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Alexander Skarsgard & Alexa Chung Are Reportedly Dating

Alexander Skarsgard & Alexa Chung Are Reportedly Dating

Alexander Skarsgard is off the market!

The 38-year-old True Blood actor is reportedly dating model and TV personality Alexa Chung.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“It is serious and has really heated up,” a source told Us Weekly. “It’s a fun relationship for both of them. She’s just about as busy as he is and it’s not really feasible [for them] to become a more committed couple, but the hang outs are great.”

Alex and Alexa apparently hit up the Botanical Gardens in Prospect Park on Friday (May 29) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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  • The Last Word

    She’s just so busy being a famewhore, smoking, and starving herself she barely has time for a further commitment. Alex has the worst taste in women. Makes you wonder about his true character surrounding himself with vapid people like Chung and Bosworth. History repeating itself.

  • xyz

    PR-ed relationship

  • Scarlett

    This has been going on for months, where have you been? Talk about late with the news. And that source quote is ridiculous, in one breathe they’re ‘serious’ and things have ‘heated up’ then in the next they’re both busy and it’s not feesible for them to become a committed couple. Totally contradictory. I have no idea what her actual career is, she seems to have no discernible talent, he needs to join Pine in the ‘really her? You’re an idiot’ corner.

  • The Last Word

    Yeah, ironic that Chris got the role Alex wanted in Wonder Woman. Are Chris’ girls anorexic too? If not, he might have a leg up on Alex.

  • Sam

    well he got a type,he really likes skinny women.

  • Sam

    lmao I swear to god I read this same comment in every couple post its like people love to use the word pr without knowing what it actually mean.

  • Caryn

    What I like about him is he is unfailingly kind to fans. Ask anyone who has ever met him–he stops what he is doing and takes selfies, signs autographs etc. Everyone he has worked with speaks of him in glowing terms — not only fellow actors, but crew and staff, directors/producers. I think this is more of a measure of who he is rather than the women he dates.

  • The Last Word

    Hi Caryn- yes I know he’s nice to his fans. That’s very admirable of him. But if you’ve followed him you have to know that some of his friends and certainly Bosworth & Chung are some of the most bottom feeding people in the industry. It really doesn’t make sense why such a “good guy” would chose to spend time with lowlifes. It’s a contradiction and I’m left wondering what he’s really like because it doesn’t make sense.

  • The Last Word

    @ really really- Hey the gang misses you from DListed! Click on my profile pic and follow the link to join us there to talk about Alex.

  • Lala

    I don’t know who she is. But if he’s happy, then I’m happy too. Love him so much! Can’t wait for “Tarzan” movie! I’m so excited!

  • Invitado

    She doesn’t look Chinee. Probably only a quarter or less than that.

  • bbm

    i see them together, like!

  • Maria Gracia Figueroa
  • suzie

    I think she has a unique beauty and style. I don’t follow her but never heard her doing anything extraordinarily bad as you say. Vapid is such a strong word. Can you list women people you think are not vapid?

  • Maria Gracia Figueroa
  • Only the lonely

    Yes, this has been going on for like two months now for the ones accurately informed.
    This is the MOST PITIFUL / DISGUSTING COUPLING EVER as I keep repeating over the Web.
    A storm of bashing / memes / blind items is coming to get Mr Skarsgard.
    I’m not gonna watch this crappy show.
    Behold his happiness… He found another chick, another full-blown anorexic, stuck deeper than KB in her ED.
    There’s something wrong in this society if a man nearing 40 is allowed publicly to destroy his life & career by an anorexic famewhore.
    What kind of friends / relatives / counseling has he got?
    Probably none. No one gives a fuck about him.
    Call me the FULL-TIME HATER.
    Or the MEGA ANTI-STAN.
    Dear Alex,

  • Sam

    they do look cute and happy..

  • The Last Word

    Yes I can. Tons. Don’t try to twist it into woman hating. There are plenty of talented, smart, interesting, healthy, happy, accomplished women that are all over the world. Unfortunately, Alex doesn’t date them. It’s Bosworth and Chung women linked to eating disorders, drug use, affairs with Chris Martin, vapid, famehungry, etc. See the light like most of us have.

