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Alexander Skarsgard & Alexa Chung Confirm Relationship With These PDA Pictures!

Alexander Skarsgard & Alexa Chung Confirm Relationship With These PDA Pictures!

Hot new couple Alexander Skarsgard and Alexa Chung hold hands as they take a walk around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Prospect Park on Friday (May 29) in Brooklyn, NY.

The couple, who confirmed their relationship with these cute photos after a few days of speculation, looked really happy taking photos together, laying in the grass, and even cuddling in the subway station.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“It is serious and has really heated up,” a source said about the couple.

FYI: Alexa is wearing vintage Levi’s jeans.

Check out the photos of Alexander Skarsgard and Alexa Chung below…

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard alexa chung pda at the park 01
alexander skarsgard alexa chung pda at the park 02
alexander skarsgard alexa chung pda at the park 03
alexander skarsgard alexa chung pda at the park 04
alexander skarsgard alexa chung pda at the park 05

Photos: FameFlynet
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  • bbm

    oh shoot! im jealous

  • la petite bonnieux

    She got some camel toe going on?

  • dalovelee

    I’m not being sarcastic but why is Alexa Chung she a designer or actress? model?

  • Other Side

    May 29, that’s almost a week ago. I bet she was worried that no one would use them.

  • Other Side

    She sleeps with famous men.

  • lee lee

    Not staged. At. All.

  • really really

    Cause he didn’t see her friend taking the photos.

  • Chelsea

    She used to be on MTV. That’s all I’ve got.

  • Londoner2602

    This wont last long, there’s a reason she’s basically never in serious relationships and I think it has something to do with her personality. She’s extremely vapid and everyone in the UK has had more than enough of her enjoy her USA!

  • The Last Word

    Bravo to Chungbot! A FABULOUSLY FREESPIRITED inspired pap stroll in record time. Kate had pictures by the pool. Chungbot is laying in the grass. Pose. Pose. Pose. Good luck Alex. You will need it. Remember to smile next time you see the paps that she called.

  • The Last Word

    She’s skinny and runs with the coke loving do nothing of importance rich kids Primrose Hill gang.

  • The Last Word

    Hey Londoner2602. Tell me more.

  • Disqus

    Nothing natural ,Funny how the paps got all these pics at all angles, staged , he was like this with Kate bosworth early in the relationship touchy feely Nothing new celebs will do anything for a pic and get a mention.

  • BabeRob

    They’re dating since jan-feb and all out and about new york and london, there were sightings and fan pics for months, and only now paparazzi pics. How can this be famewhoring? They look pretty genuine and comfortable with each other to me.

  • kardashian

    she ride horse penis?

  • Londoner2602

    What more do you want- she’s talentless and doesn’t really have a career. She’s only really known because she dated Alex turner for a couple or years and god knows why he ever went there

  • Londoner2602

    Oh please if Chung really wanted to keep it quiet she wouldn’t be calling the paps to follow her to the busiest park in the city surely??? Tbh I don’t think it’s famewhoring because he’s not that famous I just think she needs the pr right now

  • ed

    LOL at them taking a nap

  • visciousbitch

    Can’t decide if I like this or not..
    .almost like bosworth #3….at least she’s prettier than the bos

  • The Last Word

    Hi Londoner2602. The reason I asked was because some of us (former/current) Alex fans started our own forum due to the Chungbot hookup

    A lot of current Alex fans insist that she’s the most gorgeous, smart, funny, amazing woman who ever lived. We were confused because we were just seeing a skinny chain smoking famewhore. So I was interested if the perception of her in the UK was different but it appears not.

  • Other Side
  • BabeRob

    Sorry but if she “needed it” maybe the pr could have started earlier? lol She launched her jeans line around the time they began dating, and yet they keep it quiet. It’s perfectly normal that they were going to be seen together at some point, that’s what normal couples act, they don’t live in a dungeon. The gossip sites may have discovered them now, but his fans knew they’re dating for months.

  • jsdnkjdnf

    Obviously staged, but he’s in it for the PR just as much as she might be. She’s probably doing him a favor.

  • Londoner2602

    She needs the pr because she has nothing going on atm and hasn’t been in the news in ages. Ofc they would be seen at some point but don’t think this is all some coincidence they chose this lol

  • Londoner2602

    So I see…lol yh all her fans are teenage girls and they all idolise her BC she basically does nothing but be skinny and wear clothes. No in Britain likes her unless they’re under 16

  • The Last Word

    Harry Styles fans, right?

  • chanchansun

    hahah I thought the same thing, and that awkward hug? WTF is going on there?

