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Angelina Jolie Catches Post-Birthday Flight with Son Pax

Angelina Jolie Catches Post-Birthday Flight with Son Pax

Angeline Jolie and her 11-year-old son Pax – not pictured – catch a departing flight out of Heathrow Airport on Wednesday (June 10) in London.

The actress celebrated her 40th birthday this past Thursday during a gathering with family and loved ones. We’re sure it was a joyous occasion!

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Earlier this week, Angie and husband Brad Pitt flew economy from Paris to Nice with Pax and their five other children – Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh Nouvel, Vivienne Marcheline, and Knox Léon. The family has a home at Chateau Miraval in Provence near Nice, the place where they welcomed their twins Knox and Vivienne in July 2008.

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Credit: JJ/Hewitt; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • JPFamily

    Yay, thanks Jared – I’ll bring over my posts.
    Angelina looks great!

    William Hague ‏@WilliamJHague
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    Tweet from Joyce:
    Joyce Anelay ‏@JoyceAnelay 1 hr
    Honoured to be appointed the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Preventing #SexualViolence in Conflict

  • JPFamily

    Great PSVI news:
    Baroness Anelay appointed Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict
    Appointment of Baroness Anelay marks one year anniversary of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

    Today the Prime Minister announced the appointment of Baroness Anelay, Foreign Office Minister of State, as his new Special Representative on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict. This appointment underlines the Government’s commitment to leading the world in tackling sexual violence in conflict.

    Video message:

    Baroness Anelay’s appointment comes exactly a year after the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, hosted by the former Foreign Secretary, William Hague, and the Special Envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie Pitt. The Summit brought together representatives from over 120 countries to address the political and practical barriers to ending the use of rape and sexual violence as weapons of war.

    Speaking on the news of her appointment, Baroness Anelay said:
    I am honoured to have been asked to take over from Mr Hague in leading this vital work across government. I look forward to taking our efforts to end the appalling scourge of sexual violence in conflict to the next level.

    I am proud of everything the Initiative has achieved in the last three years including the launch of the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict, our support for conflict-affected countries such as the DRC, Iraq and Bosnia and of course the enormously successful Summit last June.

    There is still much more to do. I am looking forward to working with civil society, governments, international organisations and survivors to ensure that we drive forward the campaign to end sexual violence in conflict once and for all.

  • JPFamily

    toastie – It looks like Angelina and Pax flew from France to London today, then travelling onwards to Johannesburg and the African Union Summit.

    bap – I expect Angelina to leave for South Africa anytime over the next couple of days (bearing in mind she has a 10+hrs flight ahead of her). As I already posted, the top-level meetings take place on the concluding two days – 14th+15th, although she may arrive earlier for some of the other sessions. I don’t think we will know for certain until we get some airport arrival/departure pics.

    Joyce is another powerhouse of a lady – PSVI can only strengthen with Angelina, William and her fullly committed to this cause – powerful read:
    Joyce Anelay ‏@JoyceAnelay 48 mins
    Excellent and informative report from @WorldVision on ‘Continuing the Journey’ of ending #sexualviolence in conflict:

    Joyce Anelay ‏@JoyceAnelay
    I gave @lirimgreicevci the skirt I wore at 2010 Opening of Parliament as Capt’n of the Gentlemen at Arms…third female Capt’n in 600 yrs!
    Donated skirt to @lirimgreicevci in support of #thinkingofyou exhibition in #Kosovo. We must @end_svc @RitaOra

  • toastie postie

    Confused. So when did she go to England and where is she going now? Man, I’m tired just thinking of her schedule.


    “…..I expect Angelina a to leave for South Africa anytime over the next couple of days…”

    Well, JPF…..its official. Youre our bona fide resident JPFamily expert! lol

  • GroundControl500

    I don’t think it’s possible to get more accomplished than Angelina. And accomplished with worthwhile matters.

    Looking fabulous and doing good things in the world. Not bad!

  • Wonderbust

    Fourth grader told me she saw San Andreas and it was good I said I thought you told me you were going to see Tomorrowland. She said, “I did and it was BORRRING” I said what about Cinderella, she said ” I didn’t understand it” I said how about Maleficent, she got so excited and her face brightened up she said “it was sooo good”.But I thought kids would not like Maleficent according to Wall Street and the 7 hags 😂😂

  • Beck

    Her schedule is insane, I’ll never know how she manages to do everything she does. She looks beautiful here.

  • bap

    You were on target JPF! Thank you!

  • bap

    You are so right!

