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Robert Pattinson Becomes Lawrence Of Arabia in First Trailer for 'Queen of the Desert' - Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson Becomes Lawrence Of Arabia in First Trailer for 'Queen of the Desert' - Watch Now!

Robert Pattinson dons a traditional keffiyeh in this first look at the international trailer for his new movie Queen of the Desert!

Also starring Nicole Kidman, James Franco, and Damian Lewis, the film chronicles the life of Gertrude Bell, a traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the twentieth century.

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Queen of the Desert is set to hit theaters on September 15 in the U.S.

Queen of the Desert International Trailer
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  • luna

    robert pattinson as lawrence of arabia… hahaha bad choice

  • PlayNice

    Hmm… I will be comparing Rob’s performance to Ralph Fiennes’. Can’t help it. Ralph kicked ass with his Lawrence performance even though it was a tv movie.

  • Kellie

    Love Nicole Kidman and was really looking forward to this, sad to see that it’s gotten such abysmal reviews. Currently sitting at 0% on the Tomato Meter! Geez

  • ♥ Ms_Ariz

    Please tell me this is a comedy.

  • Me1

    Don’t be too hasty, those are the reviews out of Berlinale ff, I think most critics expected more from a Herzog film. I actually think it’ll be entertaining and obviously beautifully shot.

  • Me1

    I’m looking forward to seeing this. For the nay Sayers, Rob’s part is small here, it’s Nicole’s film and many critics thought Rob was the best thing about it.

  • Sassypants

    Ralph Fiennes is one of my favorite actors, Robert Pattinson isn’t bad but I couldn’t imagine him being better.

  • Tyler Moss

    It does look like a bad SNL skit

  • Tyler Moss

    I read that the audience was laughing when Rob appeared on screen

  • Zeenie Baby

    love the trailer and love Rob’s Lawrence,looking forward to watching it

  • Zeenie Baby

    Rob’s British accent is back and its hot

  • Zeenie Baby

    i read that Rob is getting rave reviews for his part

  • Zeenie Baby

    If the audience was laughing,it means Rob did his job well,Lawrence had a terrific sense of humour

  • Zeenie Baby

    It looks like a visual treat! trailer looks nice

  • Zeenie Baby

    The most ironic aspect of the enterprise is that the one man with
    whom Bell conducts believable, intriguing dealings is the one upon whom
    her sex-appeal has zero effect: none other than T.E. Lawrence himself,
    played with a plummy-voiced knowingness by Robert Pattinson.

    doesn’t get very much screen time here, but manages to come up with a
    Lawrence a universe away from Peter O’Toole’s iconic portrayal – a kind
    of proto-Beat rebel in fancy Arab duds – and his dialogue exchanges with
    Kidman have a little touch of Steed and Mrs. Peel that at least gives
    their scenes some kind of oomph.- –IndieWire

  • Zeenie Baby

    The brief but significant appearances of Robert Pattinson as T.E. Lawrence aside, the
    film seems less likely to draw comparison to David Lean’s classic foray
    into the desert sands than it is to a dated breed of 1980s romantic

    Among the more entertaining interludes is her time spent at an
    archeological dig with Lawrence. And while Pattinson in Arab headgear
    takes some getting used to, the easy camaraderie in his scenes with Kidman is appealing. –The Hollywood Reporter

  • Zeenie Baby

    In fact, of the actors not overwhelmed by the heavy sense that
    “we’re playing old timey dudes in old-timey duds,” Robert Pattinson, is most surprising.

    The part is small, he only has a
    few scenes, but, helped by the writing of TE Lawrence as an ego-driven
    but lighthearted, whimsical brainbox, he actually sounds like he
    believes he is living in modern times, not some anachronistic

    And so even when he has ponderous words to say, such as when
    he quotes Jefferson’s famous, damning line “I tremble for my country
    when I reflect that God is just” he does so lightly, conversationally — he lets a little life in. — The Playlist

  • Me1

    Well he plays a camp, jovial Lawrence. He’s meant to be comical.

  • Zeenie Baby

    T.E. Lawrence himself appears (played in eccentric, tongue in cheek fashion by Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame)
    but the main protagonist here is the English writer and archaeologist
    Gertrude Bell (Nicole Kidman), who eventually became an Arab expert and
    helped draw the borders of Iraq.

    Pattinson’s performance, meanwhile, is comic and a very long way
    removed from Peter O’Toole. He plays Lawrence Of Arabia as a
    sharp-tongued, sardonic figure who can see through the pretensions of
    his bosses and colleagues. — Independent UK

  • PlayNice

    Ralph is my favorite actor, haha. :) It’ going to be so hard not to compare.

