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Gwyneth Paltrow Calls Out Journalist for Misogynistic Question

Gwyneth Paltrow Calls Out Journalist for Misogynistic Question

Gwyneth Paltrow does not want to be compared to other actresses with their own businesses and she has called out a journalist’s question about it as being misogynistic.

The 42-year-old actress was asked by Time if she looks at the websites of Jessica Alba‘s The Honest Company, Reese Witherspoon‘s Draper James, and Blake Lively‘s Preserve.

“This is a very interesting question, because I wonder if George Clooney would be asked about Puff Daddy‘s ancillary liquor line,” she said. “I’m fascinated how the media in particular are so confounded by entrepreneurial women doing something outside of their box.”

Jessica, especially, who’s a friend of mine”our businesses could not be more different. There’s not a lifestyle piece to her business. The fundamentals of our sites are very different. Reese launched”our businesses have similarities, but hers has retail,” Gwyneth added. “People are grasping at straws to tie us together and I get it, because it makes a good story, but I’m slightly offended by this sort of generalization that happens with myself and Jessica and Reese and Blake. Yes, there are similarities. But there aren’t stories in TIME written saying, “Wow, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who did x, y, and z!”

“I feel there’s something slightly misogynistic about it,” she continued.

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“This is a common theme. I think Reese and Jessica and I”I don’t know Blake Lively, and I don’t know if Jessica and Reese know each other”I’m friends with both of them and I speak to both of them and I want to do everything I can to support their businesses. I’m not articulating it well, because I haven’t completely worked out what it is, but I feel very proud when Jessica was on the cover of Forbes. I think that’s amazing. You can quantitatively say, ‘Look what she’s done, she’s been able to conceive of a business and scale it to that size, in that amount of time.’ But we have such different businesses.”

“I think you just put your nose to the grindstone and build your business and scale the best way you know how. You just keep going in hopes the story becomes not people pitting women against each other, which is not founded in truth. There’s no competition. None of us think we’re in each other’s space. I don’t know how you do it! You just get to f–ing work!”

“I think we’re in a funny time for women. We are more and more the breadwinners in families across America or contributing equally; there’s a shift happening sociologically and psychologically. People are wrestling with this new archetype of being a woman with a brain who’s also sexual and trying to do more than one thing at a time. I also feel proud. Why would I not want to do that, if it’s a passion?”

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  • Sparkling Peach

    shes annoying anyway smh

  • FrenchGirl

    In what is this question sexist?

  • Mike1288

    I fail to see how is the question sexist. Boohoo poor rich white girl over here^^^

  • tomasammy

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  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    If you touch this topic you will be mentioned in media.
    No matter why you call somebody a sexist.

  • Jay

    She has a point.

  • Jay

    She didn’t say is was sexist just has misogynistic tones. All she is saying is ‘Why are you so surprised that women in hollywood are going into business and why are you trying to pit us against each other. Why doesn’t any of this happen with the men’

  • claire m

    it sure sounds like she checked out the competition! she can give a lot of details on how her biz is different than theirs . she just comes off as super defensive , entitled and insecure as per usual

  • Michele V

    I’m sorry that makes no sense. Unless the interviewer omitted some important words out the question, all he/she did was ask whether she looked at their websites…? Maybe if the interviewer had said “Do you get jealous of other actresses entrepreneurial ventures?”

    Seems like she’s trying to get into everyone’s good books by talking about social issues but we all know she’s out of touch.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Lol the fact that you brought up her race and refrenced her as a “poor rich white girl” shows a lot of biased and hypocritical undertones in your lame comment.

  • Lo Mo

    yeah, unfortunately shes right

  • Mike1288

    You bet it’s biased and it’s my opinion so deal with it. Sorry but a white wealthy woman does not know what it’s like to actually struggle. Especially when you compare her to a minority woman who has to work multiple jobs. Idk why my remark is hypocritical. There is nothing sexist about the question she was asked. She knew by throwing around the sexist agenda she would get more attention. The fact is businesses get compared all the time no matter who the owner is. And I have compared Ryan Seacrest suits to Shaquille oneals, and Sean johns (diddy). I see her comment as lame so…

  • Mike1288

    No one said it was surprising she went into business.what exact sentence made you draw that conclusion. Bet you can not point it out because it doesn’t exist. Celebs have lifestyle websites why wouldn’t they be compared. I compare clothes to see which is the best. It’s called business. If you can not handle it you shouldn’t be in business. I think she’s bitter because hers is far less popular than the others.

  • Mike1288

    Besides that she came out and criticizes Alba’s website. I think she just hates alba is a billionaire because of it.

  • Just Mary

    whaa whaa Mike 1288

  • Mike1288

    What what just mary

  • Mike1288

    You bet she is but she has criticized/critiqued Alba’s website so she compared herself. I mean she is in business and they have lifestyle webistes. Aren’t you suppose to compare products?

  • JustThat

    And then she became feminist …

  • Sam

    “I don’t know Blake Lively,” and yet there are photos of the two of you together! This woman just can’t stand the fact that she started this whole lifestyle stuff and yet her business is the worse of them all. I read Blake’s interview and at least she was honest about her business and how it needs a lot of work but she wants to put in that work. And when she does hopefully we never have to hear about this woman who thinks she’s the only one who exists.

  • CB

    GP you answered the question in your over the top rant anyway, so why feel the need to turn it into a debate when it was a simple enough question? They weren’t pitting Women against each other or suggesting we can’t run our own businesses, the question was if you looked at other websites?

    You may all have a few different products/ideas, but it’s all under the same category: “Lifestyle”.

  • Lola

    I had to look up the word, because I thought I had forgotten the meaning. I think she took it out of proportion wit her reply.

  • Jay

    No Goop is doing well, Blake Lively’s is the least popular but that may be because she just started it and she has the least star power, I dunno.

    Also that is what she is saying. That she and the others keep getting asked these questions a lot, and I guess for her it must seem patronising as Goop has been around for a while now. Also, they don’t have lifestyle websites, I think that was another point she made. Lastly, what exactly is called business? I lost you there?

  • ranuniguest

    It’s true what she says about the question. But this is the same person who, in the last year, claimed she had no close girlfriends when she was younger because she was a 26 year old with an Oscar and thus a “threat.” Why are GP and her mum surprised she gets so much hate on the Internet? She practically begs for people to hate on her. I think the feminism is just a convenient thing. So obnoxious.