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E.L. James' New Novel 'Grey' - Read Some of the Most Scandalous Lines!

E.L. James' New Novel 'Grey' - Read Some of the Most Scandalous Lines!

The highly-anticipated new book “Grey” from author E.L. James is out!

In case you don’t know, the novel tells the “Fifty Shades of Grey” story from Christian’s perspective as opposed to Ana’s point of view.

Not only did fans get to know a little more about the main character, but they also got a ton of sexy new lines to giggle over.

One example (on page 304), “I drag my hand through my hair, and in as even a tone as I can manage I ask, ‘Are you hungry?’”

“‘Not for food,’ she teases.”

“Whoa. She might as well be addressing my groin.”

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Click inside to read some more lines from the new “Grey” book…

Page 9: “Oh, I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele.’ And I’d like to exercise it over you, right here, right now.”

Page 20: “Oh, this is going to be fun. You’d be amazed what I can do with a few cable ties, baby.”

Page 129: “It’s a long time since I’ve seen pubic hair up close and personal like this. I tug it gently. ‘Perhaps we’ll keep this.’ Though it’s no good for wax play.”

Page 188: “Genital clamps—you have got to be kidding me.”

Page 260: “She smells of Ana and apples and sex.”

Page 326: “Ask me for your panties, baby.”

Page 348: “Her sharp intake of breath is music to my d-ck.”

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  • Kelios

    Oh my God, how is that a published novel? So much second hand embarrassment right now….

  • Albertina glenn
  • Sandy McFarlane

    …………this can’t be real

  • Jen

    The only scandalous about this, is that people actually pay money to read that kind of trash!

  • hj000

    this is how obese middle-aged cat ladies think people talk when having sex.

  • namers

    Second hand embarrassment, I like that.

  • mandyz

    She is a terrible author. Like honestly wtf is that amateur shit? Somebody needs to deflate her huge ego fast and tell her the damn truth cause this is so cringeeeee.

  • Sharon Odak

    Eventually the free version will be available online, but I will still not read it…Just the excerpts alone tell me it’s gonna be a shitty book!

  • Danae

    The “author’s” use of English is scandalous and it is her who should be PUNISHED.

  • Jessica

    oh no not again… seriously, her writing is terrible. just terrible. look at those lines.

  • Mierzwiak

    Scandalous for who, 12 years old?

  • Eriena Munson

    Book for sexually frustrated women, I guess….

  • animefangurl22

    *sigh* Oh look, same porn book, same story, but from a different point of view.. Next.

  • Rose Ryan

    I didn’t know this was a comedy. This is why I can’t take this author seriously. Writing in the first person is not easy and doing it well is something many cannot do. People just don’t talk this way. What male thinks, “Whoa?”, a teenager maybe. The excerpts from the Fifty shades books on are comical. The fact that she’s made millions while talented artists struggle should make people shamed, not the contents of this kiddy p o r n. I’ve read many hard core BDSM books that are by far better written. Really, after I read the above excerpts, I was in tears from laughing. This is about the most UNsexy thing I’ve ever read. Truly, money talks. I can’t think of any other reason a serious actor would want to do this. Yes, Jamie Dornan, I’m looking at you.

  • Lea Petrelli

    why do u bother to fucking comment if u think its trash?

  • Lea Petrelli

    So excited! HAHA

  • MollyBD

    OK, is this book supposed to be a bad comedy? There is nothing sexy about the excerpts I’ve read. They are laugh-out-loud awful.

  • Atlanta Girl

    Saw a bit of an interview with her today -all she did was giggle. I guess I would too if that i knew it was already on its 3rd printing on its release date.

    And I shake my head at all the woman who squee over the series… bless their poor unfulfilled lives.

  • k.

    Oh wow this is just utter crap, just like the other ones


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  • Daisy

    to make fun of morons like you

  • LiiL

    “Not only did fans get to know a little more about the main character, but they also got a ton of sexy new lines to giggle over.”
    Oh c’mon Go to , you’ll find much better stories than this crap.

  • tsevca

    Exactly what I say about the whole series. She just robbed fanfiction stories. It has typical signs of all the bad ones.

  • juberali

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  • GFW

    So does this dive into his abusive background when a child? Is that what bothers everyone as to why he now has to have supreme control and manipulate everyone and is in payback mode against his original abuser? Is that’s what shocks everyone?

    Doubt it.

    No, more bad short sentences no one speaks like in real life.

  • K_Narola

    More fun with this site justjared … Keep Reading

  • AM

    My two year old can tell me a more compelling story about her friends at daycare fighting over markers…the hell is this?

  • Nolarola

    The film honestly wasn’t that bad, but the books are utter crap and not even enjoyable crap.

  • Dory Phore

    She’s bad writing all the way to the bank.

  • HerbertAHammond

    Your first choice justjared <a href="http://www.profit-online8.Com" Find Here

  • GFW

    He’s doing it, pardon the pun, for exposure. And money. And hopes of more scripts rolling in. He’s far better in The Fall, and that’s a far more compelling story that runs the continuum of how this “Grey” guy got where he is, only the dude in The Fall satisfies by torturing and killing.

    I’m reading this for it is supposed to be from the male’s point of view, but it is but still in the “Twilight” saga format.

    It is true what they said, she stripped the book down to just his dialog and built around it. She claims she did this for her “fans” who wanted to know more about Grey.

  • GFW

    What I find disturbing is posting lines from the book like this that are a tad too graphic IMO. But look. There are 25 comments! (irony)