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Ariana Grande Releases Video Apology for Donut Controversy

Ariana Grande Releases Video Apology for Donut Controversy

Ariana Grande has released another apology, this time in video form, for the controversy surrounding the video of her in a California donut shop.

The 22-year-old singer spoke honestly to her fans for four minutes after fans wanted more answers as to why she was licking the donuts on display.

“I’m making this video from wisdom tooth recovery hell. I just want to make a video to apologize again for the whole doughnut fiasco and craziness because I feel like the apology I posted, I kind of missed my opportunity to actually sincerely apologize and express how I was feeling because I was too busy preaching about my feelings with the food industry, which is not relative,” Ariana said to begin the video. “I feel I could have expressed myself in a different way.”

“Seeing a video of yourself behaving poorly that you had no idea was taken is such a rude awakening. I was so disgusted with myself. I shoved my face in a pillow and wanted to disappear, but instead of that I’m going to come forward, own up to what I did, take responsibility, and say I’m sorry,” Ariana continued. “I reacted in a way that wasn’t necessary to say the least and also wasn’t me at all. I apologize for my poor choice of words and my behavior. Seeing how ugly it looks when you behave a certain way makes you never want to behave that way again.”

The video of Ariana licking the donuts is currently being investigated by police and it has been reported that the shop’s health rating was downgraded to a B after the incident.

Ariana Grande Releases Video Apology for Donut Controversy
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  • j b

    The little slut should apologize for acting like a spoiled brat.

  • Joolz

    I agree! That’s all she is…another dumb spoiled Hollywood brat!

  • Kings

    Miss piggy

  • deusexmachina

    Whether she hates America or not THAT’S NOT THE F#@KING POINT. The point is she licked a donut that this poor workers are selling, She has no poise nor a a proper manners. I THOUGHT SHE WAS RAISED BY AN EDUCATED FAMILY. SHE ACTS AS IF SHE IS HOMELESS. I’m sorry but after this stunt of hers I will censor my kids from watching or patronizing her. There is nothing admirable about her not even her singing voice. Arianna grande is an idiot.

  • jaze

    She really doesn’t seem to understand what people are actually upset about. Also, I’m not a native english speaker but isn’t it relevant not relative in this context? :D

  • Justin Aniston

    Haha, you’re saying this wasn’t you at all, but the next minute you say “Makes you never want to behave that way again”? If that wasn’t the way you usually behave then you shouldn’t have to worry about behaving that way again if that’s the case. It just doesn’t add up!

  • disqus_s2O1nUMxFL

    She fucking apologized for HER POOR CHOICE OF WORDS AND HER BEHAVIOR. SHE IS APOLOGIZING FOR EVERYTHING THAT SHE DID IN THE DONUT SHOP. Honestly, what more do you want from her? She made a mistake, she realized it was wrong, and she owned up to it. Stop scrutinizing her for god sake.

  • ElKrisO

    I’m disappointed. She never said if the doughnuts were delicious or not.

  • Janette

    What was she doing there in the first place if she is baffled by the food industry in America?

  • mashedpotatoes

    Give her a break dude. She apologized for it. Now let it go.

  • aimee

    She is only apologizing because she got caught. Her apology was lame and not really an apology at all. She spit or licked on food other people probably bought. She was rude to the girl waiting on her, and she goes on a rant about hating Americans for eating donuts? What was she doing there if she felt like that? I bet some of the donut buying population buys her music. So she thinks donuts are disgusting but spitting or licking on someone else’s food is healthy? She’s awful.

  • mashedpotatoes

    That glass house you live in must be amazing.

  • aimee

    Can’t believe you are defending this. She had to “apologize” twice because she is so full of herself. I hope she learns something about herself from this…(imagine having to watch a video of your disgusting behavior to understand you aren’t acting like a decent person)

  • Kaitlyn

    Translation: “I’m sorry because I got caught”

    This is likely not the first time she acted like this or said those things. It’s just the first instance that it was on film. So Just like any other celeb the apology is purely for damage control but her actions are what reflect the person she is inside.

    - she hates America
    - she thinks anything she does is funny
    - she has no respect for stores or health
    - she lectures about fat kids

    Hopefully people don’t forget this when she goes back to her good girl routine in order to promote her album.

  • aimee

    I’m not perfect but I have NEVER behaved like this not even as a child. I was taught better. See she says this is not her, but if she lives long enough she will understand that what you do, how you behave IS who you are. Hope this is a wake up call for her.

