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'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Car Crash Footage is Terrifying - Watch Now

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Car Crash Footage is Terrifying - Watch Now

This new promo for this week’s mid-season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians shows footage from their Montana car crash and it looks so scary.

Khloe is driving the car, with Kylie Jenner in the front passenger seat. Kim is sitting in the back, and you can clearly hear her scream, “I don’t have my seat belt on!”

Original reports also stated that North West was also in the car.

The family was vacationing in Bozeman, Montana when the accident occurred. The full scene will be shown on Sunday night’s all-new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Be sure to tune in.

Watch the promo below…

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Car Crash Footage is Terrifying

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  • onehunnit

    thats why you always wear a seat belt dumb ass Kim she is so stupid I swear

  • Kaitlyn

    I wonder if they’ll also do an episode of the “terrifying crash” where Bruce Jenner rear ends another person into oncoming traffic because he was texting and driving. I’d love to see how they twist that story into them being the “victims” again.

  • xyz

    or on the other hand … don’t. its not like anyone cares right…

  • xyz

    wtf is a MID season finale?? mid and finale can’t be in the same sentance……

  • Courtney Puzzo

    it’s just because E splits their seasons like SyFy and A.M.C. among others

  • jh7058622

    You dumb bitch put your seat-belt on!

  • jh7058622

    The worst part is she knows she doesn’t have it on and even announces it and doesn’t just instinctively put it on when she starts spiraling out of control like a regular person with a functioning brain. LMAO

  • jh7058622

    This happens when shows go on a mini hiatus in the states and they usually make it end on a cliffhanger.

  • MC

    Hirariously dumb… When is this gonna end?

  • salska

    OMG ! Her daughter is in the car, yet her first thought is for herself ?!?! I would have jumped on my child to shield and protect her !!!!!!

  • Marie

    Anybody else notice all the different camera angles? This was a set-up. If it were real, the camera would not be able to focus in on each of them as the “accident” went down.

  • Guest

    I wish they died

  • xyz

    oh thanks.

  • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

    ugh kanye is soo ugly!inside and out!kim is nuts

  • janb55

    it’s been reported that their version of the accident and the
    police report don’t match–roads were dry and weather was fine…

  • Mental Floss

    Presenting another staged event by the Kardashians. They really think we are s t u p i d.

  • Mental Floss

    Spot on, Marie. This was staged just like the show, FAKE.

  • Mental Floss

    And that is true.

  • Mental Floss

    Soon, we hope.

  • Sophia Thomas

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  • Memoi

    Oh Lord they were parked in a stunt car with a fake moving screen in the background and not even driving a real car. All fake for ratings.

  • Memoi

    All the Diane Sawyer, interviews, him saving the world one transgender person at a time, etc. is to keep the publics focus on his transition and not the fact that he killed another human being recently. Why hasnt it been in the press as much as his transition? Because Bruce is no different than Pimp Mama and knows how to spin the media.

  • AngiePangie11

    this video shows that it was all a SHAM

  • Katela

    Not to worry. It was faked,

  • SmileMore

    thats because the whole accident was scripted like the entire show

  • CarenLStanfill

    ►►► $83 /hour @mi11//



  • parissucksliterally

    There were ZERO Instagram posts when it happened. These are people who can’t take a crap without filming it and letting everyone know.

    Never happened, all staged.

  • Beezers

    OMG, the Kartrashcans lie??? I’m completely bereft!

  • Andy Thomas

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  • DZ

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  • Mental Floss

    These people don’t realize that there are smart commenters with very long memory. Kardashians lose, again.

  • AnitaC24

    Another pathetic and fake attempt at realism by the K’s!

  • Jennifer Fielding

    Kar trash in a car crash. Well at least you don’t have those idiots nested in your website’s wallpaper like that Cuban moron. I’ll never go there again.