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Jennifer Aniston's smartwater Campaign Celebrates Her Up Moments!

Jennifer Aniston's smartwater Campaign Celebrates Her Up Moments!

Jennifer Aniston‘s new smartwater campaign has arrived and it features all of her “up up up” moments throughout the day!

“We are all on some sort of journey and it’s those little moments of inspiration that help us to move forward,” smartwater’s Guy Duncan said. “This campaign captures Jennifer Aniston’s ‘up moments,’ whether it’s walking on to set or running to meetings, she takes a moment to get inspired and focused with a sip of smartwater.”

The ads will be featured in print and in homes starting next week!

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jennifer anistons smartwater campaign 01
jennifer anistons smartwater campaign 02
jennifer anistons smartwater campaign 03
jennifer anistons smartwater campaign 04

Credit: Ruven Afanador
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  • Joy B Angie

    WOW !
    Whatelse !

  • S.

    So that’s what she does these days…

  • Nox

    I drink 2 L of Smart Water every day.

  • GroundControl500

    Greenlit! ROTFLMAO! What would that be exactly?

  • Cheyenne

    What else is there for her to do? Her career is deader than a month-old corpse.

  • Joy B Angie

    Don’t worry about her career.
    Drink Smartwater and may be you’ll earn
    about 1% of her money..

  • Nox

    I feel the road is opened for me to reach everything after the sip of Smartwater.
    Nice feeling.

  • Ethery

    Hi Jen A, amazing advertisement, with or without it, I use Smartwater because for me it is the best reliable bottled distilled water at the grocery store that I could count on.

    Out of the topic…



    18 June 2015

    Now I know one of your secrets to stay fit with your vegetarian meal at your insta gram.

    For trying to be a vegan like me, I really don’t recommend cow’s milk cheese for vegetarians when you could use lemon or lime or organic himalayan sea salt as an alternative for salty taste on your meal.

    A vegan cheese has an excitotoxin a MSG (monosodium glutamate) look-alike or function-alike called CARRAGEENAN (THIS IS AN EXCITOTOXIN TOO THAT IS DAMAGING BRAIN CELLS according to Dr Russel Blaylock).

    On the other hand cow’s milk cheese is not a food according to modern day prophet Ellen Gould White. CHEESE IS NOT EDIBLE BECAUSE IT IS AN ACCUMULATED STOOLS OR POO-POO OF VERY SMALL ANIMALS CALLED MICROORGANISMS said one of the scientists who researched on cow’s milk cheese. You could finish digesting vegetables on your stomach 5 hours after eating but with cheese it takes 10 HOURS FOR YOUR STOMACH TO WORK ON DIGESTING THE CHEESE THAT YOU ATE. SO IF YOU ATE VEGETABLES WITH CHEESE ON IT, THE VEGETABLES WILL WAIT FOR THE CHEESE ON YOUR STOMACH TO DIGEST, THEN VEGETABLES WILL MOVE OUT FROM YOUR STOMACH ALONG WITH THE CHEESE 10 HOURS after eating. But without cheese, vegetables will move out from your stomach along with grains and nuts in just 5 hours after eating your meal.

    Avoid eating dairy because it will only pile up undigested animal milk protein called casein on your body and turned into a cataract on your eyes, another eye operation for the future to think about. Early prevention is be a vegan raw as much as possible and once in a while, once a week or once a month or once a year you could eat organic cage free eggs if you are anemic as a vegan.

    I know when I was vegan raw and on occasional fasting for 3 days without food but only drink soft water, for a couple months of doing this I reached the 108 lbs weight from 120 lbs. I really felt superb healthy. It is natural that my blood pressure is 90/60 mmHg which is usual for all vegans.

    Peter B, the director of She is Funny That Way for me is so far the best director among Jen’s movies.

    I could count Bruce Almighty, Iron Giant, Office Space, Picture Perfect, Object of My Affection, Leprechaun as my favorite old days not so perfect humane Jen movies, I like to see Jen on her natural creamy skin complexion on these movies. I just don’t like white people wearing tan skin thats all.

