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Selena Gomez: 'Good For You' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Selena Gomez: 'Good For You' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Selena Gomez just released her brand new track “Good for You” and you can get your first listen right here!

The 22-year-old singer/actress is joined on the song by A$AP Rocky, who comes in with his rap in the latter half of the single.

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“It’s here!!! You can finally get #GoodForYou ft. @asvpxrocky on @AppleMusic!” Sel tweeted.

Be sure to get your copy on iTunes now!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena Gomez’s new song “Good For You”?

Selena Gomez – “Good For You” Audio

Click inside to check out the lyrics to “Good For You”…

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  • SideEye

    Geez I know she doesn’t have the strongest voice in the world but, I was not expecting so much autotune. I do like this though.

  • AprilMay


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  • MichaelAHurd

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  • Jean Morel

    A song all about being a man’s property and keeping him happy…how empowering…I’m guessing this is more of an ad for Dubai “clients” than anything else. Barftastic!

  • moore

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  • Exposed

    All her songs are auto tuned, and she doesn’t write her songs. So much for an artist. Smh

  • Vy Nguyen

    It has a very ‘Lana’ feel to it.

  • DeeJMead

    Your first choice justjared Find Here

  • PlayNice

    This is NOT music. Pure computerized garbage.

  • TROLL!

    wow. this surprised me. i actually like it. nice soft sound to it

  • Kira

    she helps co-write her songs, and many artists do the exact same soz…

  • Kira

    and neither can you, but you don’t see anyone else complaining.

  • Exposed

    Whatever.. Just because she changes a few words doesn’t make her a song writer. And Selena uses auto tune on every song most artists don’t do do that. For Most artists having a “music career” is like a dream come true because they have talent and they know it, so why would someone with talent use auto tune on every song? And doesn’t write their own music? That’s not called “talent” it’s just another way for her to get some money… If she truly had the passion she would at least write her own songs or stop using so much auto tune because she doesn’t even sound the same live. If she was a great performer her concerts would sell out. Most of her fans are kids that followed her from Disney so I don’t blame her for not selling or topping that charts, all I’m saying is that in her 5 year music career she never had a platinum album, look at Ariana, she’s been in the industry for what? 2 years.. And look where she is now? I personally hate compering celebritys to each other, But when it comes to MUSIC there are just some people with talent & some without. And they really shouldn’t be compered. Unfair

  • ellie

    it seems like she’s been up lana’s ass lately

  • Janette

    That’s not how I see this song. I see it as wanting/loving/lusting someone so much that you want to look your best for them. That’s how I see it. But I respect your point of view.

  • Avril

    I agree but, except for Taylor Swift, all artist do that.
    And Ariana Grande has been in the industry for more than 2 years, she was in Nickelodeon first (just like Selena was in Disney) and she’s overrated af.

  • Jean Morel

    First of all, thank you for your respectful, measured response to my comment, quite the rarity on the Internet!

    Second of all, regarding my point, there are plenty of songs about wanting and loving someone, in fact most songs in this style are on this subject. However I find many, many things here problematic, especially with regards to pre-teen girls which, for better or worse, are the main audience for a song like this, for ex:

    -Selena goes on about wanting to “look good for [her man]” an “tak[ing] [him] there” to “make [him] never wanna leave”. This just reinforces damaging stereotypes, painting guys as superficial a-holes who’ll go looking somewhere else if a girl isn’t physical perfection at all times and DTF at the drop of a hat. I guess she learned that from dating Bieber.

    -”Let me show you how proud I am to be yours”…very problematic wording here. She refers to herself as a man’s property, by extension his submissive thing to do with as he pleases. This is just an awful message to send to young girls.

    -Meanwhile in the “rap verse” the guy goes on about how he hit the jackpot and won’t go looking somewhere else because she looks good and satisfies him sexually, thus bolstering the two points above.

    It’s totally fine to make a song about being in love for a guy and even wanting to make your boyfriend happy, but I think the problem here is that over the entire course of the song, Selena only refers to herself in relation to her boyfriend and appears to have no individuality apart from him. It’s kind of the same problem as Twilight in a way, but all the more noticeable as it’s distilled in a three and a half minute span.

  • Sean Williams
  • vn_102

    But Ariana songs were good and makes us wanna jammed to it, while most Selena songs were cringeworthy, can’t believe that awful nauseating Love You Like Love Song was hit, must be the power of Beeber tonedeaf dumb fans.

  • AprilMay

    Good one -__-

  • dalovelee

    It’s not the worst song of sort of reminds me of what Justin Bieber might make..but yeah all the auto tune or whatever effect that is…is annoying. Also doubly annoying is throwing in these random rappers to make these songs sound edgy pop. But again this song will be one of those popular songs in Ibiza you hear lounging around. Not something you’ll dance.

  • ComTech121

    If this is music, then anybody can become a singer these days. Oh wait, I forgot, that’s pretty much happened already.

  • Nylo Atanasova

    This song should sound sweet, sexy, like whisper. And it sound like that – like the girl is a jewel. I am not a fan of Selena, but this song is something that I would listen again and again. Brilliant quality of the beats, soft melody, different sound. And about her voice – I know she can sing. This doesn’t mean that she should shout in every song to prove it.

  • Aria

    I notice the same thing about the lyrics. Thank you for being the only one here to stand up for this.

  • Kum Kum
  • Exposed

    Exactly.. 🙌🏼 if Selena was as talented as Ariana, then why didn’t she top the charts or have a world wide tour with a platinem album, obviously she’s a trainwreck after she went to rehab. Goodbye career. It seems like nobody wants to hire this girl. Not even in her so called acting career. Tbh she was good in Disney but when did she ever get a serious role? In getaway? Well guess what she was nominated a razzie award for worst actress & she also worst performance. That movie flopped BIG TIME!

