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Jessa & Jill Duggar Identify as Josh Duggar's Victims, Say He's Not a Pedophile in Interview Promo (Video)

Jessa & Jill Duggar Identify as Josh Duggar's Victims, Say He's Not a Pedophile in Interview Promo (Video)

Jessa and Jill Duggar sit down with Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File as two of their brother Josh Duggar‘s victims in his child molestation case.

Their interview will air on Friday, but the network showed a snippet of their interview, which you can view below.

It begins will Jill, who is very emotional, saying, “We’re victims…They can’t do this to us.”

“I do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile or a rapist, some people are saying,” Jessa told Megyn. “I’m like, ‘That is so overboard and a lie really.’ I mean people get mad at me for saying that, but I can say this because I was one of the victims.”

If you missed it, watch Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar talk about the scandal in a lengthy 30 minute interview.

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  • southern feminist

    Stockholm syndrome at a serious level. What he did, by its very definition was molestation, and the fact that one could not consent makes it rape. Unless of course what she is saying is that she was a willing participant.

  • mimilarue

    what a dumb person she is. obviously the family is going through financial crisis. anything and everything to keep the money coming in. she was forced to speak out in order to save the family financial situation and threat of getting their show and her potential upcoming show get off the air.

  • josh


  • plez

    Can’t have it both ways either they are victims of a pedophile and their names should be protected or their brother just made a bad decision and their names aren’t protected.

  • Cruizin1960

    First of all, what he did was wrong, any way you look at it. We do not know the details – all I have heard is that it involved inappropriate touching…no sexual intercourse. From what I understand in reading about this family, the restrictions placed on their children when it came to interacting with members of the opposite sex were pretty extreme. Now you put a 14/15 year old boy into the mix with all those hormones and curiosity and you have a recipe for disaster. Would everyone be screaming about this if he had been 8,9,or 10? The big question is if he continued this pattern of behavior as an adult? I would not qualify him as a pedophile. I think he was a 14 year old boy who acted inappropriately. To have this out in the media is wrong as ALL parties were minors and ALL of them will now be tainted with this for the rest of their lives. Shame on the media for going public with this. It serves to help NO ONE and only harms.

  • Donna

    They have the Audacity to say they are victims of the media, they have it all wrong they are victims of their Brother and of their parents, they didn’t't do anything to protect you girls other than lock a few doors you girls are so brainwashed you can’t even think for yourselves your Dad does and always has think for you right down to the man you marry. Unbelievable.

  • snptime

    Those girls have been told to say that about their brother. I was told as a small child to keep my mouth shut!!!! I was molested by a teenage relative. It is molestation and he was a pedophile!! That person is dead now. It should never be justified in any way. Just because they are kids does not make it ok or right!!! They are still pedophiles. As adults they still hurt kids behind closed doors. And many times it does not come out till years later. Those girls will suffer down the road. I am sure of that. Confess Josh Dogger and face the crime as a grown up and don’t hide behind your family and their cover up of what you did. Religion is not an excuse an neither is any thing else should be used as an excuse. That is what I think.

  • NerdyBirdy

    yes, he is

  • wolfmamma

    Denial is a tenacious thing……especially when you have been brainwashed for so long….

  • Leah

    “the fact that one could not consent makes it rape” Seriously, please read up on this topic, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Both molestation and rape mean the victim did not consent. Rape involves penetration. Molestation generally doesn’t. If he didn’t penetrate them – and nobody is saying he did – then it’s not rape.

  • MollyBD

    These poor girls have been so brainwashed. They need to get out of this unhealthy environment and get therapy.

  • Leah

    Children assaulting children is not paedophilia. Paedophilia is an adult who is sexually attracted to children. He was not an adult! He was nowhere near being an adult! He’s guilty of assault, or molestation, but not paedophilia.

    I might point out also that both these girls are grown adults now, and one of them is married and no longer living in her family’s home, so they have no reason to simply say what they’ve been told to say.

    PS. Josh Duggar has confessed multiple times so i don’t know what else you want him to do.