  • TKB

    Look the kid made a mistake but let this be a lesson to her. She needs to be more humble and stop with the diva persona. She is basically the female clone of Beiber. I am a man in 40s who listened to music from a very young age. I like musicians like Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix who once quoted how compliments are a distraction to them. Either of them never felt they were the best that deserved recognition. They just made music for the love of it. This kid lately expects the presidential treatment upon her presence. I am still waiting for that next Diana Ross, Cher or a Joan Baez as far as female performers. If you look at these artist performances they were so unique, their songs did not sound like a previous re-hashed version of they prior diva who held the torch I have younger family members that swear to me that this girl has real talent. Well I am waiting. Put away the audio-tune, put away the manufactured sound effects, get rid of the harmonizers and fake people playing air guitar and go acoustic or use real instruments and make some music. Bring it back. #BringBackRealMusic

  • Kaitlyn

    Seriously. Have you actually behaved like that in public or treated people that way or said those things about your country?

    Most people don’t act like that so your defense of her is odd.

  • Justin Aniston

    I have let it go, actually. Just wanted to point out that it just didn’t add up what she was saying in the video! I love Ariana Grande, and I don’t think this will harm her career. :)

  • disqus_s2O1nUMxFL

    I’m not defending her actions at all. Basically her entire fanbase condemned her for her actions. What I’m saying is that she made a mistake and she learned from it. Dragging this situation out after she apologized MULTIPLE times is just being overly critical. She’s young and she’s learning. Give her a damn break and move on.

  • Esoteric11

    She deserves to be on blast. Over the last year I have read about this little twit being rude again and again. It shows her true character. Maybe all the fallout will really help her change. She was very rude to the employee at the shop. She is rude to a lot of people all the time. I felt bad for her when I heard she was bullied on the Victorious show. I like her, I even like some of her music. I don’t accept her extremely, constant rude behavior. If she is really sorry, let’s hope we are not reading another problem about her soon. I hope not, but I wont count on it.

  • Kaitlyn

    Speaking purely of music, Ariana Grande is nothing more than a glorified backup singer.

    Don’t get me wrong. She truly is a talented singer but The ONLY reason she has developed a career is because she is extremely attractive and innocent looking. And while that may be enough in today’s world, it isn’t enough to go down in history as one of the greats.

    - Zero stage presence (oh her dancing…)
    - every song is a collaboration
    - powerful voice but no intensity or conviction
    - tries to pass her whistle tones as music

    (Sadly, she’ll probably retire with far more money than any of the true artists you mentioned but that’s today’s world)

  • Kaitlyn

    Honest question: do you think this is the first time she behaved like this? And if not, do you think she has plans on apologizing or admitting to all her other incidents.

    Or is she ONLY addressing this one because this is the one where she got caught.

  • disqus_s2O1nUMxFL

    You sound ridiculous. Why the hell does she need to publicly announce and apologize for every wrong/rude thing she has ever done in her life? I think she is addressing this one because the backlash made her realize that her behavior was disgusting and wrong. You don’t even know her. How would you know what her motive for apologizing is? The point is that she is apologizing and that should be the end of it.

  • Mads_22

    Hmm…First it was because she hates America and we have such a problem with obesity. Now she’s blaming it on her wisdom teeth getting taken out. She’s such a phony. Good grief.

  • JM

    No one likes a celebrity who goes around acting like a jerk and that is what she did. She did the right thing by saying sorry, but that doesn’t mean that she gets any more slack or forgiven. She should take her lumps, say sorry, and learn a lesson from this.

  • Sharon Thurmond

    She’s not sorry for what she did or what she said! She is sorry she got caught! Pretty much said that when she said she didn’t know she was being taped. Which to ME means, she has probably said or done the same or worse things that were not caught on tape!

  • JM

    I think that she will come out of this a little bit more humbled. Which will be the best thing for her.

  • Jay

    She is a nig lover. She is anti-American. She is garbage.

    She is move to Africa and be with all the nigs there!

    Boycott wat-ahh until they dump this anti-American nig lover as their spokesperson.

  • disqus_s2O1nUMxFL

    When did she ever say she acted that way because her wisdom teeth were taken out? Did you even listen to what she said?

  • Jordan Chumley

    Hunny you were such a role model to my seven year old daughter and you have to think before you speak but I won’t let my daughter watch your shows including her favorite show Sam and Kat!!! This saddens me because you were/are a great actress. Sad part it this might have ruined a huge part of your career because of your misjudgement and lack of words!!!! You are young and naive but I really hope this is an eye opener to use your words better or say better what you mean!!!!

  • Chelsea

    Can’t believe this little bitch made multiple “apologies” without actually apologizing for what she did. I hope karma catches up to her.

