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Donald Trump's Kids Stand By Him Amid All His Controversy: He's a 'True Visionary & Great Mentor'

Donald Trump's Kids Stand By Him Amid All His Controversy: He's a 'True Visionary & Great Mentor'

Donald Trump‘s three kids, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump, are standing by their father amid the onslaught of controversy that seems to be hovering around him.

“Our father, Donald J. Trump is a true visionary and a great mentor,” the trio said in a statement (via People). “He is a brilliant negotiator with a proven track record of getting things done. Most importantly, he is an incredible dad and role model. He raised us to work hard and strive for excellence in all that we do. We love and respect him very much.”

In the very recent past, Donald has come under fire for calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” who bring drugs and crime to America. He subsequently was fired from many contracts and his Miss USA pageant greatly suffered as a result.

He also slammed Senator John McCain by saying he was not actually a war hero. For these comments, Donald was called out by tons of Republican party members. Senator McCain spent nearly six years in the Hoa Ló Prison in Vietnam and was repeatedly tortured while in captivity.

A recent ABC poll shows that Donald held 24% of the Republican support, putting him in the lead among Republican candidates.

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  • Dmarie

    I’m voting Donald Trump to make America GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!!

  • Dave Francis


    On C-Span
    this morning I watched families of murdered Americans by illegal aliens,
    painfully imparting their stories to an immigration committee. One young
    citizen had been set on fire, after being killed The Only Senator that added a
    very harsh reply to the slaughter that happens in Sanctuary cities, towns; a
    widespread nightmare across the United States was Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Most of the federal elected officials
    made nothing but excuses, owing to being dumb downed by their overlords concerning
    illegal alien crime. In our
    nation there is an outpouring toward specifically cutting funding for cities
    that has finally caused a backlash over criminal foreign nationals and even
    support for explicit bills introduced in Congress. The 2016 Presidential
    Hopefuls for being too hesitant in their response to the issues raised by the
    killing in the sanctuary city of San
    Francisco, but thanks to Donald
    Trump an inspiring candidate for President opened a Pandora’s Box, revealing
    that Obama’s present administration has refused to enforce the border. Sessions
    speaking said the ICE morale was at its lowest ebb, ever because the Homeland
    Security had stopped them from enforcing immigration law.

    When the
    news media is dominated by the Liberal or corporate entities the real truth has
    very seldom revealed for the American people, about anything serious relating
    to illegal immigration? It is the same with a large majority in Congress, which
    has for far too long lied to the people about the illegal immigration invasion.
    It’s easy for politicians to fabricate facts, as it does with the press, being
    there is no accountability, for either party?
    26 years ago we were promised a double layer fence; enforcement at the
    border an even today it’s laid open like a festering sore, as both political
    parties wanted it that way. Cheap labor is a huge money maker for the
    Republicans and their wealthy donors pay their way with huge amounts of devious
    money. Democrats just use the unrelenting streams of foreign invaders to build
    huge voting blocks—illegal or legal?

    you cannot help but notice that the Iowa newspaper the Des Moines Register
    that said ‘for Donald Trump to quit the 2016 race’ has a conglomerate monopoly
    in Iowa. So the people who reside there
    should be very weary of what its influences over other they own?

    Donald is a
    straight talker, a tough personage, a character and doesn’t spin his words.
    Trump doesn’t carry his severe verbal expression, which you always encounter
    with the polished voices of career Politicians. He doesn’t have the backing of
    speech writers as yet; may be when he enters the first debates. Trump has a
    nasty bite if you attack his principles, which John McCain did. Saying Trumps
    followers were crazies, which brought an immediate angry response, not quite
    wording his exchange correctly. He was pounced upon by both parties as he upset
    their applecart of harmony. He has
    become the punching bag, but he’s not going down easy. The people enjoy his
    curt exchanges offering an ugly truth, where all we get from the same
    politicians, is a lot of vague assumption with their promises to change things?.
    Most have been trained by the top leadership, to remain docile or they are
    threatened with less exposure; poor visibility to the cash purveyors who run
    the whole show? Even so Trump has established something conveniently missing
    from both parties—the truth?

    Donald will
    not mince words with his adversaries. He will build the high buttress wall
    along the border that will handle the illegal passage into our country. Trump
    will seek more ICE agents for internal enforcement and using mandatory E-Verify
    to seek out employers that have hired illegal aliens, instead of citizens and
    lawful residents who be employed. Obama’s illegal amnesty and his non-custody
    preferences would be rescinded. Decades of lax enforcement would end and
    perhaps a new era of only allowing into the USA and its territories individual with STEM
    (Science, High Tech, Engineers and Mathematician) talents; not people who
    become public charges? After a real wall or double layer fence is constructed,
    the apologists in Congress can produce a real bill, to recruit foreign labor
    for farmers and Democrat Nancy Pelosi grape plantations in Central California—who uses illegal aliens.

