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Sinéad O’Connor Slams Kim Kardashian & Her 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Sinéad O’Connor Slams Kim Kardashian & Her 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Singer Sinéad O’Connor just slammed Rolling Stone magazine and Kim Kardashian with a disgusting choice of words.

“What is this c*nt doing on the cover of Rolling Stone ? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it? Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame. Bob Dylan must be fucking horrified. #BoycottRollingStone” the 48-year-old singer wrote on her Facebook account, along with a photo of Kim‘s Rolling Stone cover from earlier this month.

This is not the first time Sinead has created a ton of controversy. Back in 2013, Sinead wrote Miley Cyrus a series of open letters warning against prostituting herself.

See Kim‘s full Rolling Stone spread here if you missed it.

See a screenshot of Sinead’s post below…

Just Jared on Facebook
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Credit: Rolling Stone; Photos: Getty
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  • Sandy McFarlane

    …………….aight lmao

  • Jenny from the flop

    Slay queen of bald! 💅🏻

  • Mrs. Freeze

    She’s making a really good point. Kardashian has no business on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  • YupVideoFever

    Even tho I find this particular cover to be tasteless, calling someone “cunt” in social media is a nasty way to grab attention. True industry elite don’t do that. You are a bully, Sinead, and “nothing compares to you”.

  • momo

    i agree

  • RayonLight

    Even though her choice of words were poor, she is right, Kim has no business being on the cover of Rolling Stone, the only link that ties her to music is Kaye West. Unfortunately, O’Connor isn’t as powerful or relevant in the music industry as someone like Taylor Swift, who everybody seems to kiss the ground she walks on and praise everything she does and says.

  • oskalsl

    She is right. Kim is nothing but a gloried porn star who did a sex tape for fame. She has no business begin on the cover of a music magazine. I bet Kanye West helped her secure this. She would have never gotten all these perks and luxuries she has now if its wasn’t for Kanye West. For some strange reason, a ton of powerful people in the music and fashion industry like him. I don’t know why. He seems like a very unpleasant person to work with or come in contact with.

  • oskalsl

    Sorry but Kim Is a c u n t and a s l u t. She f—-s men for money and fame. Her whole career is based off of that. I still don’t know what that woman’s Kim job is or why she is famous to begin with. All I know is she did a sex tape with a rapper and sold it for a few millions.

  • Bell Reto


  • Marianne Steinmetz

    It hasn’t been about the music for a very long…hell, music isn’t music anymore. Sex, boobs, synthesizers, more sex…oh and sex tapes, public mental break downs…disgusting rap lyrics…She must have been under a rock?

  • NEO

    Thanks Sinéad for speaking up against this SHIT

  • FerCat

    Just a reminder.

    Sinéad O’Connor was one of the first who spoke againts child abuse by church clergy and was vilified for it for years.

  • NEO

    Ridiculous, people are more offended by a word of
    Sinéad than by K.K and her behaviour :P

  • Papaya Queen

    Amen!!! When I saw that cover, my music-loving Soul died a little… But unfortunately it’s been a Long time since Rolling Stone had only musicians and Music-related Artists on the cover, more and more actors/actresses and prominent People land on the cover of it… very sad…

  • Arx

    U must be living under a rock… its been like that since the beginning. Im sure u never heard the expression Drugs, sex and Rock n roll.

  • beautylover

    Lol i’m sure a lot of people see T Swift as the talentless fake trash she really is !

  • YupVideoFever

    Tell you what:
    1) My position about deliberate affront in general is solid.

    The aim is to get attention via hurting someone’s feelings. That’s primitive, childish and cheap: “I am lonely, I am sad, notice me!”.

    Some have thick skin and let it go.

    Some doesn’t and can commit suicide.

    The point is: this kind of precedent causes degradation of healthy society everyone wants to live in. I wish I didn’t sound like a politician at debates, but what Sinead, as a music celebrity, did (in MY world) is desperate, wrong and sets a sick example. She didn’t address the Rolling Stone owners, she chose Kim somehow.
    What Sinead didn’t think thru is that her words will bring Kim even more covers.

