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Is Chris Brown Threatening Tyson Beckford for Hanging Out with Karrueche Tran!?

Is Chris Brown Threatening Tyson Beckford for Hanging Out with Karrueche Tran!?

Woah – is Chris Brown publicly threatening Tyson Beckford after he was spotted hanging out with his ex Karrueche Tran in Las Vegas this past weekend?! While nothing has been confirmed, the Internet is pretty sure it is happening.

The 26-year-old rapper has been sending out very suggestive tweets suggesting physical harm after Tyson, 44, posted a photo of him and Karrueche hanging out. See that photo below. The tweets have all been deleted, but some are pictured below.

“U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that. Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bullsh*t,” Chris wrote in one tweet.

“Be in Vegas soon. Keep playing ima f*ck ya baby momma and then whoop yo child like he mine,” he added in another tweet.

“MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND aka the n**gas will be out. We just came to party tho, unless a n**ga wanna try us… And that includes u model n**gas *Cough Cough #TysonBeckford.” one of Chris‘ friends Kid Red posted on Instagram. “We see everything LiL n**ga.”

Karrueche and Tyson have not responded.

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  • PeterPeckerPork

    he sounds like a 12 year old bully how embarrassing for him wow

  • chamelion

    I can’t understand ghetto ebonics. Can someone translate?

  • badman

    why that? wasn’t that dunzo with karrueche? effed that up. and why is his purse couch couch #kidred talking like some big sh*t? we see that too.

  • CanaryCanary


  • justno

    I tried so hard to translate it, even siri was confused.

  • buke lacktavose

    He should be locked in a penitentiary for life.

  • VanityInsecurity

    What a damn low life..

  • JD

    I don’t believe this story and if it is true, she is stupid for being at the same hotel where Chris is going to be.

  • JD

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  • JD

    You need to be lock up for believing everything you read and why is she at the same hotel where Chris is going to be, doesn’t that sound odd to you?

  • JD

    Never judge someone that you don’t know.

  • JD

    If you never lived a black person life try not to pass judgement on
    how they speak.

  • Aubrey

    so he can have a baby with another woman but his ex ((who he was still together when he impregnated said woman)) can’t move on with her life? smh

  • whatthewhat

    Chris Brown stan, I see? He’s still a douche.

  • RubyJMoore

    ✔ $73.. per-hr @mi17//



  • Tyler Moss

    I have no clue what he’s trying to say. Translation?

  • Mike1288

    It is one thing when you are from an inner city where resources are scarce. But why on earth do I hear suburban upper middle class kids / adults talk like that? (And it is all races not just black who talk like that). At that point it is perpetuating stereotypes and is pure ignorance. And sorry IDC what you say it sounds terrible and is hard to understand.

  • Mike1288

    When you put yourself out there and put your business on social media you are asking g for people to judge you. It is what it is.

  • Barbie_Klaus

    What an asshole. seriously is he even with Kae anymore?? He done had a baby on her and mad cause she takes a pic w Tyson? Lol he’s funny. & that “f*ck ya baby momma/whoop child tweet” was silly and uncalled for. Where is his PR team???

  • Mads_22

    Well considering Chris has a past with violence and beating people up. It’s easy to believe he would threaten someone. And most likely go through with it. He’s violent and possessive with women.

  • Jen

    Chris, what are you even doing? Move on and try to live your life in a more dignified way man. Goodness…

  • xyz

    Its alrite, its been a long time since America was “culturally enriched” with such specimens

  • xyz

    Go back to Africa, JD, end of story!

  • bledel

    lmao happy that I’m not the only one trying son hard to understand in vain lol

  • Rhondocious

    Tyson takes pics with everyone… I have about 4 of my own from a few weeks ago and I’m far from a celebrity or celebrity ex. CB is caught up in his feelings for no reason…

  • snaker67

    ☤☤☤☤☤☤☤ justjared====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • Demode

    …has a past with violence and beating WOMEN up.

