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Comic-Con 2015: Full Schedule of Television Panels!

Comic-Con 2015: Full Schedule of Television Panels!

2015 Comic-Con begins next week and there’s lots of amazing television panels lined up for the weekend-long event.

Sherlock, Doctor Who, Heroes Reborn, Scream Queens, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and tons more panels are set to take place in San Diego.

2015 Comic-Con takes place from July 9-July 12.

Click inside to check out the entire schedule of 2015 Comic-Con television panels…


10 a.m.: Amazon: Hand of God (Room 6A)
10 a.m.: Behind the Music: Crime, Death, and Resurrection (Room 25ABC)
10 a.m.: The Buffy Effect: Teen Heroines Then and Now (Room 28DE)
10:30 a.m.: Re-imagining the Very Best of Battlestar Galactica for a New Generation (Room 6BCF)
10:45 a.m.: The Autobiography of James T. Kirk (Ballroom 20)
11:15 a.m.: The Player Sneak Peak Screening and Q&A with Cast (Room 6A)
11:30 a.m.: Taming the Web: The Nuts and Bolts of Web Series Creation (Room 24ABC)
12 p.m.: CBS TV Studios Comic-Con Lineup, featuring Extant, Limitless, Scorpion, Under the Dome, Zoo (Ballroom 20)
12:30 p.m.: Return to Gravity Falls (Room 6A)
1:45 p.m.: The Last Ship: Panel and Exclusive Sneak Preview (Room 6A)
2 p.m.: Nobody’s Damsel: Writing for Tomorrow’s Women (Room 25ABC)
2 p.m.: The New TV Land (Indigo Ballroom)
2:15 p.m.: Doctor Who: BBC America’s Official Panel (Hall H)
2:30 p.m.: Titan Comics: Assassin’s Creed, Heroes, The Blacklist, and the Creator Owned Hits of Tomorrow (Room 4)
3 p.m.: Powers: Ordinary Heroes, Extraordinary Possibilities: A Deeper Look at the Hit PlayStation Series (Room 6A)
3 p.m.: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Room 5AB)
3:30 p.m.: Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment Celebrates Five Years (Room 6BCF)
3:30 p.m.: The TV Animation Story Editors/Head Writers Panel (Room 24ABC)
3:45 p.m.: Sherlock (Ballroom 20)
3:45 p.m.: Con Man: The Fan Revolt 13 Years in the Making (Hall H)
4 p.m.: Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City (Indigo Ballroom)
4 p.m.: Destination America’s Ghost Asylum (Room 5AB)
4 p.m.: Star Trek: They’re Not Really Dead as Long as We Remember Them 9Room 23ABC)
4:30 p.m.: Thunderbirds Are Go (Room 24ABC)
5 p.m.: MTV’s Teen Wolf (Ballroom 20)
5 p.m.: Sense8 (Room 5AB)
6 p.m.: LGBTQ Geek Year in Review (Room 28DE)
6 p.m.: Miami Vice 30th Anniversary Retrospective (Room 29AB)
6 p.m.: Comedy Central: Drunk History and Another Period (Indigo Ballroom)
6:45 p.m.: Damien (Room 6A)
7 p.m.: Power Rangers Dino Charge Unleashed: Behind the Suit (Room 7AB)
7:15 p.m.: Dark Matter (Room 6BCF)
8 p.m.: Cartoon Network: Adventure Time Royal Ball (Room 7AB)
8 p.m.: Larry Nemecek’s Trekland: 2015 Losses, Rumors, and Birthdays Edition (Room 28DE)
8 p.m.: Psychology of Cult TV Shows Episode 2 (Room 25ABC)
8:15 p.m.: Dominion (Room 6DE)
8:30 p.m.: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (Room 6BCF)