    2) – I have never seen her famous tape but the thumbnails that sometimes are just there on the pages;
    – I don’t care what she does in her bedroom with her lover – none of my business.

    – I have no information about her being a slut and fucking men for money.

    She is just everywhere these days: magazines, tv, I look at her pics time to time, maybe read a few words and move on.

    Her funny outfits are more puritanic than Lady Gaga’s and Miley Cirus’s (they are artists, they can);

    She wasn’t accused of sleeping with married men like Marylin Monroe (she was a sex icon, she could) or Leann Rimes.

    Pamela Anderson has a tape too (but she is a PETA acitvist, so we can pretend the tape never existed).

    I, of course, don’t believe all she says or does, but I try to be more or less objective. This latest “I hate Kim Kardashian in advance” trend is not for me.

    Seems, she’ll never wash this tape story off her image, unless she goes to some asteroid like in the Armageddon movie and saves the planet at the cost of her life for real.

    To me, she is just a good entertainer, not Ted Bundy.

  • Dave

    I agree with Sinead 1000%!!

  • toastie postie

    No woman should call another woman that. Otherwise she is right on. Just a bad word choice, though Kimbo is sluttish.

  • toastie postie

    ITA, except I do like some of TS music.

  • toastie postie

    I agree about the word usage.

  • BeltonBelle

    Oh come on, we all know Kanye had something to do with this cover.

  • sky

    so what you don’t like the cover but her foul mouth was not necessary to get her point across. This woman needs to stop starting feud on social media to get attention. Something who has contributed so much to the industry should not have to turn to such tactics.

  • Granny Weatherall


  • Ava

    Why is kim on the cover of Rolling Stone….bands dream of getting a Rolling Stone cover…. Sad

  • Sophie

    I got rid of the Rolling App and stop following on Twitter, I also cancelled my subscription. I don’t want to contribute to giving this family more opportunity to stay relevant, and i know it doesn’t make much of a difference, it’s my way of boycotting.

  • Sophie

    Taylor Swift has talent, Kim is a porn star.

  • Sophie

    She is a cunt, no apologies l,

  • Sophie

    Go somewhere with your essays

  • FeeFiFoeFum

    Go Sinead! That’s why she’s kick ass. She’s not afraid to tell it like it is. Kim Katrashian belongs on the cover of Rolling Stone about as much as a pile of shite straight from a horse’s ass. And frankly the horse shite would be more interesting and have more talent.

  • Sophie

    Kanye is her continued 15mins and he is desperately trying to make her relevant other than a sex tape. Not working though.

  • YupVideoFever

    Right after you go somewhere with your orders. Good day.

  • Tania Alvarez-Hildebrand

    Non-classy-music-bitch-cup MEET non-classy media-whore-bitch-kettle. Neither one has any class. In any event why is anyone horrified by the cover when the same magazine glorified a killer on its cover. Rolling Stone’s been dead to the music world for years and has no credibility.

  • Uhhhhh

    Sing it Sister

  • oskalsl

    I am not interested in your essays but Kim is not of those things you listed. She is just a greedy star woman who did a porn tape for fame and just uses men for money and fame.

    In what way is she an entertainer? She doesn’t act, sing, write music, direct films or contribute to the arts. What is her job please tell me?

    Kim is a s l u t and a c u n t. Sinead is right. She made money off of the sex tape. So therefore, she had made money from f—ing men. She f—s men for money and uses them for fame. Would Kim even be with any of those men if they weren’t famous and rich? She is a gold-digging s l u t to me.

    I don’t care about the other women doing sex tapes. Because they all had legitimate careers and didn’t get famous from just a sex tape. Thats all Kim is famous for. Nothing else. She has failed in her clothing line, her furniture line, even her video game isn’t a huge profit apparently.

  • oskalsl

    He is the reason she gets invited to the Paris fashion shows and those MET galas. She doesn’t belong at any of those events. Was she getting invited to them before she ended up with him? Would Vogue or Rolling Stones give her a cover before she got with him? No.
    When he ditches her, I think we will finally stop hearing about her and her family. Their fame isn’t gonna last forever.

