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Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Speak Out About Son Josh's Molestation Scandal in New Interview (Video)

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Speak Out About Son Josh's Molestation Scandal in New Interview (Video)

The Duggar family is speaking out in response to the molestation scandal involving eldest son Josh.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who star in TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting with their entire family, sat down for an interview on Fox News’ The Kelly File to discuss the incidents in which Josh, now 27, fondled five young girls back in 2002 and 2003.

“Our son, Josh, came to us on his own and he was crying and he had just turned 14 and he had said he had actually improperly touched some of our daughters,” Jim Bob said. “He said he was just curious about girls…they didn’t even know he had done it.”

The couple then confirmed that four of the girls were their daughters and one was a babysitter. They also said that there were two incidents in which the girls were awake, but they didn’t “understand” what was happening at the time.

“First we tried to deal with this in house as parents,” Jim Bob said, “Looking back, we did the best we could under the circumstances…We tried to make things as normal as we can. We were watching his behaviors, watching his attitude.”

Josh was sent away for mentoring at a Little Rock training center.

“There was so much grief in our hearts,” Michelle said. “I think as parents we felt, ‘Ugh, we’re failures.’ Here we tried to raise our kids to do what’s right, to know know what’s right, and, yeah, one of our children did made some really bad choices, and I think as a parent, we were just, we were devastated.”

As for why they decided to do a reality TV show knowing that they had this secret, Jim Bob said, “All this had been taken care of five years before.”

Two of the victims, Josh‘s sisters Jill and Jessa, also spoke out about the repeated incidents, in an interview airing on Friday, June 5.

“I do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile or a rapist, some people are saying,” Jessa reportedly said (via Us Weekly). “I’m like, ‘That is so overboard and a lie really.’ I mean people get mad at me for saying that, but I can say this because I was one of the victims.”

Megyn Kelly Interviews The Duggar Family
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  • NerdyBirdy

    who cares what these idiots have to say

  • devvv

    I don’t know who is more disgusting..the parents or the son. All teens are curious about sex and their feelings. That doesn’t mean you touch others without permission- especially your freaking sisters. He’s disgusting for his actions and disgusting for not feeling any sort of guilt or remorse to own up to it. They’re terrible parents who shouldn’t have been allowed 1 child, let alone 20. Any mother or father who can allow their molester son to be around and babysit his younger sisters is trash. His sister sympathizing with him and excusing his actions is just as bad as the parents. They are terrible examples for their children and pitiful excuses for Christians.

  • LadyJeanValois

    They are trying to save the gravy train.

  • piste_five

    america is started to piss me off with all these bullshit ass people that they idolize in the media…. the fucking kardashians, “caitlin” jenner, baby killer casey anthony and now this????? seriously people????? who cares about any of them! WHAT ARE THEY CONTRIBUTING TO SOCIETY? how do these people impact my/anyone elses daily lives??? there are way more important and serious issues going on in the world. open ur eyes people!!!

  • xyz

    Or how to keep idiots stuck in front of their TV sets while their country literally goes to hell

  • Jen

    The girls have been brought up to believe that what their brother did does not constitute as ‘child molestation’. Unbelievable. It is! From what they’re saying also, it doesn’t look like this happened only one time and he stopped. He did it to multiple girls, multiple times, without their express consent. Incest and molestation all in one go. This is honestly disgusting and I can’t even think of what else to say to be honest because I’m just speechless.

  • jane

    i didn’t know so many people in the US owned glass houses

  • CLX

    Yes, the Duggars do live in a glass house, accusing others of the exact crime their own son committed.

  • Carol Engelstad

    These parents did nothing after the first time that it happened. And the rest of the world has an agenda? Why did this creepy family allow it to happen more than once? I agree, they are totally disgusting and hypocrites.

  • marie72

    Wow the mom did not do her self any favors talking with that voice that she uses she is not living in reality.The dad did a bit better describing what happened.
    I do agree that releasing a minors record is a terrible violation.The problem with Josh is he should of never took on a political job where he preaches against everything he is.He should of stayed selling used cars. there he would not be around many children and he was far away enough from his sisters.
    Another thing that came to mind is attention,Having so many kids every child will never get the attention they really need.When would the mom or dad ever have time to talk about sexual feelings or even masturbation(i am sure they are totally against that). He should of been in the shower like all teenage boys figuring it out.
    Also think of all the attention telling on himself got him from his parents.He was now the child that got all the attention and got to go everywhere with dad.I always thought that there would eventually be a wild child in the family but never did i ever expect it to go in a terrible direction like this.
    I also do not think Josh should of ever been part of the show knowing what they knew about his tendencies.

  • Carol Smith

    misleading statement by the Duggars.

    The statement reads:
    The City will not dignify suggestions of misconduct in this matter by
    Chief O’Kelley with any comment beyond labeling them as outrageous and categorically false. Chief O’Kelley is a dedicated public servant whose career in law enforcement has been committed to duty and the adherence to the law.

    With respect to the release of records pursuant to requirements of
    the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the facts are these:

    The City complied with each and every requirement of the FOIA with respect to the request for records.

    Upon notification of the request for information pursuant to the
    FOIA request, the Chief of Police referred the matter to the Springdale
    City Attorney for an opinion as to whether the requested records were
    subject to public disclosure under the FOIA. As part of due diligence
    and in order to thoroughly analyze the request, the City also contacted
    the Arkansas Municipal League, the Arkansas State Police, the Washington
    County Juvenile Prosecuting Attorney within the Washington County
    Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and made unsuccessful attempts to contact appropriate officials within the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

    Out of courtesy with respect to the release of information in
    potentially sensitive situations, the Police Chief directed the family
    be notified of the FOIA request. The Police Chief further directed that
    the family be kept regularly informed as to the status of the request;
    the City’s analysis of the request and any action the City would take
    with respect to the request, including notification to the family that
    the City had an obligation under the FOIA law to release the redacted

    Subsequently and consistent with and pursuant to advice of legal
    counsel, the City Attorney determined that the record – after thorough
    redaction — was subject to release under the FOIA.

    Prior to release, the record went through several rounds of review
    that included redaction of the names of minors and all potentially
    identifying pronouns.

    The Springdale Police Department files in this case are not part of
    juvenile proceedings, had not been sealed or expunged, and at the time
    the report was filed the person listed in the report was an adult, not a

    In 2014, the Chief indicated to the Mayor her intent to retire in
    2015. In a letter to the Mayor on May 6, 2015, she formally notified the
    Mayor that she would be retiring as Chief of Police on June 30, 2015.
    With respect to the Police Chief’s reference to “unfinished business”
    cited in her retirement letter, those issues relate to issues of
    Departmental structure, organization and leadership succession planning and were not in reference to any case specific, including this one. Any suggestion or assertion otherwise is patently false.”

  • opinions are subjective

    They are a sick family and TLC needs to remove them now. They spread hate against anyone who is not like them. They downplayed child abuse and sexual molestation. They try to make themselves the victims. No real Christian supports lying or tolerance of molesting little children. Josh was 14 and 15 and abused at least 5-6 girls over 3 years. He wasn’t 7 where exploration is natural. He is a true pedophile based on the number of abuses and victims.