10 a.m.: Behind the Music: SyFy Thrills and Chills (Room 23ABC)
10 a.m.: Cartoon Network’s Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa (Indigo Ballroom)
10 a.m.: Inside The Big Bang Theory Writer’s (Ballroom 20)
10 a.m.: Nickelodeon and Dark Horse Comics: Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra (Room 25ABC)
10:30 a.m.: Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Worlds of Adventure (Room 8)
10:30 a.m.: My Little Pony (Room 6A)
10:30 a.m.: Writing for TV: From First Draft to Getting Staffed (Room 24ABC)
11:15 a.m.: Falling Skies: The Final Farewell (Ballroom 20)
11:30 a.m.: Lucifer Pilot Screening and Q&A (Room 6BCF)
11:45 a.m.: Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Room 6A)
12 p.m.: Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge (Room 29AB)
12 p.m.: AMC’s The Walking Dead (Hall H)
12:15 p.m.: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Indigo Ballroom)
12:30 p.m.: MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles (Room 6DE)
12:30 p.m.: The 100 Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Ballroom 20)
1 p.m.: Teen Titans Go! Video Presentation and Q&A (Room 6A)
1 p.m.: AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead (Hall H)
1:15 p.m.: [adult swim]: Rick and Morty (Indigo Ballroom)
1:45 p.m.: Minority Report (Ballroom 20)
2:15 p.m.: [adult swim]: Mike Tyson Mysteries (Indigo Ballroom)
2:15 p.m.: Amazon: The Man in the High Castle (Room 6A)
2:30 p.m.: Game of Thrones Panel and Q&A Session (Hall H)
2:30 p.m.: Lost in Space: 50th Anniversary (Room 24ABC)
3 p.m.: VIZ Media: Ultraman (Room 23ABC)
3 p.m.: Marvel Television Presents (Ballroom 20)
3:15 p.m.: [adult swim]: Robot Chicken (Indigo Ballroom)
3:30 p.m.: History’s Vikings (Room 6A)
4 p.m.: Bob’s Burgers (Indigo Ballroom)
4 p.m.: Entertainment Weekly: Brave New Warriors (Hall H)
4:15 p.m.: DC Entertainment: From Page to Screen (Room 6DE)
4:30 p.m.: MTV’s Scream (Room 5AB)
4:30 p.m.: The Originals Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Ballroom 20)
4:30 p.m.: Colony: USA Network Series (Room 6BCF)
4:45 p.m.: Sense8 (Room 5AB)
5 p.m.: Archer (Indigo Ballroom)
5 p.m.: Science Fiction That Will Change Your Life (Room 25ABC)
5:45 p.m.: iZombie Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Ballroom 20)
5:45 p.m.: Orphan Black: BBC America Official Panel (Room 6BCF)
6:45 p.m.: Firefly Online: Return of the Browncoats (Room 6DE)
7 p.m.: The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum and Star Trek Bridge Restoration (Room 23ABC)
8 p.m.: Cartoon Network’s Clarence and Friends Pajama Party (Room 7AB)
8 p.m.: The Aquabats Super Shoe! What Happens Next?! (Room 29AB)