  • deusexmachina

    Seanead music will always be iconic and full of symbology. Most young one’s like you dear will never understand that. Taylor Swift caters to the crowd and that is nice. but still lacking of substance but to each his own.

  • RayonLight

    Woah!! I am fan of Sinead .I am referring to Taylor’s power in the music industry right now and how everything She does is worshiped. Oh and I’m 32yrs old with not one Swift song on my iPod. Thank you very much :)

  • angiefan

    Cunt is putting it MILDLY!!! It’s not like she’s being called a ditch pig cock sucking whore wish she was black skank. She is a cunt like snooki is a cunt wanna be Italian trash bag. Some people can’t handle the truth.

  • Phright
  • Vy Nguyen

    I think if she had chosen to word herself more elegantly people would take it more seriously.

  • YupVideoFever

    Oskalsl, I have zero desire to confront you in any way, just because I see things differently. You have your opinion, I have mine. The basic thing I stand for and made it clear: the usage of such words by public personas is not appropriate in my opinion.
    You may as well stop reading right here, because there is going to be “an essay” again :)


    I don’t know about Kim Kardashian’s life as much as you do from somewhere – who she sleeps with, who she uses etc.

    First time I got to see her in tabloid news like everyone else and had no idea there was a sex tape, that made her famous, for quite a long time and slept just fine. Still do. In my mind she is another celebrity, but definitely more famous.

    And just like you – I didn’t and don’t care about the other women doing sex tapes. Except you add: “having legitimate careers” is a fair excuse, that turn these women into victims, if I construed your words right.

    Show business is full of greedy women and men. Very few are the true saints.
    If a starlet, who wants to become famous, comes from nowhere with her sex video today – it will get her nowhere. Maybe to porn moguls.

    The sex tape idea truly worked only once – with Kim, and I doubt, it was ever about making money off of it for her.

    Even more, I have a wild guess, she was never the only strategist in the whole video tape story, that it was a good team work.

    And to answer your question “What is her job?”:

    They post and show her everywhere – she brings money like a golden goose. Her job is to be a media figure, who makes people “click”. The more peple like or better – don’t like her – the more she makes.

    All works, but indifference.
    The Kardashians have one really unique talent for all: each knows how to keep the mouth shut.

  • suzybel

    She’s only telling the truth, more than some that are afraid to speak up.

  • Sha Har


  • Mockingird

    Fortunately it’s also been a long time since Rolling Stone was considered relevant to music (or anything really) or that getting on its cover was actually considered a great accomplishment. People know the fame addict for what she is – someone who literally got famous for being in a porn video and turning that into a gig for crappy reality tv. And people can probably figure out what Rolling Stone is now too – really desperate for readers.

  • Mockingird

    The purpose of language is to convey meaning and concise language is preferable in social media to sermons that require one to press “read more”. Sinead’s word usage conveyed the meaning she intended it to. More power to her. Also, her attack clearly was aimed at the decision of Rolling Stone to put KK on the cover, not on KK herself. Had KK not been on RS, I’m sure Sinead would have had no need to point out the KK’s (possible) cness.

  • Mockingird

    So should a man call a woman that or a woman call a man that or what exactly? If not any of those then you’re essentially saying the word should be censored from the English language which I don’t agree with…even though I dislike the word we’re talking about…enough that I’m describing it as “the word we’re talking about”.

  • toastie postie

    I think it a nasty way to describe a woman. No one should use it. There are a lot of words in the English language that are used to hurt and insult. No, they shouldn’t be censored. But just because they are in our vocabulary, doesn’t mean we need to use them. It’s enough that men often use it to insult a woman, but for a woman to use it against her own sex, to me, is worst.

  • Mockingird

    Why is it worst? Isn’t that kind of sexist to say so? I’m not being argumentative. I, as a woman myself, am just legitimately trying to figure out why a number of people have decided that that word is worst somehow when it comes from the mouth of a female. I know that that is traditionally how it is viewed, but seems like a dated idea to me.

  • toastie postie

    It’s enough that men use it demean a woman. But another woman doing the same? Demeaning herself along with the other person.