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Jim Carrey Slams California's New Vaccination Law

Jim Carrey Slams California's New Vaccination Law

Jim Carrey has taken to his Twitter account to slam California Governor Jerry Brown over the new law passed requiring all public school children in the state to be vaccinated starting next year.

“California Gov says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in manditory vaccines. This corporate fascist must be stopped,” the 53-year-old actor tweeted. “They say mercury in fish is dangerous but forcing all of our children to be injected with mercury in thimerosol is no risk. Make sense?”

Jim once dated Jenny McCarthy, who is one of the most outspoken public figures in the anti-vaccination movement.

Click inside to read the rest of Jim Carrey’s tweets about the vaccination legislation…

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  • k.

    Another one of those Hollywood people who have no f*cking clue what they’re talking about. Sigh

  • Kevin byDesign

    His movie, Dumb and Dumber …. is making a lot of sense.

  • ElAntricristo2007™

    Shut the fuck up. USA is a terrorist country, that any intelligent person knows it, you know that the level of ignorance of people in the UnitedStates exceeds more than 50%.

  • ElAntricristo2007™

    USA is a terrorist country, that any intelligent person knows it, you know that the level of ignorance of people in the UnitedStates exceeds more than 50%.

  • SherryJBrown

    Next few days start your new life…justjared… < Find Here

  • Maria

    This guy is an idiot. Public schools need to be safe for all children, and allowing unvaccinated kids, is not ok. Those kids can be home schooled if their quacky parents are so adamant.

  • onehunnit

    if he doesnt like it Jim Carrey should take his ass back to Canada then we dont care

  • propst_yvonne
  • onehunnit

    He can leave the state honestly

  • CLX

    Mercury is not used in vaccinations (except perhaps flu shots, but the flu mist doesn’t contain it). Typical celeb, doesn’t bother learning the facts and would rather bring back diseases that had been virtually eradicated.I suggest he live in a country that doesn’t have access to vaccines and then let us know how he thinks about it.

  • Casey C


  • person

    I agree with Jim. It is sickening that the gov’t is forcing parents to vax or be denied schooling. There are THOUSANDS of documented injures and deaths to kids form vaccines– there is no denying this. And also the vaccines are shown to even cause some of the illnesses they claim to heal. Plus- the diseases they vax against aren’t even the ones that are really active like lyme disease. To force ppl to vax against there will is horrendous.

  • person

    and the whole “herd immunity” thing is wrong. If parents think their vaccines are so safe yet they think one un vaxed kid can get their kid sick? meanwhile the vaccines make people sick

  • Arrow 12

    I’m sure you were vaccinated and your still here.

  • Betty Bucket

    I bet he’s also allergic to electricity and believes that crystals can cure cancer.

  • Guest

    Whats happened to Jim’s hair? looks like he’s just been plugged into the socket and got electrocuted LOL.

  • jaze

    The diseases they vaccinate against aren’t active because we’ve been vaccinating people, geez. Why do you think diseases that were all but gone are coming back when people like you are spreading misinformation about vaccinations and less people are getting vaccinated? vaccinating children is a public health issue and unvaccinated people allow for diseases to spread, it’s as simple as that. The consequences of not vaccinating are far worse. i would also like to see the THOUSANDS of documented injuries and deaths that vaccinations are directly responsible for.

  • CCEkeke

    He dated Jenny McCarthy, which completely craters any credibility his statements have.

  • person

    not true. Plus- it is interesting how when pro vax people talk to anti vax people they use all sorts of put downs and claim the anti vax are ignorant. When this is not the case. there are many scholarly articles showing how the vaccines themselves are actually causing many of the illnesses and spreading through the die off. Anti vaxers are not ignorant and we are not telling you not to vax your kids- just to leave ours alone. People need to have a choice where there is a risk. There are thousands of documented cases of vaccine injuries and deaths. That alone is enough to give a parent a right to choose. It is not the non vaccinated kids walking around getting the vaccinated kids sick. If you look at the real numbers, the vaccinated children are more ill than the non vaccinated. this is not an ignorant stance. And the pro vaxers get on their pedestal and claim that all non vaccinating people are crazy– crazy because we don’t want to put dangerous harmful chemicals in high repeated doses into our healthy children?? nope. not crazy. The vaccine schedule and huge am’t of them is the crazy thing.

  • k.

    Even when kids are vaccinated they can contract a disease if they’re exposed to an unvaccinated kid. I realize you and your people newly graduated from the prestigious University of Google, but please check yourself and realize that educated physicians know better than you. Despite that, thimerosal isn’t a good thing

  • k.

    thank you

  • MafiaMM

    He’s just another one of those “I like the actor, but not the person” type of people.

  • Arrow 12

    Were you vaccinated when you were a kid?

  • jaze

    If you don’t vaccinate your children then you need to be prepared to home school them, it’s not fair to put everyone else at risk. I would also appreciate it if you posted a link to “the science” behind your claims.I really think the results of the growing anti-vax movement best speaks to the benefits of vaccination, things seem to get progressively worse as the movement grows. The only vax I know of that has caused harm was the swine flu shot, and at least in europe everyone was well informed of the risks associated with taking a vaccine where the long-term effects were unknown.

  • person

    this is exactly what I mean. The pro vaxers get on your high horse and proclaim, in so many words, the non vaxes to be essentially stupid and crazy, and that you pro vaxers are on the side of science. Science has lots of sides. You all sitting up there acting like we are dumb and you are smart- because you supposedly know more? but you don’t.

  • Wendy

    Ugh was thinking the same thing, and the fact that he spelled mandatory wrong just solidifies that he’s an idiot.

  • Casey C

    just stating ‘not true’ to everything your corrected on doesn’t make it not true. You claim hundreds if not thousands die from being vaccinated and yet provide no medical, scientific proof. You claim herd immunity is a lie, yet provide no proof. you claim that those with vaccines are more likely to get ill, yet again no proof. Your welcome to your opinion, but when you are opposed by medical science, you n eed to provide actual hard evidence, not just trot out the same ‘not true’ and ‘thousands of documented cases’ that you have on just about every comment you make. repeating yourself ad nauseum doesn’t make you right.


    well he has a right to express his thoughts I respect that