  • Mads_22

    In general he is a violent person. Who specializes in beating on women. He is a despicable person. If he can go through the act of beating up a women, I have no doubt he would get violent with Tyson.

  • Lorna Doone

    Chris tweeted it. He sounded really immature.

  • Lorna Doone

    Maybe you can explain what Chris’s posts mean then. He made himself look bad

  • Lorna Doone

    I was wondering if he still had a manager. Besides didn’t some woman posted how she had sex with him the last time he was in Vegas. He needs to take a dose of “grow the heck up”

  • jgraves58

    Seeing something and still not believing it is the ultimate definition of stupid. Those are HIS tweets from HIS twitter account, until he claims he was hacked, he owns those words.

  • jgraves58

    All black people don’t speak the same. To think so is in itself a racist mentality. Sad.

  • jgraves58

    She was already staying there. Why would he book a room where she’s staying? Doesn’t that sound odd to you?

  • Soubrette

    Could this be a violation of somethingorother kind of probation he must be on?

  • Mitt Zombie

    Do black people know any words besides “nig–” and “ignorant”?

  • Katie Gared

    Why can’t people speak English anymore? Reading those tweets were painful.

  • JD

    You are such a ignorant white person and my people are not just black, they are white just like Chris. So if I were you, you should never talk about African American because you might have some in your family.

  • JD

    That true, that’s the reason why I said what said.

  • Beezers

    Someone is going to shoot that fool one day.

  • JD

    I am only addressing what chamelion said and everybody on this panel are trying to address what I said and what I said is the truth, when a white person Rich or poor live a black person life and go through what we go through today, then they have a wright to make a comments.

  • JD

    Every man who live on this earth do the same thing Chris does everyday, example Mel Gibson, Sean Penn and many more white people and I don’t here people talking about domestic violence. What about the guy in the elevator, who is black he beat the hell out of his wife, why people not talking about that?

  • DustBunnyUnderBed

    The only thing Fist Brown is proving is how illiterate he truly is.

  • Mike1288

    Would you like some cheese with your whine? I am so tired of the poor black people mantality, guess what lif sucks for everyone. Then you use it for someone like Chris Brown who does not deserve any sympathy.He is garbage as displayed from his behavior towards woman and other people and quite frankly he needs his butt whooped and I hope Tyson does that. people are commenting on your argument because your argument in itself is racist. Do you even know what chamelion’s nationality is? You are associating ebonics solely with black culture and that is no longer the case. Eminem is the perfect example of a white man who grew up in a ghetto and speaks ebonics. I live in a suburb outside of DC and it does not matter what nationality you are many speak with ebonics and it sounds ridiculous no matter who does it. The only difference is the people around here do it to sound cool which is also insulting.

  • LL

    Chris Brown, millionaire for almost a decade, doesn’t know how to write in standard english?

  • Barbie_Klaus

    Right!!!! He really needs to grow the hell up forreal..

  • Meggiejean13

    That would be “right,” not “wright.” Why does living a “black person” life require such poor spelling & grammar?

  • beara

    Sounds like Chris Brown didn’t learn anything from his jail time for beating Rihanna….??? He’s so smug & cavalier but he needs to check himself.

  • PhDiva

    Threatening to assault Tyson’s child MUST be illegal. PLEASE let Tyson press charges so this psycho can finally go to jail.

  • Lynne

    Articulate Grammar and correct pronunciation along with Cursive writing are/may becoming extinct.
    Growing up and living in the suburbs of Chicago,, I associate with everyone,, be it nationalities, ethnic, races, creeds , religions, we have it all.
    It is rather like going to another Country,, where politeness and knowing a few words phrases of the the language is very helpful and shows respect.
    Communication is important, whether we agree with the style of expressing themselves speaking wise,, or the deliverance of that verbal communication,, should not be knocked If that person hadn’t experienced much education,, BUT,, there are those whom have had that education and still prefer “Ebonics” for speaking. That does not make people less intelligent,, Only their actions do.