  • Only the lonely
  • Only the lonely

    C’mon pitiful stans, open you eyes, wake up & smell the PUTRID roses / fish…
    Alexa quoting Blake on her Insta… Allow me to LAUGH. None of them ever attended / finished college so now they’re aiming at becoming PRETENTIOUS HIPSTERS, which is the next best thing, I guess.
    Askars’s career has been down recently… Maybe he is an aspiring famewhore too.
    Lord knows he’s getting more press from the gossip side than from serious film critics…

  • Only the lonely

    No one gives a f*ck about Tarzan…
    It will be a MASSIVE FLOP.
    Save yourselves, delusional stans, any references to Greystoke.
    This reboot, in 2015, is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

  • Only the lonely

    Plus, they DON’T LOOK happy / cute together…
    Take a second look at her..
    We’re all dying a bit every second but anyone w/ some rationale can tell she is dying at a MUCH FASTER speed than people in their ideal weight.

    Waiting to get flagged / banned as always.

  • Only the lonely

    DYSFUNCTIONAL is the word you were looking for…
    You had it at the back of your minds…
    But didn’t dare to write it b/c it is UNNATURAL for a man to be exclusively attracted to anorexics…
    You are not ready to figure out this shit…

  • preen

    What an oddly worded article – they’re a couple but don’t take them too serious even though they’re supposed to be serious? I wonder if the source is trying to cover his butt because he’s seeing other women?

  • The Last Word

    She was seen at Coachella with someone else too.

  • Only the lonely

    Maybe he is just a CLOSETED HOMO. & this is some dark PR-staged beard like Page / Theron / Swifty / Holmes…
    He’s had so many people covering up his perversion in the past, lol
    Alexa doesn’t look so distant from a 12-y-o boy… No boobs / no butt / no hips / bulimia jaws / sideburns & giant feet…
    Open poll:
    What d’you think CAUSED this?
    Childhood sexual trauma? Or abuse?
    Something which shouldn’t have been done to him…
    Or something he shouldn’t have seen?

  • Only the lonely

    Robert Ackroyd BANGED her there.
    Maybe just one night.
    & no more.
    Only if for a Night.
    Great Flo song.
    Rob has DIGNITY. & a job.
    Askars has none of that. For the time being.

  • Only the lonely

    The most pitiful stans are those from PurseForum…
    Telling each other to ignore comments from CRAZIES.
    YOU are the CRAZY ONES.
    For the LOVE OF GOD!
    Why d’you take so much pain at recognizing Chungho has a problem. Apart from the fact that she’s totally USELESS.
    Now she may be shooting herself estrogens so as to estimulate her inexistent ovulation & trap the retarded Viking w/ a baby…
    Though he would dump her the very moment the baby bump showed…

  • Only the lonely

    This is what you delete when trolls get in your SHITTY THREAD…
    Her only way of making a living is TROLLING people w/ her weight…
    Taking all responsibility from her as an adult woman… Justifying her EMACIATED state on her “natural frame” BS…
    She has a MENTAL DISORDER.
    As well as Skarsgard.
    Make of it what you want.

  • Hit

    Agreed with you at first, but @ Maria garcia has pics of them. In one of them they are holding hands.

  • Junita Anderson

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  • Royal Graffiti
  • Royal Graffiti
  • Royal Graffiti
  • disqus_fCYpJKFTOo

    PR couple *justsaying*

  • Ash

    This b*tch always get to date men that are out of her league. I don’t know how she does it but clearly I’m jealous. Remember Alex Turner?

  • Only the lonely

    Thank you very much.
    This goes out to all of you Twitter experts


    Start it out… Let all hell break loose.
    & Bring on the Holocaust jokes.

  • The Last Word

    Alexa Chung looks FABULOUSLY FREESPIRITED in these pictures. So thrilled to put on a show and get some press. She’s the older brunette version of the other anorexic chick. No style, no career, no talent, just out for publicity.

  • The Last Word

    I wonder why the Canadian underwear model didn’t work out.

  • kristin

    As an anorexia survivor, it concerns me that this guy is choosing these types of women to date, It just condones that type of behaviour.Alexa looks almost as ill as I did at 5 ft10 1/2 and 106 pounds.As for Scarsgard, I don’t find him attractive in the slightest.Bulbous nose, no lips and just creepy looking in general, I don’t get his appeal at all!