  • Jordan Chumley

    Let it go yes. But I no longer will let my 7yr old watch what she is in or listen tobher music. I want a role model that my daughter can look up too and doesn’t just blurt things out and have to insert foot kids need better role models. Sad part is that this you really put a dent in her career

  • Mads_22

    Ahh. The Ariana stans came out to play I see.

  • I Always Know

    Yes, “relevant” definitely is the word she should have used!

  • Kathleen Kemalyan

    She didn’t apologize to the donut shop owner though. I bet legally if she does, she can be prosecuted for it.

  • Kathleen Kemalyan

    She did NOT apologize to the store owner. If anyone deserves an apology, it’s him.

  • I Always Know

    I strongly believe we got this video because it was all too apparent the first written statement didn’t go nearly far enough in addressing her overall appalling behavior. The universal backlash she got after that initial so-called apology (her PR team should be fired for that imho!) tells me this video is just an attempt at serious damage control in the face of a potential career tailspin.

    While the video apology covering her “behavior” in general is a big improvement, I would have much preferred her to say something more along the lines of:

    “I humbly apologize to the Wolfee Donuts shop, which by nearly all reviews makes outstanding donuts, also to the employee to whom I spoke so rudely, and finally to the consumers of the donuts we licked and spat upon.”

  • I Always Know

    I also wonder if she kissed the BF after he ate them and/or asked him (in the same tone she did the shop employee), “What the f–k did you just eat?” (not to mention whether she consumed one or more herself, the point you raise!)

  • I Always Know

    What more? Easy answer: she should have made an explicit profuse and humble apology to (1) the store owner; (2) the employee she swore at; (3) the consumers of the donuts she and BF licked and spat upon. None of those were addressed specifically; she merely mentioned her “behavior” in general, which implies to me she still doesn’t comprehend what she did.

  • I Always Know

    Totally agree. I also just read his Wolfee Donuts shop now has been downgraded in its health classification because donuts were left out on the top of the counter — whereas if Ariana hadn’t repeatedly asked the shop employee to go back and retrieve new ones (so she/BF could lick/spit), this never would have happened in the first place! Thus the owner is paying a penalty for what Ariana caused, which is so unfair!

  • I Always Know

    Totally agree! She definitely should have been specific, addressing all those she affected.

    Also, what person anywhere on the planet thinks they can get away with speaking to a store employee using the F word? That employee had every right to tell her to leave the premises immediately or the police would be called.

  • millerz

    I think this is the most ridiculous scandal. It’s hilarious it would be done with if she didn’t deflect the issue of what she did with the problems with overweight children in America lol

    She’s apologizing again since the video came out with her actually EATING a donut before walking out. The VEGAN, Health Conscious, American & obesity worried Ariana ate a non vegan donut.

    Shut up and sing (because I like her voice) or Go eat a donut.

  • Sara

    What is wrong with you?

  • Lee

    She was prob coked up when she did it, but she seems mean spirited anyway, so I’m not blaming it entirely on drugs.

  • Mary Najdzion-Gagnon

    she is just rambling on and on about nothing to hear herself talk.She definitely isn’t sorry…just sorry she got caught………another one bites the dust!!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    Because true “remorse” goes far beyond saying “I’m sorry for that one thing y’all saw me do”.

    The reason I asked hypothetical questions is because I’m trying to point out why it is that people are overreacting over this issue. When someone in the spotlight has to keep revising their apology in order to satisfy the multiple infractions that people are upset about then you have to question their sincerity.

    Apology 1: The Quick Shut-Up Attempt
    “I love America.”

    Apology 2: The Deflection
    “I need to be more aware how I act in public… but fat kids are the worst”

    Apology 3: The Humble Human
    “I feel really bad. I’ll do better next time a camera is on.”

    While her 3rd apology felt the most sincere, it also is the one that is a result of the public backlash and was coached by a publicist. (And do you really need to see yourself on video licking someone elses food to realize that you’re affecting others?”

    That is why I asked my hypothetical questions about addressing times she did this in the past. I’m not saying she has to apologize for anything else, I’m just pointing out that this likely wasnt the first time she acted like this.

  • Jay

    Nothing. What is wrong with you?

    I hate anti-Americans. I hate nig lovers. I hate white girls who are with nigs!

  • Rose

    Give her a break…

    Watch full length video

    you willl be shocked! :/


  • Sara

    You act like you ride the short bus. Americans are moving upward and onward. You can either move with us or get run over. Your choice. If you choose that latter….

    You might need to consider moving on an Island by yourself. I read that Fiji has some islands that have never ever been explored yet.

  • deusexmachina

    You Grande maybe you guys should start looking somewhere for other more worthwhile celebrity to worship.