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America Ferrera Thanks Donald Trump For His Racist Comments on Mexican Immigrants

America Ferrera Thanks Donald Trump For His Racist Comments on Mexican Immigrants

America Ferrera has become the latest celeb to blast Donald Trump for his recent comments on Latinos!

“I heard what you said about the kind of people you think Latino immigrants are — people with problems, who bring drugs, crime and rape to America. While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don’t want to spend my time chastising you,” the 31-year-old actress wrote in a Huffington Post article. “Instead, I’m writing to say thank you!”

She added, “You see, what you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined! Thank you for that. Here we are pounding the pavement to get American Latinos to the polls, while your tactic proves most effective. Remarks like yours will serve brilliantly to energize Latino voters and increase turnout on election day against you and any other candidate who runs on a platform of hateful rhetoric.”

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  • Cotton

    Best response yet.
    He never had a chance though but he tried.

  • Cruizin1960

    Typical. What he said and what she read into it are two different things. He did NOT make those comments about immigrants. And, although latinos like her believe that anyone entering this country is an immigrant…she is wrong. He was speaking of those who are encouraged by their governments to enter this country ILLEGALLY. Most of us who are CITIZENS and legal residents of this country do not view those people as immigrants. True immigrants are those who respect the country they wish to enter enough to follow the LEGAL immigration process. You do not get to come and live in this country just because you want to whenever you want to. I am not aware of ANY country that permits that. These people who are entering illegally – we have no idea who they are…where they are from…whether or not they are criminals (although large numbers have been incarcerated)…whether or not they carry any communicable diseases. Trump was speaking of these people…not immigrants…but people who first action was to break US law. Ms. Ferrera, there is a growing tide of AMERICANS who do not believe the nonsense that you espouse. Many of those are legal immigrants themselves. And, no matter how hard you or our President try, those who are NOT citizens of this country…do not have a say or a vote.

  • Janette

    Best response I’ve heard yet because she’s right. I’m not going to vote for him, my friends aren’t voting for him, not one person whom I know is voting for him. His comments should’ve been more researched based. By placing one nationality into a category like he did. He knows the words he used were ignorant but is unwilling to admit it.

  • palmahakpa
  • Arrow 12

    You are so right….

  • Toni Clift

    Wow. He said a horrible thing and singled out Mexicans. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”. After NAFTA in the 90′s, Mexican immigration rose dramatically because American companies were allowed to take their factories across the border to exploit cheap labor (Check out Trumps own collection of “Made in Mexico” men’s clothing). American agri-business put small farmers out of work and with relaxed regulation, polluted the land to boot. Undocumented Mexican workers do the work AMERICANS WILL NOT DO and contribute over $10 billion in taxes that only citizens are entitled to. If they were all deported, our economy would suffer (Meanwhile Trump and his lot offshore taxes and get corporate welfare by way of “subsidies”). Also, studies show Americans are significantly more likely to commit the crimes billionaire, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in his-mouth Trump singled out. Although the true, serious economy-killing crime is being done at the very top, Mexicans provide the multi-billionaires with a hot-button, racist issue to blind the average voter with. Wake up.

  • Cruizin1960

    Perhaps only illegals will do the work because employers can get away with paying them less. Undocumented = illegal. It is against the law to enter this country without permission to do so…hence illegal. Since the Obama administration refuses to address the issue, it is quite difficult to determine exactly who is here and what crimes they have committed. Answer me this…what right do these people have to enter this country without invitation? How fair is it that they keep those waiting in line, respecting our laws, from entering?

  • Toni Clift

    Refuses to address the issue?? In 2013, he put forth a bill that the Demcratic-led Senate passed. It was a major immigration overhall bill that would have provided a path to citizenship for many undocumented immigrants as well as provide more funds for border security and mandatory work notification for employers. 14 Republicans crossed over (including Rubio) to vote with Democrats (Mitt Romney had just lost the election with only 27% of the Latino vote in 2012). The Republican Congress led by John Boehner refused to even bring the bill up for a vote in Congress. Any Obama defeat takes priority over any victory for our country with this obstructionist Congress. Boehner said, “I’ve made it clear and I’ll make it clear again, the House does not intend to take up the Senate Bill. We’re going to do our own bill”, which never happened. Obama took executive action in November of 2014. I can list all the actions he took but it would consume the post. Look it up. That aside, the point of this debate is how vile and untrue Donald Trump’s comments were on Mexican immigration. Mexico is our neighbor. Our policies have directly effected millions of Mexican workers. Trump himself has benefited from cheap Mexican labor in Mexico. The vast majority of Mexicans here just want to work, they are not criminals. The $14 billion a year they pay in taxes proves that. Okay, so you’ll still say, “illegal is illegal” but at the very least, Donald Trump is an opportunistic, hypocritical billionaire spewing hatred to incite a voting base. The poor and the powerless are not the problems with this country but being Mexican, they’re easy targets. Shame on him.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    I do believe he was talking about illegals not immigrants.