  • Tara

    But you guys can’t quote only the good stuff from reviews and then at the same time say not to believe the bad stuff b/c they’re from the Berlinale Film Fest

  • Esoteric11

    The picture of him doesn’t fit . It does seem odd, but I would have to see the film before I pass judgment on his part. He might just pull it off

  • Me1

    That isn’t what I said. But you sound biased anyway, don’t like it? Don’t see it.

  • niagirl

    Lol, another flop for all of them.

  • sienna sienna

    you should talk after you see the film,according to critics he has done a fine job

  • sienna sienna

    yes,he is getting good reviews even for that small part

  • sienna sienna

    nice review!

  • Karin

    And you are??? nobody, right. And I agree with Esoteric11, I would have to see the film before, but for me Rob is an actor who takes his work very seriously. Anyway, for me the film seems fantastic.

  • duh!

    Yep just like Christian bale as Moses or Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra…that being said Robert is a good actor so I’ll be watching

  • sienna sienna

    me too!

  • sienna sienna

    Anyone who says Rob cant act should watch the Rover

  • Naynay

    I’m tired of Hollywood using other peoples culture in movies and not having the guts to hired an arab actor as a main character, I know the story and I understand the whole rob and nicole thing but come on white acots everywhere again ????? it’s like exodus I was like huummm I’m pretty sure pharaoh weren’t white with blue eyes it’s called cultural smudging

  • Katrina

    Happy to read another awesome review for Rob

  • tellyouthetruth

    Peter O’Toole is rolling in his grave.

  • Zeenie Baby

    Another great review for Rob!!
    The Focus Pull: When Robert Pattinson and James Franco made their first appearances on-screen, they were laughed at by the press, merely for being easily
    identifiable icons in a large-budget film.

    Pattinson went on to prove himself in a well-played, modest role as the legendary T.E. Lawrence, as immortalized by Peter O’Toole in David Lean’s classic Lawrence of
    Arabia – a film whose influence has a strong presence in Queen of the Desert.

    Of course Pattinson is doomed to be endlessly compared to the shadow of O’Toole for taking on the role, but this makes his performance all the more admirable.

  • Me1

    Oh dear hon. Look up Lawrence of Arabia before commenting. He’s white and BRITISH. You make yourself sound like an uneducated fool.

  • Naynay

    Bitch how bout you learn to read SMH talking bout education but you can’t even read properly GURL BYE

  • maggie

    he is looking awesome as lawrence of arabia and according to the producer,director and critics has done a wonderful job.Read the reviews below

  • maggie

    looking forward to all Rob films releasing this year Queen of the Desert,LIFE and hopefully Childhood of a leader. And also hoping to see him on set soon for his new film Brimstone

  • DMK

    Anyone/critic who said Rob can’t act should watch 1st Twilight….
    The fact that he is an excellent actor was evident from there….everything else thus followed….is just gravy

  • Zeenie Baby

    i agree, he was awesome in the first Twilight

  • DMK


    I’m afraid this opinion that we share about Rob’s brilliant acting in Twilight….is not observed by the masses.

    There are “artists” and then there are people who “recognize art”….

    The brilliance is really the latter of the two, because without artists/actors getting validation/recognition for their vision…often the “art” is not valued or given true merit.

    Sadly, many artists/actors suffer from self-doubt due to this crippling reality…and many don’t get recognized for their craft until late in life/post death.

    Rob doubts/rationalizes his ability…especially In Twilight….and for me… he was truly at his creative prime.

    His performance was unbridled/uninhibited, dimensional and truly unique.

    He had me a@ hello….my name is Edward Cullen….

  • Zeenie Baby

    He is resting in peace

  • Zeenie Baby

    you are so dumb sheep

  • PFix

    Rob is a very intelligent man. If he has but a few scenes in the movie, he’s going to try to play them in the best way possible. They say there are no small parts, only actors unwilling to play them. I hope the reviews are good. He hasn’t been horrible in any movie he’s been in.

  • sienna sienna


  • Boo Hall

    I agree about first Twilight performance. Rob won us all in the first film.

  • DMK

    Dear Boo…..

    Thanks for your reply….

    But, what seems like common sense to me and my perceptions of the world/ideas….don’t often coincide with the general populous.

    its nice to know others share this opinion…that Rob was fantastic in Twilight. Why many can’t see it/observe/acknowledge what has been so transparent from the beginning….baffles my mind.

    Rob had an unbridled/uninhibited vigor/passion in Twilight…he was untainted by rules, experience and expectations…..

    His performance was based upon his innate feelings/gut…..and his creative compass and spontaneous will…

    True art is just that….it comes from within….and not contrived/inhibited….

    Rob was true to himself….and his vision….and for me, the 1st Twilight was his most authentic performance. I can watch it over and over….and find the brilliance in his approach and interpretation of literary Edward.

    And…..amazingly…..his film performance made me a fan of the literary Edward/Twilight…not the other way around.