as ignorant as the GOP. She just expressed her opinion no need to get upset. Besudes the fact that presidents go on dollar bills and such. How about we put Obama?

  • city of tenants

    a HILARIOUS read on tubman on the $20:

  • thebutcher

    Changing the $20 is just ridiculous and an absolute waste. There’s no need to change it anyway

  • PM2901

    I agree that it should be Obama!

  • PM2901

    Isn’t it a James Brown song. . .”just talkin’ loud and sayin’ nuthin’”

  • PM2901

    Raven reminds me of a young Whoopi Goldberg on The View. They both love the sound of their own voice, think they’re smart, and that their word is the gospel. Raven says a lot of ridiculous things on that show. Rosie Perez looks at her like she’s nuts half the time. I wish I could read the bubble above Rosie’s head when Raven’s talking with that superior attitude of hers.

  • Babs

    She is stupid.

  • Patricia Williams

    Harriet Tubman is a “good idea 4 the new face on the American currency. But I THINK that the face of a FREE PERSON like Madam Wright would b a much better choice especially since it’ll all about the BENJAMINS we’re discussing!!!!!!!

  • requiempoet

    This girl…she is so messed up. Sigh. She needs to hush up.

  • JohnnyComeLately

    Her opinion is just that and Ms. Tubman won the poll so Raven’s doesn’t matter. Like VanityInsecurity said below, Ms. Tubman’s efforts went so much further and longer than Ms. Parks, Raven’s choice. Not to take anything away from Ms. Parks for standing her ground but what she did doesn’t come close to all the life and limb risking efforts Ms. Tubman made repeatedly with even more emboldened, brazen, brutal and murderous racists of her time.

  • Mz.Understood

    So? She has her opinion and is free to speak it. She tries VERY hard not to offend but there are people who will take advantage of ANY opportunity to rant or toss shade. Just be mean. I think it ‘clears’ them for a while to be really nasty online where they aren’t at risk, but can say really stupid things.

  • mouth

    She’s right. WTH should Harriet Tubman be on money? What is her contribution next to the FOUNDING FATHERS. Why are we supposed to pander to a 15% of the population, just to make them feel better? Too bad if they aren’t paid attention like toddlers every minute of the day. Put someone useful on the money which is actually useless fiat money anyway. How ridiculous for racist blacks to give Raven a hard time for not going along or else? Freedom of speech is dead in this country because a small pain the butt minority that costs the most and contributes the least.

  • stoplyin2217

    Our money should not be changed at all. People want to rewrite history. Enough already.

  • max menendez

    They both shouldn’t be on the bill. Leave our currency alone

  • SaraJ

    Rosa wasn’t even the first to lead the movement – she was the chosen face of the movement. Raven is an idiot.

  • JadaSpeaks

    Interesting choice, Madame J. Walker, the first self-made millionairess in this country.

  • Patricia Williams

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I chose her because not only was she a self made millionaires, but A FREE WOMAN who graduated from college and fought against slavery. She IS the epitome of what true AFRICAN-AMERICANS are all about.

  • Patricia Williams

    Obama. Is also another excellent choice as well as Nelson Mandela a man who not only freed South Africa but the world

  • Patricia Williams

    Raven IS a strong activist who has a VOICE so let it b heard just like you just said your piece

  • PM2901

    Yes. . .Nelson Mandela!!

  • PM2901

    You must not watch “The View.” Raven says REALLY STUPID THINGS!!!

  • PM2901

    You just asked why people call others names, then you called people “ignorant.” Look within yourself and answer your own question.

  • PM2901


  • Patricia Williams


  • Mike1288

    Oh please there is a huge difference between calling someone stupid or self hating And callingsomeone ignorant. Calling someone ignorant (especially with me) requires a thorough analysis. And i dont need a self guru thank you. I can accept other people opinions like if you believe Tubman deserves to be on a bill I would love to hear it. But saying someone is stupid just because they do not agree with you without you expressing why is IGNORANT. I think you are trolling self help guru. But I do not need your services.

  • Mike1288

    What an intelligent response. You are sure going to go places… Straight to the welfare office. You are ignorant!

  • PM2901

    Listen carefully. . .make your way to a phone and call 911. If you have any of your pills left, take one until help arrives!

  • PM2901

    Sorry, but I’m already spoken for. Your welfare fantasies are lost on me. I’m sorry that you still have bad memories of waiting in line with your mom for Government cheese. Take an enema and find another girl who can appreciate your sweet talk.

  • PegNew

    @ PM2901: I TOTALLY agree with you about Rosie Perez!
    She is SO obnoxious and her voice is like fingernail on a blackboard…not to mention her cackle of a laugh!

  • PegNew

    What is the deal with Raven’s hair???