    Also, she is sort of unattractive.

  • jamie

    Ms Ferrera is right. Mr. Trump has helped mobilize a large swath of Latino voters and anyone for that fact who do not want this bloviating moron in office.

    I never hear the amount of vitriol toward European and Asian illegal immigrants as I hear regarding Mexican illegal immigrants. As someone who works in government trust me when I say there are plenty of the former.

    Did the first wave of Europeans treat the Native Americans with love and respect? NO! Did they treat their slaves or Irish indentured servants respectfully? NO! Did they treat the Americans of Japanese descent with any dignity when they interned them? NO!

    What Donald “idiot racist” Trump said was non factual and racist. As someone who has been a witness to his verbal diarrhea for years, his comments do not surprise me one bit. He has said terribly racist things about African Americans, China, etc. and well as sexist things about women.

    The guy is a loser plain and simple. Vote for him at your own peril.

  • jamie

    Both of your comments are very astute. Thank you!

  • Cruizin1960

    If you truly worked in the US government, you would know that (according to the Pew Hispanic Center) over 80% of all illegals in this country are from Latino countries and 57% are from Mexico alone. That should clearly tell you that the biggest problem is the southern border of the US. Do not try and deflect and say that there are plenty of European and Asian illegals in order to justify your flimsy argument. Most of those who are in the US illegally who came from Europe or Asia (or Africa…you conveniently forgot that continent) entered the country legally, bur overstayed their visas…at least we know who they are.

    You cannot compare the first wave of Europeans who came to North America with anything in modern history since there was no government established, no formal borders, etc. And what does that have to do with anything? Were wrongs committed in the past? Yes. Does that provide ANY excuse for the current illegal influx into this country? No! Your argument here has nothing to do with anything.

    For Ferrera to say that Trump’s statements have had an impact on voter registration and getting the vote out is a bit premature. She only HOPES that happens. And, since he will most likely not be the nominee…what does it matter anyway?

    I am not a defender of Trump as a rule. Not a fan of the man. But, when I see anyone being unjustly crucified for something they say…I will speak up. Trump is right on point with his comments on illegals. And, since most illegals are from south of our border and most of those are from Mexico…you have no argument. We know for a fact that the drug dealers are using the influx of illegals to ferry drugs into this country. We know for a fact that gangs from Mexico have crossed over and are attempting to establish a foothold in the SW. We hear everyday of someone who should not be in this country committing crimes. How many people’s lives would not have been negatively impacted if there was more control on our borders?

  • Cruizin1960

    So what? Reagan provided amnesty to millions with the promise that Congress would address the issue of our southern border and illegal entry…he got screwed. At least the Republicans in Congress learned from that…if you want the Dems to actually secure the border and fix the problem…you need to get that done up front and not with vague promises of we will do that after we get amnesty. I personally do not care if the vast majority of Mexicans want to work..they do not have the right to come here uninvited just because they want to. No one has that right. There are laws and processes. Do you know what happens if you are found to be in Mexico illegally? It ain’t pretty. No other country is such a pushover when it comes to illegals in their country. It is time this country got a backbone and dealt with this problem once and for all. And FYI – the majority of illegals in this country that are from countries south of our border is over 80%…57% of illegals are from Mexico. You do the math and then ask why the focus is on them.

  • Toni Clift

    Reagan’s executive orders (and Bush 41′s who followed) were “hole fillers” of previous legislation that had already passed Congress. In response to the Republican Congress’s failure to bring the 2013 bipartisan bill to a vote, Obama’executive orders effected a far greater number of undocumented immigrants currently living here. Point being, Obama has not been “avoiding the issue” as you and other Republicans want to think. Your by-the-book approach is never going to digest the nuances of this issue and how our policies have effected the people of Mexico (Reagan being the imputus). I, frankly, don’t want to become a country that treats people in a manner that “isn’t pretty” because they are in search of opportunity. It also doesn’t sit well with me when a person of privilege seeking high office singles out one group of people in such a vile way as Donald Trump did. I will only say that I am relieved he hasn’t a chance of coming anywhere near the office of the Presidency. Happy 4th!