    My blessed hope right now is someday I will see you Jen A in heaven. lol

    You are almost there since you are trying to be a vegetarian here on earth.

    Adam and Eve are vegans at Eden garden here on earth. Surely if you go to heaven according to the Bible you will be a vegan.
    Hello to JBA, DRF, Nox, Claire, and other fans. God bless, my peace be with you all.

    Bye, see you in the future, maybe in heaven. I always think that today is my last day here on earth. Thank God I am still alive at the moment though I hope Jesus is coming soon, so that we the saints are all going to have new beautiful bodies forever.

    My prescription FOR YOU ALL is what King Solomon said, “…KEEP THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, FOR THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN…” By the way the 10 commandments is written on Exodus 20:2-17.

    Genuine happiness comes when you unceasingly look on to Jesus Christ’s exalted character for emulation through the power of God the Holy Spirit living in us after we pray and meditate on God’s Word, the Holy Bible.

  • Nox

    Casein was used as a glue for the furniture in the last century.
    I don’t like milk.

  • Joy B Angie

    To clean our body water must be soft – that’s why Smartwater is useful.
    Soft water provides healthy kidneys, good skin and a general order.
    Monosodium glutamate makes every food unnaturally tasteful.
    MSG is a legal food cocaine, but food producers keep this fact in secret.
    If some food is not enough tasteful it’s necessary to wait a little -
    1 or 2 days.
    Waiting process must be out of zone with fast food cafe. :-)

  • Ethery

    19 June 2015
    Thanks Nox and JBA for the new and more info about casein and soft water (soft water are classes of water below 20 parts per million at TDS – a device measuring elements on water). One class of soft water is reverse osmosis water which is around 15-20 parts per million at TDS.

    Regarding being a vegan I could recall Jen stating on Leprechaun movie that she played the role of being a vegan, well it’s funny coz it makes sense for it fits since she was thinner back then on that 1993 movie than she is now.

    The writer of Leprechaun is way ahead of his time, an input to promote vegetarianism at a mainstream movies in year 1993. I’m not a vegetarian in 1993. It can happen only in California sort of a progression of vegetarian culture though this is a religious culture already when Ellen G White starts to counsel her church people to be vegetarians at around 1880′s till she died in 1915 at St Helena, California.

    The reason old folks in Loma Linda, California among 3 areas around the world are called blue zones where people lived 8 -10 years longer compared to the majority of the population. Ellen G White’s church people are one out of four ratio in the population at Loma Linda, that Loma Linda post office have a day off every Saturdays and work on Sunday. Yes, they (the church people) observed sunset Friday and sunset Saturday as Sabbath hours of rest just like when Jesus Christ and His followers did after His resurrection, they do keep the 10 commandments of Creator God including the 4th commandment of Exodus 20:8-11.

    (Genesis 2:1-3 KJV)

  • Nox

    Paul Bragg told a lot about distilled water.
    I like his books, and the “Miracle of Fasting” – especially.

  • norah mackenzie

    has she officially broken up with justin or are they still together and her hair looks really bad in the ads

  • Cheyenne

    They are still together as far as I know but they seem to spend much more time living on opposite coasts than they spend together. Not surprised about her hair as it is probably a fried mess after 15 years of bleaching and blow-drying.