  • changeling

    TP, flight from Nice to London is only about 1 hour 55 mins. She probably left this morning, then catch a flight on to South Africa. The 2-day summit that she is attending starts on the 14th Sunday in South Africa which is 10+ hours from London.


    Well as you know, travel between england and france is one of the easiest commutes ever. So many options. Such a quick hop over.

    The JPs have said their Miraval home gives them an excellent starting point to get to anywhere in the world, especially traveling between Europe, Asia and Africa, which is where the bulk of Angie’s UN work takes her.

  • toastie postie

    I remember my daughter telling me about wall street thinking it would be too dark for kids. Then she said but since Angelina’s involved as producer also, she’ll take care of that. And she did. Shows what wall street knows – nothing.

  • toastie postie

    Man, like I said, her schedule wear me out. I might need to take a nap. :0)

  • Passing Through

    So Mad gets to go to South Africa with Angie. After seeing the whole family traveling last weekend I thought it was probably just going to be her and 1 or 2 kids. Makes sense to make Mad because he’s pretty independent at this stage.

  • fyi

    JPS has more pics, it was Pax with Angie not Maddox.

  • toastie postie

    Typical bad reporting.

  • Felinelilly

    Typical, again the tabloids so stupid they can’t differenciate between Mad and Pax. They always get it wrong.

  • JPFamily

    DM pics – great to see Pax again too:

    Smiling Angelina Jolie works her signature look in cigarette trousers and black blazer as she jets into London with son Pax

  • toastie postie

    Thanks! :0)

  • bap

    Thank you!

  • busted

    NO the pics show Pax not Maddox.. It is so silly how the media acts like they can’t tell one child from another.

  • wika

    So mama’s otw to the summit! Awesome!! And it’s nice to see Pax again!!

  • wika

    Was catching up and I saw this bit from O2 last thread:

    “There’s a reason that she didn’t work for a very long period after she finished TBU. Brad hasn’t done a cover for VF since 2004, except for the Africa issue, where Bono asked him to. Graydon would love to get him back on there and when he can’t, he puts him on there without Brad’s consent or does that WWZ story.

    I’ve been surprised that Angelina continues to the magazine. I was really surprised tha tshe did it again after that WWZ on Brad.”

    Interesting, I never noticed the subtle things Brad did. Always thought he didn’t do VF because he doesn’t do many magazines altogether anyway, unlike Angelina. I never knew about the long break after TBU- how was Brad part of this again?

    And lol yes, Angelina is too nice for her own good. I’d have boycotted VF all the way if I were her.

  • well

    Good job, Angie! This looks like it will be fun:
    MIYAVI ‏@MIYAVI_OFFICIAL 1m1 minute ago
    Sneak peek. #KidsChoir

  • Juliana

    Jehen at CB said that you laugh at Jen’s movies go straight to VOD don’t know what you talking about,because her movies made ​​more money from VOD than in theaters.hahahaha

  • juju

    if she doesn’t stop doing a magazine when they write horrible things about her why should she stop talking with them because they wrote a bad article on a brads movie lol
    like brad never stop doing interviews with the magazines that wrote bad articles on angelina or her movies

    n why just VF?
    there were magazines that did the same or worse

    if they boycott the magazines that write crap they wouldn’t have any magazines to do interviews with lol

    looking at jj front page actresses do a lot of more magazines than actors
    there must be a reason for it

  • Fãs de Angelina Jolie
  • snakeskin

    Angelina fights her own battles and therefore Brad would have to fight his own too.
    There has been far more vicious attacks on Angie,I doubt she is saying please don’t speak to so&so, because they wrote something mean about me.

  • ndn

    New pics!!!! Angie’s hair is so smooth and shiny…I would buy products that she uses in an instant…unlike ticky’s hair…what a fraud…wearing a weave while endorsing LProof!!!
    It’s nice to see Pax joining Angie to South Africa…

  • Bumble

    Looks like Angelina and Madd’s are off to African Summit.
    On an important note Angelina girl share your secrets for that shinny hair of your , so not fair not only girl has smooth skin and her own hair is lushes with shine, where am i going wrong.

  • SALT

    thanks.obrigado. :)

  • Bumble

    Looks like people still can’t differentiate between Maddox & Pax , its actually Pax that’s with Angelina NOT Maddox,Shesh how difficult is it to tell one child apart from another sloppy reporting , i’m just surprised Daily Fail got it right for once LOL

  • SALT

    when is the African Summit ?

  • Bumble

    25th AU Summit – South Africa (7-15 June 2015)

    Media representatives are kindly informed that the 25th African Union Summit is scheduled to take place from 7 to 15 June 2015 in the Republic of South Africa.