  • Cruizin1960

    Who said Obama avoided the issue? He didn’t avoid it….he legislated from the WH — something that is NOT within the powers granted to the office. Frankly, I want to go back to being a country that puts Americans and American workers 1st. That puts the needs of the US Citizen and legal resident before those who are here without invitation or permission. Frankly, I would like to see an embargo on immigration from latino countries since their illegal numbers far outweigh that of any other. Over 80% from south of the border. Entry to this country is NOT a right…it is a privilege. So what if Trump is privileged? His privilege gives him the opportunity to raise the issue that MANY are talking about…that MANY are frustrated over. This nation welcomes immigrants with open arms if you come here and respect our laws…if you follow the steps for admission. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Most of us are descended from immigrants…but they arrived in the legal manner of the time. They worked hard and quickly to assimilate into US society. They did not make demands that Americans change to accommodate them…THEY changed. Trump won’t get the nomination (and he shouldn’t), but at least he has the balls to talk about what many more than you can imagine are thinking.

  • the hermit

    YOU GOD DAMN mexcans if white people don’t kiss your stinking ass then they are racist well fuck you greasers–im immune to your bs–I lived amongst you for 35 years married to one of your mexcan sisters for 16 of them years she gave me 4 beautiful kids bad part of that was none were mine but the judge told me I had pay for them when I dumped her ass, so don’t tell me how good you fucking mexcan are—

  • jamie

    Please, I am no no way trying to deflect. That tactic is for non thinkers.

    Does it matter that people enter the US legally from Europe, Asia and as you point out how I conveniently left out Africa (that point cracked me up), if they overstay their visa deadline? After that they are still here illegally.

    There are tons of illegal residents here from those continents and tons from Asia who have come here through the West. I have friends whose parents brought them here from Asia illegally. Human trafficking to American is big business across the world.

    The very solid point I was trying to make is that immigrant from Asia and Europe do not experience the same level of vitriol that immigrants from Latin American countries face unless they are caucasian.

    Take headline news for example. If there is a headline about Asian immigration the headline almost always refers to them as illegal immigrants. For non-white Latin Americans the headline almost always reads illegal aliens. There is much bias in reporting the news whether it is on crime, immigration, the poor, etc. I have lived near large populations of Asian and Russian immigrants. Many are friendly enough but there a lot of crime in those communities that go unreported and unanalyzed by the media. I wonder why that is? There is much to be said about the media demonizing whole communities as long as printed press existed.

    if you used your critical thinking skills instead of going to right-wing websites you would know that immigration across the board is down 1.1 million in the US.

    Finally, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, parts of New Mexico, and Colorado were once part of Mexico.

    To my brothers and sisters from Latin America I say: Welcome home!

  • Cruizin1960

    First of all, the combination of illegals from Europe, Asia and Africa make up less than 20% of the illegal population. When the vast majority of illegals are from Mexico and other Latin countries – it is quite understandable that the fact of illegal immigration would be theirs. Illegal immigration is not down…the Obama administration is just altering they way they have always been counted…just like they are calling turnarounds deportations.

    Yes, the states you mention were once a part of Mexico, but Mexico lost the war and gave the U.S. control of Texas,
    established the U.S.-Mexican border of the Rio Grande River, and ceded
    to the United States the present-day states of California, Nevada, Utah,
    and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. In return,
    Mexico received US $15,000,000, — less than half the amount the U.S. had
    attempted to offer Mexico for the land before the war. U.S.also agreed to assume $3.25 million in debts
    that the Mexican government owed to U.S. citizens. Just because the land once was a part of Mexico does not give them any right to move on in. It would be like the former owner of your home deciding they just want to move on in…even though you had purchased the home fair and square.

  • George Manchester

    Irrespective of politics I’d have to say Tony Clift has won this argument on points. Cruizin1960, your sentences wander and your points are not compelling or persuasive, even with CAPS.

  • George Manchester

    I’m not surprised you’re a hermit

  • daniel rontezeer


  • daniel rontezeer

    what does being unattractive has to do with trump’s racism and intolerance?

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Perhaps I should have said “Dog-faced ho.”

  • Youngblood

    I know its been 2 years but you make excellent argument backed up with facts.