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Taylor Swift Responds to Nicki Minaj's VMA Nomination Diss!

Taylor Swift Responds to Nicki Minaj's VMA Nomination Diss!

Taylor Swift is responding to Nicki Minaj‘s tweet about her dissatisfaction with the 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations – one category in particular.

The 32-year-old rapper seemingly called out the 25-year-old entertainer’s “Bad Blood” music video, which features several of her model and actress friends.

Nicki started the exchange by tweeting, “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊.”

“@NICKIMINAJ I’ve done nothing but love & support you. It’s unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot..,” Taylor wrote back.

Nicki then responded, “Huh? U must not be reading my tweets. Didn’t say a word about u. I love u just as much. But u should speak on this. @taylorswift13″

In case you missed it, check out the full list of nominations!

Click inside to read all of Nicki Minaj’s responses to Taylor’s tweet…

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  • Derek Hale

    taylor swift is an overrated skinny rat.

  • Kim Jones

    Why did Taylor come for Nicki, she overstepped the mark. Nicki did not mention her.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    Bye Taylor

  • VanityInsecurity

    Srsly when you have to argue your musical vision & not getting recognition for it.. is lame.

  • Hulie04

    It could be that Nicki is just not the talent that Taylor is; nor is her music appealing to the masses.

  • Nat Mirotta

    There was a definite implication. The only other music video that has ‘slim’ bodies is Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. Nicki is referring to it directly, in a sense. Taylor has a right to defend herself, as it is Nicki who actually overstepped the mark.

  • lolitaheyy

    Both are annoying as hell

  • Arx

    Taylor Swift is the most overrated musician on earth. We all know that the VMA’s are gonna ALL be about Taylor… Constant shots of Taylor dancing with all her famous friends and her performance AND her winning every award. I liked Taylor ALOT more when she was country and not SO OVEREXPOSED!

  • Effy

    Please, Taylor is two faced who lacks any real musical talent. Wow, she can parade half naked on stage, play the victim card in every song and shove all her famous friends down our throats. Sounds like a bratty high schooler and NOT an artist.

  • lissaaoverit

    HOLDUP, isn’t the song that taylor is nominated for (Bad Blood) about katy perry? Didn’t she publically state that katy perry (another woman) was the inspiration? Why would she publically pit herself against another woman, and then come for nicki, sounds a bit hypocritical. Have several seats Taylor.

  • devvv

    This is why I can’t stand Taylor. She’s literally the biggest hypocrite and fakest feminist in the world. Instead of listening to Nicki, she automatically goes to being the victim. She automatically tried to invalidate Nicki’s feelings because she wasn’t the one who’d been snubbed or talked about and couldn’t relate. She only speaks about supporting women, when the women are skinny and white with 15 ex boyfriends, all while writing and orchestrating a video to bash Katy Perry. Like how delusional and full of yourself can you be?

  • devvv

    There really wasn’t any implication that had to do specifically with Taylor. She didn’t say “you got nominated,” she said “you will be.” Miley won Video of the Year for wrecking ball last year, but Anaconda didn’t even get nominated. They were both provocative, both broke the vevo record, both caused memes and a ton of parodies. What’s the difference between the two? Nicki is a black woman with curves and Miley is a stick thin white girl. That was her entire point. It’s a pattern, not just this year’s noms. Taylor made it about her and deserved to get dragged like she did.

  • AngiePangie21

    f we had Twitter in the 80′s… I wonder if Debbie Gibson & Tiffany would of had it out? Who are these people you ask? The same will be said about Nikki & Taylor in 30 years… any who- check my Lesbian girlfriend & I kissing on youtube at

  • devvv

    Taylor’s voice is nothing to write home about and they both write their own music. They’re equal talent wise. Her album and Anaconda both peaked at #2. She appeals to the masses. So…try again.

  • Mike1288

    Sorry but no. Swift has appealed to the masses for quite sometime. Taylor IS annoying but she performs in Arenas. Not many musicians are doing that these days. Nicki isn’t. Taylor’s “Bad Blood” has outsold Nicki’s already and it is more recent.

  • Davis

    She was talking about her though, it’s quite obvious and Nicki doesn’t care about race she a sore loser over being snubbed get over it. You didn’t want to talk about Ferguson and you make yourself look like a white woman get over yourself

  • Anadolu

    New New New..

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran lead MTV Video Music Awards nominations

  • Mike1288

    Perhaps it was more because Miley and Taylor’s songs was 100% them. Anaconda was based off a Sir Mix A Lot song that WAS ground breaking for the time. Nicki was just riding coat tails in that song. She knew she would make lots of money that way so she should just take the cash and run.

  • Mike1288

    Is it becoming a race issue now? I hope not cause that would really be ridiculous. I can kind of understand her argument about bodies or whatever. But I am pretty sure there are plenty of “full figured” white girls too.

  • Davis

    She doesn’t care about race she’s being a brat

  • devvv

    No to what? There can be more than one artist who “appeals to masses.” Nicki and Taylor both do and just because Taylor has for “quite some time,” that doesn’t make a difference in what I said. More success doesn’t make you more deserving of an award, nor does it negate someone else’s success. So, I’ll say it again…try again.

  • devvv

    Contrary to popular belief, not everything is about Taylor. Nicki Minaj has called out Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, Lil Kim, Iggy, etc by name. If she was talking about Taylor, she would’ve said her name. Oh and..What part of the world are you in where white women look like Nicki? Please include pics, I’m genuinely interested…

  • kate naylor

    You forget this is a music video award not a music award. In terms of a music video nicki definitely deserves to be nominated, there was nothing better about Taylor’s. Once again by Taylor’s response she shows her immaturity.

