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'The Dukes of Hazzard' Pulled From TV Land Schedule After Confederate Flag Controversy

'The Dukes of Hazzard' Pulled From TV Land Schedule After Confederate Flag Controversy

The Dukes of Hazzard will no longer air on TV Land.

According to THR, the 80s adventure comedy series has been pulled from the schedule amid uproar that the car famously featured on the show, called The General Lee, prominently displays a Confederate flag on the roof.

In fact, Warner Bros. recently announced it would cease production of all merchandise bearing the flag following the horrific church shooting that took nine lives on June 17 in Charleston, S.C.

After the attack, photos surfaced showing shooter Dylann Roof waving and posing with Confederate banners.

Meanwhile, former star Ben Jones, who played Cooter on the series, recently defended the flag, which is displayed at his Dukes of Hazzard museum, Cooter’s Place.

“I think all of Hazzard Nation understands that the confederate battle flag is the symbol that represents the indomitable spirit of independence which keeps us ‘makin’ our way the only way we know how,” Ben wrote on the museum’s Facebook page. “That flag on top of the General Lee made a statement that the values of the rural south were the values of courage and family and good times.”

In case you didn’t know, The Dukes of Hazzard ran from 1979 to 1985 on CBS.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about TV Land pulling the show from air?

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  • TiredofthisCrap

    This is going too far. The Dukes weren’t racists, nothing racist about the show.

  • sydney jane

    I think the lefties (yeah, it’s Dems) are taking this too far. I love that show and I’m a black chick. This is not the same as a Confederate flag hanging over a state house. People choose to watch Dukes. What about that old show Hogans Heroes? Does this mean they will never show reruns of that show anymore either since there are Nazi symbols all over? No more old war movies? Seriously, TV Land? Sad what this country has become.

  • gradybridges

    Very dumb. There are 2 places the Confederate flag should be seen-A museum and on the General Lee.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Ben Jones said it best. There’s nothing more to add. This is utter and complete madness. It’s more control and domination from the Left. And it won’t stop with flags.

  • Penny Dreadful

    It’s absolutely Democrats.

  • Lulu

    Next thing will be censorship in the books we’re allowed to have in our homes.

  • eternalozzie

    you are delusional if you think any political “lefties” care whats on TV Land … this is just old culture coming to it’s natural end as America evolves a little bit. public opinion is just shifting away from that era of entertainment.

    TV Land execs just decided they don’t want that symbol of hate (the flag) on their network so they took it off. other than the symbol there wasn’t anything wrong about the show … outside how terrible television was in the 80s.

  • Glauchow

    Not a symbol of hate. It started as currency.

  • Dana

    that is going too far, it is just a TV show

  • soggybiscuit

    wrong message , how about ban shows with gun violence, that is the real problem

  • Samm Lacroix

    omg If I hear one more person say “it’s a flag that shows independence” I’m going to snap. THE FLAG IS USED IN REPLACEMENT OF THE NAZI FLAG ALL OVER EUROPE SINCE THE NAZI FLAG HAS BEEN BANNED! Whatever you see it as, the world sees it as racist. You have every right to fly it in your house–easier to spot people I want to avoid–but on federal and state land, it’s wrong. Period
    Canceling the show does seem kinda dumb at this point. It’s decades old

  • 55vineyard

    Political correctness is SO 2000, get over it.

  • xyz

    STFU, band wagon idiot

  • xyz

    Ban “Gone with the wind”, ban Lynyrd Skynyrd, ban fucking everything for the sake of some idiots, cool! It shows once again how easily Americunts are exploited and manipulated. Shame on u!

  • xyz


  • xyz

    Ban “Gone with the wind”, ban Lynyrd Skynryd, ban everything, its what those elite morons want and they rejoice when the plebs bow down to their cretin demands. It shows once again how easily exploitable and manipulable, not to say really stupid, Americans are. If truth hurts, its perfect. Ban the flag of France, it reminds u of the guillotine, ban some Muslim countries flags, after all many terrorists come from those countries, just ban everything! Welcome to NWO!

  • Jon M’Shulla

    It’s a flag that shows independence.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    It makes me want to go out and buy one of those…and I live in upstate NY.