  • LettuceBalm

    Normal people don’t touch their siblings. He is messed up, more likely as a result of his messed up parents.

  • Nicola

    It’s obvious. If they don’t give their brother their full support, I have no doubt they’ll be shunned by the rest of their family and accused of not being “good Christians” since they’re supposed to forgive. The justifications by others, however, are disgusting.

  • Nicola

    No reason? Oh, boy. You clearly have no idea about the cult-like atmosphere they were raised in or how far stretching it reaches despite one’s age.

  • southern feminist

    and you know he didn’t penetrate because why? because he said so….pffht

  • southern feminist

    The new Summary definition of Rape is: “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina oranus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without
    the consent of the victim.”

    you were saying……

  • southern feminist

    a bad decision would be sneaking your parents car out at night or sneaking into the liquor cabinet, not fondling a five year old child. and if minors were involved, i would agree that their names should be protected. but these girls are past being minors as is josh

  • Spokane

    I hope you never have to give a child support when this happens to them. You would tell them to just ‘get over it’. Go sit down somewhere and please SHUT UP! Thank you.

  • Sarah de Kroon

    You reporter people are so wicked!! You have cut and clipped the responses of Josh two sisters to make it look like they are saying what you would like them to say!!! The sisters state that they defend Josh and say that calling him a pedophile is sooooo off the wall and a lie. Those who are interested in hearing the whole story instead of clips of partials turned into lies please go here…

  • Sarah de Kroon

    It is nobody’s business how other people raise their children. Look at all the hippy communes why don’t drag them out under investigation and accusation of being in a cult-like atmosphere? Or how about hollywood celebrities with all their cult like activities with the children. Try them for child sexual abuse and you will uncover a can of worms like you never imagined. And you hypocrites pay homage to them and watch their crap and give them your money. Hypocrites!
    When you measure all the lifestyles with the same measuring stick then you are worth listening to. Until then you are hypocrites.

  • Nicola

    It becomes other people’s business when the safety of said children is compromised. For me, that’s true regardless of the environment (i.e. religious cults, Hollywood elite, etc.). This article pertains solely to the Duggar family hence my focus on the abuse they caused. As for the rest, do not attempt to paint them as poor, persecuted victims.

  • Anon2

    People magazine put out something about a spin-off just last week for the two married sisters here…. part of this is “protecting the brand”. It is about money and keeping the Duggar speaking engagements (some being cancelled) going….they make money off those things too. (This is like the Gosselin meltdown when she used the Christian churches for grifting.)

  • gmarie

    While this will ultimatlely decimate the ‘show’ etc.. I worry about the 10 or so children who were not even born when this happened. Josh’s crimes WERE when he was 14 yrs old. ANY sentence he would have gotten would have been served YEARS ago. I am the LEAST tolerant when it comes to religious zealots but at this point what is there to gain, other than tormenting the victims and causing treachory for the younger ones. Josh should never have sought a position of trust….SMH

  • GaleSBirdsong


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  • Ana

    Talk about brainwashed. It’s shameful that their parents’ answer to their molestation wasn’t seeking actual punishment him or help for them, but to merely sweep it under the rug and “pray it” away. It’s equally outrageous that instead of speaking out and being supportive of victims of sexual crimes, these girls are getting bleary eyed because they’re “victims” of the media, the multiple instances of it came to light and that people are attacking their molester brother. The Duggar Cult is done-their facade of religious wholesomeness and their positive TV “fame” are gone.

  • Leah

    I’m not sure you read my comment properly. I never spoke about how to treat the victims in such a case – I am appalled they were not given the right counselling and support. I was just talking about the type of offence Josh committed and was just pointing out it’s not paedophilia. I’m not sure where you get the idea that that equates to telling a victim to ‘get over it’.

  • Leah

    There is a third option, and that is that they are victims of an abuser (not a paedophile, seeing as he wasn’t an adult), and as they are victims they still deserve protection and privacy if they want it.

  • Leah

    Well, clearly I only know what has been released publicly, same as anyone else. But I have not read of any allegations of penetration (from any of the victims or the police).

  • Leah

    Yes, penetration. That’s what I said.

