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Brad Pitt Happily Greets His Fans in the Big Apple

Brad Pitt Happily Greets His Fans in the Big Apple

Brad Pitt is happy to greet some of his fans while visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art on Tuesday (May 26) in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

The 51-year-old actor has been in the Big Apple for the past few days while working on his upcoming movie The Big Short.

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It was recently confirmed that Brad‘s hit movie World War Z will be getting a sequel and it was given a release date in June 2017. It has not been confirmed that he’ll be starring in it, but we can’t imagine him not appearing in the film!

FYI: Brad is wearing Supra Wolf sneakers.

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brad pitt happily greets his fans in the big apple 01
brad pitt happily greets his fans in the big apple 02
brad pitt happily greets his fans in the big apple 03
brad pitt happily greets his fans in the big apple 04
brad pitt happily greets his fans in the big apple 05

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  • Erianthe

    WHAT???!!! How’d I miss this? I was in that area today!! How did I miss this chance to stalk … er …. I mean meet Brad??? Dammit!!!!

  • Malf

    I feel for you! Still don’t like the hat but otherwise Mr.Pitt is looking mighty fine.

  • JPFamily

    Brad looks great – an exciting time for the family with Shi’s birthday tomorrow, and Mama’s next week!

    Lucky fans – thanks Jared.

    Unbroken ‏@Unbroken79 2h
    9 years ago #BradPitt #AngelinaJoliePitt #ShilohJoliePitt #9years

  • toastie postie

    Dang. I just copied and pasted an article on the other thread. Oh well it was only Piers Morgan. :0)

  • toastie postie

    Bummer! You should have had radar or an apparatus like they had in the movie Aliens, where they detected the Aliens. Only yours would just pick up Brad. :0)

  • toastie postie

    I’m with you about the hat. But must have meaning for him. At least I hope it does. My husband did the same thing. I hated that hat.

  • toastie postie

    They are lucky duckies. Brad is sweet.

  • wika

    Brad looks mighty fine. Again, glad he shaved LOL!

  • wika

    Beautiful pic of them 3!!

  • GroundControl500

    Such a handsome and well rounded man. Since I think the Winston Churchill painting was a gift to Angie, it will be hard to beat that. But fun trying.

  • JPFamily

    Sweet collage for the birthday girl – Cr brangelinaofficial:
    Happy 9th Birthday

    A great video with fab pics of Shi:
    Shiloh Jolie Pitt

  • wika

    It was? I didn’t know that. I love how they’re both so artistic!!

  • Beck

    Yessss @ the shaving
    I guess I’m alone, but the hat doesn’t really bother me. He could use a nicer/less beat up hat though.

  • toastie postie

    Sweet. :0)

  • well

    I like his hat…it’s got character… I think it’s one of the hats the Maleficent horn maker talked about making for the JP family..better than the orange one (which he still was able to pull off- amazing!). The Whitney just moved to a new locale. The building is pretty amazing & unique for displaying art:

    Did they outgrow their old space? “I always say it’s a little bit like a wonderful suit that you have. It’s just a fantastic thing, but it’s still too small,” said Weinberg. “When the Whitney originally opened in 1966, we had 2,000 works of art. Today we have 22,000 works of art in the collection.”

    Famed Italian Architect Renzo Piano was enlisted to design the $422 million Whitney reboot. The ceilings are one aspect of the building that jumps out.

  • piscesjirl

    Lookin mighty fine there Papa Pitt.

  • Anon2

    Poppa Pitt looking good out in NYC so the ex took over that hair product she shrills for instagram account, thinks she’s Gwyneth 2.0. ‘Nother coincidence? Daily Fail and Jenny claims she is 36 y.o. Shaving 10 years? New tricks for your mind to go to 2005 by sneaky Jenny.

  • wika

    With Papa Pitt looking THAT fine, ticky and her hens of course will continue to wish that he never dumped her LOL. Such sad lives.

    Good that she’s enjoying being 36. The year when she got dumped and also when Brad quickly built a family with Angelina. 2005 Is a good year. LOL

  • lucy

    Shaved about 10 years off his age. Hens are crying in their coops tonight.

  • lucy

    Bet there will be a big birthday party for Shiloh, you know she’s going to want an exciting party.
    Angie’s turning 40, Brad will no doubt go all out for his wife for this milestone, after all she’s been through, the last couple years.

  • wika

    LOL! Yup he’s commemorating the “one of the best, smartest thing I ever did was to give my children Angie as their mum” year LOL!

