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Beyonce's Diet Secrets Revealed for 'GMA' Announcement

Beyonce's Diet Secrets Revealed for 'GMA' Announcement

Beyonce just made her big announcement on Good Morning America and we have a feeling that no one predicted this one – she revealed her diet secrets!

“This is something I have to share with everyone,” the 33-year-old singer said in a pre-taped video message about her new diet secret.

Beyonce revealed that she achieved her trimmer body by using “The 22-Day Revolution,” a new plant-based program by Marco Borges. She even provided a foreword for the book!

“I am not naturally the thinnest woman. I have curves. I’m proud of my curves and I have struggled since a young age with diets. Finding something that actually works, actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me,” Beyonce said.

Beyonce revealed that this new program doesn’t only help you shed the pounds. “I felt like my skin was really firm. A lot tighter than when I deprived myself of food and got the weight off fast. And the weight stayed off,” she said.

Beyonce’s Diet Secrets Revealed for ‘GMA’ Announcement

Check out Beyonce’s amazing figure in these recent red carpet pics below…

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beyonces diet secrets revealed 01
beyonces diet secrets revealed 02
beyonces diet secrets revealed 03
beyonces diet secrets revealed 04
beyonces diet secrets revealed 05
beyonces diet secrets revealed 06
beyonces diet secrets revealed 07
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  • Courtney Puzzo

    yeah and that’s news why Marco is her personal trainer. she’s trying to be a faux vegetarian which is annoying either do it wholeheartedly or don’t.

  • Naynay

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  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    I can’t stand this woman. Everything she does is overblown, and overdone.

  • abitinsane

    Please tell me she didn’t actually feel like she had to make a special television announcement about this. How stupid. lmao

  • bloo

    oh, go to hell. aint nobody got time for no diet

  • RosauraWHolahan
  • michelle.peeter

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  • shoes4life

    Suckers! It’s always about money witb her and Jay. She needs to pull a Janet Jackson and go away for a long time from the internet and public. Allow people to think they miss you.

  • Michele V

    Is this some sort of a joke? Remember when she used to be really private? Well at least for a pop star.

  • Malida

    Well thats fucking stupid. She acted like it was gonna be World War IIl or something. A diet plan? no one cares.

  • kellyf

    She’s a moron. She’s proud of her curves but she’s struggled to get rid of them her whole life. Does she even have a middle school diploma?

  • VanityInsecurity

    Is she effin serious? this was her BIG announcement? Telling the world she lost about 5 pounds? How does anyone look up this narcissist?

  • Piotr Wszeborowski

    The next level of basicness: ACHIEVED! Congratulations!

  • Piotr Wszeborowski

    The next level of basicness: ACHIEVED! Congratulations!

  • Mandiiiina

    Ahahahaha….. Fvckin’ seriously????

  • studded_blunt

    Did she mention the trainers, the nutritionists, the chefs on call she has…..oh and did she also mention the $$$$ she gets for plugging this guys ‘diet’? as someone who lost 80lbs and kept it off the past four years……health is no big secret. dont let beyonce hustle you like she always does. they make it sound like its some revelation. its not. healthy carbs, healthy fats, veggies, all the colors of all the foods, whole foods. she wants you to be a chump and think this is something new. I have also never seen a popstar be such a robot. does she even have a personality? no wonder jay z loves banging rihanna. at least she acts like she has a personality. jayz and beyonce are all about taking your $$$ and when Tidal flopped it was a beautiful thing. let the humbling begin.

  • sarah

    please tell me this is a joke.

  • Ijusthadtosaysomething…

    Considering she’s a curvy woman who struggles/works at keeping her body at a certain weight, she sure didn’t put much weight on while she was pregnant… *rolling eyes* Everything is an illusion with this woman.

  • diet to lose 30

    Actually they all use the Swedish diet in Hollywood, that’s the secret.

    Swedish researchers showed that full fat dairy and specific combination of foods cause stunning weight loss.

    Simply combine the foods in the Swedish diet and you get thin fast. Works every time.
    See here

  • Arx

    I LOVE how people hate Beyonce for everything… including eating healthy?

  • Maxi

    Notice the kind of gross sad expression on her face when she talks about her diseases lol She was obviously obliged to talk about this. B*tch

  • LaCroix

    Proud of your curves but you want to lose weight. said the girl so not happy with herself. Hypocrite!

  • b324

    She’s not the one who made it a big announcement. GMA turned it into a spectacle by making it a big to-do. IMO I’m more po’ed at the damn morning news taking a pointless story and running with it, instead of dedicating more time to bigger more important news.

    I’m so sick of fluff pieces on the news and news anchors/journalists (if we can even call them that anymore) reading the news and interjecting their own personal opinion after each piece. No! You’re job is to report the news, not turn every piece into an op-ed.

  • Maxi

    All girls created in the late 90′s remained b*tches

  • Aleah

    Guess what Beyonce…every other pop star is on this diet too. You’re not special. How about actually announcing something your fans want, like new music.

  • Stephaany Yocich

    We have all struggled with diets, but she somehow manages to stay thin and still have a huge behind, that’s a miracle. I’ve lost 21lbs with the Loaded Gun Diet eating everything I love, but I lost my “globes” in the process.

  • denise _peetar

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  • Piotr Wszeborowski

    I just want to make one thing clear: I (and others) don’t hate her for eating healthy but for making it such a big deal, making announcements for losing some weight. I think Beyonce is a talented singer with ability to make some great music but some of her last actions don’t play well with her “perfect life”. Right now it’s more about an ass than music.

  • Piotr Wszeborowski

    i think that certain sum of money will help her overcome this terrible trauma.

  • mblack25

    Ain’t that the truth! She thinks every damn thing is about her!!!

  • Maxi

    It always was about her ass. She made a couple of normal songs and videoclips to conceal and go on doing the same.

  • Maxi

    Spoiled big brat

  • mblack25

    I wish it was!!!

  • mblack25


  • mblack25

    Thank You!!!!

  • Ivy

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  • Maxi

    She probably has a fat trauma geee

  • Arx

    Wasn’t GMA the one making a big deal out of this tho? I mean i doubt Beyonce made the graphics and the video clip claiming an announcement. All Beyonce did was give an interview to GMA about something that she has been connected to for months. I don’t see where Beyonce did anything wrong if anything I blame GMA for hyping a 5 second interview with Beyonce. It seems to me people just like to hate Beyonce for no reason. I could understand if she told women to get abortions or got away with murder but all she does is sing (sometimes) and dance (gyrate and shake her ass)… these are not crimes.

  • Arx

    Wow it seems like Beyonce has u pressed… did she run over ur dog?

  • Maxi

    No, she has a butt I admire. Im a bad gurl

  • LaCroix

    She really should be ashamed of herself.. Akon announces that his project ‘Akon Lighting Africa’ & this cheap fraud announces she lost a few pounds .. It’s a disgrace to her & her husband how they really don’t care about trying to help her people or anyone for that matter. Not a fan & never will be!