    You said ‘what he did was… molestation, and the fact one could not consent makes it rape’. Un-consented molestation does not = rape. There’s no such thing as molestation *with* consent. It only becomes rape if there was un-consented penetration. And maybe there was, but if there was, I have not read any such allegations.

  • Mara

    I am just sad for everyone.

  • Sydney

    He’s definitely fucked up, no doubt because of the way his parents raised him, but he’s no pedophile. Sexual predator, sure, but there’s no evidence that he’s continued with this behavior into his adult life. The entire family responded poorly. THIS is what happens when you teach your children to repress their sexuality. I hardly even blame him. I place 100% of the blame on his irresponsible and unreasonable parents.

  • Marcus Collack

    it is other people’s business when you put it on display on national tv.

  • Sydney

    It’s nobody’s business how other people raise their children, until they raise their children in such a sexually repressive environment that they become sexual predators. Look what happened to Ed Gein, it’s a “worst case” scenario, but still. People who are raised in extremely sexually repressive households never come out normal.

  • snptime

    Leah Molestation is far worse then rape. Rape is in most cases a one time thing. Molestation is continual. I read this and other post on Josh Duggar and his parents admit he did. The told the girls to not say anything as children. I feel that the parents should be prosecuted for accessory. He is a pedophile. Molesting a child destroys their childhood and effect them in their adult life.

  • snptime

    The family is covering for Josh. They admit it, then say he did not. It does not matter the ages of the victims or the perpetrator. If the perpetrator did harm they should be prosecuted, and everyone that is covering for that person as well. Children are precious. it does not matter if it is verbal or physical abuse no child deserves it. Especially if it is sexual in nature. It harms them. These girls have Stockholm syndrome if you ask me. The care about him and the family and don’t want harm to come to them, so they agree nothing happened. All the whole family needs help. NO cover up should ever be done.

  • snptime

    The family is covering for Josh. They admit it, then say he did not. It does not matter the ages of the victims or the perpetrator. If the perpetrator did harm they should be prosecuted, and everyone that is covering for that person as well. Children are precious. it does not matter if it is verbal or physical abuse no child deserves it. Especially if it is sexual in nature. It harms them. These girls have Stockholm syndrome if you ask me. The care about him and the family and don’t want harm to come to them, so they agree nothing happened. All the whole family needs help. NO cover up should ever be done.

  • southern feminist

    i would wager, given the number of times it happened, that he went further and further each time. if his hands ever went down their pants, chances are he did penetrate. and while the wording might have been convoluted, i know very well of what i speak. dismissing me as someone who “doesn’t know what she is talking about” with regard to word choice is just being contrary at best.

    you wanna be a kiddie diddler apologist, go right ahead. new reports have come out conveying that it went further than was initially stated. further, the psychopathy of people such as that tend to have a pattern. and frankly, i would call any 14 year old inappropriately touching a five year old child (especially hands down pants) a kiddie rapist whether he actually penetrated her or not. they progress. if he hadn’t , it was only a matter of when it would eventually happen, not if.

  • snptime

    That report was done in 2013 In other articles Josh admits to raping his sister. One of the sister admitted to being raped and the parents did nothing at first. He should have been taken out of the home immediately. They did nothing until Josh admitted it and then. He went to a training center for problem kids. I have done research. I was raped as a child and it still has effects on my life and try to help others that have to understand it is not their fault it is the person that is raping or molesting them. It is wrong no matter who does it, or their age. There is no justifying it no matter what. It is a traumatic experience no matter who etc. Don’t keep making excuses like it is ok. it isn’t period.

  • Leah

    I’m not defending him, I’m defending the girls. You took umbrage with the fact the girls said what happened to them was not rape.

  • Leah

    snptime, I make no claim as to which is worse than the other. I was just pointing out that one involves penetration and the other doesn’t necessarily. Molestation is not necessarily continual, it’s just another word for sexual abuse, which can be one-off or it could be continual. It could involve rape, or it might not. It’s quite a broad term. My objection was just that southern feminist said that any molestation is rape if “one could not consent”. If a guy touches my boob without consent, that is not rape. It appears from her follow-up comments she does actually understand this and just said the wrong thing in her first comment.