  • Exposed

    A true musicision is someone who can actually sing LIVE.

  • Exposed

    THANK YOU!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 it’s quite funny! Because 2 days before this single came out Selena praised Ariana on Twitter for telling people that women shouldn’t be a mans property & especially in the music industry females are always linked to who they dated or used to date & it isn’t fair. What made it even more funny to me. Is that she started doing that Ariana hairstyle “not that she owns it” for a week. And started calling her fans “babes” and if you were a fan of Ariana you would know that that’s ALL Ariana likes to call her fans. Seems like she wants to be her so bad. And was even questioned about her in an interview if she would like to make music with her. Tho She said NO! pretty confusing. Because Ariana had a little rumor with the biebe a while back & Selena broke up with Justin. And sel started shading “nothing new” in the end of the day ITS OBVOIUSE THAT SELENA HATES HER BUT WANTS TO BE HER.

  • Jean Morel

    You’re welcome…hopefully other people will pick up on it

  • Jean Morel

    I basically don’t know a thing about Ariana Grande, but glad you noticed it too.

  • bbm

    i just wanna look GOIWUD for u

  • Kira

    Ok first off, before you try to shit talk people make sure you know how to spell first. Oh and Ariana has been in the industry for longer than 2 years honey, get your facts straight. Honestly people like you annoy the crap out of me, you guys can never make a relevant argument without bringing another celebrity into the convo, who is irrelevant to the entire argument. In my opinion Ariana is way too overrated, I mean yeah her voice is good and all but it’s not great, and her songs are mediocre. I’m seriously not understanding the comparisons between her, Whitney and Mariah. Oh and BTW while you’re over there trash talking Selena, because she hasn’t written a whole song by herself, just know that neither has Ariana, last time I checked she just co-writes her music as well. Oh and at least Selena can act, Ariana’s so called acting chops as Cat Valentine were excruciating. I’d like to see her try to act in something, that she wasn’t just given the part for: aka all the lame ass Nickelodeon roles she tried so desperately to pull off.

  • Exposed

    Ariana did a really good job playing Cat and Selena did a really great job playing Alex. The reason why I picked Ariana being better than Selena in acting, is because Ariana can do more than one role. Selena is only good for doing the bitchy/sassy role and ends up not being taken seriously when she does other roles. The bitchy/sassy role is quite an easy role to pull off meanwhile Cat’s role is much harder. I’ll have to admit though, Cat was way better in season 1 of Victorious. I don’t like her now so if we were comparing now and not in general between Ariana and Selena, I’d pick Alex. “Here’s the difference between Cat & Alex. Cat you will ALWAYS need a LOT of energy to play her. Alex you can sort of walk around mumbling. You can be lazy w/ Alex so if she was having a bad day it didn’t matter her character was bitchy. If Ariana is: she still has to be happy & hyper” Cat is definitely a much harder role and Selena wouldn’t pull it off so that’s why I said Ariana is a better actress.
    Ariana is new to the music industry and has already been slaying more than Selena ever did when she first started. We all consider The Way as Ariana’s first song and not Put Your Hearts Up so instead of choosing Falling Down for this aspect (because that’s Selena’s first song) I’ll choose Naturally. The reason I’m not choosing Selena’s new songs, is because that would be biased to compare both of them when Selena’s been in the industry longer.
    The Way debuted at #10 (peaked #10 as well) on Billboard and sold 219k units in its first week. Naturally peaked at #29. The Way was certified platinum after three months of release and Naturally was also certified platinum after five months of release. To date, The Way Sold 2+ million copies since its release in March 2013 and Naturally sold 1.9 million copies since its release in February 2010. Pretty obvious who has more potential (Ariana) and considering she’s talented in the aspect she professes, I predict Ariana will be bigger than Selena once she’s been in the industry for as long as she has. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT HONEY!!

  • Lissia

    provocative performance!! Download GOOD FOR YOU MP3/HD MV

  • Vy Nguyen

    Yeah! This song is like a poor-man imitation of Lana and even Lana can come off cheesy sometimes. Nevertheless, the beat is sick tho! I just download the instrumental remix, turn it up high, enjoy it and not have to deal with this b*tch desperate need for JB’s approval.

  • ellie

    1000000000000% agree! that’s the other thing! all her music is about JB lately! She doesn’t get that if she doesn’t let that asshole go, he WILL ruin her career. People are sick of her JB-lovestruck BS, no one wants to keep hearing her desperate anthems to get him back. I used to love Selena, now she’s just sorta floating near “pathetic”

  • johnny1248

    apart from the fact that she can’t sing but it’s also the fact why she doesn’t look good just for herself ? i mean we as human being aren’t born to be impressing or looking good for someone other than ourselves.

  • johnny1248

    yup auto tuned. Ariana Grande, Adele, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd ? WAY BETTER

  • johnny1248

    How can you call Ariana while she is a great talent, she is quite a breathe of fresh air after listening a billion times to auto tuned artists like selena and taylor. apart from the fact that her songs are catchy and enjoyable, i feel like that her voice is her greatest strengh. she just needs to improve her attitude tho but hey she isn’t the first and will never be the last

  • johnny1248

    not to mention way talented than taylor, katy and miley vocally.

  • johnny1248

    not to mention way talented than taylor, katy and miley vocally.

  • johnny1248

    i feel like that she has the kind of success Rihanna has, most notably releasing an album every year. i feel like that she shouldn’t be in a rush for that, she should take her time to make her music as good as possible