    It doesn’t
    matter to the Liberal radicals, as they fight frantically in the courts to stop
    the introduction of mandatory photo ID. It would curtail their fraudulent
    votes. Voter fraud does exist and in close races it can alter the direction of an
    election. This happens in local, state and even federal races. It’s a sorry
    game of unlimited corruption on the beltway, to pass bad laws for the interests
    of business and industry. That’s why the GOP hierarchy has become antagonistic,
    when Donald Trump joined their ranks. Trump is so different from the usual
    political type, that’s why he has gained an escalating following. He has laid
    out the facts and people are hungry for the truth, which few lawmakers ever
    present to the people. Even to the pledge of nationwide E-verify seems to have
    faded from the public audience. The ‘Anchor Baby’ mothers still come in huge
    droves through the porous border, or through immigration at airports. Sorry!
    ‘Anchor Babies’ do exist as mothers intentionally cross into our country, so
    they can collect the welfare benefits for that child or children. Numbers
    matter as the more children conceived, ads up to thousands of dollars in
    payments and new citizen entitlements, which taxpayers are beholden.

    A tornado of
    outrage exploded when the cover came of with the murder of Kate Steinles in the
    ‘Sanctuary City’ of San Francisco. Mindful that there are over 200
    cities in America echoing the same story, that
    ‘Sanctuary Cities’ exist. Crimes would not be detected, if foreign nationals
    didn’t feel safe. But then illegal aliens shouldn’t be in the United States anyway? Even if crossing the border
    without permission is just a misdemeanor, it shouldn’t happen? To me it’s just
    a scheme to keep the millions of illegal aliens coming here; otherwise it would
    be a felony? Illegal aliens offer nothing to our economy, just in most cases
    more poverty.

    An estimated 2.5 million new illegal aliens have settled
    in the United States
    since President Obama took office in January 2009.

    All the
    issues are of major importance, but illegal immigration has corrupted Washington, like the Hydra in Greek Mythology
    that has tentacles, spreading through our towns, cities and communities. It
    rears its insidious head in every circle of our society, ruining what is sacred
    to the American people. The legislators have pledged to dismantle Sanctuary
    city laws, but it will have little effect on the key cause—unfettered illegal
    immigration. If you want facts, then click on (Fairus) Federation of American
    Immigration Reform
    On there pages your get list of illegal alien crimes, many deported numerous
    times. More good reading to absorb is (CIS) Center for Immigration Study, more statistics and
    important data. Other interesting reading is Numbersusa. There is so much knowledge
    about the criminal element are in our neighborhoods, found at “The Dark Side
    of Illegal Immigration” You shouldn’t fail to
    read absorbing facts about corruption in our government at

  • AmICynical?

    What are they suppose to do, bite the hand that feeds them or admit their father is an idiot?

  • lshelton22

    He raised them to be as stupid and foolish as he is. Also? None of them have ever done anything in life that Daddy didn’t help with.

  • namers

    Visionary? Bwwaaaaaaaa. I guess they forgot grandpappy who developed real estate. Trump Village in B’klyn anyone? Dad’s nothing more than a Narcissistic blowhard with a limited vocabulary.

  • namers

    Yup. I have a Masters in Management too and STILL don’t have a job!

  • deusexmachina

    OH COME ON!! of course his trust funds spawns will take all his garbage and swallow it like the mangy dogs they are or else they will lose their inheritance.

  • Tris

    Of course they do .. They better or he will cut them off.

  • marvin3O

    that picture looks like a family who would buy people for the purge! nasty and entitled scumbags

  • marvin3O

    are you also one of those morons who is defending the confederate flag and against gay marriage? if so, you won the trifecta!

  • Dmarie

    No you redneck POS ! I live in Chelsea NYC Douche !!!!!! I’m a LGBT supporter, I was raised in Manhattan I do not support the confederate flag and I’m voting for DONALD TRUMP !! Don’t ever respond to any of my post you F!@king MORON !!!! I’LL JUST IGNORE YOOUUU…..BYE

  • Dmarie

    I think Donald Trump’s children are very educated well respected young people. That’s MY opinion …

  • Lilly

    Me too trump all the way he speaks the truth and that’s what kills them.

  • marvin3O

    you can tell how I never used any f word or called you a moron or used capital letters… yeah… you and the donald deserve each other… I love that all he is doing is paving the road for Hilary to cruise all the way to the White House.