    I will also point out that I was touched inappropriately, without my consent, by a guy a little older than me when I was a teenager (now about ten years ago). He claimed it was an accident but it was clearly an ‘accident’ he didn’t try to avoid. He apologised when he realised it upset me and actually went to lengths to remove himself from my life, and we didn’t really talk for about 2 years. We are now friends again and I would be horrified if this incident got exposed publicly now, 10 years later, and he got publicly crucified and labelled a ‘paedophile’ as a result of it because I was a minor.

    I too am appalled Josh’s parents didn’t take action, especially after he came to them a second AND THIRD time to say what he’d done. I can perhaps understand parents wanting to try and address it themselves the first time (even though legally it’s wrong, I can still understand their desire to), but when he keeps coming to them and telling them he’s done it again?! Appalling.

  • southern feminist

    i might even be able to understand them not reporting it if they had sent him off after the first time. it’s disgusting that a child can tell a parent something like that and nothing gets done, and then wonder why said child has no self-worth. in fact, the child possesses so little that he/she is willing to somehow spin it to being their fault.

    i have already started teaching my son about boundaries and consent. he is only five, but right now it’s mostly me not making him kiss and/or hug people “just because”, because i want it to be his choice and me not pimping him out to some random relative. we don’t baby name body parts. and although i do let them bathe together, he knows not to touch her inappropriately (not that he has ever tried – but an ounce of prevention….) and I stay in there with them – they bathe and play, and i clean the bathroom:)

  • southern feminist

    ah, got it. and yes, i am offended by what they said.

  • southern feminist

    yeah but in all fairness people charged with public urination generally have to register as sex offenders, and the fact that this guy got off because his parents failed as human beings is more than off-putting. this guy may, or may not, have stopped his behavior. knowing the psychopathy of these types, like i previously stated, they tend to progress in their desire to take it further.

    and while what happened to you shouldn’t have happened without your express consent, you would have to admit that your situation is a tad different than a fourteen year old sneaking in on a five year old. any sexual offender info pamphlet is going to state that it is highly uncommon and cause for concern when (even a teen) expresses interest and/or curiosity in someone much younger than they. that coupled with the fact that in the states you can google multitudes of 14 year old teens tried as adults.

    summarily, i would bet that anyone residing near these people are probably quite happy to have this information, because what if he hadn’t stopped?

  • Leah

    Yes I completely agree that in terms of the offence itself, what happened to me is not the same as what happened to these girls. I’m talking more about our views of our perpetrators many years later.

    Also, I don’t know about in the US, but in Australia people charged with public urination certainly aren’t registered as sex offenders, and if that does happen in some countries, I’m kind of appalled. Being registered as a sex offender can ruin a person’s life – and rightly so. But some idiot who peed into a garden hedge after a big night out doesn’t deserve that. That’s a different issue though…

  • southern feminist

    we are a “tad” backwards in the states, but, yes, that really does happen here. And when I think back on all the times I went in bar parking lots in my youth, I think – omg, I would die. Under the offender registry laws you cannot live near a school or playground and have to notify your neighbors of your residing in the area.

    as far as viewing someone who committed such an offense in his/her past, I think that there do exist reasonable extenuating circumstances, especially if said person was remorseful and/or got help if they believed this might become a future problem. but i hardly think that is the case here – these people campaigned on “capital punishment” for child molesters and rapists, had a crew member terminated because his “gayness” might be detrimental to the children, actively campaigned to allow for LGBTQ discrimination (specifically with respect to transgendered using public restrooms – her reason was they were dangerous to children), and then of course – being fully aware of that massive skeleton in the closet and still wagging her finger in the faces of others whom she deems herself morally superior to followed by their entire handling of the situation.

    some people have tried to put a political spin on this referring to him a curious teen who just made a bad choice/mistake, but out of the other side of their mouths justify the police killing of a 12 year old boy for playing with a toy gun. so, perhaps it’s in this context that i convey my opinion.