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Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Dine Out Together During Memorial Day Weekend

Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Dine Out Together During Memorial Day Weekend

Kristen Stewart grabs some food with Alicia Cargile at Edendale on Sunday (May 24) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress was also joined by a female pal for the Memorial Day weekend brunch.

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It was just announced that Kristen will be re-teaming with her Clouds of Sils Maria director Olivier Assayas for the English-language ghost story titled Personal Shopper, Variety reports.

The film will take place in the fashion underworld and will begin filming later this year.

FYI: Kristen is wearing LZZR Jewelry‘s Silver Medium Reck Necklace and Vans shoes.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart out for some food during Memorial Day weekend…

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kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 01
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 02
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 03
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 04
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 05
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 06
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 07
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 08
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 09
kristen stewart alicia cargyle grab lunch memorial day weekend 10

Credit: Juan Sharma/ Miguel Agulier; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Dan

    Ugly lesbians

  • k.

    “Female pal”
    Uh, sure

    (Really happy for Kristen though)

  • k.

    It appears someone is unhappy with their life

  • Katerina

    Kristen has wonderful and beautiful friends!

  • Natalya

    Proud of her. The first day after filming and she is going to Memory Day event. And she has the best friends. Dedicated and smart

  • Natalya

    And what about your twigs and her rich lesbian past? And it seems that the present too. “Her heart and soul Imodjeen? (Forgot her name). THIS is ugly.

  • carolb

    Something not right..kristen hair gone shorter than her arrival at LAX.

  • Constance Cappadonia

  • Constance Cappadonia

  • Suzy

    Shes growing out her layers thats why her seems shorter.
    She will keep having it trimmed till its all the same length.
    Plus at LA if you looked shed put her hair in a tiny pony tail
    Id say defo shes growing it back. EQUALS masscared her hair.
    Hair cut as short as she had in EQUALS can take 3 years to grow back.
    Its been 9mnths since she cut it and 10mnths since it was cut even shorter.
    She had what was almost a short back and sides for the film.

  • Ammy Anderson

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  • Suzy

    If your happy for her why the nasty JIBE?
    Dont you have girl friends who stick with you?
    Socialise with you? Go to the shops have lunch etc?
    IDK if ACs a Lesbian knowone does. IMO maybe! BUT so?
    Theres never been a shred of proof that AC is living at Kris
    BUT if she is so? I shared with a girl for 2yrs Im not Gay
    Only thing that matters shes happy,workin11fims@counting

  • Monique

    Well then your article should say Kristen dines out with friends…. Because as you can see she is with TWO of her friends…. Funny the way you word your article…

  • rrrr

    @Dan/@Natalya: Sheesh! Watch your mouth!! Both Kristen & Twigs are beautiful in their own unique ways!!

  • k.

    That was not directed at Kristen nor Alicia, but the writer of the article. It’s pretty obvious the two of them are dating, but very few (if any) news sites are willing to admit it or even hint at it. Again, I love Kristen and I don’t care who she dates as long as she’s happy.

  • niagirl

    Come on Jared, you know who the other girl is.

  • Maggiemae

    When, if ever, are the accusations about Kristen being a lesbian going to stop? So many people think they know her and what is going on her life but only she knows. A lot of the young models go around holding hands and acting as if they are lesbians. Look at Miley Cyrus. She admitted that she likes woman and well as men. Why didn’t anyone jump on this? Kristen is NOT a lesbian and I am glad that she has friends that she can trust and go to lunch with. She’s the greatest!

  • FerCat

    Could’ve saved some to use as extensions. But then again, she’s not that kind of girl.

  • Brian

    You shouldn’t be so racist. Kristen is either lesbian or bi (photos of her and Alicia kissing are online) So what? If you are a true fan then you should be happy. Also they talk for Kristen’s sexuality because she is not saying it out loud. Miley said that she is bi, so no one is curious about it and that is the reason they don’t talk about it. People don’t talk because she is bi or lesbian, they talk because they want her to say it out loud. #straightbutnoh8!