  • Joy B Angie

    Paul Bragg was a very wise man.
    Respect forever.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    The Clouds of the Smart Water campain make me remind
    of some lucid flight dreams (or OOBE´s?), where I flew up
    and up, until I reached and touched a cloud. And that cloud felt a bit like cotton candy. Was it a frozen cloud?
    Well, Putin should drink some Smartwater. Then he could change his politics to a better way, instead of producing
    40 new very modern intercontinental atom rockets, yup !
    JBA, does Smartwater contains any ions ???
    Without any ion [Mg(2+), K(+), Na(+), Ca(2+), SO4(2-), HCO3(-), Cl(-), Ba(2+) for example], the blood cells would be destroyed by an osmotic effect, if you drank “too much” distilled water. Then you could even die.
    Thus, either it´s important to drink very less Smartwater (if it doesn´t contain any ions), or Smartwater must contain a healthy – at least – minimum concentration of certain ions, if you wanna´ drink litres of it without
    suffering from this osmosis-effect.
    Eventually my theory about distilled Water is somehow
    wrong. Eventually the Smartwater gets it´s ions by passing the stomach, when you have eaten something. Then the necessary ions would come
    by food, which is digested by the stomach.
    If you put the Smartwater directly into the venes, (and if it
    was distilled water without any ions), then – I guarantee -,
    you´d get this desastreous osmosis-effect I described above. And then you would die. You´d sufflocate.
    Have a nice day and a nice lucid flight dream up to the clouds, JBA ! That´s the place Jen likes to fly to in a lucid dream (or via OOBE?), I think.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Really ?
    I couldn´t imagine, if Smartwater didn´t contain any kind of ions [Mg(2+), K(+), Na(+), Ca(2+), SO4(2-), HCO3(-), Cl(-), Ba(2+) for example].
    Think about the osmosis-effect.
    If the concentration of the ions in your blood is too low in comparison to the concentration of the ions in your red blood cells, then the red blood cells get filled and grow by the water outside these cells (which has the lower concentration of ions), until the red blood cells explode.
    And destroyed red blood cells are unable to transport oxygene any more.
    Thus, I think, that there must some ions in the Smartwater.
    Otherwise it could be dangerous to drink 2 L of Smartwater every day.
    Eventually my theory is somehow
    wrong. Eventually the Smartwater gets it´s ions by passing the stomach, when you have eaten something. Then the necessary ions would come
    by food, which is digested by the stomach.
    If you put the Smartwater directly into the venes, (and if it
    was distilled water without any ions), then – I guarantee -,
    you´d get this desastreous osmosis-effect I described above. And then you would die. You´d sufflocate.
    Have a nice day and the dreams you like to dream, Nox !

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Perhaps the goal of Smartwater is to “catalyse” the digestion of food in the stomach. That´s why it´s soft and that´s why it doesn´t contain any ions. (or are there some ions ?)
    there must be a maximum-limit of Smartwater, that shouldn´t be exceeded.
    Otherwise the HCl-concentration of the stomach would decrease more and more. And then the digestion would decrease, too. And that would be an inhibition instead of a catalysis according to the digestion.
    Of course, I should read the Smartwater-book in order to learn more about Smartwater.

  • Nox

    Thanks for your caring,
    I guess eating fruits and vegetables provides
    a lot of ions.
    I feel very good for now.

  • Joy B Angie

    You are right as usual, DRF,
    ions are very important.
    * * * * *
    Distilled water is the best
    when we want to spend
    several days without food.
    Water will absorb all the dirt from the body
    and to transport one out of body.
    But if we want just to drink
    we can add a piece of lemon, or fruit, or flower
    and our water will become alive.
    * * * * *
    That is why I think we can drink Smartwater
    without any limitations.
    * * * * *
    No water can help to Putin,
    because he has no state income
    and no scientists to built his freaking rockets.
    The only thing he can do now is to bluff.
    Russian “high tech” is very primitive now.
    * * * * *
    Good for the world.
    * * * * *
    Have a nice day, DRF, it would be great to reach the clouds in the dream – so I will try to.

  • Joy B Angie

    I guess digestion of food depends on the concentration of gastric juice.
    Healthy first three chakras provide the necessary concentration.
    * * * * *
    But water is important for the general order in the body.
    For the good blood conditions, and for the clean joints.
    Good water is like a good oil in the engine.
    * * * * *
    Also we must remember people are very different -
    they have different blood groups and different constitution.
    * * * * *
    Anyway soft water is good for everybody.
    And of course I’m not a doctor or scientist.
    I think I must read the Smartwter-book too.
    Because good writing is impossible
    without good thinking.
    And good thinking is impossible without
    good water and right dreams.