  • Only the lonely

    ScandiGirl83 & Opheliaballs from PF,
    Alexa is WORSE than KB.
    KB makes a living out of her business ventures apart from her extreme thinness. She’s been mainly in shitty movies but she has worked next to Julianne Moore. Chungho will never be able to do that..
    Dear, you know you’ve got BETTER THINGS TO TEND TO than getting in feuds at forums over a Scandinavian perv you will never meet or who will give a f*ck about you. What became of the pitiful gif “Keep the drama to your mama” you used against trolls before deleting their thin-shaming posts…
    Save yourselves the RIDICULE.
    Askars is a FAMEWHORE.
    As you were told at Lipstick Alley, make time to wash / change your UNDERWEAR. Quit CYBERSTALKING Alex.
    I challenge you to have the BALLS to paste this onto your PITIFUL THREAD.

  • disqus_fCYpJKFTOo

    Maybe she wasn’t skinny enough for Mr skarsgard.

  • kristin

    In all honesty, I just think he is actually gay and an anorexic woman ( no boobs , butt etc) is the closest he can get to banging a man without actually banging a man and risking anyone finding out that he is a closeted homo.

  • Disqus

    It’s only a matter of time before Alex gets the pissy look on his face if he gets caught with her, didn’t he do the the same when he first dated bosworth all happy to hold her hand , let her sit on his lap in Sweden , concert , restaurant dates. Then the pap following ,inner circle and pr hint dropping of marriage and kids how inlove and how serious they are. Alex was so unhappy I thought he would have larnt by now guess not.
    Alexa will do the same inner circle will talk pics taken and sold to any gossip site will have them, she just an upgraded version of KB but doing it more discreetly.

  • Only the lonely

    Yep. She looked WAY TOO HOT / HEALTHY.

  • Only the lonely

    Lord, thank you very much. I’ve been thinking this since it started out.
    I must tell you, you deserve ALL MY RESPECT.
    You are a BRAVE woman able to face facts b/c you’ve been down that road before.
    All these stupid women at the US Mag post are accusing me of body-snarking Alexa. I’m not thin-shaming her, SHE IS DOING THAT TO HERSELF IN HER OWN WAY.

  • Kat

    Gay rumours started.
    If was me on the past I would have defend him,now I say: enjoy.
    P.S. Everyone have a limit Alex and I am indeed very tired.

  • Disqus

    From purse forum

    Alexander Skarsgård’s cute park snuggle with Alexa Chung
    Star couple showed their love openly in New York

    Spring gets loves to sprout.
    The day before yesterday saw the pair star Alexander Skarsgård, 38, and Alexa Chung, 31, take a romantic stroll in the sun in Brooklyn, New York.
    And they could not keep their hands away from each other.
    The rumors about the Swedish “True Blood” star was dating British TV host and fashion icon Alexa Chung began to flourish in the beginning of the year. Now, the celebrity couple completely open with their love. The day before yesterday saw the happy couple strolling hand in hand in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York.
    BFF is another
    During the walk kept Chung and Skarsgard constantly close together – and stayed for a while and when to shoot each other on the road. Then, the couple took a rest in the grass, and the images are visible Alexa look lovingly at Alexander while she keeps a hand on his stomach.

    Socialized diligently

    In February this year was seen star couple together on a gig with singer-songwriter Father John Misty in New York, and then photographed when they ate breakfast together in a cafe the next day. “They sat behind me and was so sexy ones,” wrote the photographer on Twitter. In March, the lovebirds were caught in the picture when they strolled the streets of Paris.
    Has been dating Katie Holmes
    Alexander Skarsgard has been previously paired with Katie Holmes, 34, and had a relationship with actress Kate Bosworth, 32, but since the beginning of 2015 he seems thus only have eyes for Alexa Chung. Alexa has previously worked as a model and had their own show, “It’s on with Alexa Chung” on MTV. Since a few years, she is a writer for the British Vogue.

  • Caryn

    You are a full-time hater. What did he ever do to you to generate such hate? He is a very private person. And I hardly think *gasp* this nearly 40 year old man is destroying his career with her. And yes there are a lot of blinds about him, but so what. There are tons of blinds about Leto, Cooper, Affleck, the JP’s, Cruise, and many more A+ type listers that are just as bad or worse and it doesn’t seem to be affecting their careers. As far as I’m concerned everyone’s private life is theirs to protect or keep from the public as long as it doesn’t involve hurting kids, animals, or non-consenting adults.

    You have a serious issues. Get help.

  • Caryn

    Many actresses are anorexic or ex-anorexic. I met someone when I was in Finland that knew a few women he dated and they were “normal” weight. If he chooses to date from the Hollywood pool of women–of course most of them are going to be too thin.