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Kim Kardashian Says Her Tweet Did Not Shade Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian Says Her Tweet Did Not Shade Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian made people believe she was shading Taylor Swift with a super short tweet tonight (July 21), but the reality star says that is not the case.

After Taylor and Nicki Minaj starting exchanging tweets over the VMAs nominations, Kim tweeted a photo from her Vogue Spain shoot along with the caption, “Imma let you finish but…”

As you probably remember, this is what Kim‘s husband Kanye West said to Taylor when he walked up on stage at the VMAs in 2010 to tell the crowd that Beyonce should have won the award instead.

Many people figured this was Kim‘s response to the whole “Twitter feud,” but she later took to her account to say she had no idea what was going on in the music world. She also deleted the original tweet.

Click inside to see what Kim Kardashian said to clear up the mess…

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kim kardashians response to taylor swifts vma tweets 01
kim kardashians response to taylor swifts vma tweets 02
kim kardashians response to taylor swifts vma tweets 03
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  • Arx

    Everything is always about poor victim Taylor Swift… Im over it all!

  • Sam

    lol Kim doesnt want any Bad Blood song written about her as well… as for Nicki..

  • cayla

    Kim and Nicki are liars their tweets were absolutely about Taylor ,its so obvious, they can’t tell the truth to save their lives!!!!

  • k.

    More like Kanye made her clear it up so he doesn’t look like the bad guy again

  • Jenny from the flop

    I know right! She should thank Kanye for doing that to her, he basically made her career.

  • danni111972

    Kim tweet was totally about Taylor. Nicki tweet may have just been about the industry in general. Kim is a liar.

  • smmy33

    When are white people North America , Europe, Australia going to wake up and not support black artists, let them support themselves in music, sports like basketball, movies, TV

    They’re barely 13% of American population, and world wide irrevant but
    3 of the 5 nominations for video of the year are black .

    43 of the 75 nominations are black… But they’re crying rascim because what??????? they didn’t get all 5 of the video of the year nominations.

    Why does rap get nominated all the time in major categories but you will barely ever rock or country, alternative get the major awards.

    Whites have got wake up before it’s too late , racism alive and well and it’s Against them

    Especially with black twitter always using mob tactics to go after white artists and celebrities.

  • Von

    It was obvious Nicki was talking about Taylor, only 2 women got nominated, Beyoncé and Taylor, and Nicki for sure isn’t talking about Beyoncé.

    She got called out and turned it into a race thing because when you think you should get a nomination for gringing your big plastic ass into a camera your obviously delusional and have a victim complex .

  • Von

    3 of the 5 nominations are black .

    Two women were nominated, Taylor & Beyoncé……….. who’s black and not skinny

    So what industry in general.

    Nikki is a unpleasant plastic cow who who has a chip on her shoulder, I remember how hateful she was on American Idol and a evil witch towards Mariah.

    Nikki’s 15 minutes are up.

  • Gabriella

    Kim you are a nobody. You think Taylor Swift really cares what you think? She is a big A lister famous around the world and has an actaul career. You are a little D list reality tv star whose fame is mosty in the US. Nobody cares about you at all.
    Please, I am part Spanish and nobody in Spain knows who this wh00re is over there.

  • Gabriella

    Kanye made her career? More like she made his. He is mostly famous for his antics and his horrible behavior rather then music. I honestly have never heard a Kanye West song ever. I knew who he was before Taylor Swift, but he wasn’t a big star like now. He is is famous for the sake being famous just like his D list pig wife.

  • Arx

    Umm black artists are supported by black ppl tho… The issue is that large companies are run by white ppl and don’t always give black people the same recognition. Although, I don’t think racism should be brought up about the VMA’s as you said black people are being represented there. What I have an issue with is Taylor Swift acting like a victim as she always does… Taylor is the highest paid, most celebrated and awarded women in music right now and she shouldn’t be viewed as a victim.

  • Arx

    U haven’t heard a Kanye West song because your white and don’t know black culture. I didn’t know any Taylor Swift songs before she turned pop because I don’t know country music (white) culture. Kanye has been making music since the early 2000′s. Btw I’m not a big Kanye fan just pointing out facts.

  • Mental Floss

    Kim you lied AGAIN. And if you want us to believe you just happen to write those words, it’s coincidental not ironic. You used those words out of all others at the exact time that Taylor and Nicki had a tiff. And you want us to believe that you didn’t know what’s going on. C’mon on! You knew darn well what you were writing. And of course, this issue, as in all other issues, is not your style to offend others. Check the internet. Ms. Perfect. Passive aggressive much. BIG FAT LIAR AGAIN.

  • Mental Floss

    I agree. And why is Taylor always getting awards. Are there no other singers/musicians deserving of these awards that Taylor is getting? Curious.