  • Brian
  • Amygd

    Accusation, WTF? You come across as though being lesbian is something bad. You have no idea if Kristen identifies as a lesbian or not, because that is the ONLY thing that determines whether she is or not. I’m a Kristen fan by the way and couldn’t care less about the silly twitard feuds nor am I the least interested in her former Twilight costars.

  • Shade

    There are still fans that refuse to see that Alicia and Kristen are dating? Unbelievable. They have been seen together since 2013. Kristen is disliked and even hated by some, well that happenes, who cares, but having actual fans (or perhaps you aren’t) not supporting her and rather project their own fantasies on her, that’s what could potentially hurt Kristen in the long run, not to mention that it reflects badly on her.


    not her lover Alicia


    Keeping her busy in bed with Alicia!


    wrong question – right one……. why her followers are so in denial of her relationship with a lesbian ALICIA????

  • Terrestrial

    That is Croydon in London, England in the UK. That is not Los Angeles in America. Can you label these celebrity pics properly, please… honestly.

  • Sondra Bērziņa

    You see what you want to see and that is showing
    who you are.

  • Suzy


  • Suzy

    Where I havent seen ONE photo of Kristen and Alicia having a Romantic snogging session. Where r they> Christ theyd be front page new in all the Media if there was pictures of that around so why lie ? Easy youve backed yourself in to a corner.
    If Kristen is Bi Rob must feel a bloody idiot
    Or maybe your suggesting he knew and LOVVEEED IT. MIleys a little twat sucking pretend dicks on stage ramming them up dancers bums naked photos clothes off in pools in Videos smoking weed on a TV award show DEAP kissing on stage with another female singer YET not a bloody words said. Brian if Kristen said she was BI theyd all start howling no shes not shes a Lesbian. They dont get when they say that what does that make Rob a fool or a schemer who knew and lived a lie for the media That being said all the women he was seen with over the Kristen period well lets just say no man of 22 to 27 remains celibate unless hes a problem. I think you wll be waiting and waiting Kristen says nothing she never has probably never will. Same for Rob they both know each others secrets Rob will have them

  • Brian

    i hope you don’t believe that i am going to sit down and read all of that. #wasteoftime bye

  • Suzy

    No question is why are Robs fans so determined Kristen is one? Dont they realise it makes Rob look a right fk idiot or a schemer who sold his soul for money. If and its a BIG If Kristen is Bisexual so?
    Maybe shes found in Alicia more love devotion care affection than she ever found in Rabbie boy!!!

  • Suzy

    Im convinced USAs living in the 50s. Young women@girls in 2015 think being Gay or Bi or Transgender is digusting awful and is the worst thing to be. AND anyone who is is foul wouldnt mind but half of HW is Homosexual Lesbian Bi and Jewish . Why not get your POINTY HAT ON
    After all not long ago u were stringing up Black people

  • Suzy

    If Kristen is BISEXUAL being British I and we couldnt give a flying FK as long as shes happy.
    Why anyone would HATE Kristen is beyond me?
    She supposedly cheated on Rob so what?
    Rob sad SHIT happens. It wasnt your Dad or your Uncle she was seen with. You are so over invested in their lives. Every day ur filled with hatred over something that has NOTHING to do with you
    If it wasnt so abnormal it would be funny

  • Rhonda Bierer

    I’m loving the new trailer for American Ultra. When Kristen goes for her walks for coffee, I wish she would bring that adorable little white dog with her! The doggie just stole my heart! Please bring the puppy out more! Hugs……..

  • Rhonda Bierer

    What’s the difference. I love her movies. She’s putting herself in primo postion to make a huge difference in the movie industry. I hope she continues to pump out these kind of quality movies. I am loving them. Wouldn’t miss a single one. Two thumbs up, you crazy little bizaro chick. I love you!

  • Rhonda Bierer

    Now what’s wrong with Alicia. Stop picking. Can’t anyone be happy, ever?

  • Bloughmee

    I don’t get it. She’s a hollywood actress – so why WOULDN’T she be a lesbian? But seriously folks – this girl has been a dyke since day 1. If you didn’t know what- get your gaydar checked, it needs adjustment.