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Nicole Kidman Supports Keith Urban at CMA Music Festival

Nicole Kidman Supports Keith Urban at CMA Music Festival

Nicole Kidman smiles wide as she stands side-stage and watches husband Keith Urban perform at the CMA Music Festival 2015 on Sunday (June 14) in Nashville, Tenn.

The 47-year-old Aussie actress looked on as Keith played the LP Field right after Eric Church and right before Brad Paisley.

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After his performance, Keith tweeted, “NASHVILLE!!!! It feels SO good to play in front of the home crowd! Thanks to everyone who came out…. -KU #CMAfest”

If you missed it, you must watch Nicole and Robert Pattinson‘s “Queen of the Desert” trailer! The flick is set to hit theaters on September 15. So can’t wait!

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • Ause Ekel

    So happy that she found love after Tom Cruise. She and Keith are the cutest!

  • Kary

    cute :)

  • Dee

    My favorite celebrity couple. Love how they are so proud of each other. I just adore Keith and Nicole as a couple.

  • 1urbanfan27

    Amazing how it ended up on JJ… Love Keith…He’s SO talented…

  • Joy

    Nicole is more famous than Keith, so why wouldn’t it end up on photo sites? The REST of the world recognizes a loving, committed couple and they share in the happiness. Too bad you have a heart filled with ugly concrete and can only be nasty!

  • 1urbanfan27

    Too bad you don’t seek the truth…He knows what I think…Has for a VERY long time…

  • Joy

    “He knows what I think…” HILARIOUS that you still ‘believe’ that Keith reads your crazy BS all over the internet! And obviously, ‘if’ he knows anything about you at all, he doesn’t give a flying FIG, since he’s still living with, raving about, and MAKING LOVE to his GORGEOUS WIFE, NICOLE KIDMAN URBAN! Too bad REALITY means nothing to YOU!

  • 1urbanfan27

    “Joy”…The wrong name for someone the likes of you…You have no idea who he cares about or anything else…A photo does not truth make…A sighting does not truth make…A red carpet, does not truth make…And as for living with…You don’t know that either…That’s what you assume…And her name isn’t Urban…Reality means everything to me…Too bad, you still don’t get it…And he DOES KNOW what I think…And you are always so angry…I think you need an anger management course… :)

  • Joy

    I have as much of an “idea” of what Keith thinks as YOU do! I’ve worked with him and spent many hours with him, as well as with his wife- MRS. KEITH URBAN. Just because she uses her professional name for her career does not mean that she is not MRS. URBAN. Being married gives her that title legally, and she’s proud of it, too! The rest of the world knows that, but you deny reality in all of its forms. YOU only believe yourself and your fabricated stories, based on song lyrics and the way he says something or moves. How childish can you be? Just because you “talk” to Keith at all hours of the night all over the internet does NOT mean that he reads or cares about one word of your silliness. That’s another ‘dream’ of yours! Your threats to other posters on any website just show your own desperation for your own fabrications to be ‘believed’!

    YOUR stories do not ‘truth’ make, either. Far too many silly comments about the words he speaks, or the lyrics he sings, or the “looks” you pretend are all about you prove NOTHING! You are SO CHILDLIKE! And YOU have no idea what the Urbans do in their personal lives, and for you to continually claim that you do is totally SLANDEROUS.

    For you to claim that Keith reads all of this silliness on gossip sites and on the Profile feed of his website is another childish fabrication. How on earth would he find the time, since he spends so much of his life with his WIFE and his CHILDREN, not to mention his career? You pretend to know every little thing that he does, and that’s proof right there that you’re delusional. You read it on Twitter, and you’re always badgering people about where he is or what he’s doing!

    You can argue until hell freezes over, but you’ve never shown a single thing that proves that you even know Keith. Keep right on yelling at him every time he’s with his wife, and keep crying for him to give you attention. It’s far too obvious that you mean absolutely NOTHING to Keith- never have and never will, no matter how many nasty messages you post about Nicole! How you live with yourself is unbelievable, considering YOUR jealousy, anger, and evil nature!

  • 1urbanfan27

    If you are remotely telling ANY truth, YOU should NEVER be employed by him again…I doubt it’s HIS employ you would be in…And NOTHING YOU say changes the truth…I know him…He knows me…And YOU are a LIAR,,,I don’t post nasty,,,That’s your MO…I may post opinion, which I am clearly entitled to…Certainly as entitled to it, as the likes of you…How would he find the time? That’s a question you should ask him…And YOU are the personification of evil…You stalk, bully and harass me at every turn…But YOU, “Joy”…lol…Should thank your lucky stars for him…Because of what he keeps you from…And badgering people…Some of your ilk, make friends with cooks…And anyone that comes in contact with him to find out what he’s doing…YOU stalk twitter and other social media to find out…I have as much right as you or anyone else to ask questions and be given answers…YOU are NO insider…And even the insiders don’t know him that well…And I don’t care whether you or anyone else likes that fact…So give up on your harassment and bullying tactics…Which are against the law in my state, by the way…Because you can’t change a thing…You can’t change the truth…And until and unless he tells me to…I’m NOT going anywhere…

  • 1urbanfan27

    And the ONLY reason that YOU harass me here, is because you and your ilk, have been blocked by me at every other turn…You can speak your evil…But I don’t have to see it..You even run to other people and tell your lies…Which you dang well better hope that you never have to prove…Get over yourselves…You are not his security or the private Keith police…You are just miserable women, who can’t be happy with your own obsession with “celebrity”…You have to stalk and harass and bully a private citizen…And as a member of a group, I have the right to equal treatment under the law…Just as much as you…So STOP trying to interfere with my rights…

  • Joy

    You are so ignorant that you don’t even realize that it’s YOUR “harassment and bullying tactics” that Keith’s entire team and management monitor! They know exactly who you are and when you show up at any Nashville event or location where Keith is. Keith NEVER speaks to you or even acknowledges you in any way, and he’s totally surrounded by security and his team. That never happens in any other city like it does in Nashville. If you’re so ‘close’, then why would he ignore you totally? NOTHING you say ever makes any sense- ever! You twist and spin everything he says to make it about you, or you denigrate his marriage and his wife ad nauseum!

    You’ve lied for over 10 years now, seeking your revenge and retribution against Keith for his marriage to the person he “loves most in this world,” as he said at the CMT Artist of the Year Awards show. You only believe the stupid rag-mag tabloid stories, never what Keith himself says to the entire world. You paint him as the world’s biggest fake and liar, yet that is YOU in person! You pretend that every lyric he sings is all about you, and every unique or different word he sings is directly to you. That’s what a 12 year old would do about a lost ‘boyfriend’. If you only knew how much people laughed at your insanity!

    You are a total joke in the grand scheme of Keith’s life. To treat someone that you supposedly ‘love’ like you say you do Keith is in no way, shape, or form any kind of real love. You harass him endlessly and bully his wife with your nastiness- the total epitome of erotomania! What a totally wasted life you live, filled with so much jealousy that you believe your own silly delusions. Life goes on for Keith, Nicole, and their adorable family- while you’re still sitting at your little “window”/ computer, talking to yourself!

  • 1urbanfan27

    Apparently you lying B…I’m talking to you…Because you think you know everything about me…But you don’t…And the powers that be on his website were given a list of people to monitor….Because they asked for it…And they can watch me if they choose…But he would override them…And you still can pound sand…lol

  • 1urbanfan27

    YOU sure are interested in talking to me…lol In the dark like a mushroom…Trying to violate my civil rights…Harassment and bullying…Against the law…