  • Roxana fan jp

    muy buenas noches para todas las fans de la familia-JoliePitt………paso para desearle a Shiloh un feliz 9°cumpleaños !!!!!!!

    y esta es una de mis favoritas…….ellas celebrando la victoria de mama……tan espontaneo y dulce…………×385.jpg

  • Passing Through

    Hmmmm…wasn’t Ticky just doing a Fameho Stroll in NYC last month? I don’t recall her stopping to pose with fans. Huvsy’s slipping. Instead of calling the ratzi he should see if there’s any Rachel fans left in NYC and have Ticky papped talking to the little people. Then maybe a few of them would go see her movies. Wouldn’t hold my breath if I were them, but you never know…

  • wika

    Maybe she’s busy looking around to take picture of people’s dogs instead. LOL

  • Felinelilly

    Brad’s looking gorgeous, and he and Angelina are always so gracious in making time for the fans.

  • wika
  • Observer2


    Now, c’mon. Why you gotta be that way? Ticky knows that she has NO fans to make time for because they don’t make time for her. LOL

    That’s why she was trying to butter up the Angelina and Brad fans, but mostly the Angelina fans during her last gasp for breath for Crack is Whack. She knows that their fans show up for their movies, And she stupidly thought that we’re as stupid as her 7 fans are.

    It didn’t work, because we’re not.

    On another note. I was just channel surfing and saw that Argo was on. I LOL’ed. Her ex boyfriend, Tate Donovan, was in an AA winning movie, due to his friendship with Clooney. The ex boyfriend she thought she was better than.

    Her ex husband produces AA winning movies and her ex boyfriend was in AA winning movie due to a long standing friendship.

    And Ticky is in Crack is Whack. LMAO!

    That’s karma.

  • wika

    Wonder why none of ticky’s friends helping her the way Clooney helped her ex boyfriend? But but I thought she’s a girls girl with all her girls girl friends??? LOL

  • Passing Through

    OT for tennis fans -

    Here’s my BDB laugh for the day – apparently he’s feuding with long-time ATP umpire Carlos Bernardes and has asked the ATP that Bernardes not work his matches “for the time being.” Apparently back in Feb when he was at a tourney in Rio BDB put his shorts on “improperly” (either backwards or inside out?) and asked to go back to the locker room to change. Bernardes told him if he did and wasn’t back in 90 seconds (the length of the changeover) that he would get a time warning. BDB said, “For me, that’s not fair.” Is it fair to his opponent to hold up the match so he can go put his shorts on right? It’s not his opponents fault and it’s not he umpire’s fault that he’s 28 and doesn’t know which direction his shorts go in. Why does it even matter? He’s going to dig in his ass no matter which direction the crotch of his pants is pointing. Somebody asked him about it at the French Open and the FO officials say they haven’t received any requests from BDB banning Bernardes – but that everybody knows they have a beef and Bernardes most likely won’t be put on any of BDB’s matches. BDB is just being a big baby because he’s sucking. Reminds me of the time he wanted a 2-year ranking system and then got pissed at Roger for not backing him up and quit the player’s council in a huff. He was ragging on Roger and said Roger just wanted everybody to like him. Roger shrugged and said to him it wasn’t fair to the lower ranked players because they’d have a harder time moving up the rankings if the won a big tourney. There’d be no immediate reward for them. He said the 2 year system would benefit only the top 5-10 players – like BDB and himself. Since he was the prez of the players council he said he had to be able to look lesser ranked players in the eyes and say he had supported them and not the elite few. BDB was NOT a happy camper. And that’s why he’s #7 in the world after a slew of shittty results instead of still being #1 or #2.–ten.html?bcmt=comments-postbox

    Edit – I’ll throw in the video of Roger talking about the 2 year ranking system –

  • Passing Through

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me, O2. I guess I thought maybe Ticky’s being nice to the little people would be like those old Faberge shampoo commercials –

    Pretty soon…BAM! Hit movie…on her own…with her clothes left on and not having to get raunchy to get attention. Of course it would help if she could actually act, but it’s too late for that…

    LOL about Tate D. being in an Oscar-winning movie. I didn’t even know he was in Argo.

  • Observer2

    When I was channel surfing and stopped to see what movie it was, he was in a scene with Batfleck and I went, Argo. And then LOL’ed at the irony of it all for Ticky. Or the karma of it all, I should say.

    PT, we can’t say she’s not nice to the little people. She’s nice to Tacky. She leaves him alone in Austin and when he’s home in NYC, she leaves him alone then, too. LOL

  • Observer2

    Her so-called friends, don’t want the joke to be on them, which it would be if they gave her a part in their films.

    They’ve been around as long as Ticky has and know the stank she puts out.