10 a.m.: Are You Ready, Kids?: Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants (Room 6A)
10 a.m.: Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legend and Legacy (Room 25ABC)
10 a.m.: Let’s Create a Cartoon Series (Room 9)
10 a.m.: My Book is a Movie/TV Show: Now What? (Room 7AB)
10 a.m.: The Last Man on Earth (Indigo Ballroom)
10 a.m.: Land of the Lost Series Reunion (Room 29AB)
10 a.m.: Once Upon a Time (Ballroom 20)
10:30 a.m.: Into the Badlands (Room 5AB)
10:30 a.m.: Marvel Animation Presents (Room 6BCF)
11 a.m.: TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites (Ballroom 20)
11 a.m.: Childhood’s End (Indigo Ballroom)
11:15 a.m.: Blindspot Pilot Screening and Q&A (Room 6A)
11:30 a.m.: Inside the Writers’ Room: The Pilot: Part One (Room 24ABC)
11:30 a.m.: Monster High Panel (Room 5AB)
12 p.m.: The Simpsons (Ballroom 20)
12 p.m.: 12 Monkeys (Indigo Ballroom)
12 p.m.: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Family Feud (Room 7AB)
12 p.m.: The Production Designer: Architect of Imagination (Room 23ABC)
12 p.m.: World Building: Telling Stories in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Federation Space, and that Galaxy Far, Far Away (Room 29AB)
12 p.m.: Colony: USA Network Series Screening (Horton Grand Theatre)
12:30 p.m.: Sid & Marty Krofft: A Look at the Future, Present, and the Past (Room 5AB)
1 p.m.: Nerdist Industries with Chris Hardwick (Indigo Ballroom)
1 p.m.: Cartoon Voices 1 (Room 6BCF)
1 p.m.: Seth MacFarlane Animation Block (Ballroom 20)
2 p.m.: Babble on with the Cast of Babylon 5 (Horton Grand Theatre)
2 p.m.: Children of Tendu Live (Neil Morgan Auditorium)
2 p.m.: The Awesomes: A Hulu Original (Indigo Ballroom)
2 p.m.: The Return of Invader Zim (Room 29AB)
2:30 p.m.: Wander Over Yonder: Galactic Domination Tour (Room 5AB)
3 p.m.: Grimm Season 5 (Ballroom 20)
3 p.m.: Anything Goes with John Barrowman (Indigo Ballroom)
3 p.m.: Lost Podcast and Beyond (Neil Morgan Auditorium)
3 p.m.: The Muppet Show Coming to ABC (Room 6A)
3 p.m.: Outcast TV Series: A First Look with Robert Kirkman (Room 6DE)
3 p.m.: Doctor Who Comics Panel: Year Two, Crossover Event and New Miniseries (Room 5AB)
3:45 p.m.: Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass (Hall H)
4 p.m.: Starz: Outlander (Ballroom 20)
4 p.m.: A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Fan Discussion (Neil Morgan Auditorium)
4 p.m.: Milestone 2.0: The Return of the Mack (Room 9)
4 p.m.: The Expanse (Indigo Ballroom)
4:45 p.m.: Dark Horse: An Afternoon with Joss Whedon (Hall H)
5 p.m.: Hannibal: Savor the Hunt (Ballroom 20)
5 p.m.: Man of Action: Taking Comics from Print to Screen (Room 9)
5 p.m.: Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski (Room 29AB)
5:15 p.m.: Person of Interest Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Room 6BCF)
5:30 p.m.: Disney-ABC: Reinvention: The Writer, the Director, the Story (Room 24ABC)
5:30 p.m.: Salem (Room 6A)
5:30 p.m.: Z Nation (Indigo Ballroom)
6 p.m.: Spotlight on Reginald Hudlin (Room 9)
6 p.m.: The Geek Shall Inherit: A Look at the Evolution of Geek Culture (Room 14A)
6 p.m.: The Keys to Successful, Career-Changing Acting and Filmmaking in Today’s New Entertainment Industry (Room 30CDE)
6:15 p.m.: Containment Pilot Screening and Q&A (Room 6BCF)
6:30 p.m.: Inside the Writers’ Room: The Series: Part Two (Room 24ABC)
6:30 p.m.: The Jinrise Journey: From Comic Book to Animated Series (Room 8)
7 p.m.: Nickelodeon’s Variety Show Featuring Breadwinners Live (Horton Grand Theatre)
7:30 p.m.: An Hour with Adam Savage (Room 6BCF)
8 p.m.: Creepy and Eerie Unleashed (Room 25ABC)
8 p.m.: Rooster Teeth: Lazer Team and More (Room 6DE)
8 p.m.: Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment Screening Block (Hall H)
9:15 p.m.: Scream Queens: World Premiere Screening (Room 6DE)


10 a.m.: The Last Day of Summer: TV Guide Magazine’s Farewell to Phineas and Ferb (Room 6BCF)
10 a.m.: The Vampire Diaries Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Hall H)
11:15 a.m.: Supernatural Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Hall H)
11:30 a.m.: Cartoon Voices 2 (Room 6A)
12 p.m.: Danger Mouse New Series: Exclusive Reveal (Room 29AB)
12:30 p.m.: American Horror Story and Scream Queens (Hall H)
12:30 p.m.: Illustrators: The Hidden Gems of Film and Television (Room 23ABC)
12:30 p.m.: Nickelodeon Returns to Comics (Room 8)
1 p.m.: Children’s Hospital Special Video Presentation and Q&A (Room 25ABC)
1 p.m.: LEGO Ninjago (Room 7AB)
1 p.m.: Official Sailor Moon Panel (Room 6A)
1 p.m.: The Art Heroines (Room 29AB)
1:45 p.m.: Heroes Reborn: Exclusive Extended Trailer and Q&A with Tim Kring and Cast (Hall H)
1:45 p.m.: Nickelodeon Animation Featuring Sanjay and Craig (Room 6DE)
2:30 p.m.: Landing that TV Animation Storyboard Job (Room 23ABC)
2:45 p.m.: Buffy Musical: Once More with Feeling & Juliet Landay Q&A (Room 6BCF)
3 p.m.: Browncoats Meeting Room (Room 14A)
3 p.m.: Queer Imagery in Animation (Room 28DE)
3 p.m.: Super Asian America (Room 29AB)
3 p.m.: Business of Cartoon Voices (Room 25ABC)
3 p.m.: FX TV Block featuring Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, The Strain, and a Sneak Peak of The Bastard Executioner (Hall H)

**All times are in PST

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