    Theme: The theme of the Summit is: “Year of Women Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”

    Specific dates for the meetings of the different AU organs and decision-making bodies during the Summit will be as follows:

    Sunday 7 and Monday 8 June 2015: Thirtieth (30th) Ordinary Session of the Permanent Representatives Committee (PRC)
    Venue: O.R. Tambo, Pretoria, SA

    Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 June 2015: Twenty Seventh (27th) Ordinary Session of the Executive Council
    Venue: Sandton International Conference Center (ICC), Johannesburg, SA

    Sunday 14 and Monday 15 June 2015: Twenty Fifth (25th) Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union.
    Venue: Sandton International Conference Center (ICC), Johannesburg, SA

    More information with regard to media accreditation and coverage of the Summit is provided on the 25th AU Summit web link:

  • Bumble

    Sajid KhanVerified account‏@SimplySajidK
    Guess who???lara croft…mrs.smith..assasin in wanted..director of unbroken…ANGELINA JOLIE at 15!!!

  • Passing Through

    JPFamily • 7 hours ago

    Huvsy has been busy yet again – People sidebar, and just ugh:


    Just now seeing this…and wish I hadn’t…Again with the contradicting stuff she’s said in past interviews. Now she loves the engagement wring. Back when she was hard pimping for an Oscar she said it was too big and she didn’t like diamonds. I hope she’s got a good internist who’s an expert on hemorrhoids…because she’s going to wear her asssshole out with all the shite she talks…

    I took note of her engagement ring, with its gargantuan diamond.

    “It’s a rock, I know,” she said, sounding abashed but not really. “He rocked it up. It took me a while to get used to it. I’m not a diamond girl. I’m more Indian jewelry and stuff.”

  • Bumble

    LMAO when will People magazine learn why are they shilling her non-wedding again didn’t they learn after the JLaw Oscar cover high jack fiasco and that was what 2-3 years ago, the wedding that never happened.

    Also see she is dodging the question of which jeweler designed the ring LOL.

  • SALT

    VF is a magazine with a lot of workers. Angelina has no reasons to not doing covers with VF. That infamous article was written by Leslie Bennetts. I doubt Angie would do an interview with Bennets but there are people at VF that she admires. A few years ago the NYT had a piece talking about Angie controlling the media etc etc. It was in the NYT that she wrote her piece about her health issues.

  • Passing Through

    Felinelilly wika • 7 hours ago

    Was he making a pass at her and the other actresses, saying they’d be better actresses after sleeping with him, and the joke is that Angie is already the best actress out there without that or having worked with him, period, so using that line on her is the joke?
    I have no clue and I’m confusing myself now. lol


    The joke was that she would be a better actress if she slept with HIM than she is sleeping with 2-time SMA BRAD. That’s why Brad was laughing.

  • SALT

    So she goes to the last days, probably as UNHCR Special Envoy.

  • Bumble

    Who are you talking about? whose (he) as i’ve missed Felinelilly’s answer?

  • Bumble

    We will see , I have a feeling she is going to visit a Refugee camp instead of this summit, just saying.

  • Exposed

    She arrived with pax not Maddox! Get your FACTS right.

  • shazia35

    BYU Football Insider ‏@BYUsportsjunkie Jun 7
    Unbroken is an inspiring and uplifting movie. Talk about enduring hell, what an incredibly motivational movie. Got so much from that.

    Woodieeee ‏@joshwoodie88 4m4 minutes ago
    Unbroken is one of the best movies I’ve seen! #TrueStory #Movie

    SashaJo ‏@KARM3L 49m49 minutes ago
    Sitting here watching #unbroken this movie is intense….

    Meaghan ‏@MericanMainer 20h20 hours ago
    The movie Unbroken hits me so hard in every feel I think my body is bruised.

    Han ‏@Hanbanan_21 2h2 hours ago
    Unbroken is such a goooood movie

    Omar Gutierrez ‏@omarsito1_5 14h14 hours agoCalifornia, USA
    Just watched the movie unbroken and man that movie is just amazing

  • changeling

    Robert Downey, Jr. Someone posted an instagram. It was on the last Brad Pitt’s thread.

  • bap

    Thank you Shazia35!

  • shazia35

    Terri Clark ‏@TerriClarkMusic Apr 7
    Just watched the movie #unbroken. Amazing testament to the strength of the human spirit. My grandad survived 4 years as a Japanese POW.

  • shazia35

    Just sharing people’s love.

  • Bumble

    Thank’s changeling, had no idea who they were talking about LOL. I was so much into RDJ ,sadly he’s turned into such a misogynistic TOOL.