    She’s not a go to person for anyone. Man, woman, dog, cat or mouse. LOL

  • Observer2

    Nice to know that Ticky and The Daily Fail are stuck in 2005, when it all went to hell for the lot of them. LOL

  • wika

    Lol, I just thought about how ironic it is that 10 years ago, or even 11- when Brad and Angelina weren’t even pictured together, people (hens) were accusing them of having a rs. Now 10 years later, when they’re off for business trips alone, they’re accusing them of NOT being together/breaking up. LOL!

  • Observer2


    They wanted them together 11 years ago to accuse them of something. Now that they’ve been together going on 11 years, they don’t want them together. LOL

  • wika

    The irony of it all LOL! I think it applies to a lot of couples in Hollywood too – when they’re not pictured together but rumours are there people INSIST that they’re together. But when they’re together and happen to not be joint to the hips on occasions…. LOL. People are so strange.

    But of course there’s another type of couple in Hollywood which people don’t give a fvck about: ticky and squiggy… where squiggy can go on months to Austin or NYC without ticky but nobody really cares about them…. not even their fans… LOL

  • Lily

    Based on the time Brad left JFK, he should be back to LA already.
    I hope Brad not wear the hat, i like when he was shooting Fury, he didn’t wear hat. But this hat is better than orange hat. Lol

  • wika

    He started wearing the hat after BTS. I recall he was wearing a hat for one of the scenes. Maybe the hat was given to him by Angelina or something. You know Angelina loves to give things to her staffs who worked on her film projects…

    And yeah, plus the tweet JPF posted was 2h ago, so he should be long back in LA.

  • wika

    The trauma lingers. LOL

  • piscesjirl

    I honestly think jen aniston and justin theroux had called it quit. When is the last time those two were seen together?

  • wika

    Nah it’s part of ticky’s routine. She was the same way with Brad – he was MONTHS away from her when he filmed troy. He didn’t even live with her when he was filming MAMS. I don’t see any difference with this relationship. She’s enjoying her open relationship. LOL

  • Lily

    Oh i see Keira Knightley gave birth. According to tweets people already saw her with the baby on May 16, she still hasn’t announced name, gender and birth date of the baby. Why the secret? So strange lol

  • lucy

    Bet the hens are devastated Brad shaved, his gorgeous face is back on full display once again, how will they cope. And if he takes his hat off, and lets that beautiful hair show, they’ll probably all have to be sedated.

  • Passing Through

    Happy 9th birthday to Shiloh. I knew she was going to be a character the day we saw this picture, “Uh, Zee, girlfriend…why you always hoggin’ all the snacks? Break me off a piece of that cracker…”

    …and…on the CCOBB set…”Excuse me, Daddy, but WHAT is with this always dangling food in front of me that’s out of reach shite?”

    Confirmation came later…I’m surprised Jared hasn’t deleted all the pix with the kids since he’s adopted that no kids policy -

    The trolls shouldn’t be jealous just because Shiloh knows how to put together an outfit and they haven’t got a clue (er…actually…neither do I but that’s beside the point)…

  • SALT

    Deakins tells Premiere that Africa will not be done.


    “Invincible was a good experience, and when Angelina announced she wanted to do this film about Richard Leakey, I jumped at the chance. Not only because I had worked with her, but because I wanted to return to Africa, where I went often. Especially for Mountains of the Moon in Kenya. I not only admired Bob Rafelson as director, but humanly, it was adorable. Unfortunately, Africa will not take place. This is a big disappointment.”

  • wika

    It’s a no wonder Angelina jumped at another project with Berger. Now im just looking forward to that mysterious project lol. Well I’m kind of glad she’s off Africa anyway, too much complications, from what we’ve discussed earlier.

    Amazing how Deakins “jumped at the chance” because he’s worked with her. Love that everyone enjoys working with her and Brad.

    Oh yeah- too bad for the ex wife of the producer. Now she can take Africa off her list and continue to have an empty resume LOL!

  • wika

    I’m not familiar with Berger’s works, but it seems that he does a lot of European movies. That’s interesting, I wish he’d share more of what kind of project he was going to do with Angelina next.

    Oh and Happy Birthday Shiloh! The fruit of Brad and Angelina Jolie Pitt’s love ^^

    ETA: I was looking at Shiloh’s pics and found this:×0-2.jpg Brad actually looks really good with full beard on!

  • SALT

    huge disappointment.

  • wika

    Brangelina’s Daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Turns 9 — Happy Birthday

    I like this lol: ”
    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is growing up right before our eyes! The little girl isn’t so little anymore, because she turned 9-years-old on May 27. We can’t get over how much she looks like both of her gorgeous parents, Angelina Jolie, 39, and Brad Pitt, 51.