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Keith Urban Gets Wife Nicole Kidman's Support at CMT Music Awards 2015!

Keith Urban Gets Wife Nicole Kidman's Support at CMT Music Awards 2015!

Nicole Kidman steps out on the red carpet with her husband Keith Urban at the 2015 CMT Music Awards held at Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday night (June 10) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 47-year-old singer is nominated for two awards at the event today and he is also set to perform for the crowd!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Keith is up for Male Video of the Year for “Somewhere in My Car” and CMT Performance of the Year for his performance of “It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” from the 2015 CMT Artists of the Year.

FYI: Nicole is wearing head-to-toe Balenciaga with Fred Leighton jewelry.

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  • Welly

    Augly couple alert. Why is she wearing thowe shoes when her husband is short. Want to be taller then him. Not a good looking couple.

  • Holly

    Which one is the wife?

  • Kary

    my OTP love them together, who the hell cares if she’s taller? obviously Keith doesn’t care about it

  • Kary

    she can wear whatever the hell she wants, i’m sure Keith is ok with it

  • 55vineyard

    I love his music.
    Try for an original comment, Holly.

  • mac lennon

    Well kidman’s “silly putty” face is looking sillier than ever…and apparently the orb is attempting to transform himself into “Andy Warhol” with that campy “do.”

    But then they are regressing to the one dimensional level of cartoons. They make the perfect casting for “Boris and Natashia.”

  • mac lennon

    Well it seems with the angle of this photo of orb’s new “do”…

    …the orb is obviously trying to go for the “buzzed” punk look. The orb is laughingly trying to go all “miley cyrus” with a slightly more radical try at ‘reinventing” himself for a shot at staying relevant and palatable to the consumers of music cds. I say he will simply look ridiculous.

  • SweetCiCi

    Keith is clearly a very secure man and couldn’t care less if his gorgeous wife wears 4 inch heels when they’re together. Loved his performance of Triple J with him playing bass. PS: He would be sexy bald. Love his willingness to take risks.

  • suzybel

    Does he ever wash his hair?

  • Dee

    I watch the show mainly looking forward to Keith performing and seeing this beautiful couple together. I thought the Award Show was terrible though, hodgepodge of people most people don’t even know.

  • Dee

    The jealousy of this beautiful couple is rather apparent. I think a few of these people making insulting remarks are probably late for their SCIENTOLOGY meetings.

  • 1MzLiz

    Mac, you’re brain dead if you don’t realize how ridiculous your inane posts read regarding Keith and Nicole. It’s apparent that you wait with bated breath for a JJ article concerning the Urbans’ to enable you to make what you think is a witty comment. However, there’s nothing that you post which is even half-bright. You spew the same foolishness year after year under various juvenile names. Keith and Nicole have a lot of fun together and certainly don’t worry about your hairstyle. You’re simply one of those people who feel important by getting on these comment boards insulting celebs who could care less about what pathetic trolls saying about them.

  • mac lennon

    Well, for some inexplicable reason YOU seem to care very much what I think of them. That is what I am very much aware of. There is much you need to look into your own need to respond and defend a couple of lackluster celebs you no doubt have no actual relationship with. I feel “self important” despite what I may or may not do on the innertubes. My “self respect” and “confidance” does NOT rely of worshipping what pathetic fawning fanboys/girls like you may believe are the US version of “royalty”…who are beyond reproach or criticism…and are somehow “better” than the peasants because they pretend play on film or make atrocious and lackluster music. So go back to mindlessly oogling your People and US magazines and waiting for the birth of next pointless “royal celeb” baby.

  • 1MzLiz

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t, nor have ever, read the rag mags. My dirty little secret is reading JJ and the comments. Yes, I do defend those who receive malicious and mean-spirited comments such as yours, I think people should. BTW, the Tennessean has an interesting article today regarding Keith helping out the schools in Nashville. What have you done today to help anyone?

  • mac lennon

    oh right, I just read the orb is following in the footsteps of his pretentious wife kidman and is stepping into the “majestic” shoes of a TRUE “dignitary.” He has also just become an HONORABLE Ambassador! All hail and bow low now. I’m sure the orb will become just as pointless the “limousine charity exploiter” as kidman has been….as he now squeezes every last drop of PR from this ridiculous and empty “title.” Yes, the announcement timed right at the perfect moment to help shill his shabby single, right? You are obviously easily impressed.

  • 1MzLiz

    Don’t you realize that you expose so much more about your own state of mind while attempting to hurt others? Are you so consumed with anger and jealousy that you can never enjoy another’s success? Please don’t go on about my fawning over celebs as an excuse for your comments. I believe my enjoyment hearing good things about people is a lot healthier than demeaning people I don’t know for unknown reasons.

  • Dee

    Beautifully said, you express my feelings exactly but I couldn’t put it in words like you did. Thank you.

  • mac lennon

    Well, it was YOU who initiated this debate. I would have simply ignored your fawning and drooling over these celebs if you weren’t so touchy and sensitive about my honest opinions. There is surely a pathology to the mindset that only one OWN opinions are the “correct”…and acceptable ones to post on a public comment board. Remember, I surely would not have bothered with your pathetic worshipping and revelry if you had not had a hissy fit over my comments. I comment because I have something to say about the subjects. I surely don’t need someone like you to excuse that.

  • mac lennon

    So, for anyone who wonders IF I needed any mindless fansie as an excuse to espouse my opinions on these two hasbeens..,they can simply check the public forum I created and where I regularly comment.

    Go check out the hilarious reviews of the orb’s atrocious new single. Go and “stew in your indignation” as you read about kidman’s latest…and seriously film flop dumped to cable tv. See the gradual transformation of their ever changing faces due to botox and filler injections and procedures as they revert back to childhood in very public examples of “Benjamin Button” syndrome. A forewarning- fansies of these two washouts DONT last long over at the forum…as they eventually become consumed by the OTHER commenters opinions…and soon forget these two hacks are the subject of the forum.

  • jeno

    It’s very thoughtful of you to devote so much of your life’s work and your energy to Keith and Nicole. Someday when you’re life is almost over, you’ll look back and feel so grateful for the hours spent for Keith and Nicole.

  • mac lennon

    Well let’s just say I am fascinated by “disaster stories.” Ha.

  • mac lennon

    Of course, there are other “independant” sources that also believe that the orb’s laughable and obviously “teen/tween” pandering buzz cut is very mockable…

    “Carol Brady’s screen run might have come to an end in the Seventies.
    But her famous retro hairstyle appears to have had somewhat of a revival.
    Keith Urban, 47, appeared to be channeling the blonde’s famous pixie crop when he sashayed into the CMT Awards on Wednesday night in Nashville, Tennessee.”

    Yes, even in the most self aggrandizing and self congratulatory industry they can at times eventually sniff out the ridiculously desperate hacks.

  • Macy

    Reduced to writing commercials for your toxic site now? Anything for a few hits. Pathetic.
    How many years, how many hours, how many thousands of words have you wasted insulting Keith and Nicole and belittling everything they do? It’s a wonder you can’t find something productive to do with your life, or are the hate-filled bloviations somehow providing you with an income? The Urbans are successful, talented, and KIND. You are not. Enough said.

  • mac lennon

    So…”satisfactorily” irked by my comments? Then my task is done! It has been fansies not unlike youself that has been the “gift that keeps on giving.”

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