  • Mental Floss


  • Mental Floss

    Good point.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Love when pressed fans reply me <3

  • Arx

    Apparently there aren’t… The only people that seem to win “big” at awards shows now are Taylor Swift or one of her besties… hmm

  • Mental Floss

    Ed Sheran (?). They need to allow for growth of others rather than the roll over/rehash/recycle of the same old same old. Boring. And it doesn’t give others the incentive to strive for this goal. Enough already!!

  • Gabriella

    What does me being white have anything to knowing about him? Racist!
    And BTW racist moron, I am not white! So have another go at it you stupid racist moron. Blacks always turn everything into a racial issue.
    Maybe I didn’t know who Kanye West was fully because I don’t pay attention to stupid, irrelevant celebrities like him and his pig wife?
    You would be really surprised that many people actually don’t know who he is or his wife. They are not famous around the world like Taylor Swift is.
    He is not the Beatles or MJ . He is not a celebrity that everyone knows about.

  • Arx

    YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT KNOW ABOUT BLACK FUCKING CULTURE THEN. GO fuck off and listen to Taylor Swift. Your obviously white because u said “blacks”. I said you were white and didn’t know about black culture u cunt… i didn’t say anything racist. STOP TURNING EVERYTHING EVERYONE SAYS INTO RACSAL SLURS!! BTW Taylor Swift isn’t famous AROUND the world she’s only famous in America! Ppl in Chile or Eygpt don’t give a fuck about that blonde bitch. Although Im guessing your a redneck that has never been outside America and couldn’t even point to those countries on a map. Goodnight

  • Gabriella

    No I am not white you dumbo racist. I already said in another post what my ethnicity was. Go learn to read F student.
    Ya you did bring in racism when you said that I didn’t know about Kanye West because I didn’t know about black culture.
    If states the case, then practally everyone outside of America( Whichis the whole world) doesn’t know about black culture. Do you realize how stupid you sound? Racist freak.
    Taylor Swift is known around the world idiot. She is famous in Japan , India, China, Australia and most of Europe. Who knows about Kanye West please tell other then Americans? Nobody cares about him other then Americans.
    Yeah, go ahead with the racist stereotype that all whites ( Which I am not) are all rednecks living in the southern states. Could you be any more embarrassing?
    I think listening to idiots and morons like Kanye West has rotted your brains away. Please go get an education instead of listening to stupid rap stars!

  • Arx

    I said i don’t know about white culture too u dumb fuck. Not every white person knows about black culture just like not every black person knows about white culture… its a fact. You’re obviously uneducated about culture and I suggest you take courses at your local college. Im not gonna read every post you’ve made to find out your ethnicity cuz i don’t give a fuck. I don’t listen to Kanye West but your a moron if you think that people don’t know who he is. Anyways good luck with your life and enjoy sucking on Taylor Swifts clit like the rest of America.

  • Gabreilla

    Atleast I am already doing my BA and I am a student at Cornell University idiot . I am the dumb f—? LOL. Atleast I aint some uneducated racist like you are! What are you doing? Judging from your poor writing skills and your lack of education. You are probably some high school dropout. Like Kanye West’s sister-in-laws.
    Lots of people don’t know who Kanye West is. Even in Canada where he has been invited to perform at the Pan An Games, not even the Toronto mayor knew who he was. And Canada is our neighbor. So that says alot of about just how famous Kanye West is in reality. He is not famous outside of America and Canada and neither is Kim K. You have go to be a complete idiot to think he is some world famous superstar. He is not.
    Go get an education racist freak. You really need it. I suggest you go enroll in a remedial class first then apply to college. You certainly don’t have the brains or the intelligence for college. Just like Kanye West. Go rot your brains away on him and his kind of music!

    This is why everybody dislike blacks. You guys always act like victims and hate on everyone elese. Racist azzzzhole!

  • Arx

    “This is why everybody dislike blacks. You guys always act like victims and hate on everyone elese.” LMAO!! You call me racist and uneducated? That is the most blatantly racist thing you can say! I didnt say anything near as racist as that! On top of that you can’t even spell “elese”. Nice try but next time come harder! Oh and I recommend that you learn how to spell or use spell check before you call me uneducated. btw I’M NOT BLACK! You dumb racist piece of shit.

  • battled1

    One thing I’ll always admire & respect Kanye for (besides his charity donations to his home, the ‘hood in Chicago) is the way he spoke out for victims of Hurricane Katrina and called out George Bush on Live TV!! That was BOLD & for real!!… (score one for Kanye!)
    He spoke for millions around the globe!…

    It’s funny how he married Kim K. though.. She seems like the type who genuinely does not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, sensitive & considerate by nature–what a contrast! But, Kanye does seem to be hopelessly in love with her!!-haha! ;-)