  • last

    thanks for clearing the tweetage up, i couldn’t follow it all, then you put it in context for me…Hell yeh dude you rock, so she was just referring to the stereotype of thin women in videos getting a nom, makes total sense now.

  • JM

    Didn’t Taylor Swift say there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women? Maybe she should practice what she preaches~

  • 55vineyard

    Maybe if Nicki spent more time making music and less time on Twitter she would get more nominations.

  • Baseliner

    why did taylor have to say “maybe one of the men took your slot.” see this is what i don’t like about many feminist, you all always think that when a man succeeds it is because of sexism when the man could just have done a better job than the woman. taylor is being poisoned by lena dunham. toxic friendship

  • smmy33

    So what’s her your point, Nicki would be happier if they celebrated big fat fake asses and wigs .

    That Anaconda video was embarassing and a joke.

    The only immature person is Nicki who’s not only immature but bitter jealous hag.

  • smmy33

    What does race have to with it.

    Why do black people ways need to be victim race card.

    BeyoncΓ© 711 video was nominated, the video is neither white or about skinny girls.

  • Tom James

    Nicki comes off looking like a spoiled brat here.

  • smmy33

    Doesn’t matter if she was taking about Taylor’s video or some other women artists

    Nicki Minja’s tweet referred to another womens video .

    Taylor reponse was right.

    Nicki Minja pitting women against each other , why go after other women artists , as of their isn’t enough space for all women to be celebrated and leave the men artists alone.

  • smmy33

    Taylor Swift isn’t doing arenas she’s doing stadiums.

    The only single women artist who has pulled off stadium world tour

  • smmy33


  • smmy33

    She never publicly stated it was Katy Perry.

    And what she did say was that the song was about another musician that she thought was a friend but was actually backstabbing her in the back.

    The has nothing to do with lashing out at other women artists in general because you shit music and video weren’t nominated for music awards.

  • Von

    The only person overstepping her mark is Nick whining and putting down other women artists because she wasn’t nominated.

    Doesn’t matter what females artists Nicki was referring too.

  • TTC92

    How dare you even question that, black people have been victimized for thousands of years but you must don’t understand the pain, we can work so hard for everything , but still fall short because of our skin complexion. And btw race wasn’t never brought up, in those tweets.

  • Sim

    Does she not find it ironic singing about women with big butts when hers is fake? Literally all her curves are manufactured by a surgeon!

  • Sim

    5 minutes of look a my ginormous fake butt and crotch doesn’t make for riveting art .

    i think she’s confusing music awards with stripping awards.

    Nikki needs to take several seats I can’t believe she got nominated in the first place for that cramp, it was just rip off sir mix a lots, Got big butts.

  • Taran

    Taylor is using her better than everyone in the music business status to bully others. If she was so classy, maybe shade, but her name was not called out, she would have just ignored it. That is what a mature adult would do. Ms Swift always so nice to use the strong women card. There was no reason for to get involved.Very deceitful and sneaky. Not cool.

  • Sim

    I am rather surprised that Beyonce and a track that flopped all over the world is up for so many awards… 7/11 reached number 13 in the US… and the rest of the world?? The best chart placings were New Zealand (number 24) and the UK (Number 33)

  • MapΠ³apΠΈΡ‚a Π‘aΠ±oΠ²Π½ΠΈΠΊΠΎΠ²a


  • Sim

    Her and her fake self needs a reality check! The song is just a rip off of another song… and the only reason people viewed the video is because she was so vile in it.
    The world will be SO over her , she just glorified stripper

  • devvv

    She’s nominated because awards aren’t given out just because something was a hit. She’s nominated because these awards are for VIDEOS, not lyrics, albums or singles. She’s nominated because a video she recorded on an iphone in a hotel room (and released without posters leading up to it) currently has 240 million views and countless copycat videos. Have a seat and when you release something that cracks charts all over the world, then you can come for someone who has had more success in the the first 3 decades of her life than 99% of the world has.

  • Sim

    Why because she called out Nikki Minja .

    Who thought she could bitch and moan and put down other artists on Twitter instead being grateful her awful video and rip off song was even nominated .

    And when she gets called out she plays dumb and misunderstood when everyone knew actually who and what she meant .

  • Anastatia Bagans

    You know what the oldest trick in the book is? Expecting some kind of freebie for a degrading video and a crappy song you sampled from ANOTHER degrading song. “Fuck them skinny b*tches” is one of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. Yes, you SO diserve something for that. Clearly, she is referencing Taylor and the fact that she brought up body types proves how buttburt and low Nicki is. Stop bringing up the race card for your lack of appeal, only trashy and ratchet people like you.

  • TTC92

    Nicki is going off about how women of color and in particular black women in the music industry are never given the credit they deserve for doing the same things white people do, that’s what she was saying. Taylor needs to understand that what Nicki said was not a personal attack on her. Black women and other women of colors always get shafted at this award shows. Anaconda did make an impact on pop culture regardless of whether some people liked it or not.

  • Conte435

    I know the video looks like it was made for 5 dollars and the lyrics are beyond stupid.

    Besides Beyknce so f–King annoying in it, after 30 seconds I was done.

  • Conte435

    Nikki Is just another Kanye.

  • TTC92

    Another Kanye that’s funny, Taylor needs to be kissing Kanye booty cheeks right now.

  • Conte435

    God your the definition of victimhood race hustler generation.

    BeyoncΓ© song was neither a hit or a good video but it’s nominated and all she does is twerk her big ass in the video ..

    BeyoncΓ© both black and not skinny so I guess the race card has to be used for another time.

    Thanks for playing the black victimhood card game, better luck next time.