  • Maria Gracia Figueroa

    Personally i don’t know what to think about Alex anymore, to be honest. I always admire of him, he was a quiet and low-key person I don’t think he is a great actor but he is very decent and solid. And I must say that also I admire the fact his complete family share the same artistic qualities and respect from their peers in Hollywood (Gustaf Skarsgard in Vikings, Bill working for Hemlock Grove, and his father too of course). I don’t know to many other cases like the Skarsgårds. If this is a real relationship I hope Alex will be very happy with Alexa, I say it sincerely At least in some pics he looks like he is. I think it´s cute the pic of them hugging in the subway. But if this is PR relationship like some people says it seems very sad that in the end Alexander has sold his self-respect and dignity for a little extra of advertising. At the end of the road only the time tell us which future has their relationship right? About Alexa I always love her outfits and I followed her for years, but eventually I got tired of seeing her photos on twitter and Instagram because are too superficial and shallow. It is low too the way she plays with her relationship with Alex posting pics in her Instagram like she did with the cowboy boots for example and then delete those same pictures like she was giving us tips and tracks about their relationship status. I got the total impression that she took us: HER FOLLOWERS for IDIOTS I mean what was her purpose to post that pics and then delete them deliberately? That situation really pissed me off. If you are interested in someone you really expose these honest feelings in such pathetic game? For that reason bye bye Alexa. I doesn’t like that kind of actions. I prefer like it girls Olivia Palermo and Daisy Lowe and Paula Echeverria.

  • disqus_fCYpJKFTOo

    Told you they are a PR couple…

  • GaleSBirdsong

    I am not sure if a lot of you posting are legitimately crazy or just sad and desperate. He will never date you, he will never be your friend, he is not your Knight in shining armour he plays no effect on your real life- he makes movies and you pay to watch them that is the extent of your ‘relationship’ with him. Stalking him and sh**talking his girlfriends is really sad. Get a life you dirty bullies.

  • JC

    Umm… maybe she should have worn a different pair of pants. Big fashion faux pas there us gals try our darndest to avoid. Yep, definitely should have worn a different pair of britches.

  • Ause Ekel

    Why would they be a PR couple? If this is good it’s only for Chung, right? He doesn’t need her.



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  • Royal Graffiti

    Askars and Mom jeans The new Boring one Yeah!!!!

  • Royal Graffiti

    nope it’s the mom jeans

    she’s bringing sexy back

  • Royal Graffiti

    he just lost out on wonder woman
    he needs to be seen more
    according to his “people”

    they should just buy him a wife already and sign the contracts.. clooney style..
    big swedish wedding..

  • Royal Graffiti

    oohhh tlw.. i’ll check it out..
    hollaback at mine ok??

  • Royal Graffiti

    i bet their people decided to wait out the kardashian pregnancy / caitlyn stuff

  • Royal Graffiti

    oh thanks.. i wasn’t sure bout that..and by the way i wait till his movies come to redbox/ netflix..fwiw.. and apparently his “fans” do to hence he keeps getting passed over for the big marvel projects..


    Do you realize HOW MANY actors get passed over for Marvel Projects? Not being Captain America or Thor doesn’t make you a poor actor. However stalking sites and writing nasty things about an actor is harassment and bullying. Going out of your way to be a bully is not only sad but shows their is something genuinely wrong with you. There’s always going to be someone more famous than someone else. This is nothing new it’s reality. Skarsgard is fine, you still watch his stuff so he’s still getting paid Netflix or not. Stop being slanderous.

  • Royal Graffiti

    not slanderous just opinionated

    do you know how many BAD actors land Marvel roles??

    alex is a good actor and the big studios pass on him because he is not marketable. they’d rather have a dopey chris ..take your pick.. that can be media friendly than alex who is socially awkward in interviews.. check out his kelly / michael interview last time or jimmy fallon last time.. he was not very coherent and marvel$$ don’t want that


    A bunch of upset Stans internet bullying is sad and desperate. And clearly people need to be reminded you have no relevance in his life. Who cares so much about a person they don’t know that they create sites blogs and forums to harass them. How is that normal? Everytime I read a article about Skarsgard the same group of Internet bullies come out and have nothing but negative things to stay yet call themselves ‘fans’, it’s like the same level crazy as Beliebers.

  • Royal Graffiti

    thanks for stopping by!!


    Going out of your way to bad mouth an actor much like half the commenters below have a history of on JJ is slander not an opinion. You can’t bully someone, harass their character, criticize their female companions and get away with it by calling it an ‘opinion’ it’s bullying. You don’t get to change the word to make yourself feel better, the comments being written are bullying. It’s deplorable behavior and says a lot about the character of the writers.


    Please girl you don’t phase me. Go play on your blog criticizing a person you don’t know and continue to look cray. I live in the real world I have real life relationships. I read these articles to pass time I don’t live by them. I have a life. Thanks for proving my point. I appreciate it.

  • LiiL

    no offense, but it seems so unreal..

  • Londoner2602

    Urm no not a fan of anything haha

  • Pixie

    OMG…… Why does Alex date Chris Martins sloppy seconds is beyond me… first Kate now Alexa?

  • Poison Ivy

    This is one of the beautiful men. He is way too attractive, sexy and charismatic for her.